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Fushigi no Kuni no Senichiya

Fushigi no Kuni no Senichiya (Manga)

Fushigi no Kuni no Sen'ichiya (Synonyms), One Thousand and One Nights in Wonder Land (Synonyms), 不思議の国の千一夜 (Synonyms)

From :A slapstick/parody loosely based on One Thousand and One nights and other children’s fantasies. Princess Seblan was brought up as a prince to save her life… and she later turns into a real prince and lives happily ever after with his wife. Together with his sometimes-sarcastic magical horse Hendek, Seblan ventures out into the world of fairies, dragons, and other mystical creatures.

Based on a Classic Based on a Fairytale Cross-dressing Gender Discrimination Intrigue Kingdom/s Royalty Uncle-Niece Relationship

Fushigi no Kuni no Shounen Alice

Fushigi no Kuni no Shounen Alice (Manga)

Boy Alice in Wonderland (Synonyms), Fushigi no Kuni no Shounen Arisu (Synonyms), 不思議の国の少年アリス (Synonyms)

A Japanese student named Arisu gets on the wrong bus and winds up in some sort of homoerotic version of Lewis Carroll's Wonderland. The last thing you want to do in a land where people change shapes at the drop of a hat is to drop the soap and introduce yourself as Arisu (identical in Japanese to Alice), lest you start looking like one! And Arisu does, slowly but surely...

Adultery Alice in Wonderland Attempted Murder Cross-dressing Female Demographic with Male Lead Gender Transformation Love Interests Who Don't Get Along Multiple Worlds Weak Male Lead Womanizer

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Manga)

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex (Synonyms), 双子の男女がわからない (Synonyms)

Takushi Hatsujou had played with a twin brother and sister when they were all kids, and he fell in love with the sister, culminating in his asking for her hand in marriage when they grew up, to which she agreed. However, they were torn apart for 10 years until Takushi is finally able to get his grandfather's permission to marry her. When they finally reunite, he is surprised to find they both look like girls. Although he knows one of them is cross-dressing, he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl.

21st Century Childhood Friend/s Cohabitation Cross-dressing High School Student/s Japan Marriage Proposal Trap Twin/s

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Pre-serialization)

Futago no Danjo ga Wakaranai (Pre-serialization) (Manga)

I Can't Tell Which Twin Is Which Sex (Pre-serialization) (Synonyms), 双子の♂♀がわからない (Synonyms)

An 18 year old guy comes to live with his aunt and twin cousins while he tries looking for work. Although he remembers that they were twin brother and sister, he is surprised too find that they both appear to be girls when he meets them again after several years, so now he can't tell which is a guy and which is a girl.

21st Century Cousin/s Cross-dressing Incest Japan Trap Twin/s


Futsugyou (Manga)

Daybreak: The Crossdressing Female Magician and the Golden Knight (Synonyms), The Daybreak (Synonyms), The Daybreak: The Magician in Male Attire and the Gold Knight (Synonyms), The Magician in Male Attire and the Gold Knight (Synonyms), 払暁 (Synonyms), 払暁 男装魔術師と金の騎士 (Synonyms), 男装魔術師と金の騎士 (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Cross-Dressing European Ambiance Fantasy World Independent Female Lead Isekai Knight/s Magic Magician/s Male Demographic with Female Lead

Futsumashi na Yome Desu ga.

Futsumashi na Yome Desu ga. (Manga)

Futsumashi na Yome desu ga (Synonyms), 祓魔師な嫁ですが。 (Synonyms)

From Shoujo Crusade:One day, Hirazono Satsuki, while walking home from work, finds a girl in a garbage dump. He ends up taking her home and she introduces herself as Riene, an exorcist. She is on a quest to find somebody who took care of her before, a girl named Satsuki. Could he be the same Satsuki?

Absent Parent/s Animal Transformation Childhood Friend/s Cross-dressing Curse/s Exorcist/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Perverted Female Lead Poor Male Lead

Futsuu ni Kawaii?

Futsuu ni Kawaii? (Manga)

ふつうにかわいい? (Synonyms)

Sei just can't seem to understand what exactly makes something "cute". But when he runs into his sister's friend (and long time neighbor) Hodaka, dressed as a girl, will he be able to tell him he's "cute" as the two begin to get closer?

Cross-dressing Neighbor/s Student-Student Relationship Student/s

Fuwa Kyun

Fuwa Kyun (Manga)

ふわ♡きゅん (Synonyms)

one of those rich person-servant type dynamics that drives the crossdressing

Cross-dressing Master-Servant Relationship

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa

Hajimete no Ano Hi, Bokura wa (Manga)

First Time That Day, We Will (Synonyms), 初めてのあの日、ぼくらは (Synonyms), 在初次的那天 (Synonyms)


21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Club/s Collection of Stories Cross-dressing First-Time Intercourse High School Japan

Hana ni Kuchizuke

Hana ni Kuchizuke (Manga)

Flowers and Kiss (Synonyms), Hana to Kiss (Synonyms), 花にくちづけ (Synonyms)

Just before their high school graduation, Hajime lost his virginity to his best friend Hanatarou. Soon afterwards, Hanatarou disappeared from his life without a word. Three years later he's back...but as a cross-dresser! Hajime is dumbfounded, but have his feelings really changed?The confused love between two earnest, awkward men.

Androgynous Uke Bespectacled Protagonist Cross-dressing Cross-dressing Uke Feminine Uke Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Seme In Love With One's Best Friend Reunion/s Time Skip

Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku

Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku (Manga)

Flowers Are More Like Blossoms than Sakura (Synonyms), Hakubis Blütentanz (German) (Synonyms), Kesuma Melewati Sakura (Synonyms), Цветы, подобные цветкам сакуры (Synonyms), 樱之未若花之华 (Synonyms), 花は桜よりも華のごとく (Synonyms)

From :At a time when the world was still at peace, to the east of the capital, a beautiful dancer of Noh named Hakubi appeared. She was keeping a terrible secret that she couldn't tell anybody...

Based on a Novel Cross-dressing Curse/s Dancing Female Disguised as Male In Love with Family Member Love Triangle/s

Hatsukoi Lovers

Hatsukoi Lovers (Manga)

First Love Lovers (Synonyms), 初恋ラバーズ (Synonyms)

Mamori Kusunoki's childhood friend Wakaba Kisaki has been dressing and acting as a girl for years, stemming from a promise to get married when they were kids.

BL Subtext Black Humor Childhood Friend/s Cross-dressing Male Yandere Promise/s Stalker/s Trap Yandere

Hatsukoi Shokumotsu Rensa

Hatsukoi Shokumotsu Rensa (Manga)

Hatsukoi Syokumotsu Rensa (Synonyms), The Food Chain of Love (Synonyms), 初恋 食物レンサ (Synonyms), 初恋 食物链 (Synonyms), 初恋❤食物レンサ (Synonyms)

Makoto is a full-fledged herbivore who just can't eat meat. Takaharu, besides being manly and gentle, is also quite hot. The two of them have been inseparable since kindergarten. Makoto is at the age where he's interested in girls and decides to go on a group date, but Takaharu already has carefully laid plans to make a meal out of Makoto... Enjoy five other stories in addition to the titular story, including one that has never been published before.

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Convenience Store/s Cross-dressing Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Toilet Intercourse


Hatsukokuhaku. (Manga)

First Confession (Synonyms), Hatsu Kokuhaku (Synonyms), Hatsu Kokuhaku. (Synonyms), Hatsukokuhaku (Synonyms), Kokuhaku (SAKANO Anri) (Synonyms), 初告白。 坂野杏梨女装少年アンソロジー作品集 (Synonyms), 初告白。坂野杏梨女裝少年作品集 (Synonyms)

Arai is a member of the home economics club at his high school, and he gets roped into cross-dressing by the club president so he can talk to and ultimately confess to his first love, Ono.Originally included in .

Cross-dressing Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Male Disguised as Female Trap Unrequited Love

His Highness Discovered I'm a Woman!

His Highness Discovered I'm a Woman! (Manga)

A Few Days After Dressing up as a Man, I Was Found out by His Highness of the Kingdom and He Became Infatuated with Me (Synonyms), Dansou Shitara Suujitsu de Barete, Kokuo Heika ni Dekiai Sareteimasu (Synonyms), Его Высочество понял, что я девушка, и даже влюбился! (Synonyms), 男装したら数日でバレて、国王陛下に溺愛されています (Synonyms)

Because of an order from her grandfather who works as the grand chamberlain in the Bernadis Kingdom, Michelle took the place of her twin brother and dressed up as a man in order to apprentice as a chamberlain. His majesty, the King’s beauty is transcending. Michelle works hard in order to not to be discovered while masquerading in mens’ clothes that she’s not used to. “You don’t listen to my orders? Raise your head.” Everyday is filled with worry and anxiety. The future for Michelle that is gradually being charmed by his majesty, the King is…

Based on a Light Novel Beautiful Female Lead Blonde-Haired Female Lead Cross-dressing European Ambiance Female Disguised as Male Impersonating Someone King/s Royalty Taking the Place of a Sibling

Itsuwari no Freya

Itsuwari no Freya (Manga)

Artificial Freja (Synonyms), Fake Freja (Synonyms), Freyja - Fałszywy książę (Polish) (Synonyms), Itsuwari no Freyja (Synonyms), Prince Freya (Synonyms), 偽りのフレイヤ (Synonyms), 虚幻的芙蕾雅 (Synonyms)

The powerful kingdom of Sigurd has slowly been conquering all the lands that share its borders, and now it has turned its voracious attention to the small, resource-rich kingdom of Tyr. Tyr cannot hope to match Sigurd in strength, so in order to survive it must rely on the intelligence, skill, and cunning of its prince and his loyal knights. But when the prince is poisoned, a young village maiden named Freya, who bears a shocking resemblance to the fallen prince, must step into his place to save them all.

Character Deaths Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Cross-dressing Crybaby Female Lead Cute Female Lead Death of Loved One/s European Ambiance Female Disguised as Male Knight/s

Kakan no Madonna

Kakan no Madonna (Manga)

The Flower Crown Madonna (Synonyms), The Madonna of a Flowercrown (Synonyms), คุณหญิงมงกุฎดอกไม้ (Synonyms), มงกุฎมาดอนน่า (Synonyms), 花冠のマドンナ (Synonyms), 花冠安琪儿 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Cross-dressing Dumb Female Lead Idiot Protagonist Italy Love Triangle/s Religion Reverse Trap Strong Female Lead Swordsman

Mangetsu Monogatari

Mangetsu Monogatari (Manga)

The Full Moon's Tale (Synonyms), 満月物語 (Synonyms)

From :After a scandal got him kicked out of his position at court, Takaaki's been idling the days away at his manor, impulsive and bored. Then one day his friend Naruhito stops by and tells him an insane story about the most beautiful woman alive -- and drags him off in his attempt to win her heart. Tagging along, Takaaki soon realizes that the "Princess" isn't exactly who she (he!?) seems to be. Who exactly is Princess Kaguya, and what is the dark secret behind her (his!?) past?

Amnesia Androgynous Male Lead Appearance Different from Personality BL Subtext Con-man Cross-dressing Female Author Heian Era Secret Identity Twin/s

Mie Shi?

Mie Shi? (Manhua)

Destroy the World? (Synonyms), Flowers Whispering (Synonyms), Petals Fade into a Dream (Synonyms), 灭世? (Synonyms), 花落一梦 (Synonyms)

Wu Yun is a Taoist exorcist trying to overcome his extreme prejudice against the Sprite race & hibitual hesitations, & develops an unwanted crush on a male sprite named Bi Wen he had intended to kill, then things complicate when a third love interest decides to tag along; Zuoshi, an oppertunistic man who does not hesitate to speak his mind or chase his dreams.

Albino Amnesia Androgynous Character/s Anthropomorphism Chibi Cross-dressing Dead Friend/s Demon/s Dream/s Exorcist/s

Oneesan wa Sukidesu ka?

Oneesan wa Sukidesu ka? (Manga)

30 Days With A Frivolous Guy (Synonyms), Do you love Big Sister? (Synonyms), Do you love One-san? (Synonyms), Fumajime na Kare to Ore no 30 Days (Synonyms), オネエさんは好きですか? (Synonyms), 不真面目な彼とおれの30days (Synonyms)

Architect/Interior Designer Cross-dressing Cross-dressing Seme Mistaken Gender Straight Uke