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Enen no Shouboutai

Enen no Shouboutai (Anime)

Fire Force (English), 炎炎ノ消防隊 (Japanese), Fire Brigade of Flames (Synonyms)

Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that has plagued humanity for years, randomly transforming ordinary people into flaming, violent creatures known as Infernals. While Infernals make up the first-generation accounts of Human Combustion, the second and third generations became known as pyrokinetics—people gifted with the ability to manipulate and control their flames while remaining human.

Genres: Action Supernatural Shounen

Categories: Exorcism Transformation/s Young Male Lead Firefighter/s Fire Demon/s Monster/s Sudden Death/s Romantic Subplot Strong Male Lead Mysterious Power/s Teamwork

Shin Sakura Taisen the Animation

Shin Sakura Taisen the Animation (Anime)

New Sakura Wars the Animation (English), 新サクラ大戦 the Animation (Japanese)

In 1930, two years after the events of So Long, My Love, the Great Demon War results in the annihilation of the Imperial, Paris and New York Combat Revues' Flower Divisions. With Earth at peace and the revues' actions becoming public, the World Combat Revue Organization is formed with several international divisions; a biennial international Combat Revue tournament has been organized. Ten years later in 1940, Imperial Japanese Navy captain Seijuurou Kamiyama is assigned as the captain of the new Imperial Combat Revue's Flower Division in Tokyo, which consists of: Sakura Amamiya, a swordswoman and new recruit; Hatsuho Shinonome, a shrine maiden and the most popular actress; Anastasia Palma, a newly-transferred Greek actress; Azami Mochizuki, a ninja prodigy from the Mochizuki clan; and Clarissa "Clarise" Snowflake, a Luxembourgian noblewoman. The division once again faces a new demon invasion and participates in the upcoming tournament—while trying to keep their home at the Imperial Theater open.

Genres: Adventure Sci-Fi Shounen Mecha

Categories: Demon/s Robot/s Sword/s Post War Samurai Girl/s

Kyokou Suiri

Kyokou Suiri (Anime)

虚構推理 (Japanese), In/Spectre (Synonyms)

At the young age of 11, Kotoko Iwanaga was abducted by youkai for two weeks and asked to become their "God of Wisdom," a mediator between the spirit and human worlds, to which the girl quickly agreed but at the cost of her right eye and left leg. Now, six years later, whenever youkai wish for their problems to be solved, they make their way to Kotoko for consultation. Meanwhile, Kurou Sakuragawa, a 22-year-old university student, has just broken up with his girlfriend after he fled alone when the two encountered a kappa.

Genres: Comedy Demons Supernatural Mystery Shounen Romance

Categories: Spirit/s Human Experiment/s Ghost/s Amputee/s Demon/s Monster/s Short Female Lead Regeneration Japanese Folklore Disability/ies Love Triangle

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun (Anime)

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun (English), 魔入りました!入間くん (Japanese)

Suzuki Iruma has been sold to the demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school in the Demon World... MU)

Genres: Comedy Demons Fantasy Supernatural Shounen

Categories: Demon/s Bad Parent/s Weak Male Lead Secret Identity Misunderstanding/s Student/s Student Council Magic/s Magical Power Ranked by Strength

Cop Craft

Cop Craft (Anime)

COP CRAFT [コップクラフト] (Japanese)

Fifteen years ago, a hyperspace gate appeared in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, connecting Earth to a strange world filled with fairies and monsters. The city of San-Teresa became a home for over two million of these otherworldly visitors. Unfortunately, the population boom also brought its fair share of problems—drugs, prostitution, and trafficking.

Genres: Action Sci-Fi Fantasy Magic Police

Categories: Police Magic/s Alien/s Extraterrestrial Crime/s Gun/s Sword/s Swordplay Gang/s Politics Demon/s Drug/s Mafia/s Vampire/s

Kimetsu no Yaiba

Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime)

鬼滅の刃 (Japanese), Blade of Demon Destruction (Synonyms), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Synonyms)

Ever since the death of his father, the burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado's shoulders. Though living impoverished on a remote mountain, the Kamado family are able to enjoy a relatively peaceful and happy life. One day, Tanjirou decides to go down to the local village to make a little money selling charcoal.

Genres: Action Demons Supernatural Historical Shounen

Categories: Brother and Sister Weak to Strong Sword/s Character Growth Demon/s Special Ability/ies Swordsman Journey Death of Loved Ones Training Intense Fight

Jashin-chan Dropkick

Jashin-chan Dropkick (Anime)

Dropkick On My Devil! (English), 邪神ちゃんドロップキック (Japanese), False God My Dropkick (Synonyms)

The demon Jashin-chan has been summoned to Earth by Yurine Hanazono, a girl with a knack for the occult. Unfortunately, Yurine does not actually know how to send Jashin-chan back to Hell. Now stuck on Earth, she must live at Yurine's apartment as her familiar.

Genres: Comedy Supernatural

Categories: Partial Nudity Violent Female Lead Monster/s Young Female Lead Violence Demon/s Summoning Mythology


InuYasha (Anime)

InuYasha (English), 犬夜叉 (Japanese), Inu Yasha (Synonyms)

Based on the Shogakukan award-winning manga of the same name, InuYasha follows Kagome Higurashi, a fifteen-year-old girl whose normal life ends when a demon drags her into a cursed well on the grounds of her family's Shinto shrine. Instead of hitting the bottom of the well, Kagome ends up 500 years in the past during Japan's violent Sengoku period with the demon's true target, a wish-granting jewel called the Shikon Jewel, reborn inside of her. After a battle with a revived demon accidentally causes the sacred jewel to shatter, Kagome enlists the help of a young hybrid dog-demon/human named Inuyasha to help her collect the shards and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Genres: Action Adventure Comedy Demons Fantasy Supernatural Historical Shounen Magic Romance

Categories: Character Growth Love Triangle Demon/s Half-Demon Monster/s Journey Time Travel Priestess/es Reincarnation Sword/s Half-Human Archery

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu (Anime)

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (English), 異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷魔術 (Japanese), The Otherworldly Demon King and the Summoner Girls' Slave Magic (Synonyms)

When it comes to the fantasy MMORPG Cross Reverie, none can match the power of the Demon King Diablo. Possessing the game's rarest artifacts and an unrivaled player level, he overpowers all foolish enough to confront him. But despite his fearsome reputation, Diablo's true identity is Takuma Sakamoto, a shut-in gamer devoid of any social skills.

Genres: Comedy Fantasy Magic Ecchi Harem

Categories: Demon King Elf/ves Game Elements Magic/s Strong Male Lead Summoner Summoning Transported to Another World Demon/s Monster/s MMORPG Monster-Slave Relationship Slave/s Rivalry Video Game/s

Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin

Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin (Anime)

Midnight Occult Civil Servants (English), 真夜中のオカルト公務員 (Japanese)

Miyako Arata is newly assigned to the Shinjuku Ward Office's Nighttime Regional Relations Department. Each of Tokyo's 23 wards has one such department, established to mitigate paranormal and occult-related events. Arata's special skill is the understanding of non-human speech, and the story begins with him encountering a youkai at Shinjuku Gyoen park who refers to him as the legendary Heian-era exorcist, Abe no Seimei.

Genres: Demons Fantasy Supernatural Mystery Shoujo

Categories: Exocism Exorcist/s Special Ability/ies Public Servant Demon/s Angel/s God/s

Machikado Mazoku

Machikado Mazoku (Anime)

The Demon Girl Next Door (English), まちカドまぞく (Japanese)

After a strange dream of a mysterious ancestor, high school student Yuuko Yoshida wakes to see that she has grown demonic horns and a tail. Dazed and confused, her mother reveals to her a dark family secret: her family is descended from a Dark Clan that was banished to live powerless and destitute by their mortal enemies, the magical girls of the Light Clan.

Genres: Comedy Slice of Life Magic

Categories: Magical Power/s Weak Female Lead Poor Female Lead Superpowers Demon/s Urban Magic/s

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san (Anime)

ゆらぎ荘の幽奈さん (Japanese), Yuuna of Yuragi Manor (Synonyms), Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Synonyms)

Once a hot springs inn, now a boarding house with extraordinarily cheap rent, Yuragi-sou is virtually uninhabited save for a few peculiar residents. As rumor has it, it is haunted by a vile ghost which scares away all potential tenants. Therefore, it is the perfect refuge for Fuyuzora Kogarashi—a broke, homeless psychic seeking an affordable roof to stay under and ghosts to exorcise.

Genres: Comedy Supernatural Shounen Romance Ecchi Harem

Categories: Cat Girl/s Cohabitation Demon/s Exorcism Ghost/s Haunted Location Hot Spring/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Nudity Monster/s Ninja/s Psychic/s Poor Male Lead Exorcism Young Male Lead

Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist (Anime)

Blue Exorcist (English), 青の祓魔師(エクソシスト) (Japanese), Ao no Futsumashi (Synonyms)

Humans and demons are two sides of the same coin, as are Assiah and Gehenna, their respective worlds. The only way to travel between the realms is by the means of possession, like in ghost stories. However, Satan, the ruler of Gehenna, cannot find a suitable host to possess and therefore, remains imprisoned in his world.

Genres: Action Demons Fantasy Supernatural Shounen

Categories: Exorcism Demon/s Special Ability/ies Secret Identity Training Half-Human Secret Organization

Tian Guan Ci Fu

Tian Guan Ci Fu (Anime)

天官赐福 (Japanese), Heaven Official's Blessing (Synonyms), TGCF (Synonyms)

For you, I’ll become invincible! “Have you heard? The rubbish Heaven Official is having an affair with the ghost realm’s number one bigshot!” Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom; one who was beloved by his citizens and the darling of the world. Unsurprisingly, he ascended to the Heavens at a very young age.

Genres: Action Adventure Drama Supernatural Historical

Categories: Demon/s God/s Ghost/s Tragedy Boys' Love

Ao no Exorcist

Ao no Exorcist (Manga)

Blue Exorcist (English), 青の祓魔師〈エクソシスト〉 (Japanese), Ao no Futsumashi (Synonyms), The Blue Magic Exorcist (Synonyms)

After a fight with his foster father Shirou Fujimoto, Rin Okumura's life is transformed overnight when Rin is revealed to be the son of the demon lord Satan, king of the demonic realm of Gehenna. Soon after, his foster father becomes possessed and dies at the hands of Satan, leaving Rin and his twin brother Yukio alone in the world. Seeking revenge for Fujimoto's death, Rin attends True Cross Academy with Yukio in order to become an exorcist and join the Knights of the True Cross.

Genres: Action Adventure Drama Demons Fantasy Supernatural Shounen School

Categories: Exorcism Demon/s Special Ability/ies Secret Identity Training Half-Human Secret Organization

Oni-san no Tokorohe Mairimashita

Oni-san no Tokorohe Mairimashita (Manga)

I Arrived at Oni-san's Place (English)

A lonely girl was driven out of her village as a sacrifice to demons. However, she isn't eaten by the demons— instead she is given a place to live, a futon, and the name "Hinata". "Oni-san" and "Hinata" are supposed to live together as a temporary couple. There are lots of "first times" in their warm and happy newly-married life.

Genres: Comedy Supernatural Slice of Life Romance

Categories: Family Life Demon/s Age Gap Albino Cheerful Male Lead Cohabitation Marriage Human-Nonhuman Relationship Young Female Lead

Tian Guan Ci Fu

Tian Guan Ci Fu (Novel)

Heaven Official's Blessing (English), 天官赐福 (Japanese), Heavenly Blessing (Synonyms)

For you, I’ll become invincible! “Have you heard? The rubbish Heaven Official is having an affair with the ghost realm’s number one bigshot!” - Eight hundred years ago, Xie Lian was the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom; one who was beloved by his citizens and the darling of the world. Unsurprisingly, he ascended to the Heavens at a very young age.

Genres: Action Comedy Drama Demons Historical Martial Arts Shounen Ai

Categories: Demon/s God/s Ghost/s Tragedy Boys' Love

Machikado Mazoku

Machikado Mazoku (Manga)

まちカドまぞく (Japanese)

Genres: Comedy Slice of Life Magic

Categories: Magical Power/s Weak Female Lead Poor Female Lead Superpowers Demon/s Urban Magic/s

Val x Love

Val x Love (Manga)

Val x Love (English), 戦×恋(ヴァルラヴ) (Japanese), Vallove (Synonyms), Ikusa x Koi (Synonyms)

High-schooler Akutsu Takuma has learned to accept his lonely lot in life and is content surrounded by his studies, but when the god Odin taps him to save the world alongside nine Valkyries fueled by intimacy, Takuma can say good-bye to his solitary existence! ANN)

Genres: Comedy Supernatural Shounen Romance School Ecchi Harem

Categories: Student/s Demon/s Young Male Lead Demon Hunter/s Valkyrie Seduction Pervert/s Beautiful Female Lead Nudity Bisexual Character/s


Bem (Anime)

BEM (Japanese)

Young detective Sonia Summers has been transferred to the outskirts of the port city Libra after stirring up trouble with her superiors. Libra is separated into two sectors—"the Upper", the center of wealth and politics, and "the Outside". The Outside is home to crime, corruption, and curious incidents involving monstrosities or youkai.

Genres: Action Demons Supernatural

Categories: Demon/s Police Detective/s Crime/s Superpower/s Politics Corruption