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To Aru Myouto no Nichijou

To Aru Myouto no Nichijou (Manga)

Daily Life of a Certain Married Couple (Synonyms), ト或ル夫婦ノ日乗 (Synonyms), 新婚夫妇的日常随笔 (Synonyms)

Kinu-san, a girl who's come to the Fujidana family as a bride, thinks of her husband as a man who lazes around everyday, but as she gets to know him she starts to think "My Husband has a bigger heart than I thought".

4-koma/Yonkoma Arranged Marriage Disability/ies Established Couple Japan Kimono Married Couple Newlyweds Short Chapter/s Shy Male Lead

Hajimete, Kanojo to.

Hajimete, Kanojo to. (Manga)

Our First Time (Synonyms), The Conditions of Paradise: Our First Time (Synonyms), 与她的第一次 (Synonyms), 初めて、彼女と。 (Synonyms)

21st Century Adult Couple Beautiful Female Lead Collection of Stories Established Couple Flashbacks Japan Office Worker/s Travel Writer/s

Kono Kaisha ni Suki na Hito ga Imasu

Kono Kaisha ni Suki na Hito ga Imasu (Manga)

Can You Keep a Secret? (Synonyms), هل يمكنك الاحتفاظ بسر؟ (Synonyms), この会社に好きな人がいます (Synonyms), 這公司有我喜歡的人 (Synonyms)

Tateishi, who works in accounting at a snack making company, has a secret. That secret is the existence of his cute lover that he's had since yesterday. Why keep it a secret, you ask? Because his lover is his unyielding colleague from the planning department of the same company: Mitsuya!

Adult Couple Adult Female Lead Adult Male Lead Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Established Couple Office Love Office Worker/s Secret Relationship Workplace Romance

My Little Girlfriend Senpai Is Way Too Cute

My Little Girlfriend Senpai Is Way Too Cute (Manga)

Chicchai Kanojo Senpai ga Kawaisugiru. (Synonyms), Chitchai Kanojo Senpai ga Kawai Sugiru. (Synonyms), My Short Girlfriend Senpai Is Way Too Cute. (Synonyms), My Small Girlfriend Senpai Is Way Too Cute. (Synonyms), ちっちゃい彼女先輩が可愛すぎる。 (Synonyms), 小不點前輩女友太可愛了。 (Synonyms)

Having become an item, Takase and Komai explore the intricacies of a loving relationship, and how they build themselves into stronger people with each other's support.

Coworker Relationships Cute Female Lead Established Couple Height Difference Office Love Real Estate Agency Real Estate Agent/s Rushed Ending / Axed Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Short Female Lead

Sayonara, Otoko no Ko

Sayonara, Otoko no Ko (Manga)

Comme un adieu (French) (Synonyms), Farewell, Boy (Synonyms), Sayonara, Otokonoko (Synonyms), さよなら、おとこのこ (Synonyms), 再见了 小男孩 (Synonyms)

The story centers on 25-year-old theater actor Kana Ashishima and his lover, 30-year-old bus driver Yūki Kawata. The two have enjoyed living together happily in love. One day, Kana awakens to find himself with the body of a child. Kana doesn't know why his body has reverted to a child or how to return to his adult body. The happy couple now find themselves in a fearful situation. Until this moment, the two lovers satisfied one another to their hearts' content, but no matter how they feel now they cannot act on their desires.

Age Regression Appearance Different from Actual Age Brother/s Childlike Male Lead Cohabitation Established Couple Live-in Lover Misunderstanding/s Secret Relationship Younger Brother

Tadano's Short Manga

Tadano's Short Manga (Manga)

Asa Okitara Onna no ko ni Natteita (Synonyms), Couple Manga (Synonyms), Deterrence (Synonyms), Pseudo-Tardigrade (Synonyms), When I woke up this morning, I had turned into a girl. (Synonyms), 朝起きたら女の子になっていた (Synonyms)

Cute, fluffy, short manga from Tadano's Pixiv/Twitter.Creator-approved translations by TheElusiveTaco.Chapter numbers aren't really relevant; each comic so far has been a standalone short.

Accent Colors Anthology Attempted Rape Collection of Stories Couple Dating Established Couple Male to Female Modern Era Multiple Couples

Couples (UZNo)

Couples (UZNo) (Manga)

N/A (Synonyms)

A series of twitter based web comics full of cute moments with various types of couples.

Established Couple Multiple Protagonists Multiple Romances

Boku no Hero Academia dj - Miniroki Shoto!

Boku no Hero Academia dj - Miniroki Shoto! (Doujinshi)

僕のヒーローアカデミア dj - みにろきしょうと! (Synonyms)

Pairing: Todoroki Shouto x Midoriya IzukuFrom :An accidental run-in with a quarreling couple leaves Todoroki chibi-fied! Until the effects of the quirk wear off, Deku has to look after him~

Age Regression Established Couple

Kedamono Arashi - Kiss Me Baby! -

Kedamono Arashi - Kiss Me Baby! - (Manga)

Beast's Storm - Kiss Me Baby! - (Synonyms), Kedamono Arashi - Kiss Me Baby! (Synonyms), Kedamono Arashi -Kiss Me Baby!- (Synonyms), Kedamono Arashi: Kiss Me Baby! (Synonyms), Tormenta de la Bestia - Kiss Me Baby! (Synonyms), ケダモノアラシ ―Kiss Me Baby!― (Synonyms), ケダモノアラシ-kiss me baby! - (Synonyms)

1-3) Kedamono Arashi - Kiss Me Baby! (Beast's Storm - Kiss Me Baby!)4) Sono Na wa Natty (The Cat's Name is Nutt)5-6) Oishiku Meshiagare (Enjoy Delicious)

Animal Characteristics Changed by Love Child/ren Childcare Childhood Friend/s Doctor/s Established Couple Jealousy Male Pregnancy Policeman

Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no?

Suki Dakara Kiss Shita no? (Manga)

Baiser d'amour (Synonyms), Suki Dakara Kisu Shita no? (Synonyms), Suki Dakara Kisushita no? (Synonyms), 好きだからキスしたの? (Synonyms)

From :It happened in a sunny day right before summer. Fujisawa Souta?s first kiss was with his older classmate, Ayase Chihiro. It?s now their summer vacation, and yet, nothing has happened between the two of them! What?s worse? he discovers that he wasn?t actually Ayase?s first kiss, and now regrets kissing him.

Classmate/s Established Couple High School Student/s

Ama Ama

Ama Ama (Manga)

Armor Amour (Synonyms), あまあま (Synonyms)

Yuji's girlfriend Misaki may seem hard and cold on the outside, but inside she's actually soft and loving. As they prepare for their high school entrance exams, Misaki decides that they should temporarily cut off all their dating activities. Will they be able to study hard enough through this period to get into the same high school?

Appearance Different from Personality Established Couple Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School Student/s Studious Female Lead Two Sets of Couples

Anata to Taberu Shiawase -Maki to Hanazawa-

Anata to Taberu Shiawase -Maki to Hanazawa- (Manga)

Anata to Taberu Shiawase o - Maki to Hanazawa - (Synonyms), Anata to Taberu Shiawase wo - Maki to Hanazawa - (Synonyms), あなたと食べるしあわせを‐槙と花澤‐ (Synonyms)

Adult Couple Cohabitation Cooking Established Couple Gourmet Openly Gay Couple Pet/s Rabbit/s

Aoi Tori yori

Aoi Tori yori (Manga)

Aoitori yori (Synonyms), Aoitoriyori (Synonyms), 青い鳥より (Synonyms), 青之鸟之恋 (Synonyms)

Takes place 7 years after Seinen Hakkaten.

Cohabitation Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Established Couple Glasses-Wearing Uke Insecurity Mature Child Older Uke Younger Seme Writer/s

Are You Going to Eat?

Are You Going to Eat? (Manhwa)

Let's Go Eat? (Synonyms), Want To Eat At My Place? (Synonyms), 밥 먹고 갈래요? (Synonyms)

Daily life of Baek Mi with her interest in food and cooking.

21st Century Adapted to Game Adult Couple Cohabitation Cooking Established Couple Food Full Color Korea Live-in Lover

As You Like

As You Like (Manga)

アズユーライク (Synonyms)


Anal Intercourse Bara Clothes Established Couple Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Live-in Lover Muscular Male Lead Perverted Seme Tall Uke

Asakawa-kun to Kiss o Suru Nara

Asakawa-kun to Kiss o Suru Nara (Manga)

If I Kiss Him (Synonyms), If You Share A Kiss with Asakawa (Synonyms), 朝川くんとキスをするなら (Synonyms)

Established Couple First Kiss Multiple Stories Seke Twin/s