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Futakaku Kankei

Futakaku Kankei (Manga)

Bicornuate Relationship (Synonyms), 双角カンケイ。 (Synonyms), 双角关系 (Synonyms), 쌍각관계 (Synonyms)

From :Twin sisters Airi and Himari have always been very close, and worn identical hairstyles, clothing and accessories. But after they enter high school, Himari starts to drift away from her sister. When cornered by Airi, she explains that she has "a promise with senpai to fulfill," no matter what.

Blushing Bookstore Coworker/s Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Misunderstanding/s Twin/s

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita more

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita more (Manga)

二人でパパはじめました more (Synonyms)


Adopted Child/ren Child/ren Childcare Couple Growth Coworker/s Established Couple Men in Suits Nephew/s Office Worker/s Salaryman

Futsuu ni dekinai Watashi-tachi Koumu ni yori Kekkon Itashimasu

Futsuu ni dekinai Watashi-tachi Koumu ni yori Kekkon Itashimasu (Manga)

Not Cut out for Love -But It's Our Duty to Marry- (Synonyms), 普通にできない私たち~公務により、結婚いたします。 (Synonyms)

Coworker Relationships Coworker/s First Time Dating Island/s

Fuyu Bara no Yuutsu

Fuyu Bara no Yuutsu (Manga)

Melancholy Winter Rose (Synonyms), 冬薔薇の憂鬱 (Synonyms)

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Gardening Misunderstanding/s Neighbor/s Rivals Become Lovers Secretary

Gokujou Oyaji!!

Gokujou Oyaji!! (Manga)

Between Delusion and Reality (Synonyms), Foreign Toy (Synonyms), Gokujou Oyaji (Synonyms), Rugby Dormitory 204 (Synonyms), Things That Can Only be Seen with Glasses (Synonyms), Tokujou Oyaji (Synonyms), Welcome to the Joint Animal Hospital (Synonyms), 極上親父 (Synonyms)

Bara Collection of Stories Coworker/s Foreigner/s Handjob Live-in Lover Manly Gay Couple Masculine Uke Masturbation Veterinarian/s

Hatsujou 5 byou mae ponkotsu arasaa airu san ga alpha no ouji ni aorarete masu

Hatsujou 5 byou mae ponkotsu arasaa airu san ga alpha no ouji ni aorarete masu (Manga)

Five Seconds Before My First Love (Synonyms), Five Seconds Before My First Love! A Worn-Out Lady in Her Thirties Is Stirred up by an Alpha Prince (Synonyms), Five Seconds Before My/One's First Love ~ Worn-Out Lady in Her Thirties Is Stirred up by an Alpha Prince (Synonyms), 初情5秒前!ポンコツアラサー愛留さんがαの王子に煽られてます。 (Synonyms)

One day, our protagonist is assigned to be a mentor to the president's son, Taiga Narukami, an elite boy with a shiny new look. However, Taiga becomes frustrated with Airu's uncompromising attitude, and finally takes her lips in a forceful manner. Airu's body gets wet under Taiga's rough kisses and fingertips. When Narukami-kun touches her, her body becomes so numb that she can't think about anything else...!

Alpha x Omega Arrogant Male Lead Competent Female Lead Coworker/s Discrimination Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Female Lead Office Lady Omegaverse

Kankei wa Mada LV.1

Kankei wa Mada LV.1 (Manga)

A Relation is Still a LV.1 (Synonyms), Kankei wa Mada level 1 (Synonyms), The First Stage of Love (Synonyms), 恋爱层次关系 (Synonyms), 関係はまだLV.1 (Synonyms)

Bookstore Collection of Stories Coworker/s Office Worker/s Student-Teacher Relationship

Kekkon Shita node, Sex Yuukyuu Kudasai!

Kekkon Shita node, Sex Yuukyuu Kudasai! (Manga)

Fake Marriage for a Sex Holiday (Synonyms), Kekkonshita Node, Sekkusu Yūkyū Kudasai! (Synonyms), 結婚したので、セックス有休ください! (Synonyms)

"I must give my darling wife her reward." Deeply, passionately, satisfying every single bit of you. Our 10 day sex vacation starts now!

Bickering Love Cheerful Female Lead Contract Marriage Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Fake Marriage Office Lady Secret Crush Teasing Male Lead Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Lovers Only

Lovers Only (Manga)

Fickle Wings (Synonyms), ラヴァーズオンリー (Synonyms), ラヴァーズ・オンリー (Synonyms)

Angel/s Bad Luck Collection of Stories Coworker/s Game/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Optimistic Protagonist Rich Male Lead Roommates Video Game/s

Rakka Sokudo

Rakka Sokudo (Manga)

Freefall Romance (Synonyms), The Speed Which Falls in Love (Synonyms), 浮游高度 (Synonyms), 爱情加速度 (Synonyms), 落下速度 (Synonyms)

Nanase Youichi graduated from Kinsei Academy, which is popular for having a 90% gay student population. However, Nanase is straight as an arrow and managed to graduate with no one topping him, his nickname even used to be "The Iron Wall". But one day, his heterosexual business partner, Tsutsumi Renji told him that Nanase is attractive and can't help himself from wanting to touch him. Nanase allows Renji to touch him for only 3 minutes...

Bisexual Character/s Coworker/s Friends Become Lovers Insecurity Office Worker/s Rejection Straight Seme Straight Uke Unexpected Feelings Workplace Romance

Sono Kimochi ni Namae wo Tsukeru

Sono Kimochi ni Namae wo Tsukeru (Manga)

Sono Kimochi ni Namae o Tsukeru (Synonyms), The Feelings are Named (Synonyms), The Name of Love (MOMOYAMA Naoko) (Synonyms), その気持ちに名前をつける (Synonyms)

Bartender/s Collection of Stories Coworker/s Dense When It Comes To Love Divorce Friends Become Lovers Gay Character/s Lovers Reunited Tsundere Uke Unrequited Love

Thirsty Thirty

Thirsty Thirty (Manhwa)

Fish's Night (Synonyms), Kingyo no Yoru (Synonyms), La nuit des poissons (Synonyms), Mulgogiui Bam (Synonyms), Night Fish (Synonyms), Night of the Goldfish (Synonyms), The Goldfish's Night (Synonyms), Thirty: Thirsty (Synonyms), 金魚の夜 (Synonyms), 물고기의 밤 (Synonyms)

Yaeun Chu is about to turn thirty. While her friends marry and start new lives, she works full-time at a lighting company and sees her boyfriend on the weekends. That all ends when she discovers he’s having an affair with one of her coworkers. Drowning herself in work until her body and mind begin to fail her, Yaeun struggles to keep her head above the raging waters of romance, personal happiness, and life after thirty.Official Translation:, , ,

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Breakup/s Career Woman Cheating/Infidelity Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Finding Love Again Hard-Working Protagonist Multiple Romances Office Love

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu

Hana to Kurumi to Amai Seikatsu (Manga)

Flower, Walnut and Sweet Life (Synonyms), 花とクルミと甘い生活 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Florist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Uke Office Love Office Worker/s Part-Time Job

Bitansan Ekisu

Bitansan Ekisu (Manga)

Bitankan Extract (Synonyms), Essence of Fine Carbonic Acid (Synonyms), Извлечение (Synonyms), 微炭酸エキス (Synonyms), 微碳酸的滋味 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Aphrodisiac Collection of Stories Coworker/s Cruel Lover/s Dormitory/ies Live-in Lover Salaryman Unexpressed Feeling/s Vampire/s

Ecchi no Aite ga Wakaranai

Ecchi no Aite ga Wakaranai (Manga)

I Don't Know Who I Slept With! -My Coworker's Such a Tease!- (Synonyms), エッチの相手が分からない!~イジワル同期とミダラなカケヒキ~ (Synonyms)

"You're already this wet? You're so dirty." After a work party, I wake up in a hotel. I vaguely remember someone calling my name sweetly, giving me all of their love... but he's gone! I must have done it with someone from work! Dazed and confused, I go to my coworker Ryohei for help, but he just laughs at me and says I'm not woman enough! Still, he takes it upon himself to improve my feminine charms, using his tongue and fingers to torture me! It feels so good, just like that night! Is Ryohei the guy...? If not, then who?

Cheerful Female Lead Clueless Protagonist Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Kind Female Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s Naive Female Lead One-Night Stand Sex Friends Become Lovers

Egoistic Trap

Egoistic Trap (Manga)

エゴイスティック トラップ (Synonyms), 自私的情网 (Synonyms)

[From Shinkirou Scans] Aoki was hurt when his co-worker dumped him. Suddenly, his senpai, Okada, suggested, “If you are sad, find yourself a partner!” and then Okada pushed him down!

Bossy Lover Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Dubious Consent Fellatio Fingering Heartbreak Older Seme Younger Uke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Workplace Intercourse

Eigyou Nika!

Eigyou Nika! (Manga)

The Second Sales Division!! (Synonyms), 営業二課っ! (Synonyms), 营业二科 (Synonyms)

From Sakisaka, from the second sales division, is in love with his supervisor, Tojo. Naturally, he has no intention of ever letting him know, but when Tojo starts being clingy to the point of it being too much, it almost makes Sakisaka think that he might have a chance! Where will this slow-going love story go?Vol.2 Contains old/past doujins & extras with also new content of Eigyou Nika, it also includes other works of Kanai Kei

Adapted to Drama CD Company Coworker/s Fluff Men in Suits Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straightforward Male Lead Unexpressed Feeling/s

Elevator Strategy

Elevator Strategy (Manga)

エレベーター・ストラテジー (Synonyms)

From :Despite working at an elite I.T. company, Wataru’s life is less than ideal. Bogged down with overtime and sacrificing weekends, Wataru rolls in and out of work half dead. But, when his sleep time is down…his horny levels are up. When one errant sleepy boner catches the attention of his coworker Jin, Wataru finds himself riding more than just the elevator at work.

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Dubious Consent Elevator Public Sex Rape Stalker/s Workaholic Workplace Romance

Elevator wa Mitsuai no Ori

Elevator wa Mitsuai no Ori (Manga)

エレベーターは蜜愛の檻 (Synonyms)


Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Office Lady Office Worker/s

Elite Gentei - Himitsu no Ikemensou

Elite Gentei - Himitsu no Ikemensou (Manga)

Elite Gentei Himitsu no Ikemensou (Synonyms), エリート限定・秘密のイケメン荘 (Synonyms)


Boarding House Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Coworker/s Divorced Protagonist Live-in Lover Office Worker/s Older Female Younger Male Reverse Harem