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En Garde

En Garde (Manhwa)

Speed of God (Synonyms), 신의 속도 (Synonyms)

Yunwoo's been facing off in tournaments with and against his best friend Mir for the past 3 years. Even though he's got twice the experience, at the end of the day, Mir's on the podium and he's not. After a string of losses capped by a bad showing at his final junior high tournament, Yunwoo decides to hang up his saber for good. But he's about to learn that just because he's done with fencing doesn't mean that it's done with him.

Childhood Friend/s Competition/s Fencing Friends Grow Distant Inferiority Complex Insecurity Prodigy Reluctant Protagonist Rivalry Webtoon

Mina-sama Etes-vous prets?

Mina-sama Etes-vous prets? (Manga)

Are You Ready for Everyone? (Synonyms), En garde ! (French) (Synonyms), Etes-vous prêt à tout le monde (Synonyms), Mina-sama Êtes-vous prêts? (Synonyms), Minna-sama Eto vu Pure? (Synonyms), みなさまエト・ヴ・プレ? (Synonyms)

Chika Kuwabara pretty much drifts through life with no purpose, her days spent at arcades or getting into petty fights. But one day, she witnesses someone practicing fencing in the school gymnasium. That glimpse begins to awaken something deep inside her!

Female Protagonist Fencing Strong Female Lead

Kuraku Naru Made Matenai

Kuraku Naru Made Matenai (Manga)

A Hot, Romantic Night (Synonyms), Can't Wait Until Dark (Synonyms), 暗くなるまで待てない (Synonyms), 紅色情人夜 (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Director/s Fencing Horse/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Playboy/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Unorthodox Female Love Interest Vampire/s

Romance no Kishi

Romance no Kishi (Manga)

Chevaleresque (Synonyms), ロマンスの騎士 (Synonyms)

A knight died and was reborn and transformed into a junior high school student, Jun Kobino!A sports hero that modern day Don Quixote opens up new horizons!

Fencing Japan Knight/s Middle School Student/s Reincarnation

Akechi Shounen no Kareinaru Jikenbo

Akechi Shounen no Kareinaru Jikenbo (Manga)

Penyiasat Remaja: Kisah Indah Penguasa Polis Akechi (Synonyms), 明智少年の華麗なる事件簿 (Synonyms)


Adapted to Anime Arrogant Male Lead Crime/s Criminal/s Detective/s Fencing Flashbacks Investigation Murder/s Orchestra