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Detective Conan

Detective Conan (Anime)

Case Closed (English), 名探偵コナン (Japanese), Meitantei Conan (Synonyms)

Shinichi Kudou, a high school student of astounding talent in detective work, is well known for having solved several challenging cases. One day, when Shinichi spots two suspicious men and decides to follow them, he inadvertently becomes witness to a disturbing illegal activity. Unfortunately, he is caught in the act, so the men dose him with an experimental drug formulated by their criminal organization, leaving him to his death.

Young Male Lead Science Crime/s Child Protagonist Romantic Subplot Childhood Love Secret Identity Age Transformation Police Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Genius/es Investigation/s Smart Male Lead Secret Organization/s


Coda (Manga)

コーダ (Synonyms)

From Bliss:One day, Kunisada Haruichi who is specializing in Japanese dance in his high-school dance department, meets Yuri Arbatov, a famous and young ballet dancer who comes for a short-term study abroad. However when he gets a hold of Haruichi's weakness, Haruichi is forced to crossdress on stage...

Ballet Blackmail Cross-dressing Dancing False Personality Genius/es Half-Japanese Prodigy Secret Identity Trap

Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru

Kimi ga Ichiban Soba ni Iru (Manga)

Close to me (Synonyms), Last Chance (Synonyms), You're the Closest to Me (Synonyms), 君が一番そばにいる (Synonyms)

All-Boys School Debt/s Dojo Dormitory/ies Genius/es Hot Spring/s Love at First Sight Neighbor/s Rivalry Roommates

Kuraudo (NOUJOU Junichi)

Kuraudo (NOUJOU Junichi) (Manga)

Cloud (Synonyms), Kuraudo (NOJO Junichi) (Synonyms), Kuraudo (NOJYO Junichi) (Synonyms), 鞍生人 (Synonyms)

The Tokyo Metro central computer has been cracked! Out of the chaos of wild passengers and a frantic transport ministry, Cloud's story begins. A child prodigy who has grown up into a black hat hacker strives to fulfil his impossible dream of making a kingdom on top of the clouds! But how will he do this and what will the government and police even allow him to try?

America Board Game/s Dead Family Member/s Genius/es Hacker/s Past Plays a Big Role Police Rape Smart Male Lead Strategic Minds

Summer Wars

Summer Wars (Manga)

Cuộc Chiến Mùa Hè (Synonyms), Летние войны (Synonyms), サマーウォーズ (Synonyms)

Award-Winning Work Based on a Movie Based on an Anime Big Family Family Reunited Genius/es Hacker/s Nerdy Male Lead Pretend Lovers Virtual Reality

Tsubasa o Motsu Mono

Tsubasa o Motsu Mono (Manga)

Ceux qui ont des ailes (French) (Synonyms), The One Who Has Wings (Synonyms), Those Who Have Wings (Synonyms), Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono (Synonyms), 羽翼天使 (Synonyms), 翼を持つ者 (Synonyms)

Character Growth Dystopia Genius/es Journey Military Orphan/s Social Hierarchy Strong Female Lead Thief/ves World Travel

Contrast 88

Contrast 88 (Manga)

88音符的黑白恋 (Synonyms), コントラスト88 (Synonyms)


Fantasy Creature/s Genius/es Music Piano Siblings Spirit/s

Kaiboui Hunter

Kaiboui Hunter (Manga)

Baroque Anatomy Kaiboui Hunter (Synonyms), 解剖医ハンター (Synonyms)

There was a heretical doctor like Blackjack in the 18th century England! Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, to collect animals from all over the world due to repeated autopsy of corpses Because of his behavior, John Hunter is also a model for "Dr. Little". Now known as the "father of modern surgical medicine", his life is considered heretical, and he is an eccentric who continued to be regarded by the orthodox medical community at that time, and he discovered evolution 70 years before Darwin. ...

18th Century Corpses Doctor/s England Europe European Ambiance Genius/es Historical Persons Historical Setting Investigation

Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!!

Koi Yori Kiss Yori Daikirai!! (Manga)

Benci Tapi Rindu (Synonyms), 全世界你最讨厌 (Synonyms), 恋よりKissより大嫌い!! (Synonyms), 恋よりKissより大嫌い!! (Synonyms), 내사랑왕재수 (Synonyms)

From :Our poor female character is a poor girl with a debt to the rich and powerful Tenmonchiki. She accepts to be a slave in order to pay off her debts but what are these feelings starting to bloom within her heart…? Could she possibly love this rich, arrogant and all too perfect guy?

Bickering Love Brother/s Debt/s Genius/es Hard-Working Protagonist Love Triangle/s Prestigious School Rich Male Lead Smart Male Lead Unrequited Love

Akihabara @ Deep

Akihabara @ Deep (Manga)

Akihabara@DEEP (Synonyms), Акихабара@DEEP (Synonyms), Акихабара@ВТЕМЕ (Synonyms), アキハバラ@DEEP (Synonyms), アキハバラ@DEEP (Synonyms), 秋叶原@DEEP (Synonyms), 秋葉原@DEEP (Synonyms), 아키하바라@DEEP (Synonyms)

It all begins when a mysterious online personality named Yui decides to assemble these outcasts to try and form a group dedicated to solving the problems that plague Akiba by forming the "troubleshooting" company, Akihabara@DEEP, often shortened to just @DEEP.

Adapted to JDrama Genius/es Hacker/s Hacking Otaku Social Outcast/s Speech Impediment

Anastasia Kurabu

Anastasia Kurabu (Manga)

Anastasia Club (Synonyms), Nàng Anastasia Xinh Đẹp (Synonyms), アナスタシア倶楽部 (Synonyms), 安娜斯塔西亚俱乐部 (Synonyms), 寻找公主 (Synonyms), 迷情佳人 (Synonyms), 아나스타샤 클럽 (Synonyms)

From :Tsubaki Kamui is the granddaughter of a prestigious antiquarian. A mysterious man named Sena Takuto asks for an appraisal on an artifact, one that he stole in order to prove that he is the grandson of the Grand Duchess Anastasia. Is this thief really descended from the house of Romanov? Will Kamui help him?

Antique Shop Antique/s Descendant/s Genius/es Princess/es Relic Royalty Russia Smart Female Lead

Archimedes no Taisen

Archimedes no Taisen (Manga)

Archimedes' War (Synonyms), The Great War of Archimedes (Synonyms), War of Archimedes (Synonyms), アルキメデスの大戦 (Synonyms), 阿基米得的大战 (Synonyms), 阿基米德的大戰 (Synonyms), 아르키메데스의 대전 (Synonyms)

In 1932, before war breaks out in the Pacific, Japan's relations with Europe and America hits an all-time low after having just seized Manchuria and founding Manchukuo. An air of dread once again envelops the world. In 1933, the great event that will shape Japan's fate is being planned in the offices of the Imperial Japanese Navy.In the shadows of history, a lone mathematical genius puts his life on the line and wages his own war for the sake of Japan.

20th Century Adapted to Movie Genius/es Japan Smart Male Lead

Aronui Mujeokhamdae

Aronui Mujeokhamdae (Manhwa)

Aron and His Invincible Armada (Synonyms), Aron Armada (Synonyms), Aron Ui Mu Juk Ham Dae (Synonyms), Aron's Absurd Armada (Synonyms), Aron's Invincible Armada (Synonyms), 아론의 무적함대 (Synonyms)

From :On a whim, Aron Cornwall decides he wants to live a pirate's life of thrills, sailing on the high seas in search of distant lands and buried treasure. And when you are the son of a duke, you generally get what you want. Accompanied by his reluctant manservant, Robin, Aron scrounges up a crew—including a cook who cannot cook, a transvestite assassin, and a boy (girl?) genius—and sets off on the craziest pirate adventure you've ever seen!

4-koma/Yonkoma Assassin/s Banding Together Bodyguard/s Brother/s Carefree Leading Character/s Chef/s Duke/s Friendship Genius/es


Asklepios (Manga)

Eye of God (Synonyms), Thần Y Asklepios (Synonyms), Асклепий (Synonyms), アスクレピオス (Synonyms), 医神少年 (Synonyms), 神眼医师 (Synonyms), 神眼醫師 (Synonyms), 醫神少年 (Synonyms), 아스클레피오스 (Synonyms)

An order has been sent out to hunt down Asklepios, a Greek demon god of medicine, whom the Church believes is practicing unorthodox methods. A member of armed forces group assigned to this mission by the name of Luca encounters two kids who saved him when he was injured during a fight. Who are these kids, and can they help out Luca with his personal reason for doing this assignment?

Dead Family Member/s Doctor/s Genius/es Hunted Protagonist Insecure Character Medical Middle Age Strong Female Lead Surgeon/s Talented Male Lead

Atashi wa Pet

Atashi wa Pet (Manga)

I Am a Pet (Synonyms), あたしはペット。 (Synonyms), 就是爱宠你 (Synonyms)

The genius but slightly dirty-minded Akira transforms sixteen-year-old Nobara into a girl with cat ears. She wants to return to her former state, but when Akira says to her, "You can only go back if you have sex with me!"?

Animal Characteristics Cat Girl/s Genius/es Master-Pet Relationship

Automatic Angel

Automatic Angel (Manga)

Automatic★Angel (Synonyms), Ootomachikku Enjeru (Synonyms), الملاك التلقائي (Synonyms), オートマチック★エンジェル (Synonyms), オートマチック・エンジェル (Synonyms)

From :Serika, a high-school student, is known for being a well rounded girl with an attractive face and figure. She is clear-headed and has a talent for sports. But she's an... android!? Tale of a high school professor and student.

Android/s Character Growth Coworker/s Doctor/s Genius/es High School Student/s Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Inventor/s Unorthodox Female Love Interest Unrequited Love

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru ni wa (Novel)

Amaku Yasashii Sekai de Ikiru ni wa (Novel) (Novel)

To Live in a Sweet and Friendly World (Novel) (Synonyms), 甘く優しい世界で生きるには (Novel) (Synonyms)

Academy Adapted to Drama CD Adapted to Manga Beautiful Female Lead Genius Protagonist Genius/es Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Hero/es Loyal Subordinates

Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara

Shokugeki no Souma: Gou no Sara (Anime)

食戟のソーマ 豪ノ皿 (Japanese), Shokugeki no Soma 5th Season (Synonyms)

Fifth season of Shokugeki no Souma.

Cooking Competition/s Food Genius/es Restaurant

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone (Anime)

ドクターストーン (Japanese)

After five years of harboring unspoken feelings, high-schooler Taiju Ooki is finally ready to confess his love to Yuzuriha Ogawa. Just when Taiju begins his confession however, a blinding green light strikes the Earth and petrifies mankind around the world— turning every single human into stone. Several millennia later, Taiju awakens to find the modern world completely nonexistent, as nature has flourished in the years humanity stood still.

Smart Male Lead Teamwork Friendship Stone Age Survival Scientist/s Science Post-Apocalyptic Ancient Civilization Innovation/s Saving the World Ambitious Goal Genius/es World Building Journey

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou

Ueno-san wa Bukiyou (Manga)

How clumsy you are, Miss Ueno. (English), 上野さんは不器用 (Japanese)

Dumb Male Lead Perverted Female Lead Experiment/s Genius/es Clumsy Protagonist Secret Admirer Confession/s School Club/s Science