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Kuroi Hitsuji

Kuroi Hitsuji (Manga)

The Black Sheep (Synonyms), 黒い羊 (Synonyms)

Accident/s Based on a Novel Death of Loved One/s Emotionally Strong Female Lead Framed Harlequin Innocent Female Lead Lie/s Misunderstanding/s Misunderstood Protagonist

Love and Sweet Drugs

Love and Sweet Drugs (Manhua)

Bù chī tiándiǎn jiù huì sǐ (Synonyms), 不吃甜点就会死 (Synonyms)

One day, I couldn't eat sweets and became weaker to the point of making my heart nearly stopped beating; until I met someone who could make my strength stronger and longer for a period of time - a patissier!But, after his girlfriend's death, he wouldn't make any sweets anymore and opened a café instead, selling the bitterest coffee ever.So, to save my life, I'll definitely make sure you return to making sweets again!Please, please~

Age Gap Death of Loved One/s Gang/s Illness Part-Time Job Shop Owner/s Student/s Troublemaker/s Tsundere Tsundere Character/s

Namida ni Nureta Koi

Namida ni Nureta Koi (Manga)

Back-Light (Synonyms), Phantom Pain (Synonyms), Talking Eyes (Synonyms), Talking To Your Fingertips (Synonyms), Tearful Love (Synonyms), Yoake Mae (Before Daybreak) (Synonyms), 涙に濡れた恋 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Arranged Marriage Boxing Collection of Stories Death of Loved One/s First Love Imminent Death Strong Female Lead Terminal Illness Tragic Past

Otoko Ozora

Otoko Ozora (Manga)

Blue Sky Gang (Synonyms), 男大空 (Synonyms)


20th Century Assassin/s Dead Parent/s Death of Loved One/s Delinquent/s Friendship Gang Wars Gang/s High School Young Male Lead

Senjou (MATSUMOTO Leiji)

Senjou (MATSUMOTO Leiji) (Manga)

Battlefield (MATSUMOTO Leiji) (Synonyms), Senjou Comic Series (Synonyms), Senjou Manga Series (Synonyms), The Cockpit (Synonyms), わが青春のアルカディア (Synonyms), オーロラの牙 (Synonyms), ザ・コクピット (Synonyms), スタンレーの魔女 (Synonyms), 勇者の雷鳴 (Synonyms), 復讐を埋めた山 (Synonyms), 悪魔伝の七騎士 (Synonyms), 戦場まんがシリーズ (Synonyms), 戦場コミックシリーズ (Synonyms), 曳光弾回廊 (Synonyms), 衝撃降下90度 (Synonyms), 鉄の墓標 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Airplane/s Classic Manga Collection of Stories Death of Loved One/s GAR World War II

Sensei no Kaban

Sensei no Kaban (Manga)

Der Himmel ist blau, die Erde ist weiß (german) (Synonyms), Gli anni dolci (italian) (Synonyms), Les années douces (french) (Synonyms), Los años dulces (spanish) (Synonyms), Strange Weather in Tokyo (English) (Synonyms), The Briefcase (Synonyms), The Teacher's Briefcase (Synonyms), センセイの鞄 (Synonyms), 老师的提包 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Alcohol Based on a Novel Based on an Award-Winning Creation Death of Loved One/s Food Grief Melancholy Atmosphere Middle-Aged Protagonist Realistic Art Style

Shikkoku Tsukai no Saikyou Yuusha: Nakama Zenin ni Uragirareta node Saikyou no Mamono to Kumimasu

Shikkoku Tsukai no Saikyou Yuusha: Nakama Zenin ni Uragirareta node Saikyou no Mamono to Kumimasu (Manga)

Hero of Darkness (Synonyms), Shikkoku Saikyo (Synonyms), Shikkoku Tsukai no Saikyo Yusha Nakama Zen'in ni Uragira retanode Saikyo no Mamono (Synonyms), The Brave Jet Black Wizard: I Got Betrayed by My Comrades so I United with the Ultimate Monster (Synonyms), The Strongest Brave Man of the Black Wizard (Synonyms), 漆黑使的最強勇者 被所有伙伴拋棄后與最強魔物為伍 (Synonyms), 漆黒使いの最強勇者 仲間全員に裏切られたので最強の魔物と組みます (Synonyms), 칠흑사의 최강용사 ~동료 전원에게 배신당했으므로 최강의 마물과 팀이 된다~ (Synonyms)

Betrayal Dead Lover/s Death of Loved One/s Fight/s Magic Monster/s Power Struggle Strong Male Lead Suicidal Character/s Suicidal Thoughts

Shounen wa Watashi ni Hizamazuku

Shounen wa Watashi ni Hizamazuku (Manga)

The Boy Kneels to Me. (Synonyms), Verzeihende Liebe (Synonyms), 少年は私に跪く (Synonyms), 為我跪下的少年 (Synonyms)


Appearance Different from Personality Blushing Male Lead Collection of Stories Death Death of Loved One/s Dependency Director/s Hospital Hospital Patient/s Illness

Ano Natsu no Eve

Ano Natsu no Eve (Manga)

Eve of the Summer (Synonyms), あの夏のイヴ (Synonyms), 那个夏天的夏娃 (Synonyms)


Blood and Gore Childhood Friend/s Dark Ambience Death of Loved One/s Despair Love Interest Dies Murder Victim/s Murder/s Mysterious Death Mysterious Female Lead

Akage no Anne (SAKAMOTO Midori)

Akage no Anne (SAKAMOTO Midori) (Manga)

Anne of Green Gables (SAKAMOTO Midori) (Synonyms), Red-haired Anne (SAKAMOTO Midori) (Synonyms), 赤毛のアン (坂本ミドリ) (Synonyms)

Anne, an imaginative young red-haired girl, is accidentally adopted from an orphanage by a pair of aging siblings who originally wanted a boy to help them work their farm. The happy accident changes everyone's lives for the better.

Adoption Canada Cheerful Female Lead Child Protagonist Country Girl Countryside Death of Loved One/s Orphan/s

Akage no Anne

Akage no Anne (Manga)

Ana de las Tejas Verdes (Synonyms), Ana dos Cabelos Ruivos (Synonyms), Ania z Zielonego Wzgórza (Synonyms), Anna dai capelli rossi (Synonyms), Anne la maison aux pignons verts (Synonyms), Anne mit den roten Haaren (Synonyms), Anne of Green Gables (Synonyms), Anne the Redhead (Synonyms), Anne van het Groene Huis (Synonyms), Cô bé tóc đỏ (Synonyms), Энн из Зеленых Крыш (Synonyms), حكايات آن (Synonyms), شما في البراري (Synonyms), شما في البراري الخضراء (Synonyms), 清秀佳人 (Synonyms), 赤毛のアン (Synonyms), 빨강머리 앤 (Synonyms)

Adoption Based on a Classic Based on a Novel Canada Cheerful Female Lead Child Protagonist Country Girl Countryside Death of Loved One/s Orphan/s

Anne Frank

Anne Frank (Manga)

Anne Furanku (Synonyms), Edu-Manga: Anne Frank (Synonyms), アンネ・フランク (Synonyms)

20th Century Antisemitism Death of Loved One/s Diary/ies Educational Edutainment Family Fascism Father and Daughter Germany

Anne no Aijou

Anne no Aijou (Manga)

Anne of the Island (Synonyms), Anne's Love (Synonyms), Red Haired Anne 5 (Synonyms), Любовь Энн (Synonyms), アンの愛情 (Synonyms), 레드먼드의 앤 (Synonyms)

Anne leaves Green Gables and her work as a teacher in Avonlea to continue her education at Redmond College in Nova Scotia. She tucks her memories of rural Avonlea away and discovers life on her own terms, filled with surprises… including a marriage proposal from the worst fellow imaginable, the sale of her very first story, and a tragedy that teaches her a painful lesson.

Based on a Classic Based on a Novel Canada Childhood Friend/s Coming of Age Countryside Death of Loved One/s Friends Become Lovers Marriage Proposal Orphan/s

Another 0

Another 0 (Manga)

Another 0巻 オリジナルアニメDVD同梱版 (Synonyms), Another Zero (Synonyms), アナザー 0 (Synonyms)

A prologue of Another telling the story of Reiko in her high school days.

Aunt-Nephew Relationship Curse/s Dead Family Member/s Death of Loved One/s Middle School Sister/s Teacher/s

Aoi no Maharaja

Aoi no Maharaja (Manga)

Ao no Maharaja (Synonyms), 蒼のマハラジャ (Synonyms)

1940's 20th Century Adapted to Drama CD Assassination Attempt/s Boarding School Childhood Friend/s Dead Parent/s Death of Loved One/s Heir/Heiress india

Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai

Aono-kun ni Sawaritai kara Shinitai (Manga)

I Want to Die Because I Want to Touch Aono (Synonyms), I Want To Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die (Synonyms), 想要触碰青野君所以我想死 (Synonyms), 想要觸碰青野君所以我想死 (Synonyms), 青野くんに触りたいから死にたい (Synonyms), 아오노 군과 닿고 싶으니까 죽고 싶어 (Synonyms)

I would die if it would allow me to touch you. That is my love. Airhead Yuri-chan and her boyfriend Aono-kun had a perfectly normal relationship until one day Aono-kun suddenly “passed away” … They will never be bound together, and they cannot even touch. This is their difficult and almost too sincere love story.

Awkward at Relationships Awkward Female Lead Awkward Protagonist Death of Loved One/s Difficult Childhood Embarrassing Situation/s Friendship Ghost/s High School Student/s Seeing Things Other Humans Can't

Ark: Romancer

Ark: Romancer (Manga)

Ark Romancer (Synonyms), ARK:Romancer (Synonyms), ARK:ROMANCER ลิขิตรัก:ต่างมิติ (Synonyms), アーク:ロマンサーArk Romancer (Synonyms), アーク:ロマンサー (Synonyms)

After experiencing tragedy firsthand, Amagi Souji does not feel that he is deserving of love or of loving anyone. It is not until a strange girl appears before him wanting to learn just what love is that he finds himself caught up in a battle between female warriors known as "Ark Processors." Will he learn to feel love again and will he be able to teach her what true love is?! Only time can tell!

Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Death of Loved One/s First Kiss Foreigner/s High School Magic Older Female Younger Male Parallel Dimension Young Male Lead

Ashita Shinu

Ashita Shinu (Manga)

Will Die Tomorrow (Synonyms), Умереть завтра (Synonyms), アンソロジー 明日、死ぬ。 (Synonyms), 明日、死ぬ。 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories following the lives of those for whom it has been decided that they will die the following day.1.) "You Were Smiling" by AKANE Sora2.) "Wakare no Sanka" by AKIZUKI Ichiha3.) "Honest Heart" by Kai 4.) "Sekai no Owari no Koi no Hajimari" by OTONO Awo5.) "Ochiru" / "Falling Down" by Yuryi6.) "Nido Kureru Honou-bushi" by Mayama Rika7.) "Anokishia" by AOI Aki8.) "Rehersal" by ARUKUCover art by .

Accident/s Accidental Death Afterlife Collection of Stories Death Death of Loved One/s Ghost/s Imminent Death Suicide/s Variations on a Theme

Atarashii kazoku ga dekimashita.

Atarashii kazoku ga dekimashita. (Manga)

A New Family Has Been Made (Synonyms), あたらしい家族ができました。 (Synonyms)

The main character, Ao, loses her father and is taken in by her uncle's family. Haruki, her uncle, appears in front of her as she is about to start her new life. But she didn't expect to see him dressed as a woman! And his occupation is that of a bar "mom"!?What will be the course of Ao's new life, that began with a series of surprises...?

Cross-dressing Death of Loved One/s Familiar/s Feminine Male Lead Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s

Atsui Fukushuu

Atsui Fukushuu (Manga)

The Italian's Passionate Revenge (Synonyms), Итальянская страстная месть (Synonyms), انتقام الايطالي العاطفي (Synonyms), 熱い復讐 (Synonyms), 뜨거운 복수 (Synonyms)

During her husband's funeral, Elise reflects on her loveless marriage with a cheating husband when she notices a man staring at her. The man turns out to be Vincente, her husband's employer and a company owner. He invites Elise for dinner, and though she is alarmed by his eyes full of risky temptation, she accepts his offer. Just what is Vincente's purpose?

Accident/s Based on a Novel Beautiful Female Lead Death of Loved One/s Italy Male Lead Falls in Love First Marriage Past Plays a Big Role Revenge Widow / Widower