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TNT - 12 Short Cut Women Anthology

TNT - 12 Short Cut Women Anthology (Manga)

deep sleep読み切り作品再録集・TNT (Synonyms)

Adult Couple Doctor/s Hair Salon High School Student/s Pervert/s Perverted Female Lead Short Haircut

Kyuuketsuki ni Aisareru Houhou

Kyuuketsuki ni Aisareru Houhou (Manga)

Como Seducir a un Vampiro (Synonyms), How to Seduce a Vampire (Synonyms), Vampire ni Aisareru Houhou (Synonyms), 吸血鬼に愛される方法 (Synonyms)

Watanabe gathered up Mizuo's battered and bloodstained body, was forced to cooperate with the ensuing blood transfusion, and for his trouble was late for his part-time job, resulting in his termination. The mysterious Mizuo tells the now-unemployed Watanabe that he is a vampire, and offers Watanabe a position at his salon. Despite his feeling that Mizuo is a potentially dangerous partner, for some reason Watanabe cannot bear to be away from him...

Cosplay Hair Salon Hairstylist/s Manly Gay Couple Night-Life Worker/s Vampire/s

Ore no Yubi de Midarero. - Heitengo no Salon, Ijiwaru ni Jirasarete

Ore no Yubi de Midarero. - Heitengo no Salon, Ijiwaru ni Jirasarete (Manga)

Crazy Over His Fingers (Synonyms), Ore no Yubi de Midarero. - Heitengo no Saron, Ijiwaru ni Jirasarete (Synonyms), 俺の指で乱れろ。~閉店後のサロン、意地悪に焦らされて (Synonyms), 用我的手指蹂躪妳!~打烊後的沙龍、被壞心眼欺負 (Synonyms)

Every spot he touches with his fingers burn and throb... We secretly intertwine beside the sink for shampooing hair... If he does any more to me, I won’t be able to keep my voice down...!

21st Century Adapted to Anime Big Breasts Borderline H Childhood Friend/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Hair Salon Japan Love Triangle/s Nudity

Color Recipe

Color Recipe (Manga)

Color Recipe Clear (One-shot) (Synonyms), カラーレシピ (Synonyms), カラーレシピ・クリア (Synonyms)

Beautician/s Deception Deceptive Male Lead Hair Salon Hairstylist/s Manipulation Obsessive Seme Possessive Seme Sexual Harassment Stalker/s

Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te

Aitsu to Kanojo to Mahou no Te (Manga)

Девушка, любовь и волшебные руки (Synonyms), アイツとカノジョと魔法の手 (Synonyms), 他她与魔法之手 (Synonyms), 他她與魔法之手 (Synonyms)

From :A beautician apprentice. Aiko, passing each day in a long distance love with her boyfriend, Shintaro. But, she won’t give up on her love and her dream also!! She is the type of girl who give everything she got, A pure straight girls story kicked off!: Friends, studies, part-time work... daily life is full of troubles but sometimes a miracle can happen.

Beautician/s Breakup/s Dream Job Hair Salon Hairstylist/s Long-Distance Relationship