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Heaven!! (Manga)

ヘブン!! (Synonyms), 天堂 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Rinne is a girl who can see and exorcise ghosts (usually with a paper fan). When the school punk saves her from getting hit by a truck, but ends up in a coma himself, she, and his disembodied spirit must defend his prone body from being possessed by this, that, and the other local spirits. Unfortunately, she fails in her task, and an ancient playboy takes over the punk’s body, leaving him to inhabit a pink stuffed monkey. Hilarity ensues.

Body Swap/s Delinquent/s Exorcism God/s Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Monkey/s Playboy/s Spirit Power Yankee/s

Heaven's Will

Heaven's Will (Manga)

ลิขิตรักต่างมิติ (Thai) (Synonyms), ヘブンズ ウィル (Synonyms), ヘブンズウィル (Synonyms), 驅魔美男 (Synonyms), 驱魔美男 (Synonyms)

From Viz:Sudou Mikuzu has a very special talent--she can see ghosts. And because of this predisposition, she's become a magnet for all sorts of unwelcome monsters. Luckily for her she's just met Seto, a friendly, cross-dressing young exorcist. Sudou needs protection from all the creepy phantoms bugging her, and Seto needs to practice his exorcism skills. Consequently, the pair decides to team up and help each other. In return, Sudou promises to bake a cake every time a ghost gets zapped!

Cross-dressing Demon/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Episodic ESP Exorcism Rushed Ending / Axed Spirit/s Vampire/s Wolf/Wolves

Heian Koi Emaki - Ayanashi no Kimi

Heian Koi Emaki - Ayanashi no Kimi (Manga)

平安恋絵巻 あやなしの君 (Synonyms)

The continuation of the Light Novel .Time is peace. A girl, Itsuki, who can cleanse the souls spirit by kissing them, is prohibited from “Kissing with Humans” one day by the aristocratic youth who takes over herself, Katsuragi. A peace romance of love and death over the men around us.

Abe no Seimei or a Relative Dead Friend/s Exorcism Exorcist/s Ghost/s Heian Era Kiss-Based Powers Lord/s Loyal Servant Swordsman

Hell's Developer

Hell's Developer (Manhua)

Developer Of The Netherworld (Synonyms), The Underworld’s Broker (Synonyms), 地府开发商 (Synonyms)

Yao Bing meets his girlfriend getting a room with someone else at the hotel where he is doing a part-time job! In order to get his girlfriend back, Yao Bing begins his revenge through the development of the Netherworld. He subdues ghosts as his followers, conquers beautiful girls, and has even discovered a conspiracy on his girlfriend along the way. You used to be lofty, but now you have to bow to me!

Abuse of Power Attempted Extortion Bullied Male Lead Bullied Protagonist Bullying Cheating Girlfriend Cheating/Infidelity Exorcism Extortion Full Color

Hengen Taima Yakou - Karura Mau! - Gaiden Abe Seimei Hen

Hengen Taima Yakou - Karura Mau! - Gaiden Abe Seimei Hen (Manga)

Hengen Taima Yakou - Karura Mau! - Gaiden Abe no Seimei Hen (Synonyms), Hengen Taima Yakou - Karura Mau! - Gaiden Abe no Seimei-hen (Synonyms), Karura Mau! - Gaiden Abe Seimei-hen (Synonyms), 変幻退魔夜行 カルラ舞う! ~外伝 安倍晴明編~ (Synonyms)

It's the Heian Era in Ancient Japan, after numerous disasters and rebellions, The Emperor Suzaku believes Heaven has abandoned him and his advisors secretly consider ways to replace him, meanwhile, the sorcerers known as Onmyouji are dragged into a series of fights against demons summoned by mysterious curses. They will have to delve deep into conspiracies to discover the true nature of these cases.

Exorcism Female Demographic with Male Author

Higuma no Te

Higuma no Te (Manga)

火久摩の手 (Synonyms)

Watch out, malevolent fugitive souls! Higuma will send you straight back to where you came from!

Ambitious Female Lead Carefree Male Lead Demon Hunter/s Exorcism Ghost/s Hell Laid-Back Male Lead Possession Quirky Characters Teleportation

Hiiro Ouji

Hiiro Ouji (Manga)

Bloody Prince (Synonyms), Scarlet Prince (Synonyms), Scarlet Vampire (Synonyms), 緋色王子 (Synonyms)

In order to capture the vampire lurking in the school, Mana the exorcist transfers in, but Okamoto-kun, the vampire in question, says vampires have evolved and no longer preys on humans but lives on blood transfusions! What is Mana to do with this not so threatening, carefree, easy going vampire?

Bespectacled Protagonist Bishounen Blood Types Exorcism Exorcist/s Incubus Naive Male Lead Reverse Harem Strong Female Lead Vampire/s


Pahanjip (Manhwa)

Ghost Tales (YOUN Ji-Woon) (Synonyms), Pháp sư trừ tà (Synonyms), Time and Again (YUN Ji Woon) (Synonyms), 破閑集 (Synonyms), 파한집 (Synonyms)

Charms Curse/s Episodic Exorcism Ghost/s Grudge/s Korea Korean Folklore Quirky Characters Spirit/s

Reisougyou no Arai-kun

Reisougyou no Arai-kun (Manga)

Ghost Sweeper Arai-kun (Synonyms), 霊掃業の洗井くん (Synonyms)

Arai, being a college dropout, could not find a proper job, so he ended up working as a driver and assistant for a high school Ghost Sweeper, Haraizawa. Little did he know, his next job would be coming from the hospital where his old friend is working at.... A supernatural action oneshot where horror and stagnation of life intersect.

Cool Female Lead Drop-Out/s Exorcism Exorcist/s Ghost/s Loser Protagonist Murder/s Murderer/s Spirit/s Weak-Willed Male Lead

Ghost Emperor

Ghost Emperor (Manhua)

N/A (Synonyms)

The comic tells the story of an atheistic teenager Jiang Chengfeng who, by accident, acquired a magical power. With this power, he can easily resolve the most terrifying and fearful events in the world. This time, the mission is to rescue a missing boy, and the location is the horrifying Kun Kunyan! See how he passes through all the way! Fighting evil spirits! Don't pretend to be a ghost! Otherwise, they will all burst!(Source: MangaDex)

Arrogant Character/s Arrogant Male Lead Arrogant Protagonist Easygoing Male Lead Easygoing Protagonist Emotionally Strong Male Lead Emotionally Strong Protagonist Exorcism Exorcist/s Full Color


Goshintou (Manga)

Fragments d'amour 2 (French) (Synonyms), Ryakudatsusha (Synonyms), Splitter der Liebe (German) (Synonyms), Zettai Meirei (Synonyms), 御神刀シリーズ (Synonyms), 略奪者 (Synonyms), 絶対命令 (Synonyms)

In the series:Vol.1 - From :• (Absolute Decree)A wise, genius chief priest, Kikyou, falls in love with the beautiful heroic spirit of a sword, Kazuto. The story of a forbidden love.• (Stigma)"I have corrupted you... Mikoto." The third sword spirit that cleanses evil, Mikoto, understands what it is to love the gentle fourth sword spirit, Shiou. However, Shiou is used by a political opponent's freed assassin...!?Vol.2 -

Exorcism Forbidden Love Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Heian Era Human Weapon Magical Creature/s Spirit Power Spirit/s Swordsman

Honoka na Koi no Danpen o

Honoka na Koi no Danpen o (Manga)

Fragments d'amour 1 (French) (Synonyms), Hazy Fragment of Love (Synonyms), Honoka na Koi no Danpen wo (Synonyms), Shards of Affection (Synonyms), 仄かな恋の断片を (Synonyms)

Demon Hunter/s Exorcism Magical Creature/s Misunderstanding/s Monk/s Priest/s Rape Rape Victim/s Souls Spirit Power

Imawabi no Dakini

Imawabi no Dakini (Manga)

Dakini of Cursed Fire (Synonyms), Fairy-Goddess of the Flame of Mourning (Synonyms), The Taboo Blaze of the Goddess Who Rides the White Fox (Synonyms), 忌火のダキニ (Synonyms)

Animal Characteristics Blood and Gore Childhood Friend/s Demon/s Exorcism Monster/s Rushed Ending / Axed Servant/s Swordplay Youkai


Elemental (Manga)

エレメンタル (Synonyms)

From :Haru possesses the ability to see spirits and otherworldly beings. He's found a place where he's accepted, abilities and all, until a promise from the past comes back and threatens it all...

Bookstore Exorcism First-Person Narrative Mermaid/s Nightmare/s Part-Time Job Possession Promise/s Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Spirit/s

Eyami no Kami

Eyami no Kami (Manga)

Dark Goddess (Synonyms), Eyaminokami - The Plague Princess (Synonyms), えやみのかみ (Synonyms), 瘟神 (Synonyms)

Sounji Nagare was in despair at his own incompetence and the contrasting, sheer brilliance of his younger brother.But his destiny takes an unexpected turn when he meets a beautiful young girl who calls herself a "god".Where will his family's secret dark occupation and Nagare's bloody past take him?

Exorcism Exorcist/s God/s Prodigy Spirit/s


Ghost! (Manga)

Eerie Queerie (Synonyms), ゴースト! (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Mitsuo Shiozu is a lonely high-school student who happens to be psychic. Spirits 'use' his body and mind to communicate with the dead and to help the living. These ghostly apparitions use Mitsuo in order to put right things that were left undone in life, or to tie up ends that were left loose before they left the land of the living. In the process, Mitsuo often finds that these 'visitations' change his own life in ways he could not predict.

Charms Dense Male Lead ESP Exorcism First Friend First Kiss Ghost/s Priest/s Student/s

S x M

S x M (Manga)

Eres mi vampiro esclavo (Synonyms), Haraimasu kedo Nani ka? (Synonyms), Haraimasu kedo Nanika? (Synonyms), Olet vampyyriorjani (Synonyms), Slave Master (Synonyms), SxM (Synonyms), SxM - 主僕關係 (Synonyms), S×M (Synonyms)

Amnesia Dead Family Member/s Dead Lover/s Exorcism Fetish/es Ghost/s Murder/s Punishment/s Searching for Love Vampire/s

Song of the Doll

Song of the Doll (Manhwa)

Doll Song (Synonyms), Doll Song เพลงรักตุ๊กตา (Synonyms), Doll's Requiem (Synonyms), Hình Nhân (Synonyms), Inhyeong Ga (Synonyms), Песня куклы (Synonyms), 인형歌 (Synonyms), 인형가 (Synonyms)

From Shiro Nabi:Lee Woo-hee was kidnapped and found under a plum tree with a faint memory of a man telling her, "I promise you that until the day we meet again, you will be reborn." After that incident, her father became protective and would only allow her to go from the house to the plum tree she loved. However, she would be allowed to venture into the village on the day of the new moon. One such day she meets a exorcist that warns her of a man dressed in black. Will she take this warning to heart? Or is it already too late...?

Animal Characteristics Beautiful Female Lead Dead Friend/s Doll/s Exorcism Handsome Male Lead Kidnapping/s Rebirth Spirit/s Village

Kage ni Saku Hana

Kage ni Saku Hana (Manga)

A Flower Blooming in Shadows (Synonyms), Children Dream Adult Dreams (Synonyms), 影に咲く花 (Synonyms)

From :In the peaceful period of the early Edo period, people lived in fear of Shadow Beasts that consumed the heart of the people. Exorcists and hunters use their abilities to rid of the beasts, and when a young exorcist named Hibana, puts herself in a reckless battle against the Shadow Beasts, she is rescued by lone Hunter, Tsugumi, causing the beginning of a romantic adventure.

Age Transformation Dead Family Member/s Edo Period Exorcism Hunter/s Mononoke Strong Male Lead Subtle Romance Swordsman Troubled Protagonist

Evil's Return

Evil's Return (Manhwa)

Cheon Jee In (Synonyms), Возвращение зла (Synonyms), 天地人 (Synonyms), 천지인 (Synonyms)

Blood and Gore Cult Demon/s Exorcism Exorcist/s High School Student/s Menstruation Rape Reincarnation Suicidal