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Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi

Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi (Anime)

平穏世代の韋駄天達 (Japanese), Idaten Deities in the Peaceful Generation (Synonyms)

It has been 800 years since the battle gods "Idaten", who boast overwhelming speed and strength, contained the "demons" who led the world to ruin after a fierce battle. "That battle" is now just an old tale in a distant myth. While the "peaceful generation of the gods," who have never fought since they were born, are out of peace, someone has revived the demons from a long sleep! Bring armed forces, wisdom, politics, conspiracy, whatever you can use! No-rule & no-limit three-way battle royale is about to begin!!! MAL News)

Summer 2021 Overpowered Main Characters Demon/s Inhuman Power Appearance Different from Actual Age

Kaimetsuou to 12-nin no Hoshi no Miko

Kaimetsuou to 12-nin no Hoshi no Miko (Manga)

Kaimetsu Ou to Juuninin no Hoshi no Miko (Synonyms), The Vanisher King and His 12 Starlight Maidens (Synonyms), Исчезнувший король и его 12 звёздных дев (Synonyms), 怪滅王と12人の星の巫女 (Synonyms), 怪灭王与12人的星之巫女 (Synonyms), 괴멸왕과 12인의 별의 무녀 (Synonyms)

Yomikado Meijirou thought he was just an ordinary high school boy. However, after saving a devil, he discovers that he was born with the Seal of Solomon on his tongue, a special power that allows him to control all forms of sorcery and devils. He also discovers that he will die in three years as every use of his power uses up his lifespan.He is told that the only way to save himself is to establish a contract with the twelve Starlight Maidens who were born with a special sign somewhere on their body, and to do so, he must lick their signs with his tongue, which is where his sign is located.

Academy Appearance Different from Personality Demon/s Female Lead Falls in Love First First Kiss Flashbacks Groping Strong Male Lead Sudden Appearance Training

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (Novel)

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (Novel) (Novel)

The World God Only Knows (Novel) (Synonyms), 只有神知道的世界(小说) (Synonyms), 神のみぞ知るセカイ (小说) (Synonyms)

The novel features a completely original story that disparate from the series, with original novel characters.

Anti-Social Protagonist Arrogant Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Big Breasts Calm Protagonist Demon/s Game/s Genius/es Otaku Spirit/s

Kamigatari - Joinhishi to Bosou no Aooni

Kamigatari - Joinhishi to Bosou no Aooni (Manga)

Kamigatari - Onna Onmyouji to Bousou no Aooni (Synonyms), かみがたり 女陰陽師と房総の青鬼 (Synonyms), 伪神者 (Synonyms)

Edo period. There was an unreasonable Onmyoji who used the demon's half-crawl, Blue Oni, who was once called the most brutal twin demon. He called himself “Kamigari”, and he managed to defeat the demon “Hidden” that he had handled. Oedo's neat devil action! !

Demon-Human Relationship Demon/s Edo Period Exorcist/s Japan Oni Onmyouji Sealed Demon Strong Female Lead White-Haired Male Lead


Kaminomi (Manga)

かみのみっ (Synonyms), 神之果實 (Synonyms)


21st Century Anal Intercourse Angel/s Attempted Rape Big Breasts Borderline H Demon/s Double / Multiple Penetration Fetish/es Gang Rape


Kamunagara (Manga)

As Was Done in the Age of the Gods (Synonyms), Divine (Synonyms), Kamunagala (Synonyms), Kamunagara: Rebirth of the Demonslayer (Synonyms), カムナガラ (Synonyms)

Kugaya is a teenager who lives with his aunt, Sakuri.The kendo coach at his high school, Narugami, has been after him to join the kendo team; but when he meets the new girl, Takemi, his life takes a supernatural turn and he is thrust into an epic battle with the demonic "Intruders".Reincarnation... buried memories... the Holy Sword... "Himuka"... and the Clan of the Swordsmen... it's all too much for a high school student to bear!

Blood and Gore Classmate/s Dead Family Member/s Death of Loved One/s Demon/s Dream/s High School Student/s Kendo Monster/s Past Life/ves


KaNa (Manga)

Ka Na (Synonyms), KaNa~哀~ (Synonyms)

Yuuji Abe meets a mysterious girl at the subway station. This chance encounter with Kana and Rou, her wolf companion entangles Yuuji in a plot concocted by the Seven Heads, a group of half-demons who want to bring a type of utopia where humans and demons can live together peacefully, albeit through unscrupulous and forceful means. As the group targets Kana and her companions, Yuujo begins to discover the truth not only about Kana, but about his own ancestors, and ultimately comes to terms with his budding feelings for this mysterious girl.

Abe no Seimei or a Relative Brother and Sister Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Demon/s Fast Romance First Time Dating Folklore Half-Demon Rushed Ending / Axed

Kanaerareta Negai

Kanaerareta Negai (Manga)

Wish Fulfillment (Synonyms), Wish Granted (Synonyms), Wish Granted - 4th Wish: Cookie Doll (Synonyms), Wish Granted - Cookie Doll (Synonyms), かなえられた願い (Synonyms)

If you have a wish you want to come true, then catch a demon! When the clock strikes midnight on Friday the 13th with a full moon, place two mirrors facing each other. A demon will walk along the pathway between the two mirrors. At that moment, use the bottle you have prepared to seal it up. If the demon does not grant your wish, it will turn to dust. If you catch a demon, what will you wish for?

Collection of Stories Demon/s Occult Variations on a Theme Wish/es

Kanon (MORISHIMA Petit)

Kanon (MORISHIMA Petit) (Manga)

Kanon (Key) (Synonyms), Kanon‐カノン‐ (Synonyms)

Based on a Visual Novel Based on an Eroge Clumsy Character Cousin/s Death of Loved One/s Demon Hunter/s Demon/s Fox Girl/s Ghost/s Incest

Kashoku no Shiro

Kashoku no Shiro (Manga)

The White of a Flower Lamp (Synonyms), White of a Wedding Ceremony (Synonyms), 花烛之白 (Synonyms), 花燭の白 (Synonyms)

A story of a vow between a pure bride and a demon, in a story "divided by life and death.""Flower candles" refers to the gorgeous lights that are lit during a wedding ceremony, and refers to a woman who has been engaged and turned around. Kiso, a newspaper reporter who pursues a mysterious strange disease that is spreading in the streets, is rescued by a girl who happens to encounter a strange demon. Kiso, who for some reason is strongly attracted to the girl, makes a fierce attack on her, but she was the "candle" that makes a contract with the demon...

Beastman/men Demon/s Disease Human-Nonhuman Relationship Investigation Journalist/s Mysterious Death Mysterious Female Lead Oni Persistent Character

Kashou no Tsuki

Kashou no Tsuki (Manga)

Hiyoi no Tsuki (Synonyms), Kasho no Tsuki (Synonyms), Moon of the Evening Fire (Synonyms), 火宵の月 (Synonyms), 火宵之月 (Synonyms)

Arimasa was a half-demon priest who cared nothing of what others thought of him. That was, until one fateful night, while on a mission to exorcise a gang of demons, he encounters Kagetsu, a clumsy cat demon who will eventually change his world, and more importantly, his views of it.

Adapted to Anime Brother and Sister Cat/s Demon/s Exorcism Heian Era Long-Haired Male Character/s Mixed Blood Monk/s Priest/s

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Innocent +

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Innocent + (Doujinshi)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Innocent Plus (Synonyms), Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - Innocent+ (Synonyms)

Pairings: Hibari x Tsuna, Mukuro x TsunaSet in a kemonomimi fantasy world where two babies were born with the same face but has powers that rival one another

Complicated Family Demon/s Heir/Heiress Innocent Male Lead kemonomimi Kind Male Lead Separation of Family Member/s Twin/s


Kazan (Manga)

飛鷹神童 (Synonyms)

Kazan is an adolecent whose family and friends were killed when he was still rather young. As the sole survivor of the Red Sands tribe, he has wandered since the fateful day the water demon stole Elsie, and destroyed his "village". He eventually meets up with a young girl named Fawna, and an old woman named Arbey, and they begin their adventure, on the road to Goldene, each seeking answers of their own in this strange city.

Animal Sidekick Appearance Different from Actual Age Demon/s Desert Journey Magic Mature Child Quest/s Searching for Someone Strong Male Lead

Kemonotachi no Yoru

Kemonotachi no Yoru (Manga)

Kemono-tachi no Yoru (Synonyms), Night of the Beasts (Synonyms), Road Song (SHIOMI Chika) (Synonyms), Tricky Area (Synonyms), ليل الوحوش (Synonyms), 妖獸之夜 (Synonyms), 獣たちの夜 (Synonyms)

Affectionate Lover Bishounen Curse/s Demon/s Emotionally Strong Female Lead Female Fighter/s Reincarnation Revenge Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Female Lead

Kichiku Lovers

Kichiku Lovers (Manga)

Devil Lovers (Synonyms), 鬼畜ラヴァーズ (Synonyms)



Kidou Tengai Kaname

Kidou Tengai Kaname (Manga)

Kaname on the Demon Road's Furthest Regions (Synonyms), Kaname, Demon Road Beyond the Heavens (Synonyms), 鬼道天外かなめ (Synonyms)

In the olden days of Japan, people lived in the same realm as demons. These monsters were strong enough to wipe out a village or even a fortified castle. To stop these demons from taking over, there exists a group of exorcists who use their powers to rid the world of harmful demons. Kaname is an exorcist who travels from town to town and helps the people get rid of the demons who possess humans or attack them. But there is something different about her that separates her from the other exorcists. Something dark and evil inside her...

Demon Hunter/s Demon/s Exorcism Japanese Folklore Male Demographic with Female Lead Strong Female Lead Travel


Kijimutan (Manga)

キジムタン (Synonyms)

Banding Together Demon/s Samurai Samurai Girl/s Spirit/s Strong Female Lead Swordsman

Kikai-Banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu

Kikai-Banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu (Manga)

A Mysterious Tale of Wits - Ikkyuu in Bloom (Synonyms), Kikai Banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu (Synonyms), Kikai Tonchi Banashi Hanasaka Ikkyuu (Synonyms), Kikai Tonchibanashi - Hanasaka Ikkyuu (Synonyms), 奇怪とんち噺 花咲一休 (Synonyms), 奇怪噺 花咲一休 (Synonyms), 花咲一休 (Synonyms)

Based on a Classic Clever Protagonist Demon/s Helpful Protagonist Play or Die Situation Rushed Ending / Axed Smart Male Lead Spirit/s Tactician Protagonist


KIKI (Manga)

喜鬼 (Synonyms)

Attempted Suicide Collection of Stories Delinquent/s Demon/s Hospital Hospital Patient/s Identity Crisis Incest Priest/s Rape

Kikoushi Enma

Kikoushi Enma (Manga)

Demon Prince Enma (Synonyms), Kikoushi-Enma (Synonyms), Kikoushienma (Synonyms), 鬼公子炎魔 (Synonyms), 鬼公子炎魔 永井豪怪奇短編集 (Synonyms)


Battle/s Demon Lord/King Demon/s Fighter/s Fire Folklore Hell Life-Changing Event/s Prince/s Youkai