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Heaven (ODA Aya)

Heaven (ODA Aya) (Manga)

النعيم (Synonyms), ヘヴン (Synonyms), 寻梦天堂 (Synonyms), 尋夢天堂 (Synonyms), 헤븐 (Synonyms)

From :Ozawa Rion's family died in a car accident. She finds herself alone and depressed. Coincidentally, she finds a second chance to live happily at Hotsprings Inn.

Heaven Hotel/Inn Musical Instrument/s Orphan/s Unrequited Love

Himitsu - Kuro no Chikai (Novel)

Himitsu - Kuro no Chikai (Novel) (Novel)

Alluring Secret - Black Vow (Novel) (Synonyms), Alluring Secret ~Black Vow~ (Novel) (Synonyms), Himitsu ~Kuro no Chikai~ (Novel) (Synonyms), 秘蜜 黒の誓い (新奇) (Synonyms)

Based on the popular Vocaloid song .Rin, a young angel (presumed female, but angels don’t have clear genders) falls in love with a young human girl, Miku. However, their love is considered taboo, and so, Rin makes a deal with the devil to be reborn as the human boy, Len, in order to be with Miku. However, their happiness together is short-lived, and even that soon ends in tragedy.

Angel/s Based on a Song Forbidden Love Gender Transformation Heaven Human-Nonhuman Relationship Unrequited Love Unrequited Love Becomes Requited Vocaloid

Osora de Garden

Osora de Garden (Manga)

Garden Sky (Synonyms), O-sora de Garden (Synonyms), おそらでガーデン (Synonyms)

From DMP:When happy-go-lucky Shiro is suddenly murdered, he finds himself summoned to heaven by the small God Kami-Sama. The two hatch a plot to form a "family" with the addition of a beautiful ninja named Kuro. Kuro has his own troubled past. Will these three lonely misfits find a way to overcome their differences and forge a lasting bond?This volume contains a second story called G.E. about students training to be taimashi, and the quest they embark on.

Afterlife Appearance Different from Actual Age Collection of Stories Family God/s Heaven Loneliness Love Triangle/s Magic Magic School

Sabaki no Mon

Sabaki no Mon (Manga)

The Gates of Judgement (Synonyms), 审判之门 (Synonyms), 裁きの門 (Synonyms)

From :Lance is a devil punished to guard the gates of Heaven and Hell and to lie to souls to get them into Hell. He can never tell the truth because to do so would mean he will disappear. He has to send one more soul to Hell before he can finally be free from his punishment. For a devil, lying is easy, right? But what happens when the soul of the person he cherishes walks up to the Gates for judgement?

Angel/s Clumsy Protagonist Curse/s Demon/s Dishonest Protagonist Female Demographic with Male Lead Happy-Go-Lucky Protagonist Heaven Hell Punishment/s

Tenkai Rikujou!

Tenkai Rikujou! (Manga)

Falling From Heaven (Synonyms), Ten Kai Riku Jiyou (Synonyms), Tenkai Rikujiyou (Synonyms), Tenkai Rikujou (Synonyms), 天☆界☆陸☆上! (Synonyms)

The world of earth, and the world of heaven, seprated by the clouds. Rinne is one of those who lives in heaven. Then a wild fire that no one can put out in heaven, where it never rains, happens. Rinne is determined to put it out, but accidently trips and falls to Earth. The fire is still going strong in heaven, and Rinne has to figure out how to put it out.



Earthian (Manga)

アーシアン (Synonyms), 新装アーシアン (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Androgynous Protagonist Angel/s Female Author Forbidden Love Heaven Incest as a Subplot Long-Haired Male Lead Love Triangle/s Multiple Romances

Star's Cloth Feather's Yarn Eternity

Star's Cloth Feather's Yarn Eternity (Manhua)

Eternity: Planet of Cloth, Wings of Silk (Synonyms), Star's Gown * Feather's Gauze - Eternity (Synonyms), The Fingertip Country (Synonyms), 星之衣☆羽之紗 Eternity (Synonyms)

Several hundred years ago, the son of darkness regained consciousness, shaking heaven and earth and filling the nights with evil. The whole world trembled with nervousness.In the Western Heaven at the edge of eternity, there is a legend about a six-winged angel who will awaken in a million years and save the world from its crisis. Will the legend really come true?Volume 3 includes the oneshot story "The Fingertip Country":

Angel/s Demon/s Good vs Evil Heaven Hidden Past Legend/s Legendary Hero Saving the World World Domination

Super Express Hiyokko

Super Express Hiyokko (Manga)

Cho Tokkyu Hiyokko (Synonyms), Chou Tokkyuu Hiyokko (Synonyms), 超特急☆雏 (Synonyms)

Sakura is a child who appears simple, but has a crush on her friend's big brother. A tragedy suddenly occurs, drastically changing her life, but to a good turn! A magical item appears to give our heroine the chance of her lifetime by turning her into an adult. But alas, how long can her fantasy last and how will it proceed on from there...?

Accident/s Age Gap Age Transformation Dead Family Member/s Heaven Magic Magic Item/s Older Male Younger Female Wish/es

Luo Xue Cheng Bai

Luo Xue Cheng Bai (Manhua)

Biały jak śnieg (Polish) (Synonyms), Chàng thư sinh và bạch hồ ly (Synonyms), Lạc Tuyết Thành Bạch (Synonyms), 落雪成白 (Synonyms)

and :The snow mountain is his territory, no one is suppose to live there! Who is this daredevil?! How dare he chop off my favorite gingko tree. To make it worse, he took all the furnitures in my cave! Darn! I won't be a demon fox if I didn't take revenge! But... he's just an idiotic scholar, why can't I get close to him? When the mischievous but innocent snow fox meets a slow yet scheming scholar, the truth isn't what Xue Qiu expected.

Fox Boy/s Fox Spirit Fox/es Heaven Immortal/s Naive Male Lead Secret Identity Souls Spirit/s Youkai

Akuma na Eros

Akuma na Eros (Manga)

Akuma na Eros - Virgin Crisis (Synonyms), Quyển sách phép (Synonyms), Satanic Eros (Synonyms), Satanic Eros - Virgin Crisis (Synonyms), Satanic Honey (Synonyms), Virgin Crisis (Synonyms), Дьявольский Эрос (Synonyms), วิกฤตการณ์ซาตานแห่งรัก (Synonyms), 处女危机 (Synonyms), 悪魔なエロス (Synonyms), 悪魔なエロス virgin crisis (Synonyms), 處女危機 (Synonyms)

Angel/s Appearance Different from Actual Age Deal with the Devil Demon Lord/King Demon-Human Relationship Devil/s Heaven Hell Lust Possessive Lover/s

Angel Koukou

Angel Koukou (Manga)

Angel High School (Synonyms), Angel Senior High School (Synonyms), Enjeru Koukou (Synonyms), Enjieru Koukou (Synonyms), Tenshi Koukou (Synonyms), エンジェル高校 (Synonyms), 天使高校 (Synonyms)

From DrCoke at :On one normal day while leaving school, Lukio dies from a car accident. Next thing he knows, he's being transported to a school called "Angel High School," where future Archangels study. With no other choice (being that he's actually dead), he now has to study to become a full Archangel, but somehow he becomes involved in the school's rivalry against the "Fallen Angel School." Now he must study with his fellow apprentice angels and compete against the fallen angel students.

Angel/s Competition/s Dead Male Lead Dead Protagonist Fallen Angel/s Heaven High School Rival Schools Slice of After-Life Student/s