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Hebikui Tori

Hebikui Tori (Manga)

Hebikuidori (Synonyms), The Bird Eating Snake (Synonyms), The Rumored Couple (MEGU Iroha) (Synonyms), The Snake-eating Bird (Synonyms), Uwasa no Futari (MEGU Iroha) (Synonyms), 蛇喰い鳥 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Drama CD Caught in the Act Childhood Friend/s Flashbacks Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Rumors Student/s Unexpected Feelings Wet Dreams

Hero Shigan

Hero Shigan (Manga)

Wanna Be Hero (Synonyms), Wannabe Hero (Synonyms), ヒーロー志願 (Synonyms)

Acting Friends Become Lovers Super Hero/es

Heroine Kamo Shiranai.

Heroine Kamo Shiranai. (Manga)

Heroine Kamo Shirenai. (Synonyms), Heroine Kamoshirenai. (Synonyms), ヒロインかもしれない。 (Synonyms)


Based on a Novel Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Office Lady Tsundere Female Lead

Hetalia dj - A Day on the Planet

Hetalia dj - A Day on the Planet (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - A Day on the Planet 2 (Synonyms)

Jealous Germany literally leaves a trail of hearts for Italy while his brother tries to help him out.Pairing: Germany x North Italy

Affectionate Lover Ambiguous Relationship Brother/s European Ambiance Flashbacks Friends Become Lovers Germany Insecurity Jealousy Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hetalia dj - Aru Otoko no Haiboku

Hetalia dj - Aru Otoko no Haiboku (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - Defeat of Man (Synonyms), Hetalia dj - The defeat of a certain man (Synonyms), ヘタリア dj - ある男の敗北 (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x North ItalyHaunted by a ghost of the past Germany lashes out, but Italy can't stay mad at him and he faces the situation.

Affectionate Lover Denied Feelings Emotionally Confused European Ambiance Friends Become Lovers Germany Inexperienced in Love Italy Jealousy Love Confession/s

Hetalia dj - Dreams Draws a Dreams

Hetalia dj - Dreams Draws a Dreams (Doujinshi)

ヘタリア dj - Dreams Draws a Dream (Synonyms)

Pairing: Germany x North Italy + Fem!Italy and a brief appearance from Hungary.Germany wakes up from an unsettling dream, only to find out that he was about to attack Italy while he was half-asleep.

Ambiguous Relationship Cross-dressing Dream/s Friends Become Lovers Honest Uke/s Inferiority Complex Insecurity Jealousy Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hetalia dj - Sorairo Canvas

Hetalia dj - Sorairo Canvas (Doujinshi)

Hetalia dj - Sky-Colored Canvas (Synonyms), ヘタリア dj - そらいろキャンバス (Synonyms)

A sweet school life AU about unexpressed feelings and the pains of unrequited love. Pairing: Germany x North Italy.

Alternate Universe Club/s Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Seme High School Love at First Sight Muscular Male Lead Opposites Attract Student/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hi-Fi Rendezvous

Hi-Fi Rendezvous (Manga)

High Fidelity Rendezvous (Synonyms), ハイ・ファイ・ランデブー (Synonyms)

From :Childhood friends Tsutsuji and Kouji live in a tiny village. Due to the lack of students, their school's scheduled to be closed at the end of the year; they'll be its final batch. The two of them have always been together, but at this rate they may be separated after graduation...

Childhood Friend/s Coming of Age Friends Become Lovers In Love With One's Best Friend School Boy/s Village

Hidarite no Love Letter

Hidarite no Love Letter (Manga)

Hidarite no Rabu Retaa (Synonyms), Hidarite no Raburetaa (Synonyms), Left Hand Love Letter (Synonyms), Left Handed Love Letter (Synonyms), Liebesbrief mit Links (German) (Synonyms), Mesej Cinta Di Tangan Kiri (Synonyms), คาถารัก จดหมายรักมือซ้าย (Thai) (Synonyms), 左手のラブレター (Synonyms), 左手上的戀愛情書 (Synonyms)

Artist/s Brother Complex Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Friends Become Lovers Friends Grow Distant Love Letter/s Nude Modeling Shy Female Lead Stepsibling Love

Higashi no Kurume to Tonari no Meguru

Higashi no Kurume to Tonari no Meguru (Manga)

東のくるめと隣のめぐる (Synonyms)

Airhead/s Cat/s Classmate/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship Girl Next Door Kind Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Neighbor/s Popular Female Lead

Heart no Kagi o Te ni Irero!

Heart no Kagi o Te ni Irero! (Manga)

Get the Key of the Heart! (Synonyms), Get The Key To My Heart (Synonyms), Heart no Kagi wo Te ni Irero (Synonyms), I'll Get the Key to Your Heart (Synonyms), ハートの鍵を手に入れろ! (Synonyms), 交出开启心门的那把钥匙 (Synonyms)

Plain looks... average abilities... on top of that, my name's "Suzuki Tarou". I've always held a complex towards my overly ordinary self. One day, a super pretty, drunk boy appears on my doorstep! He tries to kiss me while crying about how I "look like his former lover"... Then some time later, that same pretty boy appears in my workplace! His name - Shiga Ryouta. Will meeting Shiga become my turning point?!

Character Growth Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Drunk Finding Love Again Friends Become Lovers Older Sister Older Uke Younger Seme Past Plays a Big Role Unexpected Feelings

Hatsukoi no 70% wa,

Hatsukoi no 70% wa, (Manga)

70% of First Love is... (Synonyms), Hatsukoi no 70% wa (Synonyms), 初恋の70%は、 (Synonyms), 初恋的70%是 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Fellatio Festival Friends Become Lovers Love Confession/s Popular Male Lead Rescue Seme Falling in Love First Strong Seme Track and Field

Hajimete no Shitsuren

Hajimete no Shitsuren (Manga)

Hajimete no Kenka (Synonyms), Hajimete no Kokuhaku (Synonyms), Hajimete no Kuchibiru (Takagi Ryou) (Synonyms), Hajimete no Otoko (TAKAGI Ryo) (Synonyms), My First Kiss (Takagi Ryou) (Synonyms), 初めての失恋 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:1. Hajimete no Shitsuren (My First Lost Love)2. Hajimete no Kokuhaku3. Hajimete no Kenka4. Hajimete no Kuchibiru (My First Kiss)Hinata has never had any experience with love for his 19 years of existence, and finally manages to snatch a date with the help of a classmate. With no experience with girls, Hinata asks help from his best friend, Yuuma, who seems to have had many experience with girls, who in turn teaches him how to seduce a girl, but then, something happens?5. Hajimete no Otoko (My First Man)6. Hajimete... ja Nai? (It doesn't seem like... his first time)

Beauty Mark Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Fetish/es Friends Become Lovers Insecurity Misunderstanding/s Multiple Romances Otaku Uke-like Seme

Achira Kochira Bokura

Achira Kochira Bokura (Manga)

Here and There (Thanat) (Synonyms), あちらこちらぼくら (Synonyms)

One day, Majima, one of everyone’s favorite person in class, gets to see a surprising side to Sonoki, the class introvert. Since then, Majima can’t help but notice Sonoki and call out to him for no reason, hoping for any kind of reaction… When Sonoki turns red and gets all shy like that, how can Majima not fall in love with him? But when it’s time to go up a grade, they’re not in the same class anymore…

Extrovert/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship High School High School Student/s Introvert/s Opposites Attract Slow Romance Student/s

Seito Kaichousama no Pet

Seito Kaichousama no Pet (Manga)

King's Slave (Synonyms), Seito Kaichou-sama no Pet (Synonyms), Seito Kaichousama no Petto (Synonyms), Tenohira no Ondo (Synonyms), The Great Class President's Pet (Synonyms), 生徒会長様のペット (Synonyms)

Best Friends Blackmail Collection of Stories Festival Friends Become Lovers Kimono Master-Pet Relationship Orgasm Control Possessive Lover/s Student Council

Shinyuu Henjou!

Shinyuu Henjou! (Manga)

Give Up Being Best Friends (Synonyms), Give Up Keeping Best Friends! (Synonyms), 親友返上! (Synonyms)

Shino Satomi is jilted by a girl because she does not feel his "manliness". He is comforted by his best friend, Mamoru Hasegawa, but fails to enter the school of his first choice. Both enter the same all-boy high school, very unique school because most students are homosexual! They occupy the same room in the dormitory and Mamoru hides his love for Shino and keeps guard against the other students...This volume contains an unrelated story called, "Stripper."

All-Boys School Androgynous Protagonist Boarding School Childhood Friend/s Dormitory/ies Fake Relationship Friends Become Lovers Possessive Lover/s Protective Boyfriend Strong Seme

Shiranai Kao

Shiranai Kao (Manga)

Geliebter Freund (German) (Synonyms), Unknown Face (Synonyms), Visages inconnus (French) (Synonyms), 知らない顔 (Synonyms), 陌生的容颜 (Synonyms)

From :As a child Tanabe was always tagging behind Haruyama, but in high-school after he became a ping-pong ace their relationship is gradually getting worse. Who is the one tagging along for real and why is Tanabe always so quiet? A touching and yet funny story with ping-pong as its background.This volume also contains a one-shot about one very interesting hairdresser and a two-chapter story about a dentist and his fated client.

Dentist/s First Love Friends Become Lovers Friends Grow Distant Hairstylist/s Masturbation Misunderstanding/s Ping Pong Time Skip Unexpressed Feeling/s

Susume! Riku, Umi, Sora!!

Susume! Riku, Umi, Sora!! (Manga)

GO AHEAD RIKU, KAI, KUU!! (Synonyms), Susume! Riku Umi Sora (Synonyms), 進め!陸、海、空!! (Synonyms), 進め!陸・海・空 (Synonyms)

Compilation of oneshots1 - 2 - Family Game3 - Don't Call me Rube!4 - One Plus One Is ...5 - わんこ (Wanko)6 - 7 - これからこれから (Kore Kara Kore Kara)8 - Go Ahead! Riku, Kai, Kuu!

Age Gap Bara Friends Become Lovers Hairstylist/s Manly Gay Couple Masculine Uke

Tsuki wo Dakishimeru.

Tsuki wo Dakishimeru. (Manga)

Girl (FURUKAWA Shiori) (Synonyms), Next to You (FURUKAWA Shiori) (Synonyms), The Night of the Shooting Stars (Synonyms), Tsuki wo Daki Shimeru (Synonyms), Tsuki wo Dakishimeru (Synonyms), ツキヲダキシメル。 (Synonyms)

He's in the same class, but she's only talked to him a few times. Whenever their eyes meet, Naho can't look away. Their relationship heats up quietly... Ai witnesses them together and takes an action that ends up changing her friendship with her guy friend, Shun.Includes:Tsuki wo DakishimeruNext to YouGirlThe Night of the Shooting Stars

Accident/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories Dead Lover/s Friends Become Lovers Love Confession/s Moving Away Multiple Protagonists Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Student/s

Untouchable Man

Untouchable Man (Manhwa)

Giving Man (Synonyms), The Missing O (Synonyms), 안주는 남자 (Synonyms)

Sex can be amazing, not to mention ecstasy inducingly mind-blowing. And Eunsung knows that because 7 years ago, she had good sex (an understatement). She felt the universe crack open to show her its secrets. Too bad she hasn't had a decent orgasm since. It's been a long journey, but everyone knows, before you get to "P," you have to go through "O."

21st Century Beautiful Female Lead Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cafe Coffee Shop Cross-dressing Drinking Drunken Intercourse Friends Become Lovers Friendship