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Heaven!! (Manga)

ヘブン!! (Synonyms), 天堂 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Rinne is a girl who can see and exorcise ghosts (usually with a paper fan). When the school punk saves her from getting hit by a truck, but ends up in a coma himself, she, and his disembodied spirit must defend his prone body from being possessed by this, that, and the other local spirits. Unfortunately, she fails in her task, and an ancient playboy takes over the punk’s body, leaving him to inhabit a pink stuffed monkey. Hilarity ensues.

Body Swap/s Delinquent/s Exorcism God/s Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Monkey/s Playboy/s Spirit Power Yankee/s

Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni

Hebi Hime-sama no Oose no Mama ni (Manga)

月夜下的蛇姬 (Synonyms), 蛇姫様の仰せのままに (Synonyms)

Mei Xingxiang, who inherited the blood of the snake witch, was cursed by the snake god, and turned into a licentious snake girl every moonlit night, and the only person who could ease the curse for her was the beautiful man Kujochi who held the priesthood.The fate of the two of them intertwined under the moonlit night of a certain festival...

Appearance Changes Curse/s Full Color Handsome Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Snake Girl/s Webtoon White-Haired Female Lead

Hello, Innocent

Hello, Innocent (Manga)

Harō, inosento (Synonyms), مرحبًا،أيتها البرئية (Synonyms), ハロー、イノセント (Synonyms)

From :Yukito is a handsome scholarship student who also excels at sports. Just starting high school, he has never had the time to think about things like love.One day, he was saved by a girl he didn't know. Turns out, she's actually Yukito’s classmate who’s been absent since the school’s opening ceremony...

Childhood Friend/s Classmate/s Cute Female Lead Dead Parent/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Grandmother/s Handsome Male Lead High School High School Student/s Honors Student/s

Her Dirty Thirty Scandal

Her Dirty Thirty Scandal (Manhwa)

골드미스의 (Synonyms)

A lifetime of hard work has finally paid off for Serin. She's got a nice apartment, a promotion at work, but something's missing. A piece of her that she's pushed away for so long that when it comes back, it beats faster and throbs harder than she could've ever imagined. Flings are for students and teenagers. She may be all grown up, but that doesn't mean she's ready for her first scandal. 2nd Lezhin Comics Big Comic Contest Prize Winner.

Boss-Subordinate Relationship Competent Female Lead Ex-Couple Back Together Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Female Lead Office Lady Office Love Older Female Younger Male Past Plays a Big Role Pushy Male Lead

Her Smile So Sweet

Her Smile So Sweet (Manhua)

Her Smile is So Sweet (Synonyms), Her Smile Like Candy (Synonyms), Ta De Weixiao Xiang Ke Tang (Synonyms), 她的微笑像颗糖 (Synonyms)

Xu Jingshu from the second grade class one was cold and didn't talk much. If she hadn't been punished by the teacher for every math class, she probably wouldn't have had much of a presence in class. The transfer student Chu Youning appeared and he was attracted by her sweet smile. Hence, one afternoon, someone saw the scholar-tyrant Chu Youning teaching Xu Jingshu mathematics in the self-study room upstairs.

Classmate/s Full Color Handsome Male Lead High School High School Student/s Smart Male Lead Transfer Student/s

Heroine Kamo Shiranai.

Heroine Kamo Shiranai. (Manga)

Heroine Kamo Shirenai. (Synonyms), Heroine Kamoshirenai. (Synonyms), ヒロインかもしれない。 (Synonyms)


Based on a Novel Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Office Lady Tsundere Female Lead

High & High

High & High (Manga)

Hai Ando Hai (Synonyms), High and High (Synonyms), ハイ アンド ハイ (Synonyms), 异空间恋爱 (Synonyms)

Chosen One Demon Lord/King Demon-Human Relationship Demon/s Handsome Male Lead High School Student/s Long-Haired Male Character/s Long-Haired Male Lead Magic Red-Haired Male Lead

Him & Him & Him

Him & Him & Him (Manhwa)

3 Men (Synonyms), Him, Him & Him (Synonyms), Tres Hombres Para Mi (Synonyms), Трое Парней и Одна девушка (Synonyms), 그와 그와 그 (Synonyms)

Yoo Se-ah, 26 years old, has been an office worker for 3 years since graduating from college. She engages in sexual stimulation to break away from her repetitive daily routine when she gets some time away from work. It started with small things, like drinking alone or going to a club. I'm sure it did... but one day, two men approach her and offer her a 4P?!

Double / Multiple Penetration Foursome Full Color Handsome Male Lead Kind Male Lead Reverse Harem Sex Sex Partner/s Sexual Curiosity Twin/s

Hime to Mahou Tsukai

Hime to Mahou Tsukai (Manga)

Hime to Mahoutsukai (Synonyms), Princess & Wizard (Synonyms), The Princess and the Magician (Synonyms), 姫と魔法つかい (Synonyms)

From :“Now then, it’s time for some fun.”This is a world full of mystical powers.Princess Iris is in love with Zeno, the Great Wizard who became a rabbit in the aftermath of a battle against the Demon King. One day, in light of an incoming marriage proposal, Iris decides to confess to Zeno. Skeptical at first, but upon seeing how sincere she is, he tells her to come to his room the following night.However, when Iris goes to Zeno’s room the next evening, she is greeted by-We present to you a beautiful love fantasy by Yumekiyo!

Animal Characteristics Curse/s Handsome Male Lead Magic Magician/s Princess/es Rabbit/s Royalty Wizard/s

Himekoi Chigiri - Gotoushu-sama no Iinazuke

Himekoi Chigiri - Gotoushu-sama no Iinazuke (Manga)

Himekoi Chigiri (Synonyms), 秘め恋契り (Synonyms), 秘め恋契り ご当主様の許嫁 (Synonyms)


Aggressive Lover Arranged Marriage Handsome Male Lead Japan Older Male Younger Female Temple/s

Himitsu ga Hanazono

Himitsu ga Hanazono (Manga)

男孩的祕密花园 (Synonyms), 秘密が花園 (Synonyms)

Seven men have entered a school exclusively for girls. Irie, a man who fantasizes about his own harem, feels a great dislike towards Koga, the No. 1 popular ikemen at the school, so he always try to avoid him... But a rumor starts to spread that Koga liked Irie"...!? The garden of a pure maiden opens, to make way for a love battle! An extraordinary high-school love story!

All-Girls School Becomes Integrated Blunt Male Lead Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Handsome Male Lead Multiple Protagonists Popular Male Lead

Hinata no Ookami - Shinsengumi Kidan

Hinata no Ookami - Shinsengumi Kidan (Manga)

Hinata no Ookami (Synonyms), หมาป่าเสรี (Synonyms), หมาป่าเสรี-ตำนานภาคพิสดารของกลุ่ม- (Synonyms), ひなたの狼 (Synonyms), ひなたの狼−新選組綺談− (Synonyms)

One man felt a great ambition as he silently stood in the shadow of the "wolf", whose beauty far surpassed even that of a woman's. His name was Toshizou Hijikata. Read the tale of the Shinsengumi warriors who fearlessly rode through the Bakumatsu Era!

Androgynous Male Lead Bakumatsu Edo Period Handsome Male Lead Prostitute/s Romantic Subplot Samurai Shinsengumi Strong Female Lead Swordsman

Hinsou Onna ni Okotte Tamaru ka - Ore-sama Host, Fukaku nimo Kuratto Kuru

Hinsou Onna ni Okotte Tamaru ka - Ore-sama Host, Fukaku nimo Kuratto Kuru (Manga)

An Average Girl Like You Won't Get Me Hard (Synonyms), 貧相オンナに勃ってたまるか~俺様ホスト、不覚にもクラッとくる (Synonyms)

"I'm so frustrated that I got my first boner in a long time with you." He had the face of a man in a rut. Even though he said he wouldn't get hard from me!

Arrogant Male Lead Beautician/s Confident Male Lead Hair Salon Hairstylist/s Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Host Club Host/Hostess Short-Tempered Female Lead

H na Shoujo Manga no Tsukurikata Katagiri-kun to Himitsu no Ressun

H na Shoujo Manga no Tsukurikata Katagiri-kun to Himitsu no Ressun (Manga)

Hな少女漫画のつくり方 片桐くんと秘密のレッスン (Synonyms)


Female Demographic with Male Author Handsome Male Lead Mangaka in a Manga Virgin/s

Ohayou, Oyasumi, Aishiteru.

Ohayou, Oyasumi, Aishiteru. (Manga)

Good morning, good night, and I love you. (Synonyms), Ohayo, Oyasumi, Aishiteru. (Synonyms), おはよう、おやすみ、あいしてる。 (Synonyms), 早安、晚安、我愛你 (Synonyms)

With their parent's approval, Makoto has started living with two good-looking brothers.The older brother, Souta, just feels like they're burdened with Makoto.But Makoto can't help but be interested in Souta...Living together under one roof, a parent-approved love begins.There is a lot of flirting every day!!

Carefree Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Live-in Lover Popular Male Lead Returnee Twin/s University University Student/s

Otome to yajuu

Otome to yajuu (Manga)

Girl and the Beast (Synonyms), Otome to Yajuu - Yuuwaku wa Kinmu jikangai ni onegaishimasu. (Synonyms), 乙女と野獣 誘惑は勤務時間外にお願いします。 (Synonyms)


Coworker Relationships First-Time Intercourse Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Handsome Male Lead Strong Female Lead

Ougon no Ringo

Ougon no Ringo (Manga)

Golden Apple (Synonyms), 黃金的蘋果 (Synonyms), 黄金のリンゴ (Synonyms)

Bishounen Celebrity/ies Cohabitation Dead Parent/s Entertainment Industry Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist High School Student/s Showbiz Talent Agency

Oyasumi Love Darling

Oyasumi Love Darling (Manga)

Goodnight Love Darling (Synonyms), おやすみ ラブダーリン (Synonyms), おやすみラブダーリン (Synonyms), 晚安我的愛 (Synonyms)

Kaname and Shiba return. Kaname's failing test scores get him a scolding from Shiba, who decides they won't meet up until Kaname passes the test. If Kaname wants the romantic Christmas of his dreams he needs to work hard!

Age Gap Crybaby Uke Handsome Male Lead Insomnia Older Seme Younger Uke Persistent Uke Police Officer/s Protective Sibling/s Runaway from Home Young Protagonist

Pikapika Kachiku

Pikapika Kachiku (Manga)

Glittering Livestock (Synonyms), Pika Pika Cattle (Synonyms), Pika Pika Kachiku (Synonyms), Shiny Domesticated Animal (Synonyms), Sparkle-Sparkle Cattle (Synonyms), ピカピカ家畜 (Synonyms)

Kurosawa Mahane, 17 years old. She is usually confined at home, but it looks like she has renewed her record of getting kidnapped: it has reached the number 78! In another world now, she's suddenly being treated like a livestock by a pretty and cold boy named Kyuu who she just met! Furthermore he wants her to hunt down human souls on the verge of dying so he can make the souls into candy and eat them?! Where is this going to lead her to? This is the start of a mischievous tale created by the genius Rinno Miki!!

Afterlife Atypical Premise Black Humor Cold Male Lead Confinement Determined Female Lead Eccentric Male Lead Enemies Become Lovers Handsome Male Lead Kidnapping/s

Seishun Note

Seishun Note (Manga)

Gençlik Defteri (Synonyms), Lovely Notes (German) (Synonyms), Notebook About Youth (Synonyms), Youth Note (Synonyms), Youthful Note (Synonyms), Юношеские Заметки (Synonyms), セイシュンノート (Synonyms), 青春笔记 (Synonyms)

Due to changing schools constantly, Hime has been unable to make any friends. Now, at a brand new school, Hime sets out to celebrate her youth and live a dream high school life.

Awkward Female Lead Friendship Handsome Male Lead High School Student/s Kind Female Lead Love Confession/s Student/s Tsundere Male Lead