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Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono

Shinobi yoru Koi wa Kusemono (Manga)

For Ninja Love Is Just a Bad Habit (Synonyms), Love Come Secretly (Synonyms), รักสุดป่วน ก๊วนนินจา (Synonyms), 忍びよる恋はくせもの (Synonyms), 忍び寄る恋はくせもの (Synonyms), 忍者之戀千萬當心 (Synonyms)

All-Boys School Bishounen Childhood Friend/s Female Bodyguard Love at First Sight Love Triangle/s Ninja/s Possessive Lover/s Strong Female Lead Strong Male Lead

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari

Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari (Manga)

Mismarca (Synonyms), Misumaruka Koukoku Monogatari (Synonyms), The Emerging Story of Mismarca (Synonyms), The Emerging Story of Mismaruka (Synonyms), ミスマルカ興国物語 (Synonyms), 密斯玛路卡兴国物语 (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Female Bodyguard Prince/s Princess/es Royal Guard Royalty Rushed Ending / Axed Smart Male Lead Strategic Minds War/s

SP x Baby

SP x Baby (Manga)

Esupi x Beibii (Synonyms), Security Police x Baby (Synonyms), Security Police × Baby (Synonyms), SP × Baby (Synonyms), SP×ベイビー (Synonyms), 保镖×BABY (Synonyms)

A romantic comedy about a privileged man and his kickass female bodyguard.Tamaki Hasegawa misses an interview for a much-needed job in order to stop an assault on a man running for his life! The man—Kagetora Sugo, the prime minister’s nephew—then asks Tamaki to become his bodyguard.Tamaki isn’t sure she’s cut out to be a bodyguard, but Kagetora has another reason for wanting to hire her. Unbeknownst to her, they’ve met before…

Bodyguard/s Dead Parent/s Female Bodyguard Hard-Working Protagonist Job Hunting Male Lead Falls in Love First Orphan/s Poor Female Lead Poor Protagonist Rich Male Lead

Knight Princess

Knight Princess (Manhua)

CAVALIER PRINCESS (Synonyms), Cavalier princesse (Synonyms), Kabalyerong Prinsesa (Synonyms), Kỵ sĩ công chúa (Synonyms), Prinsesse Ridder (Synonyms), Qi Shi Gong Zhu (Synonyms), 騎士公主 (Synonyms), 骑士公主 (Synonyms)

Yashi has wandered with her father for fourteen years, and only now has she discovered that her own mother is actually Bocinia’s current queen. To see her mother, from whom she was separated when she was just an infant, she and her father enter the palace, but she never thought she would accidentally run into the Princess of Bocinia, and then become her bodyguard by mistake...NOTE: This manhua ends at Volume 4. The continuation of the story was written in a novel.

Beautiful Family Cross-dressing Female Bodyguard Illegitimate Child/ren Knight/s Princess/es Secret Identity Special Ability/ies Strong Female Lead Young Mother

Crimson Empire - Circumstances to Serve a Noble

Crimson Empire - Circumstances to Serve a Noble (Manga)

Crimson Empire (Synonyms), クリムゾン・エンパイア (Synonyms), クリムゾン・エンパイア 〜Circumstance to serve a noble〜 (Synonyms)

:From the time she was sold into servitude as a young girl and told by a handsome demonic figure that she had a destiny to fulfill, Sheila’s childhood was anything but easy. After joining an assassin’s guild to undergo rigorous training, Sheila is later taken in by the dashing Prince Edvard to serve as both his housemaid and bodyguard. As skillful as she is with a blade, Sheila hasn’t a clue when it comes to courtly romance. While she uses her talents to help Edvard win the throne, can she stave off the many admirers who vie for her heart?

Assassin/s Based on a Visual Novel Based on an Otome Game Bodyguard/s Female Bodyguard Handsome Male Lead Practical Protagonist Reverse Harem Royalty Strong Female Lead

Kuroneko Guardian

Kuroneko Guardian (Manga)

Black Cat Guardian (Synonyms), 黒猫ガーディアン (Synonyms)

Oneshot from Hisai Aoba, a 13-year-old male idol, is threatened to put off his upcoming stage performance. To prevent himself from danger, he hired a personal bodyguard, Tsukasa. At first, he thought that Tsukasa was just a taciturn and rude guy, but little did he know that...

Bodyguard/s Cross-dressing Female Bodyguard Idol/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Older Female Younger Male Scar/s Strong Female Lead Tragic Past Young Male Lead

Anata e no Crescendo

Anata e no Crescendo (Manga)

Crescendo to You (Synonyms), Invincible Love Mission (Synonyms), Mistake! (Synonyms), Percintaan Melodi (Synonyms), The Crescendo to You (Synonyms), Крещендо к тебе (Synonyms), ทำนองรักจากใจให้เธอ (Synonyms), あなたへのクレッシェンド (Synonyms)

Animal Characteristics Bodyguard/s Childhood Promise Competition/s Female Bodyguard Female Fighter/s Friends Become Lovers Love Triangle/s Piano Strong Female Lead