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Futaba-kun Change

Futaba-kun Change (Manga)

Chàng Trai Biến Hình (Synonyms), ふたば君チェンジ (Synonyms), 变身男孩 (Synonyms)

From Wikipedia:Shimeru Futaba is a normal high schooler living a normal life, active in his school's wrestling club and slowly getting closer to his awkward love interest, Misaki. This fails to last, as he discovers his family's hereditary genetic defect that becomes active at adolescence. Although it will eventually become controllable, excitement and stress now make Futaba switch sex. Hilarity ensues.

Alien/s Family Female to Male First Love Idol/s Love Triangle/s Male to Female Secret Ability Transformation/s Wrestling


Futatabi (Manga)

Rewind (Miura Kentaro) (Synonyms), 再び (Synonyms)

One of the first published works by famed mangaka, Miura Kentaro.Rick has lived a normal life as a mechanic's apprentice in a world underground. That, however, is about to change as he bumps into a strange intruder who is not quite like anyone Rick has ever seen before. Venus, the intruder, claims to be from another world just like Rick's, though slightly different. With the police after Venus, can they figure out what is going on?Note: Won the "Best New Author" prize in the Weekly Shōnen Magazine

Award-Winning Work Cohabitation First Love Future Futuristic City Hidden Past Mechanic On the Run Post-War Underground

Hana Ikeru Doutei-kun

Hana Ikeru Doutei-kun (Manga)

Flower Loving Virgin (Synonyms), 花生ける童貞くん (Synonyms)

"Tsujido Ei, who is a flower arranger, has struggled living with his step-brother, Natsuki, who he has strong feelings for.But trying to be the "Good Younger Brother" is starting to become harder as Natsuki keeps feeling skin on skin.Out of no where Natsuki in just underwear, hugs onto me, he smells so amazing."As your older brother, I'll take the responsibility of protecting you..." wait is this a delusion?!A love comedy that makes the family relationship go crazy!!”

First Love In Love with Family Member Stepbrother/s

Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi

Hanabatake to Wakarebanashi (Manga)

Flower Gardens and Goodbyes (Synonyms), 花畑と別れ話 (Synonyms), 花畑与离别之语 (Synonyms)

Takuya, Yuiji, and Aki are childhood friends who have always been together. Takuya secretly likes Aki, but she suddenly gets a boyfriend. Takuya nurses his broken heart with Yuiji, who suddenly confesses that he's always liked Takuya.r Ryoutarou, and his brother's boyfriend Nonoyama.

Brother/s Childhood Friend/s Family Family Love First Love Flashbacks Flower/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship Unrequited Love

Hare no Hi

Hare no Hi (Manga)

A Fine Day (Synonyms), ハレの日 (Synonyms)

From Seraphic Deviltry:A story told in the form of a monologue by a father who discovers some aspects of his son’s life that are intricately linked to his own hidden past and the experiences he had when he was young.

Coming Out of the Closet Divorced Parent/s Family Father and Son First Love Heartbreak LGBT Parent/s LGBT Themes Love Confession/s Unrequited Love

Haru Meguru

Haru Meguru (Manga)

Forget-me-not (OBATA Yuuki) (Synonyms), 春巡 (Synonyms), 春巡る (Synonyms)

Life can be so wonderful as terrible.The young Umeno, bullied since she started high school, decided to put an end to her life, but her suicide attempt failed and she survives. And it's precisely in the hospital that fate seems to provide her a new beginning, she'll know people who would show her a different meaning of life, above all a boy her own age in a terminal illness ...Can hope germinate even in the coldest of winters?

Attempted Suicide Bullying Cancer Celebrity/ies Disease First Love High School Hospital Patient/s Illness Suicidal

Hatsukoi (HINASE Yuuki)

Hatsukoi (HINASE Yuuki) (Manga)

First Love (HINASE Yuuki) (Synonyms), Hatsu Koi (HINASE Yuuki) (Synonyms), はつ恋 (日生佑稀) (Synonyms)

It was a warm spring day when Yuuji, my childhood friend who is one year younger than me, confessed to me. Our love began naturally, but before the cherry trees are in full blossom again, I'll have to leave my home town behind and go to study. The distance between us is getting longer, so I'm scared. Will Yuuji's feelings get more distant too? Perhaps my anxiety will go away if I give my body to him...? Perhaps we'll become adults who know what love is. This beautiful first love story takes place between the seasons of snow and cherry blossoms.

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories First Love First-Time Intercourse Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Long-Distance Relationship Marriage Proposal Moving Away

Hatsukoi - Host

Hatsukoi - Host (Manga)

Duplex bride contrary girl (oneshot from vol.1) (Synonyms), Fictional Dreamland (oneshot from vol.1) (Synonyms), First Love ~Host~ (Synonyms), Hatsukoi (WATANABE Shiho) (Synonyms), Hatsukoi Host (Synonyms), Hatsukoi ~ host (Synonyms), 初恋~ホスト~ (Synonyms)

Archery Charms Dream/s First Love Horse Racing Horse/s Host/Hostess Magic Rich Male Lead Rich Person Dating Poor Person

Hatsukoi Hakusho

Hatsukoi Hakusho (Manga)

Diari Kasih (Synonyms), First Love Memories (Synonyms), First Love Stories (Synonyms), White Paper on First Love (Synonyms), 初恋白書 (Synonyms)

Best Friends Class President Classmate/s Collection of Stories Delinquent/s First Love Friends Become Lovers Friendship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Hatsukoi Izonshou

Hatsukoi Izonshou (Manga)

Asyiknya Cinta Pertama (Synonyms), First Love Addiction (Synonyms), ตกหลุมรักคุณชายมาดเข้ม (Synonyms), はつこい依存症 (Synonyms), 初戀依存症 (Synonyms)

[note: this is a summary in accordance to the translated oneshot]"Ryo-chan's first love was me. But not anymore..."Yoshikawa is currently in a painful unrequited love with her popular classmate and childhood friend Ryo. Now in third year, graduation looms in the corner. Will she finally be able to find courage to confess to Ryo? Or is it a real unrequited love after all?

Childhood Love Daydreamer First Love Insecurity Past Plays a Big Role Popular Male Lead Reunion/s Shy Male Lead Unexpressed Feeling/s Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Hatsukoi Lollipop

Hatsukoi Lollipop (Manga)

First Love Lollipop (Synonyms), Mikazuki Rock (Synonyms), 初恋ロリポップ (Synonyms), 初恋棒棒糖 (Synonyms)

Cheerful Male Lead Ex-Girlfriend First Love High School Student/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s School With No Uniforms Simple-Minded Female Lead Straightforward Female Lead Unexpected Feelings

Hatsukoi Maze

Hatsukoi Maze (Manga)

First Love Maze (Synonyms), ハツコイメイズ (Synonyms)

From :A stranger suddenly confesses to Kokoro in public, and having no experience in love, she ends up accepting. But who is this guy? Someone serious about sports couldn't be someone strange, right? A love at first sight relationship is about to begin!

21st Century Blushing Female Lead Blushing Male Lead First Love High School High School Student/s Inexperienced in Love Innocent Love Japan Love at First Sight

Hatsukoi no DNA

Hatsukoi no DNA (Manga)

A First Love's DNA (Synonyms), 初恋のDNA (Synonyms)


Age Gap First Love Student-Teacher Relationship Unrequited Love

Hatsukoi no Itazura

Hatsukoi no Itazura (Manga)

First Love's Prank (Synonyms), Hobby Hobby (Synonyms), Shou-shou Space (Synonyms), Show Show Space (Synonyms), Smile! (ICHIKAWA Shou) (Synonyms), 初恋の悪戯 (Synonyms)

Child/ren Childhood Promise Collection of Stories Daycare Expressionless Female Lead First Love High School Student/s Hobby/ies Jealousy Kind Male Lead

Hatsukoi no Kanata

Hatsukoi no Kanata (Manga)

Beyond the First Love (Synonyms), The Far Side of First Love (Synonyms), ハツコイの彼方 (Synonyms), 初恋的彼方 (Synonyms)

His first love was his father's lover. To deal with this unrequited passion he made a habit of serial-dating older women. But then there's his carefree-but-straightforward friend Shinri, who remains sincere to an unrequited love. For the first time in a long while, a cynical young man's heart begins to flutter anew...: Chapters 1-3 include the title story. Chapter 4 is a side story to .

Complicated Family Finding Love Again First Love LGBT Parent/s Misunderstanding/s Painful First Love Post-Secondary Student/s Student-Student Relationship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Hatsukoi no Tonari

Hatsukoi no Tonari (Manga)

The First Love is By My Side (Synonyms), 初恋のとなり (Synonyms)

From :By coincidence, college student Morimoto reunites with his former teacher, Jinno. After having a meal together, Jinno is touched by Morimoto’s home cooking, and they end up eating together almost every day! However, sometimes when they’re enjoying their meals, Morimoto will have a sad look in his eyes. Jinno may have forgotten, but he’d dismissed Morimoto’s confession in the past…

Age Gap First Love Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Neighbor/s Older Seme Younger Uke Reunion/s Teacher-Ex-Student Relationship Teacher/s University Student/s

Hatsukoi Rhapsody

Hatsukoi Rhapsody (Manga)

First Love Rhapsody (Synonyms), 初恋ラプソディ (Synonyms)

"People always say that your first love is the most special..." A sweet story of lost and found.

First Love Library Middle School Misunderstanding/s Regret

Hatsukoi Rocket

Hatsukoi Rocket (Manga)

First Love Rocket (Synonyms), 初恋ロケット (Synonyms), 带我去月球 (Synonyms)

From :Sakura dreams of the moon, a dream where she gets on a rocket, goes to the moon, and becomes the King there, with no one in her way. That’s why she doesn’t need someone to like… or so she thought, but recently, she’s a bit interested in Arai-kun, who sits next to her in class…?!

Collection of Stories First Love Megalomania Naive Female Lead Older Male Younger Female Puberty

Hatsukoi wa Yuki no You ni Awakute

Hatsukoi wa Yuki no You ni Awakute (Manga)

Hatsu Koi wa Yuki no You ni Awakute (Synonyms), The first love is as pale as snow (Synonyms), รักแรกละลายหัวใจ (Synonyms), はつ恋は雪のように淡くて (Synonyms), 初恋淡薄如雪 (Synonyms)

From :His and my world are different, Even though I can feel all his pains...

Delinquent/s First Love Opposites Attract Parental Abandonment Parental Interference Rejection Reunion/s Serious/Studious Character/s Shy Female Lead Smart Female Lead

Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da Toshitara

Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da Toshitara (Manga)

Andai Salju Itu Tangismu (Synonyms), Fallen Snow For You (Synonyms), If Her Tears Were the Snow (Synonyms), Kanojo no Namida ga Yuki da to Shitara (Synonyms), Maware Kazaguruma (Synonyms), Spinning Pinwheel (Synonyms), 如果她的泪是雪 (Synonyms), 彼女の涙が雪だとしたら (Synonyms)

Accident/s Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Coma First Love Ghost/s Love Confession/s Strong Male Lead Time Skip Unrequited Love Stays Unrequited