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The Poisonous Flower

The Poisonous Flower (Manga)

Doku no Hana (Synonyms), 毒の華 (Synonyms)

[From ShoujoMagic]:"The beautiful and most mysterious poison 'flower' tempting every part of me..." Michiru loved him from the bottom of her heart... because she loved him... and longed for him... but now Misaki is slowly losing hold of Michiru...!?

Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fangirl/s Idol/s Jealousy Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Singer/s Wish/es

Iinchou no Himegoto

Iinchou no Himegoto (Manga)

Ayanos Geheimnis (German) (Synonyms), The Committee Chairman's Secret (Synonyms), سر رئيسة مجلس الطلاب (Synonyms), 委员长的秘密 (Synonyms), 委員長の秘メゴト (Synonyms)

From :Ayano, the committee chairman got drunk at a ballgame after party. Next morning, when she came to, she finds herself in Kagura-kun’s bed! Plus she is in her undergarments?! Kagura-kun, who is in the same class as her, is the 10th head of the famous Kagura lineage. Having had one night stand with someone so omnipotent, Ayano can’t help but feel anxious. What should Ayano do?

Appearance Different from Personality Damsel in Distress Emotionally Weak Female Lead Gang/s Mafia Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s Opposites Attract Possessive Lover/s Strong Male Lead

Mucha Kucha Daisuki

Mucha Kucha Daisuki (Manga)

Crazy For You (Indonesia) (Synonyms), Dingue de toi! (French) (Synonyms), Love You Like Crazy (Synonyms), Namida no Koimonogatari (Synonyms), Wait For A Night When Snow Falls (Synonyms), Your and My Rendebu (Synonyms), Люблю тебя до безумия (Synonyms), أحبك بجنون (Synonyms), รักสุดๆ หยุดไม่อยู่ (Synonyms), むちゃくちゃ大好き。 (Synonyms), 东京爱情物语 (Synonyms)

Katagiri Aoi lives in the countryside, and likes it just fine there. Yet, to her dismay, her parents are moving to Tokyo, and she has to come along. Just before leaving her home town, however, she has a chance encounter with a visiting Tokyoite, Sugita Tsuyoshi, a city-born playboy type. On impulse, he kisses her--only to realize that this kiss, unlike all the others, carries unexpected meaning for them both.Extra stories:vol1: Lovevol1: The River Personvol3: Psycho Lovevol4: Wait For a Night When Snow Fallsvol4: Your and My Rendezvous (Rendebu)vol4: A Tearful Tale of Love

Arranged Marriage Beautiful Female Lead Country Girl Dead Lover/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Female Demographic with Male Lead Lifestyle Change Love at First Kiss Love Triangle/s Possessive Lover/s

Uchuu na Bokura!

Uchuu na Bokura! (Manga)

Cosmo na Bokura! (Synonyms), 宇宙なボクら! (Synonyms)

From MegKF:This 4 volume manga is about Haruko, who, after her mother's death, gains her mom's familiar and her witch's name. Unfortunately, Silk, the cat familiar, has been unable to teach Haruko any magic but dream communication. But beware, if anyone finds out her witch name, she'll have to obey that person. Is this real, or is it all in her mind?

Crybaby Protagonist Emotionally Weak Female Lead Hallucination/s Magic Witch/es

Uragiri no Butoukai

Uragiri no Butoukai (Manga)

Claiming His Pregnant Wife (Synonyms), 裏切りの舞踏会 (Synonyms)

CLAIMING HIS PREGNANT WIFELost during a vacation in Italy, Erin meets an astonishingly handsome man riding his black horse. The two fall in love instantly, and they marry after only 5 days. She only knows him as Francesco, but he is, in fact, Europe's wealthiest banker! The dramatic changes in her life leave Erin confused, and she ends up accusing her husband of infidelity. Francesco is of no help as he refuses to console her, and their marriage slowly deteriorates...

Based on a Novel Childhood Trauma Dead Family Member/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fast Romance Harlequin Marriage Melodrama Pregnancy Rich Lover/s

Yokubou to Koi no Meguri

Yokubou to Koi no Meguri (Manga)

The Cycle of Base Desire and Higher Love (Synonyms), 欲望と恋のめぐり (Synonyms), 欲望恋情 (Synonyms), 욕망과 사랑의 굴레 (Synonyms)

Blackmail Emotionally Weak Female Lead Master-Servant Relationship Multiple Protagonists Rape Rich Family Rich Female Lead Student Council Tragic Past Unrequited Love

Koi Uma

Koi Uma (Manga)

Chance of Love (Synonyms), Good at Love (Synonyms), Koi Uma - Koi Suru Tame ni Umarete Kita no (Synonyms), 坏男人俱乐部 (Synonyms), 恋うま (Synonyms), 恋うま 恋するために生まれてきたの (Synonyms)

From :Shiina is a rich daughter of a business man who went bankrupt. She lost her house, and her engagement was broken off. The only thing left for her is a club that was left in her name. Having no idea of what the club is, she visits it, and manager Ryuichiro comes to meet her. She soon finds out this club might be far more than a girl brought up in high society can handle!

Bankruptcy Club/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Naive Female Lead Playboy/s Rich Female Lead

Mitsu no Yoru

Mitsu no Yoru (Manga)

100 million Love (Synonyms), Boku no Pink (Synonyms), Ichioku no Koi (Synonyms), Mitsu no Yoru - Ijiwaruna Otouto (Synonyms), Night of Honey - Malicious little brother (Synonyms), ぼくのPINK (Synonyms), 一億の恋 (Synonyms), 彼女の××× (Synonyms), 蜜の夜 (Synonyms), 蜜之夜 (Synonyms)

Brother Complex Collection of Stories Emotionally Weak Female Lead Forbidden Love Incest Orphan/s Possessive Lover/s Rich Family Rich Kid/s Rich Protagonist

Moe Moe Darling

Moe Moe Darling (Manga)

Atashi no Kare ha Shikigami-sama (Synonyms), Atashi no Karenshi ha Shikigami-sama (Synonyms), Burning, Budding Darling (Synonyms), MoeMoe Darling (Synonyms), My boyfriend is Shikigami-sama (Synonyms), My man is Shikigami-sama (Synonyms), 熱情萌達令 (Synonyms), 燃え萌えダーリン (Synonyms), 燃萌达令 (Synonyms)

From :On Maika's 16th birthday, the girl is given a Shikigami named Homura, as it is the Shikigamis' job to protect the Onmyouji. But who would have guessed that Homura gains his powers from having sex...? And that the perverted Homura keeps making Maika's heart race...!?

Bishounen Contract/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead High School Student/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Onmyouji Priestess/es Shikigami Supernatural Lover Unorthodox Male Love Interest


Peppermint (Manhwa)

Borsmenta (Synonyms), Mùi lá bạc hà (Synonyms), Pfefferminz (German) (Synonyms), 薄荷辣滋味 (Synonyms), 페퍼민트 (Synonyms)

For Haei, being able to go to school with her idol, Ijy, is a dream come true! Plus she gets to help him with rehearsing. But with the girls from his fan club, who make her life hell on earth. But then Eo, a kid in primary school, wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend, making it easier for him to get away from his groupies. Haei's life isn't done being complicated....

Bishoujo Bishounen Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fangirl/s Obsessive Love Older Female Younger Male Pretend Lovers Rich Family Rich Protagonist

Saikou no H

Saikou no H (Manga)

Best Sex (Synonyms), ヴァージンズ 最高のH (Synonyms), 最棒的H (Synonyms)

A collection of 6 stories about love relationships and sex.Story 01 - Saikyou no H by Ouchi RikaEri gets scared when doing it, as her first time with her boyfriend, Hiroshi hurts. Can she overcome her fears?Story 02 - Cinderella in Love by MIKIMOTO RinNakatani Ran had just started her teaching career at a high school. There she meets an attractive student, Reiji, who loves girls. He outright asked her of her sex life, making Ran flustered, as she is inexperienced in love. He then pursues her. Can she resist his temptations?

Collection of Stories Emotionally Weak Female Lead First-Time Intercourse Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Inexperienced in Love Kind Male Lead Older Female Younger Male Playboy/s Student-Teacher Relationship Virgin/s

Shounen Chuudoku

Shounen Chuudoku (Manga)

Boy Poison (Synonyms), Junior Poison (Synonyms), Love Potion (YAMAMOTO Nobuyo) (Synonyms), Shonen Chuudoku (Synonyms), 少年中毒 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Emotionally Weak Female Lead Hospital Love Potion

Shounen Shoujo Romance

Shounen Shoujo Romance (Manga)

Boy Girl Romance (Synonyms), 少年少女ロマンス (Synonyms), 少年少女罗曼史 (Synonyms)

From etc:Ran's dream is to meet a prince, one of those you see in fairy tales. After several years, Ukyo is back... to become her prince? With Ran living in her own fairy tale world and Ukyo not able to express his feelings and thus bullying her, how will this couple work?

Abusive Lover Annoying Character/s Arrogant Male Lead Character Who Bullies the One They Love Emotionally Weak Female Lead Mean Male Lead Pretend Lovers Sadist/s Tsundere Unexpressed Feeling/s


Akutou (Manga)

Akuma no Kuchibiru (Synonyms), Akutou II (Synonyms), Akutou II Jungle Boy (Synonyms), Bad Kozo Doki (Synonyms), Green Apple Romance (Synonyms), Mitsumete Bike Boy (Synonyms), Scoundrel 2 - Devilish Lips (Synonyms), 悪党 2 (Synonyms), 悪党 2 悪魔の口唇 (Synonyms), 悪党 II (Synonyms), 悪党 II 悪魔の口唇 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Delinquent/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Enemies Become Lovers Ex-Girlfriend Love Confession/s Transfer Student/s

Animal Jungle

Animal Jungle (Manga)

Дикие Джунгли (Synonyms), غابة الحيوانات (Synonyms), อลวนบ้านรักป่วนหัวใจ (Thai) (Synonyms), アニマル♂ジャングル (Synonyms), アニマルジャングル (Synonyms), 王子恋爱丛林 (Synonyms), 王子戀愛叢林 (Synonyms)

Bishounen Clumsy Protagonist Collection of Stories Delinquent/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fast Romance Live-in Lover Opposites Attract Reverse Harem Stepsiblings

Ao no Binetsu

Ao no Binetsu (Manga)

Ao no Binetsu - Side: Yuki (Synonyms), Ao no Binetsu Side: Yuki (Synonyms), Enfer Bleu (Synonyms), Inferno Blu (Synonyms), Slight Blue Fever (Synonyms), Синяя лихорадка (Synonyms), 靑之微熱 (Synonyms), 青の微熱 (Synonyms), 青の微熱 side:翔 (Synonyms), 青的微热 (Synonyms), 청의 미열 (Synonyms)

Cheating/Infidelity Emotionally Weak Female Lead Island/s Netorare Public Sex Rape Stepsiblings Transfer Student/s

Asa Made, Motto.

Asa Made, Motto. (Manga)

Asa Made Motto (Synonyms), Asa Made, Motto (Synonyms), Asamade Motto (Synonyms), Bài Hát Yêu Thương (Synonyms), Gebt mir mehr, Bitte sehr! (Synonyms), More until Morning (Synonyms), Until Moring, More (Synonyms), 恋人们的早餐 (Synonyms), 戀人們的早餐 (Synonyms), 朝まで、もっと。 (Synonyms)

From :Mitsuru is gentle and kind, and he’s deeply in love with Aoi. Ryo, Mitsuru’s twin brother, is stoic and brutish and loves to tease and torment Aoi. The choice should be clear, so why does Aoi find herself so much more attracted to Ryo…?!

Bishounen Boy Next Door Character Who Bullies the One They Love Childhood Friend/s Childhood Promise Emotionally Weak Female Lead Jealousy Love Triangle/s Popular Male Lead Twin/s

Ashita mo Kitto Koishiteru.

Ashita mo Kitto Koishiteru. (Manga)

Ashita mo Kitto Aishiteru (Synonyms), I'll Still Love You Tomorrow (Synonyms), I'm Sure I'll Love You Tomorrow, Too. (Synonyms), سأظل أحبك بالغد (Synonyms), 明日もきっと恋してる。 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Angst Attempted Rape Businessman / Businesswoman Crybaby Protagonist Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fast Romance Immature Protagonist Insecure Character Older Male Younger Female