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Tobira to Kamen

Tobira to Kamen (Manga)

Doors and Masks (Synonyms), 扉と仮面 (Synonyms)


Gang Rape Older Uke Younger Seme rape

Kyosei Tensei

Kyosei Tensei (Manga)

Castration: Rebirth (Synonyms), 去势转生 (Synonyms), 去勢転生 (Synonyms)

"All men are scum, every one of them should be killed!" The curtain rises on the tale of history's worst reincarnation story. After killing the 15 people who raped his girlfriend, Anezaki Satoru was to be sentenced to death, however, he now finds himself in another world. A parallel universe where a solar flare has devastated humanity and melted men's brains so that they are no more than beasts who only think about rape.

Alternate World Gang Rape Japan Parallel Dimension Parallel World/s Rape Rape Victim/s Transported to Another World

Ryoujoku Kyoushitsu

Ryoujoku Kyoushitsu (Manga)

Classroom Rape (Synonyms), 凌辱教室 (Synonyms)

A run-down Tokyo at the end of this century. Here lives the young teacher Tsunagu who has to deal in his poor life with all sorts of bad-ass students and suffers a lot from his relationship with the violent lover Akira whose heart he knows he'll never have. In spite of Akira's threats Tsunagu refuses to give up his teaching job because he wants to be there for a few good students like Aoitsuki. However, unknown to him, angelic-looking Aoitsuki isn't what he seems. Meanwhile, there is Shou...

Abusive Lover Angst Dead Lover/s Drug/s Gang Rape Rape Teacher/s Weak Male Lead

Kudan no Kuroneko

Kudan no Kuroneko (Manga)

Black Cat of Matter (Synonyms), Black Cat of the Matter (Synonyms), Kudan no Kuraneko (Synonyms), 件の黒猫 (Synonyms)

From :1-3) After rescuing Maya, the descendant of the Cat God who was injured from his unsuccessful first mission, Yujiro begins to feel a strong desire for the beautiful feline. Does Yujiro know that Maya is on a recovery mission for the calamity bells? This is a love that crosses the boundary of race.4) Can love between a deity and his priest be strong enough to defy everything?5) What happens when a deity and a human find true love together?

Animal Characteristics Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Folklore Fox Spirit Gang Rape God/s LGBT Parent/s Priest/s Rape Unrequited Love

Aruki Miko Kyuubi

Aruki Miko Kyuubi (Manga)

Kawanakajima Kaien (Synonyms), Kawanakajima Ryouran (Synonyms), Toishijyou Enjyou (Synonyms), 川中島快艶 (Synonyms), 川中島繚乱 (Synonyms), 戸石城炎情 (Synonyms), 歩き巫女九尾 (Synonyms)

Volume 1: Aruki Miko Kyuubi (歩き巫女九尾)Volume 2: Toishijyou Enjyou (戸石城炎情)Volume 3: Kawanakajima Kaien (川中島快艶)Volume 4: Kawanakajima Ryouran (川中島繚乱)

16th Century Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Blood and Gore Bondage Borderline H Episodic Fellatio Female Fighter/s Gang Rape

Auto Aiming

Auto Aiming (Manga)

Oto Eimingu (Synonyms), オート・エイミング (Synonyms)

Auto Aiming is a vivid compilation of smutty short stories about "bad" girls. The book is essentially a chronicle of their adventures through a plethora of emotions, the most prevalent of all being lust. S&M, bondage, and good old-fashioned sex have never before looked so fabulously filthy!

BDSM Blackmail Borderline H Cunnilingus Femme Fatale Gang Rape Rape Student-Teacher Relationship Voyeurism

Maki-chan wa Kare to Sex Shitai

Maki-chan wa Kare to Sex Shitai (Manga)

まきちゃんは彼とセックスしたい (Japanese)

I have this older childhood friend, Shuu-chan that I always follow around. One day, I was touched by one of Shuu-chan's friends, and Shuu-chan, who was angry, overwrites everything by sucking my dick. I would say it was magic, but after seeing me sulk, Shuu-chan and I finally become lovers.

Attempted Suicide Childhood Friend/s Drug/s Attempted Suicide Childhood Friend/s Drug/s Gang Rape Rape Victim/s School Boy/s Trauma Violence