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Hatsukoi - Host

Hatsukoi - Host (Manga)

Duplex bride contrary girl (oneshot from vol.1) (Synonyms), Fictional Dreamland (oneshot from vol.1) (Synonyms), First Love ~Host~ (Synonyms), Hatsukoi (WATANABE Shiho) (Synonyms), Hatsukoi Host (Synonyms), Hatsukoi ~ host (Synonyms), 初恋~ホスト~ (Synonyms)

Archery Charms Dream/s First Love Horse Racing Horse/s Host/Hostess Magic Rich Male Lead Rich Person Dating Poor Person


Kasekitou (Manga)

The Fossil Island (Synonyms), 化石島 (Synonyms)

Strange things happen on Fossil Island, as Rock, Kodama, and Osamu Tezuka are soon to discover. The island is covered with rocks shaped like people. Each visitor finds one of these rocks with his or her name on it, and each then enter into separate, bizarre dream worlds.

Dream/s Island/s

Mie Shi?

Mie Shi? (Manhua)

Destroy the World? (Synonyms), Flowers Whispering (Synonyms), Petals Fade into a Dream (Synonyms), 灭世? (Synonyms), 花落一梦 (Synonyms)

Wu Yun is a Taoist exorcist trying to overcome his extreme prejudice against the Sprite race & hibitual hesitations, & develops an unwanted crush on a male sprite named Bi Wen he had intended to kill, then things complicate when a third love interest decides to tag along; Zuoshi, an oppertunistic man who does not hesitate to speak his mind or chase his dreams.

Albino Amnesia Androgynous Character/s Anthropomorphism Chibi Cross-dressing Dead Friend/s Demon/s Dream/s Exorcist/s

Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara

Mugen Densetsu Takamagahara (Manga)

Dream Saga (Synonyms), Fairy Tale Legend of Takamagahara (Synonyms), 夢幻伝説タカマガハラ (Synonyms)

Banding Together Destiny Dream/s Kingdom/s Out of Print in English Parallel Universe Star-Crossed Lovers World Travel

Seirei Gakusha Kidan Reikyou Kaden

Seirei Gakusha Kidan Reikyou Kaden (Manga)

Fairy Doctor Tale Reikyou Kaden (Synonyms), Reikyou Kaden (Synonyms), 精霊学者綺談 れいきょうかでん (Synonyms), 精霊学者綺談 黎鏡花伝 (Synonyms)

From :Yuika Aoi has a recurring nightmare in which she isn’t able to save a mysterious, green-eyed man called Rei. Her elderly grandmother, who was born in the Taisho era, lives very traditionally, and at times seems to have magical powers. Apart from all this, she is a normal high school girl until she falls off a roof and into the Taisho era, in the middle of a battle between Rei and a fairy. Will she be able to save him this time?

20th Century Bespectacled Protagonist Dream/s Emotionally Strong Female Lead Fairy/ies Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Half-Human Japan Taisho Era Time Travel

Soku Ochi! Konya mo Suima ni Osawarete imasu (Seiteki na Imi de)

Soku Ochi! Konya mo Suima ni Osawarete imasu (Seiteki na Imi de) (Manga)

Falling Fast! -Every Night the Sandman Comes to Take Me (In A Dirty Way)- (Synonyms), 即堕ちっ!今夜も睡魔に襲われています。(※性的な意味で) (Synonyms)

Dream/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Invisibility Sleeping

Yume no Kaseki - Kon Satoshi Zentanpen

Yume no Kaseki - Kon Satoshi Zentanpen (Manga)

Dream Fossil (Synonyms), Fossiles de rêves (Synonyms), Skamieniałe sny (Polish) (Synonyms), Toriko (KON Satoshi) (Synonyms), 夢の化石 (Synonyms)

is a collection of 15 short stories by the late Satoshi Kon. These stories, serialized in a variety of magazines in the 1980’s, give a rare glimpse into the early stages of Kon’s uniquely compelling style of storytelling. The buds of dream-like themes and imaginative worldviews that would blossom in his later animated works are also readily apparent. Yet the flights of fancy are anchored by knowing, empathetic portrayals of the very human nature of each story.

20th Century Award-Nominated Work Award-Winning Work Collection of Stories Dream/s Japan

Beauty and Demon

Beauty and Demon (Manhua)

Enchanted Beauty (Synonyms), Manmiao meiren dongqing yao (Synonyms), Mànmiào měirén dòngqíng yāo (Synonyms), 曼妙美人动情妖 (Synonyms)

She is just a pure and lovely girl who was deceived by scumbag! But she did not expect to discover that the president who could see through the hearts of the people at night was a monster! Whenever you are shy with the president, the pieces of memory in your mind will be pieced together! Who is the mysterious mermaid in the dream? The truth is...

21st Century Arrogant Male Lead Beautiful Female Lead Boss-Subordinate Relationship Caring Male Lead CEO Cheating Boyfriend Cold Male Lead Dominant Male Lead Dream/s

Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu

Chikyuu wa Boku ga Mawasu (Manga)

The Earth Is Turning by My Hand (Synonyms), 地球は僕が回す (Synonyms)

Shuhei Kurata is stuck. Going to a new school where he doesn’t fit in, standing still as his old friends leave him behind. Watching silently as the woman he loves slips further and further away. He feels detached and out of place, as if maybe it all might be a dream. Perhaps it is.

Coma Dream/s Loneliness Supernatural Elements Time Loop Unrequited Love


Daikirai! (Manga)

Dai Kirai (Synonyms), Emergency (FUJII Mitori) (Synonyms), 大キライ! (Synonyms), 討厭的人 (Synonyms), 讨厌的人 (Synonyms)

Bartender/s Bisexual Character/s Character Who Bullies the One They Love Chasing After Love Interest Cheating/Infidelity Collection of Stories Crybaby Male Lead Dream/s Easily Embarrassed Male Lead Fan Club

Eikou no Te

Eikou no Te (Manga)

Hand of Glory (Synonyms), 栄光の手 (Synonyms)

Masumi Takanagi is normal 16 year-old boy, that is until one night, he dreams of an mysterious man cutting off his hand with a scythe. Then he wakes up to the sound of his alarm clock, and finds his hand bleeding. Now strange things are happening and his seemingly woundless hand continues to bleed. What will become of Masumi and his mysterious hand?

Blood and Gore Dream/s

Engage Princess Side by Side

Engage Princess Side by Side (Manga)

エンゲージプリンセス サイド・バイ・サイド (Synonyms)


Dream/s Virtual Reality

Ero Yume Aquarium

Ero Yume Aquarium (Manga)

Erotic Dream Aquarium (Synonyms), エロ夢アクアリウム (Synonyms)

Aquarium Dream/s Fish/es Gay Protagonist Marine Nerd/s Nerdy Male Lead Student-Student Relationship Tentacles Wet Dreams

Evangelion dj - Eva-R

Evangelion dj - Eva-R (Doujinshi)

Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - Eva-R (Synonyms)


Dream/s Murder/s Rape

Everything's Peaceful

Everything's Peaceful (Manga)

Everything's Perfect (Synonyms), 万事泰平 (Synonyms)

Everything is peaceful, because a nightmare is just a dream.This is a oneshot from (万事快調).

Dream/s Ero-Guro Symbolism

Extreme Dream

Extreme Dream (Manga)

Ekusutorii Mu (Synonyms), Extreme Mu (Synonyms), えくすとりー夢 (Synonyms)

Mimiko is a dream-eater that helps fulfill dreams while people sleep. Having the satisfaction of fulfilling one’s dreams, anyone can move ahead one step at a time! A fantasy gem!Note: The series was published in Marika (or Malika) manga magazine in 2008 and it's published in 2017 as compiled digital volume.

Beautiful Female Lead Couple Dream/s Fantasy Creature/s Lovers Reunited Strong Female Lead Supernatural Elements Unrequited Love

Kingdom 3rd Season

Kingdom 3rd Season (Anime)

キングダム 第3シリーズ (Japanese), Kingdom Season 3 (Synonyms)

Following the successful Sanyou campaign, the Qin army, including 1,000-Man Commander Li Xin, inches ever closer to fulfilling King Ying Zheng's dream of unifying China. With a major geographical foothold in the state of Wei now under its control, Qin sets its sights eastward toward the remaining warring states.

Meanwhile Li Mu—an unparalleled strategist and the newly appointed prime minister of the state of Zhao—has taken advantage of Zhao's temporary truce with Qin to negotiate with the other states without interruption. Seemingly without warning, Ying Zheng receives news that armies from the states of Chu, Zhao, Wei, Han, Yan, and Qi have crossed into Qin territory. Realizing too late the purpose behind Li Mu's truce with Qin, Zheng quickly gathers his advisors to devise a plan to address the six-state coalition army on their doorstep. For the first time in history, the state of Qin faces complete destruction and must use every resource and strategy at their disposal to prevent themselves from being wiped off the map.

Ambitious Goal/s Ambitious Protagonist Armed Combat China Dream/s Hot-Blooded Male Lead Politics Involving Royalty Strong Male Lead War/s Spring 2021

Natsu wo Dakishimete

Natsu wo Dakishimete (Manga)

Embracing the Summer (Synonyms), Объятия лета (Synonyms)

On Yumika's 14th summer, a strange encounter gives her a new lease on life..

Animal Characteristics Class Representative Dream/s Lifestyle Change Summer

Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - Evangelion Re-Take After

Neon Genesis Evangelion dj - Evangelion Re-Take After (Doujinshi)

Evangelion Re-Take After (Synonyms), Neon Genesis Evangelion Re-Take After (Synonyms)

The sequel to Studio Kimigabuchi's doushinji, Evangelion Re-Take. It portrays the end of the history of Shinji and Asuka. Will they stand against everything? We'll see.

Amnesia Dream/s Lovers Reunited Memories Search for Oneself Time Skip Tsundere

Trusty Bell - Chopin no Yume

Trusty Bell - Chopin no Yume (Manga)

Eternal Sonata (Synonyms), Trusty Bell (Synonyms), Trusty Bell - Chopin's Dream (Synonyms), トラスティベル~ショパンの夢~ (Synonyms)

On his deathbed, the famous composer, Chopin, drifts between this life and the next. In his final hours, he experiences a fantastical dream where he encounters a young girl named Polka facing a terrible destiny and the boy named Allegretto who will fight to save her. On the border between dreams and reality, Chopin discovers the light that shines in all of us in this enduring tale of good, evil, love, and betrayal.

Dream World Dream/s Historical Persons Magic Item/s Magical Creature/s Music Orphan/s Poor Male Lead