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Kaijuu ni Natta Gay

Kaijuu ni Natta Gay (Manga)

A Gay Man Who Turned into a Monster. (Synonyms), Kaiju ni Natta Gay (Synonyms), Kaijuu ni Natta Gei (Synonyms), 怪獣になったゲイ (Synonyms)

A gay teenager who is constantly bullied at school turns into a monster after being rejected by his teacher. Was originally published as a series of 10 doujinshi.

Appearance Changes Bullied Protagonist Dark Skin Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s LGBT Issues Prejudice Self-Hatred

Kake Seku GP

Kake Seku GP (Manga)

Our Gamble in Bed (Synonyms), 賭けセクGP (Synonyms)

From Shu goes to a bar to find a partner for a one night stand. There, to his surprise, he finds his arch-rival from high school, Reiji.Having a grudge against him, Shu lures Reiji to a hotel to get a kick out of him. Although he wants Reiji to get down on his knees and beg him for a good time, neither of them wants to be controlled by the other!!Reiji offers a bet and...!? To prey or be preyed on, the naughty battle begins!

Appearance Changes Boss-Subordinate Relationship Doting Lover/s Gay Bar Gay Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Uke Inferiority Complex Past History Piercing/s Poor Uke

Kamisama Gomenasai

Kamisama Gomenasai (Manga)

I'm Sorry, God (Synonyms), 神様ごめんなさい (Synonyms)


Angel/s Cohabitation Gay Protagonist Gay Seme

Kanawanakatta koi no tsudzuki o

Kanawanakatta koi no tsudzuki o (Manga)

Restarting My Lost Love (Synonyms), 叶わなかった恋の続きを (Synonyms)

Maki is a small town boy who hides his sexual inclination for fear of rejection but the arrival of Shibukawa shakes his entire world.

Countryside First Love Gay Protagonist High School High School Student/s Insecurity Loner Protagonist Love Confession/s Reunion/s Salaryman

Kanchigai Lover

Kanchigai Lover (Manga)

カンチガイラバー (Synonyms)

Shiratori, who is secretly reminiscing about Saeki, a subordinate of Motemen, who is commonly known as a cantilever manufacturing machine, hides his feelings, gets in close contact with Saeki, and falls into self-disgust. Was spent. But the more I endure my feelings, the more my delusions grow ...! ? Passing love of subordinate × delusion explosion boss!

Age Gap Boss-Subordinate Relationship Daydreamer Gay Protagonist Misunderstood Male Lead Misunderstood Protagonist Office Worker/s Older Male Younger Male Older Uke Younger Seme Secret Crush

Karakuchi Shokudou

Karakuchi Shokudou (Manga)

辛口食堂 (Synonyms)

From :Azuma is a skilled French chef working at a top-notch hotel. One day, he's requested to offer his culinary skills at a shop he frequents. Not only are the customers varied of age and profession, but some regular patrons have quite the demand too! Furthermore, a love story instead of a dessert order?!By way of declining the strange request, Azuma inadvertently revealed that he's gay! In addition to that, the editor Kumoi is also having a long-distance lover's tiff here!

Bespectacled Protagonist Bisexual Character/s Bisexual Protagonist Chef/s Food Gay Protagonist Homosexual Character/s Restaurant Sick Parent/s

Kare ga Masuku wo Hazusu Toki

Kare ga Masuku wo Hazusu Toki (Manga)

Kare ga Mask wo Hazusu Toki (Synonyms), 彼がマスクを外すとき (Synonyms)

"I will never ever take this mask off”—is what Jirou said, but...

Age Gap Beauty Mark Gay Protagonist High School Student/s Mask/s Masked Character/s Office Worker/s Older Male Younger Male Stalker/s Student-Adult Relationship

Kare no Aijou no Hakari

Kare no Aijou no Hakari (Manga)

The Scale of His Feelings (Synonyms), 他的爱情天平 (Synonyms), 彼の愛情の秤 (Synonyms)

Arishige Ritsu is the most popular boy in Nagao Mioko's high school -- admired by the boys and adored by the girls. His smile has the power to charm many, but Mioko has a strange feeling about it. When the whole school discovers Arishige's secret, Mioko must decide what role she wishes to play in the life of the boy whose honest and patient personality she has grown to love...1. Konno Shinzou o narasu nowa2. Konno Shinzou ni Hibiku nowa

Angst Gay Protagonist Homophobia LGBT Scenes Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Popular Male Lead Secret Crush Unexpressed Feeling/s Unrequited Love


Katsutoshi (Manga)

かつとし (Synonyms)

By the time Katsutoshi realized he was in love, it ended as quickly as it began. Having been hurt so badly with his first few romantic experiences in life, he vowed never to get serious with anyone ever again. He’s made this very clear, especially to this old fart keep showing up wherever he goes! So why does it feel like fate is bringing them together?

Afraid of Love Age Gap Atypical Art Style Gay Protagonist Gay Seme Gay Uke Laundromat Love Interest Change Multiple Sexual Partners Painful First Love

Kawaii wa Boku no Kizu

Kawaii wa Boku no Kizu (Manga)

かわいいは僕のキズ (Synonyms)

Minami takes pride over being born with a pretty face. However, he cannot deny the fact that it was that same face of his that made him go through hard times. Now a university student, Minami hides his face and lives his life quietly without making friends. The only person that he ever talks to was Mabuchi, a guy who always wears a mask in class. After some trouble one stormy day, he sees Mabuchi without his mask on. Surprisingly, Mabuchi had a ridiculously gorgeous face…!

Ambiguous Relationship Cute Male Lead Cute Uke Disguise/s Famous Male Lead Gay Protagonist Gay Uke Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hiding True Self University Student/s

Kekkon Suru Kamo Shirenai Otoko

Kekkon Suru Kamo Shirenai Otoko (Manga)

Kekkon Suru Kamoshirenai Otoko (Synonyms), 結婚するかもしれない男 (Synonyms)

Ryousuke’s nearing 30 and ends up going to his friend’s gay bachelor party to find a life partner. There, he’s drawn in by Shun’s beautiful eyes. The two become closer as they spend more time with each other, but what kind of secret is Shun hiding?

Adult Couple Adult Protagonist Failed Relationship/s Fast Romance Gay Marriage Gay Protagonist Gay Uke Older Uke Younger Seme Orphan/s Searching for a Wife/Husband

Kikoeta Koi no Byoushinon

Kikoeta Koi no Byoushinon (Manga)

きこえた恋の秒針音 (Synonyms)


Flashbacks Gay Protagonist Gay Seme Lack of Communication Orphan/s Past Friendship/s Reluctant Protagonist Reluctant Seme Reunion/s Sex Friends

Kikon Status Dake Itadakimasu

Kikon Status Dake Itadakimasu (Manga)

Kekkon Status Dake Itadakimasu (Synonyms), 既婚ステータスだけいただきます (Synonyms), 既婚ステータスだけいただきます! (Synonyms)

27 year-old Riko has been dating her partner Kurumi for 3 years now and neither of them plan to come out about their sexuality. However, they've finally become unable to stand the pressure from the constant questioning by their family and surroundings about when they're getting married. That's when they decided to get their "married" status by "marrying" a gay couple and entering into their family register. Now, the four of them are living together!

Comic Artist/s Established Couple Fake Marriage Gay Character/s Gay Protagonist Housemates Lesbian Protagonist Lesbian/s LGBT Issues LGBT Themes

Kimi ni Ienai Koto ga Aru

Kimi ni Ienai Koto ga Aru (Manga)

There Are Things I Can't Tell You (Synonyms), キミに言えないことがある (Synonyms)

Bad Parent/s Childhood Friend/s Crush/es Friends Become Lovers Gay Protagonist Gay Seme Homophobia Pining Rejection Suppressing One's Feelings

Kimi no Hitomi ni Ubawaretai

Kimi no Hitomi ni Ubawaretai (Manga)

君の瞳に奪われたい (Synonyms)

Jun, a photographer, meets Haruka while they were both working at a wedding hall. Haruka's persona for work and his true personality are very different. Enchanted by Haruka's natural smile, Jun blurts out, "Will you be mine?" He was so sure that he scared Haruka away, but he received an unexpected response back.

Adult Couple Beauty Mark Gay Protagonist Gay Uke Honest Seme Low Self-Esteem Men in Suits Photographer/s Rings Straight Seme

Kimi no Tonari de Yurarete

Kimi no Tonari de Yurarete (Manga)

君の隣で揺られて (Synonyms), 在你的身旁摇曳 (Synonyms), 당신 곁에서 흔들리며 (Synonyms)

Bus Coworker/s Gay Protagonist Gay Seme Love at First Sight Office Life Office Love Office Worker/s Panic Attacks Trauma

Kimi to Deattekara Boku wa

Kimi to Deattekara Boku wa (Manga)

Kimi to Deatte Kara Boku wa (Synonyms), Meeting You (Yoshii Haruaki) (Synonyms), 君と出会ってから僕は (Synonyms)

Aquarium Gay Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Uke Graduation High School Older Male Younger Male Rain Student-Teacher Relationship Student/s Suppressing One's Feelings

Accidentally in Love with Him

Accidentally in Love with Him (Manhwa)

Eojjeoda Ireonnomeul Joahaeseo (Synonyms), 어쩌다 이런놈을 좋아해서 (Synonyms)

On the day he was going to confess, his crush told him he got a sex partner…! Jisoo has a crush on his longtime friend, Seojin. When Seojin goes to meet a sex partner, Jisoo tags along. When the situation becomes complicated, Seojin’s partner, "K", proposes an idea.

Full Color Gay Protagonist Gay Seme Gay Uke Graduation High School High School Student/s One-Night Stand Unrequited Love Webtoon

Ero Yume Aquarium

Ero Yume Aquarium (Manga)

Erotic Dream Aquarium (Synonyms), エロ夢アクアリウム (Synonyms)

Aquarium Dream/s Fish/es Gay Protagonist Marine Nerd/s Nerdy Male Lead Student-Student Relationship Tentacles Wet Dreams

Everyday is a Good Day

Everyday is a Good Day (Manga)

エブリデイ イズ ア グッドデイ (Synonyms), 에브리데이 이즈 어 굿데이 (Synonyms), 에브리데이 이즈 어 굿데이(Everyday is a Good Day) (Synonyms), 에브리데이이즈 어굿데이 (Synonyms)

It's been a year since Toki lost his twin sister in an accident. Toki is still dealing with the pain, but while his parents are away on a trip, he must now also take care of his orphaned nephew, who hasn’t spoken a word since losing both of his parents. While Toki struggles to raise a child, his friend’s younger brother Chihiro, starts giving a helping hand. How will these 3 people become a temporary family?

Age Gap Beauty Mark Child/ren Childcare Dead Family Member/s Family Flashbacks Gay Protagonist Mature Child Unrequited Love Becomes Requited