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Futarigurashi no Amai Wana

Futarigurashi no Amai Wana (Manga)

Futari Kurashi no Amaiwana (Synonyms), ふたり暮らしの甘い罠 (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Live-in Lover Love Triangle/s Office Lady Office Life Office Love Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Secret Relationship

Futsuu ni dekinai Watashi-tachi Koumu ni yori Kekkon Itashimasu

Futsuu ni dekinai Watashi-tachi Koumu ni yori Kekkon Itashimasu (Manga)

Not Cut out for Love -But It's Our Duty to Marry- (Synonyms), 普通にできない私たち~公務により、結婚いたします。 (Synonyms)

Coworker Relationships Coworker/s First Time Dating Island/s

Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita

Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita (Manga)

I'm a Sex Service Addict, But Got Confessed To by a Younger Guy (Synonyms), 風俗狂いですが年下男子に告られました (Synonyms)

Bondage Coworker Relationships Fetish/es Masochist/s Older Uke Younger Seme Sadomasochism Seme-like Uke Sex Addict/s Student-Student Relationship Student/s

Fuyu Bara no Yuutsu

Fuyu Bara no Yuutsu (Manga)

Melancholy Winter Rose (Synonyms), 冬薔薇の憂鬱 (Synonyms)

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Gardening Misunderstanding/s Neighbor/s Rivals Become Lovers Secretary

Ikasama Memori

Ikasama Memori (Manga)

False Memories (Synonyms), Ikasama Memory (Synonyms), Ложные воспоминания (Synonyms), ครั้งหนึ่งในความทรงจำ (Thai) (Synonyms), いかさまメモリ (Synonyms)

Anti-Social Protagonist Coworker Relationships Flashbacks Friends Grow Distant Manly Gay Couple Memories Misunderstanding/s Reunion/s Toy/s Workplace Romance

Irrational Us

Irrational Us (Manga)

An Absurd Relationship (Synonyms), Fujouri na Atashitachi (Synonyms), Иррациональные мы (Synonyms), 不合理的我们 (Synonyms), 不合理的我們 (Synonyms), 不条理なあたし達 (Synonyms)

Emi Yamanaka is an office lady working in Tokyo. She's brash, opinionated, smokes, and likes girls. Having gone through various failed relationships with other girls, she resigns herself to cynicism. Her equilibrium is shattered by the appearance of a new worker at her office, Taneda-san.

21st Century Abortion Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Extended Flashbacks Flashbacks Japan Office Lady Partial Nudity Unfazed Protagonist

Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi?

Iyaya Iyaya mo Suki no Uchi? (Manga)

Falling Slowly (Synonyms), いややいややもすきのうち? (Synonyms), 지나친 부정은 긍정 아닐까? (Synonyms)

From :Who would've thought Masumi, the king of poker faces and a bit of an enigma, had a thing for Yuki? Yuki certainly didn't until Masumi decided to tell him one day. Yuki finds it hard to believe because Masumi is popular with women and is even rumored to have a girlfriend. As Yuki panics, Masumi lets him know that he finds it adorable how expressive Yuki is with his face. Yuki's never been with a guy, so he rejects Masumi at first, but as Masumi keeps confessing his hot, passionate feelings for him, he starts to develop some feelings of his own for the guy...!!

Affectionate Seme Convenience Store/s Coworker Relationships Expressionless Male Lead Love Confession/s Older Uke Younger Seme Seme Falling in Love First Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straight Seme Straight Uke

Kaeru no Prince-sama

Kaeru no Prince-sama (Manga)

Kaeru no Oujisama (Synonyms), The Frog's Prince (Synonyms), Лягушачий принц (Synonyms), เจ้าชายของนายกบ (Thai) (Synonyms), かえるのプリンスさま (Synonyms), かえるの王子様 (Synonyms)

Socially awkward Aono was perfectly happy working in Quality Control but as fate would have it he's been transferred to the Sales Department?? As if being ridiculed by his co-workers for his nervous stutter isn't bad enough, he's thoroughly mortified when the departmental star Gouzaka overhears him having a breakdown on the roof. But no matter how often he pushes Gouzaka away or how fast Aono runs Gouzaka is always there by his side... Has this timid frog finally found his Prince Charming?Published also as "Kaeru No Oujisama"

Affectionate Seme Coworker Relationships Crybaby Uke Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Inexperienced in Love Inferiority Complex Introvert/s Introverted Protagonist Opposites Attract Speech Impediment

Kekkon Shita node, Sex Yuukyuu Kudasai!

Kekkon Shita node, Sex Yuukyuu Kudasai! (Manga)

Fake Marriage for a Sex Holiday (Synonyms), Kekkonshita Node, Sekkusu Yūkyū Kudasai! (Synonyms), 結婚したので、セックス有休ください! (Synonyms)

"I must give my darling wife her reward." Deeply, passionately, satisfying every single bit of you. Our 10 day sex vacation starts now!

Bickering Love Cheerful Female Lead Contract Marriage Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Fake Marriage Office Lady Secret Crush Teasing Male Lead Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Thirsty Thirty

Thirsty Thirty (Manhwa)

Fish's Night (Synonyms), Kingyo no Yoru (Synonyms), La nuit des poissons (Synonyms), Mulgogiui Bam (Synonyms), Night Fish (Synonyms), Night of the Goldfish (Synonyms), The Goldfish's Night (Synonyms), Thirty: Thirsty (Synonyms), 金魚の夜 (Synonyms), 물고기의 밤 (Synonyms)

Yaeun Chu is about to turn thirty. While her friends marry and start new lives, she works full-time at a lighting company and sees her boyfriend on the weekends. That all ends when she discovers he’s having an affair with one of her coworkers. Drowning herself in work until her body and mind begin to fail her, Yaeun struggles to keep her head above the raging waters of romance, personal happiness, and life after thirty.Official Translation:, , ,

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Breakup/s Career Woman Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Finding Love Again Hard-Working Protagonist Multiple Romances Office Love

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (Manga)

Flower, Walnut and Sweet Life (Synonyms), 花とクルミと甘い生活 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Florist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Office Love Office Worker/s Part-Time Job

Egoistic Trap

Egoistic Trap (Manga)

エゴイスティック トラップ (Synonyms), 自私的情网 (Synonyms)

[From Shinkirou Scans] Aoki was hurt when his co-worker dumped him. Suddenly, his senpai, Okada, suggested, “If you are sad, find yourself a partner!” and then Okada pushed him down!

Bossy Lover Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Dubious Consent Fellatio Fingering Heartbreak Older Seme Younger Uke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Workplace Intercourse

Elevator Strategy

Elevator Strategy (Manga)

エレベーター・ストラテジー (Synonyms)

From :Despite working at an elite I.T. company, Wataru’s life is less than ideal. Bogged down with overtime and sacrificing weekends, Wataru rolls in and out of work half dead. But, when his sleep time is down…his horny levels are up. When one errant sleepy boner catches the attention of his coworker Jin, Wataru finds himself riding more than just the elevator at work.

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Dubious Consent Elevator Public Sex Rape Stalker/s Workaholic Workplace Romance

Elevator wa Mitsuai no Ori

Elevator wa Mitsuai no Ori (Manga)

エレベーターは蜜愛の檻 (Synonyms)


Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Office Lady Office Worker/s

Elite Tsutsumi no Furachi na Zangyou

Elite Tsutsumi no Furachi na Zangyou (Manga)

エリート堤のフラチな残業 (Synonyms)


Blushing Female Lead Childhood Love Coworker Relationships First Time Dating University Student/s Virgin/s

End Love

End Love (Manga)

Mata Asu Choushoku Nite (Synonyms), See You Tomorrow at Breakfast (Synonyms), Sweet Destiny (Synonyms), また明日朝食にて (Synonyms), エンド・ラブ (Synonyms), 终结你的爱情 (Synonyms)

1-3) Miyano, who has a deep wound on his heart from a lost love in the past, avoids any serious romance. But, when he is told by his kouhai, Izuhara, to “just give me your body”, Miyano begins a relationship with him. Why, despite these words, is Izuhara treating Miyano so gently…?- From 4-5) ()6)

Boxing Breakup/s Chef/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Cooking Coworker Relationships Doctor/s Hospital Older Uke Younger Seme Painful First Love

Eroman - Kami to Pen to Sex to!!

Eroman - Kami to Pen to Sex to!! (Manga)

Ero Man~Kami to Pen to SEX to!! (Synonyms), Eroman - Paper, Pen & Sex!! (Synonyms), Eroman - Paper, Pen, Sex (Synonyms), EROMAN ~Paper and Pen and SEX and!!~ (Synonyms), Eroman ~with Paper and Pen and SEX!!~ (Synonyms), エロまん~紙とペンとSEXと!!~ (Synonyms)

Caught in the Act Childhood Friend/s Comic Artist/s Comic Industry Coworker Relationships Dubious Consent Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Idiot Couple Manga in a Manga Uke-like Seme

Even a Mean Girl Can Be Loved

Even a Mean Girl Can Be Loved (Manga)

悪役女子なのに溺愛されてます。 (Synonyms)

I don't believe in eternal love, so all my romantic relationships were adulterous ones... and then I allowed a younger, single coworker make love to me...!?

Adultery Cheating/Infidelity Childhood Trauma Coworker Relationships Devoted Love Interest/s Kind Male Lead Office Love Office Worker/s Older Female Younger Male Past Plays a Big Role

H Kinshi de Koi Kurabe

H Kinshi de Koi Kurabe (Manga)

Ecchi Kinshi de Koi Kurabe (Synonyms), Etchi Kinshi de Koi Kurabe (Synonyms), Holding back to test out love (Synonyms), H禁止で恋くらべ (Synonyms)

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cafe Collection of Stories Cosplay Coworker Relationships Established Couple First Love Maid/s University Student/s Workplace Romance

H na Koakuma-kun wa Nugase Jouzu de, Yajuu Sugi!

H na Koakuma-kun wa Nugase Jouzu de, Yajuu Sugi! (Manga)

Ecchi na Koakuma-Kun wa Nugase Jouzu de Yajuu Sugi (Synonyms), This Sexy Young Beast is Too Good at Taking Off My Clothes (Synonyms), Hな小悪魔くんは脱がせ上手で、野獣すぎ! (Synonyms)

Kyoko is a 28-year-old single woman. The night she gets her heart broken, she sleeps with a good-looking bartender after getting drunk. The next day, he shows up at her work, telling Kyoko, "It was a first time for me to come so many times." However, there seems to be another reason that he approaches her. What is his true identity...?[Renta!]

Aggressive Lover Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Death of Loved One/s Drunken Intercourse High School Student/s Office Lady Older Female Younger Male Part-Time Job Sick Parent/s