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Futagami Double

Futagami Double (Manga)

Twin God Double (Synonyms), Two God Double (Synonyms), フタガミ*ダブル (Synonyms)

Futagami Sousuke, 14 years old, is a normal student, wishing to live a normal life. But everything changes the day he sees a doppelganger of himself in his house.Since then, the girl he has a crush on, Amane, will introduce him to another side of his world he had no idea about, and it won't be anymore the dear peaceful days for Futagami.

Dead Family Member/s Doppelganger/s Female Fighter/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Monster/s Romantic Subplot Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Male Lead

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita

Futari de Papa Hajimemashita (Manga)

二人でパパはじめました (Synonyms)

Before transferring to New York, Nogi Shinjiro confessed to his crush, Aoyama Yuki, and was rejected for not being gay. Nogi came back from overseas after 2 years and is surprised go see that Aoyama has a kid now. What happened while he was away?

Adopted Child/ren Child/ren Dead Family Member/s Estranged Family Nephew/s Office Worker/s Reluctant Protagonist Reluctant Uke Reunion/s Single Guardian

Futatsu-me no Machigai

Futatsu-me no Machigai (Manga)

The Unexpected Baby (Synonyms), 二つ目の間違い (Synonyms)

Elena planned to remain single, but she always wanted a child. That’s why she accepted when her friend Sam offered to father a child with her. Nothing happened after a few weeks, so she assumed she hadn’t conceived and thought nothing more of it. A whirlwind romance with Sam’s brother, Jed, followed and the two were soon married! Elena was finally happier than she ever thought possible, but then she began feeling nauseous and realized she was six weeks' pregnant!

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Dead Family Member/s Divorced Female Lead Finding Love Again Harlequin Pregnancy

Fuyu no Hana

Fuyu no Hana (Manga)

Winter Flower (YUMEKA Sumomo) (Synonyms), وردة الشتاء (Synonyms), 冬の花 (Synonyms)

From :The flower in Itadori will bloom in the summer, taking his life as it took his sister's, while giving others longer lives, but how can he leave his childhood friend Rakka behind...?A sweet story about friendship and young love.

Attempted Rape Childhood Friend/s Dead Family Member/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Melancholy Atmosphere Moral Dilemma Parasite/s Plant/s Runaway from Home Sci-fi Elements

Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute

Gouin Dakedo Yasashikute (Manga)

Forcibly but Sweetly (Synonyms), Forcibly but Sweety (Synonyms), Forcibly but Sweety... (Synonyms), Spicy But Sweet (Synonyms), 強引だけど優しくて (Synonyms)

Age Gap Amnesia Blackmail Class Representative Dead Family Member/s Family Business Live-in Lover Possessive Lover/s Student-Teacher Relationship Teacher/s

Hanamachi Oni

Hanamachi Oni (Manga)

Flower District Demon (Synonyms), 花街鬼 (Synonyms)

Yoshiwara in the Edo era. It seems that there is a mysterious man in the corner of the Hanai area that can fulfill any "desire" ...

Courtesan/s Dead Family Member/s Edo Period Prostitute/s Red-Light District Uncommon Services/Store Yoshiwara District

Honban Ari! Joshi Senyou Fuuzokuten

Honban Ari! Joshi Senyou Fuuzokuten (Manga)

Full Service! a Brothel for Women (Synonyms), 本番アリ!女子専用風俗店 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Assertive Male Lead Brothel/s Dead Family Member/s Inheritance Innocent Female Lead Multiple Sexual Partners Orphan/s Prostitution Reverse Harem

Idea no Hana

Idea no Hana (Manga)

Flower of the Idea (Synonyms), イデアの花 (Synonyms), 灵眼之花 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Child Protagonist Chinese Ambient Dead Family Member/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Ghost/s Older Female Younger Male Spirit/s Young Male Lead Young Protagonist

Ieraishan, Moyu

Ieraishan, Moyu (Manga)

Flaming Ieraishan (Synonyms), 夜来香、燃ゆ。 (Synonyms)

From story took place after the 1st World War (the Great War) and prior to the 2nd World War. The heir of a rich viscount was falling in love with a magazine reporter. The “heir boy” died in a house fire. Seven years later, the reporter found his “dead” lover, now a high profile male prostitute. Together, they fell into the darkness of political scandals and human smugglings.

Brothel/s Corruption Dead Family Member/s False Incest Male Prostitute Nobility Prostitute/s Rape Revenge Taisho Era

JC Tantei Ditekuti Bu!

JC Tantei Ditekuti Bu! (Manga)

Female Middle-Schoolers' DeteClub! (Synonyms), JC Tantei Detective Bu! (Synonyms), JC Tantei Detective Club! (Synonyms), JC Tantei DitekutiBu! (Synonyms), JC探偵でぃてくてぃ部! (Synonyms), Joshi-Chugakusei Detective! (Synonyms), Middle School Girls' DetectiClub! (Synonyms)

Teruha's grandpa was an amazing detective, and she has dreamed of following in his footsteps. When he passed away, Teruha was still a child, so another relative inherited his detective agency. Now she's in middle school, and she's determined to build up some detective experience to prove her worth. With her friends, she's going to try to start a detective club, in order to solve smaller and larger cases around the school. The manga is partially in 4koma style.

4-koma/Yonkoma Club/s Dead Family Member/s Detective/s Determined Protagonist Family Business Grandfather/s Middle School School Girl/s

Kari Hajime no Chigiri

Kari Hajime no Chigiri (Manga)

A Fleeting Vow (Synonyms), 仮初めの契り (Synonyms)

Arranged Marriage Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Mafia Yakuza/s

Kinku - Don't Say "I Love You"

Kinku - Don't Say "I Love You" (Manga)

Forbidden Phrase (Synonyms), Forbidden Phrase - Don't Say "I Love You" (Synonyms), Forbidden Words (Synonyms), It's Going to Snow (Synonyms), Let Me Feel More - Love Virgin (Synonyms), Let Me Feel You (Synonyms), Lustful Lover (Synonyms), Make Me Aroused... Love Virgin (Synonyms), Snow Falling (Synonyms), 禁句 - Don`t say "I love you" (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Dead Family Member/s Kidnapping/s Orphan/s Playboy/s Stepdaughter/s Stepfather-Stepdaughter Relationship Stepfather/s Stockholm Syndrome Valentine's Day

Koiseyo Kimono Otome

Koiseyo Kimono Otome (Manga)

Fall in Love with a Girl in a Kimono (Synonyms), Koi Seyo Kimono Otome (Synonyms), Полюби девушку в кимоно (Synonyms), 恋せよキモノ乙女 (Synonyms), 戀愛吧和服少女 (Synonyms)

Momo Nonomura lives with her family in Osaka. Enjoying a day off from work is going out with a kimono inherited from the grandmother who passed away. On a holiday in in March, I fell in love with a man at a long-established coffee shop in Kyoto who was sitting alone.

Awkward at Relationships Cat/s Cheerful Female Lead Crush/es Dead Family Member/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Kimono Kyoto Male Demographic with Female Lead Memento/s

Mahou Tsukai Syd & Lid

Mahou Tsukai Syd & Lid (Manga)

Fantastic Variée (Synonyms), Magician Brothers Syd and Lid (Synonyms), Mahoutsukai Syd & Lid (Synonyms), Mahoutsukai Syd & Lid Series (Synonyms), Mystic Variée (Synonyms), Nostalgic Varié (Synonyms), Romanesque Variee (Synonyms), Сид и Лид — братья-маги (Synonyms), クラシカルバリエ (Synonyms), シルエットバリエ (Synonyms), ロマネスクバリエ (Synonyms), 西德&利德 (Synonyms), 魔術使いシド&リドシリーズ (Synonyms), 魔術使いシド&リドシ (Synonyms), 마법사 시드&리드 시리즈 (Synonyms)

From :Magicians, people with magical powers that have caused their kind to be hated and feared throughout the centuries. This manga contains their tales -- of magic for both good and evil, the struggle to fit into society, and a dark past that haunts them both.The series includes:V.01 - Romanesque Variee V.02 - Mystic VarieeV.03 - Classical Variee V.04 - Sweet Variee V.05 - Silouette Variee V.06 - Crescent Variee V.07 - Secret VarieeV.08 - Fantastic VarieeV.09 - Nostalgic Variee

Brother/s Cool Male Lead Dead Family Member/s Episodic Handsome Male Lead Long-Haired Male Lead Magic Social Outcast/s Special Ability/ies Younger Brother

Medichi Kyoudai wa Tsumitsukuri

Medichi Kyoudai wa Tsumitsukuri (Manga)

Daifugou to Ueitoresu (Synonyms), Daifugou to Waitress (Synonyms), From Playboy To Papa! (Synonyms), Playboy Sotsugyou Sengen (Synonyms), Secrets of the Playboy's Bride (Synonyms), Target wa Okuman Chouja (Synonyms), The Medici Men Series (Synonyms), The Playboy's Proposition (OGATA Hiromi) (Synonyms), ターゲットは億万長者 (Synonyms), ターゲットは億万長者 メディチ兄弟は罪作り III (Synonyms), プレイボーイ卒業宣言 (Synonyms), プレイボーイ卒業宣言 メディチ兄弟は罪作り I (Synonyms), メディチ兄弟は罪作り (Synonyms), 大富豪とウエイトレス (Synonyms), 大富豪とウエイトレス メディチ兄弟は罪作り II (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Childcare Dead Family Member/s Harlequin Sister/s Twin/s

Michiru Heya

Michiru Heya (Manga)

Inside God's Arms: A Room Filled With Love (Synonyms), The Full Room (Synonyms), 満ちる部屋 (Synonyms), 満ちる部屋 (11~13) P44/P44/P48 (Synonyms), 満ちる部屋 再録集1 (01~05) P176 (Synonyms), 満ちる部屋 再録集2 (06~10) P176 (Synonyms), 满月部屋 (Synonyms)

All-Boys School Boarding School Catholic School Childhood Trauma Dead Family Member/s Glasses-Wearing Seme Prostitution Rape Roommates Tragic Past

Mikake no Nijuusei

Mikake no Nijuusei (Manga)

Mikake no Nijyusei (Synonyms), The Faces of a Double Star (Synonyms), 見かけの二重星 (Synonyms)

From :Ayako, a normal high-school girl caught up in the experiment of an enigmatic genius, is divided in two. In the midst of the confusion of sharing her life, she remembers her sister who had died suddenly. What lies beyond the feelings she remembers and the feelings she’s forgotten…

Clone/s Dead Family Member/s Experiment/s High School Student/s Mad Science Odd Situation/s Romantic Subplot Scientist/s Sister/s Time Travel

Musubaru Yakeato

Musubaru Yakeato (Manga)

The Fire Ruins That Bind (Synonyms), 結ばる焼け跡 (Synonyms)

The story takes place in 1945, an era when cities and people's hearts are in ruins. There are men who are living with something in their hearts they can't throw away.

Dead Family Member/s Post-War Showa Era Soldier/s

Nibiiro no Hana dj - Nibiiro no Hana

Nibiiro no Hana dj - Nibiiro no Hana (Manga)

Flowers Dull Color (Synonyms), Nibiiro no Hana Gou (Synonyms)

Tsubaki, a high-school student, lives together with his two older half-brothers. Their relationship is a bit unusual.Re-released as a tankoubon: . This version has the rest of the series (Volume 5 and the extra) scanlated by Glassmoon Scans.

Bondage Curse/s Dead Family Member/s Group Intercourse Incest Love Triangle/s Stepsiblings Young Male Lead

Sakana no Yume

Sakana no Yume (Manga)

Fish Dream (Synonyms), 魚の夢 (Synonyms)

From :Kawashima Kougi dreams about fish, paints fish, and has no interest in the world outside fish. He is brilliant and disturbed. His childhood friend, Nene, attempts to draw him back to the real world.

Artist/s Childhood Friend/s Coma Dead Family Member/s Fish/es Hallucination/s Loner Protagonist Ocean Painting Time Skip