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Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita

Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita (Manga)

I'm a Sex Service Addict, But Got Confessed To by a Younger Guy (Synonyms), 風俗狂いですが年下男子に告られました (Synonyms)

Bondage Coworker Relationships Fetish/es Masochist/s Older Uke Younger Seme Sadomasochism Seme-like Uke Sex Addict/s Student-Student Relationship Student/s

Hatsukoi Body

Hatsukoi Body (Manga)

First Love Body (Synonyms), 初恋ボディー (Synonyms)

From :4th-year Elementary student Kotone is obsessed with the aesthetic appreciation of muscles, and her older neighbor Jouji is her ideal body type. But lately, Jouji has been so down his pectoralis major hasn't even been tense. What's a girl to do?

Age Gap Brother/s Elementary-school student/s Female Lead Falls in Love First Fetish/es High School Student/s Judo Muscular Male Lead Obsession Stalkerish Female Lead

Henai Café

Henai Café (Manga)

Freaks' Cafe (Synonyms), Freaks' Café (Synonyms), Henai Cafe (Synonyms), 偏愛カフェ (Synonyms)

Everyone has a secret and are anxious about it. For example, if it's a sexual preference that is difficult for others to understand. This is a naked confession by sexual perverts visiting the cafe "statice".

Bartender/s Cafe Creepy Male Lead Dark Ambience Fetish/es Handsome Male Lead Masochist/s Masochistic Male Lead Mentally Unstable Character/s Murder/s

Hentai + Kareshi

Hentai + Kareshi (Manga)

Fetish + Kareshi (Synonyms), Hentai Plus Kareshi (Synonyms), Pervert + Boyfriend (Synonyms), ヘンタイ+カレシ (Synonyms), ヘンタイ+カレシⅡ (Synonyms), ヘンタイ+カレシ2 (Synonyms)

The "Hentai" in question is meant in the sense of the original meaning: "perverse sexual desire". Enjoy a diverse collection of fetishes enacted on you as illustrated by some of Comic Be's regulars!

21st Century Anthology Episodic Fetish/es First-Person Perspective Pervert/s

Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii

Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii (Manga)

I Love Your Cruddy (Synonyms), I Love Your Cruddy... (Synonyms), The Filthy You Is the Cutest (Synonyms), You Are the Most Cutest (Synonyms), きたない君がいちばんかわいい (Synonyms)

Airi Sezaki and Hinako Hanamura. In the class, they are in a different group and caste with no interaction, but they have a secret that cannot be said to the others. The girls' secret is that of love, selfishness and fetishes....(Source: MangaDex)

Ambiguous Relationship Bullied Female Lead Bullying Dominant Female Lead Fetish/es Humiliation Masochist/s Masochistic Female Lead Psychopath/s Sadistic Female Lead

Mofu Danshi

Mofu Danshi (Manga)

Fluffy Boy (Synonyms), Mofumen (Synonyms), モフ男子 (Synonyms)

Urushima Nikoge is a model student who has a secret: he loves cute and fluffy things to the point of obsession! So when a fluffy transfer student enters his class, it looks as though his "perfect" image is about to be shattered…

Bishounen Classmate/s Confident Protagonist Cool Male Lead Eccentric Male Lead Fetish/es High School Student/s Honors Student/s Odd Situation/s Secret/s

Ushirogawa kara Koigokoro

Ushirogawa kara Koigokoro (Manga)

Feelings of Love from Behind (Synonyms), 後ろ側からコイゴコロ (Synonyms)

Strangely, Naoki can't stop thinking about his classmate's broad back. What will he do when the one whose backsight he's always admired suddenly turns around to talk to him? Will watching be enough for Naoki?

Classmate/s Fetish/es High School High School Student/s Intercrural Intercourse School Boy/s Shy Male Lead Student-Student Relationship Student/s Tall Male Lead

Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan

Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan (Manga)

Edogawa Ranpo's Mansion (Synonyms), 江戸川乱歩異人館 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories in genres ranging from supernatural, to horror, to more typical mysteries -- all with a gothic, psychological air to them. Adaptations of renowned 20th century Japanese author Edogawa Ranpo's works.

20th Century 21st Century Big Breasts Blood and Gore Bondage Borderline H Episodic Fetish/es Gothic Ambience Voyeurism

Electric Hands

Electric Hands (Manga)

Brothers Battle (Synonyms), If Looks Could Kill (Synonyms), Mokushite Katarazu Mede Otose (Synonyms), エレクトリック・ハンズ (Synonyms), 超级感应 (Synonyms)

All-Boys School Fetish/es Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Love Triangle/s Older Uke Younger Seme Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Stepsibling Love Stepsiblings Track and Field

Eolin Geunyeo 2: Naui Seonsaengnim

Eolin Geunyeo 2: Naui Seonsaengnim (Manhwa)

Ela é jovem (Synonyms), She is Young 2 (Synonyms), 어린그녀2: 나의 선생님 (Synonyms)


21st Century Borderline H Caught in the Act Cheating/Infidelity Cunnilingus Drunken Intercourse Fetish/es Korea Netorare Nudity


F-Ken (Manga)

Efu-ken (Synonyms), Efuken (Synonyms), Fけん (Synonyms), エフけん (Synonyms)

Special one-shot by Yusei Matsui, creator of Assassination Classroom!

Female Protagonist Fetish/es High School Kendo Male Protagonist Manager Manipulative Female Lead

Fudanshi-kun no Susume!

Fudanshi-kun no Susume! (Manga)

Encouragement of Fudanshi! (Synonyms), 腐男子くんのススメ! (Synonyms)


Anal Intercourse Fetish/es Fudanshi Masturbation

Hoshii Mono Zenbu

Hoshii Mono Zenbu (Manga)

Everything You Want (Synonyms), HoshiiMono Zenbu (Synonyms), 我想要你的一切 (Synonyms), 欲しいもの全部 (Synonyms)

Collection of stories1-2. Story about chef with shaving fetish3-5. PC and its software daily activities in human form.

Anthropomorphism Chef/s Collection of Stories Computers Fetish/es Manly Gay Couple Paipan Restaurant Tsundere

Hounetsu Jive

Hounetsu Jive (Manga)

Epicurean (Synonyms), Jive (Synonyms), 放熱JIVE ほうねつジャイブ (Synonyms)

Blackmail Bondage Collection of Stories Contract/s Dancing Fetish/es Forced into a Relationship Sadomasochism Seme-like uke Uke-like seme

Kunkou Schale

Kunkou Schale (Manga)

Elementare Gefühle (German) (Synonyms), 你的香气培养皿 (Synonyms), 君香シャーレ (Synonyms)

Takashina, who usually finds it unpleasant to maintain close relationships with others because of his extreme sensitivity to smell, accidentally encounters the perfect scent while helping out one of his senpai at the college lab one night. From that day on, his desire to keep experiencing that smell grows ever stronger, and then...

Airhead/s Fetish/es Glasses-Wearing Seme Laboratory Older Uke Younger Seme Post-Secondary Student/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Smell Fetish University University Student/s

Lo-Fi After School

Lo-Fi After School (Manga)

After School Show (Synonyms), Ankoku-san (Synonyms), Ao (Synonyms), Downtown Train (Synonyms), ekstasis (Synonyms), Girlfriend in the Sky (Synonyms), Harumage. (Synonyms), Kami-sama Gokko (Synonyms), Kami-sama Make-believe (Synonyms), Kamisama Gokko (Synonyms), Make-believe God (Synonyms), The Show After School (Synonyms), Воображая себя богом (Synonyms), ローファイ・アフタースクール ~五十嵐藍短編集~ (Synonyms), 放学后的LO-FI (Synonyms), 神様ごっこ (Synonyms), 神的捉迷藏 (Synonyms)

Ambivalence Cold Male Lead Collection of Stories Fetish/es Male Demographic with Female Author Male Demographic with Female Lead Odd Situation/s Quirky Characters Random Plot Symbolism


M-san. (Manga)

Emu-san (Synonyms), Emu-san. (Synonyms), M-san (Synonyms), エムさん。 (Synonyms)


21st Century Adult Protagonist Atypical Art Style AV Industry BDSM Bondage Borderline H Fetish/es Japan Lust

Otona Keikenchi

Otona Keikenchi (Manga)

Adult Experience (Synonyms), Adult Experience Value (Synonyms), Adulto experiencia valor (Synonyms), Expérience value (Synonyms), Koibito Kijunchi (Synonyms), Взрослый опыт (Synonyms), オトナ経験値 (Synonyms), 必修爱情经验值 (Synonyms), 어른 경험치 (Synonyms)

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Crybaby Uke Fetish/es Impotency Jealousy Mismatched Couple Older Uke Younger Seme Sadist/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Student/s

S x M

S x M (Manga)

Eres mi vampiro esclavo (Synonyms), Haraimasu kedo Nani ka? (Synonyms), Haraimasu kedo Nanika? (Synonyms), Olet vampyyriorjani (Synonyms), Slave Master (Synonyms), SxM (Synonyms), SxM - 主僕關係 (Synonyms), S×M (Synonyms)

Amnesia Dead Family Member/s Dead Lover/s Exorcism Fetish/es Ghost/s Murder/s Punishment/s Searching for Love Vampire/s

Yasaotoko to Sadistic

Yasaotoko to Sadistic (Manga)

El Caballero y el Sádico (Spain) (Synonyms), Gentleman & Sadistic (French) (Synonyms), I Love You Until the End of the World (Synonyms), Inu to Kami-sama (Synonyms), Inu to Kamisama (Synonyms), Konoyo no Hate made I love You (Synonyms), Seesaw Game (Hideyoshico) (Synonyms), 優男とサディスティック (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:1. (I Love You Until the End of the World)A story about a stalker and the object of his affection.2. (God and the Dog)From Takase Hajime's perspective of his stalker.3-6. The story of glasses-wearing salaryman and his stalker continues.Extra - (Gentleman and Sadistic)

Blindfold Bondage Bullying Fellatio Fetish/es Footjob Glasses-Wearing Uke Sadomasochism Salaryman Stalker/s