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Heaven (Onion)

Heaven (Onion) (Manhwa)

天国(Heaven) (Synonyms), 헤븐 (Heaven) (Synonyms)

It all started with a choice to get out of debt and just like that, I became the king of the night.

21st Century Alcohol Antihero / Antiheroine Big Breasts Borderline H Cunnilingus Debt/s Fellatio Forced Prostitution Young Male Lead


Henai (Manga)

After-School Perversion (Synonyms), Hen-ai (Synonyms), Kyoushitsu no Yugami (Synonyms), Messiah no Yakubi (Synonyms), Messiah's Bad Day (Synonyms), Ore no Doukyuusei ga Binkan Sugite Yabai (Synonyms), Ore no Doukyuusei ga Kagen wo Shiranakute Tsurai (Synonyms), Tomari Ki (Synonyms), 変愛 (Synonyms)

Bar/s Collection of Stories Fellatio Impotency Rape Role Play Seme Turned Uke Set Up Sex Toy/s Trap

Hentai Shitsuji Kara Nigerare Masen

Hentai Shitsuji Kara Nigerare Masen (Manga)

You Can't Escape From A Perverted Butler! (Synonyms), 変態執事から逃げられません! (Synonyms)

Butler/s Fellatio Handjob Handsome Seme Manipulative Seme Obsessive Seme Perverted Seme Popular Seme Rich Family Rich Uke

Her 4 Incher

Her 4 Incher (Manhwa)

Her 11 cm (Synonyms), 她的高跟鞋 (Synonyms), 그녀의 11센티 (Synonyms)

“Our customer’s beloved service wasn’t for the high heels, it was for my weapon.” Jin-woo., who happened to work at his Uncle’s shoe shop. As he continues with his boring day at work, beautiful women start popping up in his life!

21st Century Big Breasts Blackmail Borderline H Fellatio Korea Multiple Sexual Partners Nudity Web Comic Workplace Romance

Her Toy Shop

Her Toy Shop (Manhwa)

성인용품점 그녀 (Synonyms)

The reunion with a friend from high school. Her shop is strange and she tries all of the products she sells. Even the anal plug!

21st Century Borderline H Fellatio Full Color Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Korea Lust Masturbation Sex Toy/s Web Comic

Hero Manufacturing Machine ~A Job to Make Children~ (Novel)

Hero Manufacturing Machine ~A Job to Make Children~ (Novel) (Novel)

Hero Making (Novel) (Synonyms), Yuusha Seizou Hata~ Kodzukuri Suru no ga Shigoto desu~ (Novel) (Synonyms), Yuusha Seizouki - Kozukuri Suru no ga Shigoto desu (Novel) (Synonyms), 勇者製造機 ~子作りするのが仕事です~ (Synonyms)

Yusharurushu Braveroad or 「Sharuru」for short is a royalty and also the youngest blood relative of a hero.He has low chance in rights to succession so he willfully lived as an adventurer.Since his nine elder brothers had died in succession, he was selected to be the stallion of the next generation heroes.He began with the beautiful female knight(Assassin), and the unrelated widow.He inseminated his sisters-in-law one after another.

Assassin/s Beautiful Female Lead Big Breasts Cunnilingus Dead Family Member/s Fellatio First-Time Intercourse King/s Kingdom/s Knight/s

Hidoku Shinai de dj - Boku no Kareshi wa Tonikaku Kawaii

Hidoku Shinai de dj - Boku no Kareshi wa Tonikaku Kawaii (Doujinshi)

Hidoku Shinai de dj - My Boyfriend Is Cute Anyway (Synonyms), Hidoku Shinaide dj - My Boyfriend is Cute Anyway (Synonyms), 酷くしないで dj - ぼくのカレシはとにかくかわいい (Synonyms)


Fellatio Glasses-Wearing Uke Handcuffs Masturbation

High Key x Low Key

High Key x Low Key (Manga)

ハイキー×ローキー (Synonyms)

Bathroom Intercourse Beauty Mark Childhood Friend/s Fellatio Feminine Uke Flashbacks Handsome Seme Long-Haired Male Character/s Long-Haired Uke Model/s

Higure Fudou-san Kuushitsu Ari

Higure Fudou-san Kuushitsu Ari (Manga)

Higurashi Fudousan Kuushitsu-ari (Synonyms), Higure Fudou-san Kuushitsuari (Synonyms), 日暮不動産空室あり (Synonyms)

From :The Higurashi Real Estate resides in a small, non-descript office building where Minokawa Naoto works. Everyday, he has to deal with the sketchy customers and his extremely perverted boss. She loves to have sex in apartments that are left deserted by the tenants that cannot pay for their rent. With his salary being so low and his boss sucking him dry, will he make it?

Adapted to OVA / OAV Beautiful Female Lead Big Breasts Borderline H Boss-Subordinate Relationship Business Businessman / Businesswoman Coworker/s Exhibitionism Fellatio

Himegoto (HOTTA Raion)

Himegoto (HOTTA Raion) (Manga)

The Secret Affairs (Synonyms), ひめごと (Synonyms)


21st Century Bath House Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Bondage Borderline H Eyepatch Fellatio Group Intercourse Hot Spring/s

Hatsukoi no 70% wa,

Hatsukoi no 70% wa, (Manga)

70% of First Love is... (Synonyms), Hatsukoi no 70% wa (Synonyms), 初恋の70%は、 (Synonyms), 初恋的70%是 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Fellatio Festival Friends Become Lovers Love Confession/s Popular Male Lead Rescue Seme Falling in Love First Strong Seme Track and Field

The Girl Hiding in the Wall

The Girl Hiding in the Wall (Manhwa)

날 보고 가요 -벽에 숨은 여자- (Synonyms)

Na Bomi is your typical office worker…with a secret. A chronic exhibitionist, she yearns to roam around naked, showing everyone what she has to offer. When a particularly risky escapade leads to an unfortunate accident, she undergoes an out-of-body experience. As a bodyless soul, she can parade around butt naked with no fear of getting caught! Is this her chance? Will she be able to indulge in her repressed desires?

Beautiful Female Lead Big Breasts Blushing Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Exhibitionism Fellatio Female Protagonist First-Time Intercourse Virgin/s

The Girl That Lingers in the Wall

The Girl That Lingers in the Wall (Manhwa)

신귀한 동거 -벽에 씌인 여자- (Synonyms)

After losing all his savings in a rental scam, Sulki miraculously finds a brand new apartment at a price too good to be true. Little does he know the place is haunted by a ghost who’s hell bent on sucking out his energy – whether it be by playing tricks on him with dirty dreams or possessing other people in his life.

Big Ass Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Bisexual Female Lead Blushing Coworker/s Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Footjob Ghost Female Lead

The Giving Girl

The Giving Girl (Manhwa)

N/A (Synonyms)

Nothing went the way I wanted it to in my life, until... she gave her everything to me!

21st Century Borderline H Cheating Boyfriend Cheating/Infidelity Cosplay Fellatio Full Color Master-Pet Relationship Web Comic Webtoon

The Good Manager

The Good Manager (Manhwa)

Jalhaneun Manager (Synonyms), 잘하는 매니저 (Synonyms)

I'm a celebrity manager, but I'm different. Anyone, even the top celebrities, and actresses, takes their clothes off with my glance.Want to see how it works?

Borderline H Fellatio Full Color Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hypnotism/Hypnosis Lust Mind Control Nudity Sex Addict/s Webtoon

Under Observation: My First Loves and I

Under Observation: My First Loves and I (Manhwa)

Girls Marmot (Synonyms), 첫사랑 모르모트 (Synonyms)

Junhee's a pushover and has somehow managed to lend out all his money. He finally finds a great part-time gig, but it's only for women! In serious need of the cash, he dresses up as a girl only to discover the job he's just applied for is a clinical trial on a libido pill for women. Not only is he locked in for a week with five other (ahem, horny) women, they're all women from his high school! How long before everyone discovers he's not a she?

Borderline H Bukkake Childhood Love Cohabitation Cross-dressing Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Flashbacks Full Color Webtoon

Yuri!!! on Ice dj - My Way to Love Beautiful Coach

Yuri!!! on Ice dj - My Way to Love Beautiful Coach (Doujinshi)

Gokujou Coach no Itoshikata (Synonyms)

Yuri x Victor

Birthday Fellatio Glasses-Wearing Seme Older Uke Younger Seme

Gintama dj - Tejou de Dakishimete

Gintama dj - Tejou de Dakishimete (Doujinshi)

Gintama dj - Hold Me With Handcuffs (Synonyms)

Pairing: Gintoki x Hijikata

Anal Intercourse Fellatio Love Hotel Manly Gay Couple Orgasm Control Seme and Uke Switch

Futago wa Gaman Dekinai

Futago wa Gaman Dekinai (Manga)

双子はガマンできない (Synonyms)


Age Gap BDSM Collection of Stories Cosplay Fellatio Group Intercourse Masturbation Older Seme Younger Uke Twin/s

Fuuka Special Edition

Fuuka Special Edition (Manga)

风夏 与女主角的妄想初体验 (Synonyms)

Released in April 2018 as a standalone project. Featuring main female characters from Seo Kouji's popular series Fuuka in alternative timelines with the Main Character of the series Yuu Haruna!

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Cunnilingus Episodic Fellatio First-Time Intercourse Full Color Japan Nudity