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Toilet Hakase

Toilet Hakase (Manga)

Dr. Toilet (Synonyms), Toilet, PhD. (Synonyms), トイレット博士 (Synonyms)

Starring a scientist who specializes in scatology and works in a toilet-shaped laboratory.

Gag Professor/s Science Scientist/s Toilet Humor

Dokuro-san ga Mite Iru

Dokuro-san ga Mite Iru (Manga)

Dokuro-san ga Miteiru (Synonyms), どくろさんが見ている (Synonyms), 骷髅先生在看着你 (Synonyms)

Momoe Nami has only just become a high schooler, yet she has become a shut-in from getting haunted by a Gashadokuro (giant skeleton youkai). I'm going to fall head over heels for Mr. Skeleton!? A comedy featuring a non-human x young girl pairing!

4-koma/Yonkoma Atypical Premise Gag Guardian Spirit High School Student/s Skeleton

Kateikyoushi no Lelouch-san

Kateikyoushi no Lelouch-san (Manga)

Code Geass: Lelouch the Private Home Tutor (Synonyms), Home Tutor Lelouch-san (Synonyms), 家庭教師のルルーシュさん (Synonyms)

Why has Lelouch become C.C.’s tutor?!Lelouch and Nunnally were living in peace, but then one day a spoiled rich girl with absolutely no common sense named C.C. moved in next door. At the request of his mother, Marianne, Lelouch has taken on the task of ensuring her education – and now he’s made a contract with C.C. to be her personal tutor…?! A high school AU comedy begins!

Absent Parent/s Alternate Universe Brother and Sister Disability/ies Dumb Female Lead Education Gag Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Green Hair High School

Kudo Senshi Kamen Riders

Kudo Senshi Kamen Riders (Manga)

Card Warrior Kamen Riders (Synonyms), Card Warrior Masked Riders (Synonyms), 超変身ギャグ外伝!! 駈斗戦士 仮面ライダーズ (Synonyms)


Based on a Tokusatsu show Based on a Video Game Cards Chibi Gag Kamen Rider Masked Character/s Parodic Elements

Kuro no Monmon-gumi

Kuro no Monmon-gumi (Manga)

Kuro no Monmongumi (Synonyms), The Black Worry Group (Synonyms), The Guilty, Worrying Endlessly Team (Synonyms), 黒のもんもん組 (Synonyms), 黒のもんもん組 富士山麓に玉砕編 (Synonyms)



My Delightful Boyfriend

My Delightful Boyfriend (Manhwa)

B와 당신 (Synonyms), My Beautiful Boyfriend (Synonyms), My Delicious Boyfriend (Synonyms), 我的美味男友 (Synonyms)

A muscular youth who grew up in a rural environment has finally found his springtime high school life, and it turns out his romantic partner is the most popular girl of first year?! But, the truth isn't as straightforward as the muscular youth believes it as...

Ditzy Character/s Gag High School Student/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Idiot Couple Loli Mother Muscular Male Lead Older than They Look Overprotective Father Strong Male Lead

Neko Oku

Neko Oku (Manga)

猫奥 (Synonyms), Back of the Cat (Synonyms), Neko-oku (Synonyms), Nekooku (Synonyms)

Edo Period. Many of the women who served deep in the back were single for life.They were the ones that they had the time and love for, they were cats and cats!?A warm short that depicts the everyday life of a woman and a cat living in the depths!

Cat/s Edo Period Gag Pet/s Short Chapter/s

Sakeyo hanasake!

Sakeyo hanasake! (Manga)

Bloom Flower Bloom! (Synonyms), Sake yo hana sake! (Synonyms), 咲けよ花咲け! (Synonyms)


Female Demographic with Male Lead Fudanshi Gag Otaku University Student/s Yuri Danshi

Sennou Shitsuji

Sennou Shitsuji (Manga)

Brainwash Butler (Synonyms), 洗脑管家 (Synonyms), 洗脳執事 (Synonyms)

When the daughter of the Takato family, Ichigo, returns from studying in the UK after a year, she notices a strange situation in her family. Apparently, they all seem to have been brainwashed by the butler, Seijuurou Kuki, who came while Ichigo was abroad. And so begins her efforts to return her family back to normal while desperately resisting Kuki's influence.

Butler/s Childhood Friend/s Creepy Male Lead Emotional Manipulation Gag Male Demographic with Female Lead Manipulative Male Lead Master-Servant Relationship Rich Family Servant/s

Shiiru no Aka-chan

Shiiru no Aka-chan (Manga)

Baby Seal (Synonyms), Seal no Aka-chan (Synonyms), Seal no Akachan (Synonyms), Tool no Aka-chan (Synonyms), シールの赤ちゃん (Synonyms)



Shizumare! Vincent

Shizumare! Vincent (Manga)

Be quiet! Vincent (Synonyms), しずまれ! ヴィンセント (Synonyms)

Kimie Akiyoshi who entered high school. During her junior high school years, he was absorbed in creative activities and created a self-projecting character named Kimuel, the cursed princess of the mirror world. I hope to break away from such a gloomy past and to live a sparkling high school life, but Vincent (creative character), a knight of roses created in junior high school, suddenly appears in front of me one day. Vincent tries hard to protect the princess (Kimiye) from the sense of mission of the knight, but he was not necessary for Kimie's youth.

Atypical Premise Bullied Female Lead Chuunibyou Dark Past Delusions Gag High School High School Student/s Image Change Imaginary Friend

Bleach dj - Orange

Bleach dj - Orange (Doujinshi)

ブリーチ dj - オレンジ (Synonyms)

From :A short, cute, Bleach doujinshi mainly focusing on Rukia. Full of laughs. XDCircle: BiyokokkoArtists: Yu Kiriko

For Women Doujinshi Gag Josei-muke

A High School Girl and a Private Teacher

A High School Girl and a Private Teacher (Manga)

JK to Kateikyoushi (Synonyms), JKと家庭教師 (Synonyms)

Kizaki begins a private teacher as a part-time job. Sudou became the student of Kizaki. Kizaki, whose delusion does not stop in encounter with an angel who is too precious.Sudou begins to have a little love with an older teacher.While passing each other's thoughts, they pass each other exquisitely!

Gag Older Male Younger Female Short Chapter/s Student-Tutor Relationship Web Comic

Akuma no Kodoku

Akuma no Kodoku (Manga)

Demon's Worm Toxin (Synonyms), あくまのこどく (Synonyms)

The mysterious spell in the continent— Worm Toxin. A demon imitated it and made a box of hell. By letting 100 sorcerers kill each other, the strongest soldier will be born. However, only two survived, a man and a woman. Seems normal at first but this comedy oneshot is about pissing off the demon as both of them flirt in the box of hell.

Couple Demon/s Gag Overly Affectionate Female Lead/s Overly Affectionate Male Lead Perverted Couple Perverted Female Lead Perverted Male Lead

Aohare Otome

Aohare Otome (Manga)

Aohare Girl (Synonyms), アオハれ乙女 (Synonyms)

Yura is a mob (モブ: mobu; commoner) girl who has no friends or boyfriend. However, the moment the handsome soccer club captain, accidentally kicked the ball to her face, the revelation came to her ... "I want to be his ball! (Translation: I want to be his lover!)". Yura then decides to join the women's soccer club so she can get closer to him. The members and advisors in the women's soccer club, which are full of antics, starts to move to get their ideal lover. ♪ Super ☆ high tension soccer gag begins !!

Bishounen Gag Handsome Male Lead High School High School Student/s Male Demographic with Female Lead Quirky Characters School Club/s Soccer Social Outcast/s

Arai Rie Gekijou: Nekoyama-san

Arai Rie Gekijou: Nekoyama-san (Manga)

Arai Rie Gekijou Nekoyama-san (Synonyms), Arai Rie Gekijou: Nekoyama San (Synonyms), Arai Rie Gekijou: Nekoyamasan (Synonyms), 新井理恵劇場 猫山さん (Synonyms)


Animal Leading Character/s Gag


Arakokyuu (Manga)

Ana gokyu (Synonyms), Ana Kokyu (Synonyms), Aragokyuu (Synonyms), Aragokyuu ~Onna no Kiki Kanri~ (Synonyms), Aragokyuu: Onna no Kiki Kanri (Synonyms), Arakokyu (Synonyms), 荒呼吸 (Synonyms), 荒呼吸 ~女の危機管理~ (Synonyms)


Biography / Autobiography Cat/s Gag Musical Instrument/s Short Chapter/s Sketchy Art Style

Azarashi no Takeda-kun

Azarashi no Takeda-kun (Manga)

The Seal Takeda-kun (Synonyms), アザラシの武田くん (Synonyms)

"When I transferred to a new school, I found a seal among my classmates...? "A transfer student, Yamanashi, has a secret that he cannot tell anyone. His daily life is swallowed up into a whirlpool of chaos by his seatmate Takeda, who is sitting next to him. By chance, they find out each other's secrets, and begin a special relationship with each other. A very chaotic school comedy.

Cross-dressing Gag Transfer Student/s Transformation/s