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Sono Otoko Kyoubou Nitsuki

Sono Otoko Kyoubou Nitsuki (Manga)

Drive That Man Into a Frenzy (Synonyms), Frenzy For The Big Guy (Synonyms), その男狂暴につき (Synonyms)


Bara Gachimuchi Original Doujinshi

Minna Yatteru ka?

Minna Yatteru ka? (Manga)

Everybody's Doing It? (Synonyms), みんなヤってるか? (Synonyms)


Bara Dansei-muke Gachidebu Gachimuchi Original Doujinshi

Comic G-men Gaho

Comic G-men Gaho (Manga)

Comic G.G. (Synonyms), コミックG.G. (Synonyms)


Anal Intercourse Anthology Bara Collection of Stories Furry Gachidebu Gachimuchi Group Intercourse Kemono Manly Gay Couple

Ano Natsu Ichiban Shizuka na Umi

Ano Natsu Ichiban Shizuka na Umi (Manga)

That Summer's Most Relaxing Sea (Synonyms), あの夏いちばんしずかな海 (Synonyms)


Bara Dansei-muke Gachimuchi Masculine Seme Masculine Uke Original Doujinshi

Aogeba Toutoshi

Aogeba Toutoshi (Manga)

800-lb Chubby Hyakutaro (Synonyms), Aogeba Totoshi (Synonyms), Kaaatsu! (Synonyms), RAWR! (Synonyms), The House of Gengoro Kimura (Synonyms), Umihiko Yamahiko (Synonyms), 仰ゲバ尊シ (Synonyms), 仰ゲバ尊シ 新装版 (Synonyms)

Bara Collection of Stories Gachidebu Gachimuchi