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Futa Gohan

Futa Gohan (Manga)

Futagohan (Synonyms), ふたごはん (Synonyms)


Food Full Color

Futsutsukamono Desu ga

Futsutsukamono Desu ga (Manga)

ふつつかものですが (Synonyms), 小女子不才 (Synonyms)

Momoyama Yumeko wakes up every morning to make homemade delicatessen at the stand she works at. But her family thinks she is wasting her life, so they arrange a meeting with a potential marriage partner.

Arranged Marriage Artist/s Bakery Cohabitation Family Family Business Food Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Quirky Characters Siblings

Fuuryuu Tsumami Doujou

Fuuryuu Tsumami Doujou (Manga)

Tsumami Doujou (Synonyms), 風流つまみ道場 (Synonyms)

Raw tuna, mackerel, clams, meat and potatoes, radishes, vinegared mackerel, oysters, New Year dishes, excellent food menu and everything.


Ganso Edomae Sushiya Yohee

Ganso Edomae Sushiya Yohee (Manga)

Ganso-Edomae Sushiya Yohee (Synonyms), The Founder of Tokyo-style Sushi Store Yohee (Synonyms), 元祖江户前 寿司达人与兵卫 (Synonyms), 元祖江戸前 寿し屋與兵衛 (Synonyms)


Chef/s Fish/es Food Japanese Society Restaurant Sushi Tokyo

Gohan + Kareshi

Gohan + Kareshi (Manga)

Food + Kareshi (Synonyms), Gohan Plus Kareshi (Synonyms), Rice+Boyfriend (Synonyms), ごはん+カレシ (Synonyms)


Anthology Collection of Stories First-Person Perspective Food

Gokujou! Kyuushoku Maruhi Gurume

Gokujou! Kyuushoku Maruhi Gurume (Manga)

Finest Quality! The Confidential Gourmet Providing a Meal (Synonyms), Gokujou! Kyuushoku Maruhi Gourmet (Synonyms), The Best! The Secret Gourmet's School Lunch (Synonyms), 極上!給食マル秘グルメ (Synonyms)


Chef/s Cooking Food

Kinyoubi wa Atelier de

Kinyoubi wa Atelier de (Manga)

Friday in the Atelier (Synonyms), Kinyobi wa Atelier de (Synonyms), Kinyoubi wa Atorie de (Synonyms), 金曜日はアトリエで (Synonyms)

Tired of the daily grind, office worker Tamaki silently, half-heartedly wishes for death, but not before eating pacific saury. That's when she runs into Ishihara Shunsui, a famous artist unbeknownst to her, who just so happened to trip and drop some. He then invites her back to his place to model to which she indulges feeling she has nothing to lose. As it turns out, it's nude modeling. Her nonchalance in accepting his invitation made him believe that she's in love with him and the whole experience gave her a new lease on life.

Artist/s Chance Encounter Depression Eccentric Protagonist Expressionless Female Lead Fish/es Food Nude Modeling Office Lady

Koi Saku Potager

Koi Saku Potager (Manga)

Fall in Love in the Potager (Synonyms), Koisaku Potager (Synonyms), 恋咲くポタジェ (Synonyms)

Yui, a young chef, is secretly in love with Tetsu, the guy that works as a farmer in the neighbourhood. But secrets can't be secrets forever, right?

Affectionate Seme Allergies Blushing Male Lead Boilersuit Cat/s Cheerful Male Lead Chef/s Dead Parent/s Farmer/s Food

Reizouko Monogatari

Reizouko Monogatari (Manga)

Fridge Story (Synonyms), 冷蔵庫物語 (Synonyms)


4-koma/Yonkoma Food

Shokugeki no Sanji

Shokugeki no Sanji (Manga)

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Sanji (Synonyms), 食戟のサンジ (Synonyms)

"Crossover between Sanji from One Piece and the Shokugeki no Soma series."Written by the creators of Shokugeki no Soma to celebrate the One piece franchises 21st anniversary .It tells about Sanji's Cooking adventure before his encounter with the straw hat piratesAnother chapter is used to celebrate One piece's 1000th chapter focuses on Sanji during the East Blue Saga as he teams up with fellow straw hat pirates Zoro and Nami, to help an old fisherman cook a fish he caught for his daughters wedding

Blonde-Haired Male Lead Chef/s Cooking Crossover Drawn by Hentai Artist Food Foul-Mouthed Character/s Ocean Pirate/s Restaurant

Shokugeki no Soma - Etoile

Shokugeki no Soma - Etoile (Manga)

Food Wars - Etoile (Synonyms), Shokugeki no Soma Etoile (Synonyms), Shokugeki no Soma L'etoile (Synonyms), Shokugeki no Soma L'étoile (Synonyms), 食戟のソーマ L'etoile―エトワール― (Synonyms)

The story is canon to the original storyline and features Kojirō Shinomiya as the main protagonist. The series focuses on both his life after he graduated from Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and the events after the Training Camp arc with Megumi and Souma.

21st Century Chef/s Competitive Protagonist Cooking Cooking School Food France Genius/es Male Protagonist Restaurant

Shokugeki no Soma ~Le Dessert~

Shokugeki no Soma ~Le Dessert~ (Manga)

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma ~Le Dessert~ (Synonyms), 食戟のソーマ ~Le dessert~ (Synonyms)

Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma - Second Stomach Sequel! Save room for dessert!Collected in volume 36 of the main series.

Absent Parent/s Chef/s Cooking Cooking School Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Drawn by Hentai Artist Family Reunited Flashbacks Food

Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete

Sono Te no Netsu wo Kasanete (Manga)

Feel My Heart (Synonyms), その手の熱を重ねて (Synonyms), 覆上那手心中的熱度 (Synonyms)

Nagisa Takakage just opened a restaurant, and finds himself with a strange regular customer. All the chefs agree that Kouga Nagisa is a real looker, and nobody minds that he shows up to ask them questions at work. After Kouga gets himself drunk at the restaurant though, Nagisa is forced to take him home, and finds things heating up a bit.

Chasing After Love Interest Chef/s Cooking Emotionally Confused Food Inexperienced in Love Misunderstanding/s Pottery Restaurant Slow Romance

Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi: Kakure Sukiru de Camping Car o Shoukan Shimashita

Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi: Kakure Sukiru de Camping Car o Shoukan Shimashita (Manga)

Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi (Synonyms), Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi Kakure Sukiru de Camping Car o Shoukan Shimashita (Synonyms), Suterare Seijo no Isekai Gohantabi: Kakure Sukiru de Camping Car wo Shoukan Shimashita (Synonyms), The Forsaken Saintess and Her Foodie Roadtrip in Another World (Synonyms), 捨てられ聖女の異世界ごはん旅 (Synonyms), 捨てられ聖女の異世界ごはん旅 隠れスキルでキャンピングカーを召喚しました (Synonyms)

Based on a Web Novel Camping Cooking Emotionally Strong Female Lead Food Game Elements Isekai Magic Transported to Another World Travel

Yakitate!! Japan: Super Real

Yakitate!! Japan: Super Real (Manga)

Freshly Baked!! Japan ~Super Real~ (Synonyms), Yakitate!! Japan ~Chou Genjitsu~ (Synonyms), 焼きたて!!ジャぱん~超現実~ (Synonyms)


Bakery Baking Cooking Food

Fujoudou Wagashiya Nikki Hinako Daifuku

Fujoudou Wagashiya Nikki Hinako Daifuku (Manga)

Hinako Daifuku (Synonyms), ひなこ大福 (Synonyms), 浮城堂和菓子屋日記ひなこ大福 (Synonyms)


Food Japan Sweets

Ai ga Nakute mo Kutte Yukemasu.

Ai ga Nakute mo Kutte Yukemasu. (Manga)

Even Without Love, It's Possible to Survive. (Synonyms), Even Without Love, We Can Still Eat. (Synonyms), Not Love but Delicious Foods (Synonyms), Not Love but Delicious Foods Make Me So Happy (Synonyms), 愛がなくても喰ってゆけます。 (Synonyms), 美食之乐更胜恋爱 (Synonyms), 美食之樂更勝戀愛 (Synonyms), 사랑이 없어도 먹고 살 수 있습니다 (Synonyms)

Biography / Autobiography Cohabitation Comic Artist/s Episodic Food Friendship Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Japan Real Life Restaurant

Edomae no Shun Tokubetsuhen - Sushikon

Edomae no Shun Tokubetsuhen - Sushikon (Manga)

Sushi Soul (Synonyms), Sushikon Tokubetsuhen (Synonyms), The Spirit of Sushi (Synonyms), 寿司魂 (Synonyms)


Chef/s Food Japanese Society Restaurant Sushi


Edomeshi! (Manga)

えどめし! (Synonyms)


Edo Period Food Japan

Ekiben Hitoritabi

Ekiben Hitoritabi (Manga)

Ekiben Hitori Tabi (Synonyms), ตะลอนชิมข้าวกล่องรถไฟ (Synonyms), 駅弁ひとり旅 (Synonyms), 에키벤 ~철도 도시락 여행기~ (Synonyms)

Manga about a man who loves trains and ekiben (special lunchboxes sold at train stations). His dream is to travel around Japan by train, trying ekiben from all sorts of places. His wife gives him a train ticket as an anniversary present, and so he begins his journey.More info .

Food Train/s Travel