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Heaven (ODA Aya)

Heaven (ODA Aya) (Manga)

النعيم (Synonyms), ヘヴン (Synonyms), 寻梦天堂 (Synonyms), 尋夢天堂 (Synonyms), 헤븐 (Synonyms)

From :Ozawa Rion's family died in a car accident. She finds herself alone and depressed. Coincidentally, she finds a second chance to live happily at Hotsprings Inn.

Heaven Hotel/Inn Musical Instrument/s Orphan/s Unrequited Love

Himitsu no SM Gokko

Himitsu no SM Gokko (Manga)

Our Secret S&M Life (Synonyms), ヒミツのSMごっこ (Synonyms)

Rika's boyfriend is normally gentle and kind, but he turns sadistic as soon as he takes off his glasses! She finds herself enjoying it as their sex becomes more and more intense. What's happening to her......!?from Renta!

BDSM Cunnilingus Hotel/Inn Masochistic Female Lead Masturbation Office Intercourse Phone Sex Sadistic Male Lead Sex Toy/s Voyeurism

Gokujou de Bukiyou na Service

Gokujou de Bukiyou na Service (Manga)

Best & worst service (French) (Synonyms), Clumsy and Best Quality Service (Synonyms), 冰火般的贴心服务 (Synonyms), 極上で不器用なサービス (Synonyms)

Bullying Character Who Bullies the One They Love Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Hotel/Inn Mean Male Lead Rich Male Lead Sadistic Seme

Hakanai Kiss ni Namida o Soete

Hakanai Kiss ni Namida o Soete (Manga)

A Father's Secret (Synonyms), Hakanai Kiss ni Namida wo Soete (Synonyms), はかないキスに涙を添えて (Synonyms)

Erin, a widow, operates a hotel with a baby in her arms. One day, a millionaire named Sam comes for a long-term stay. However, the handsome guest, who's caught Erin's eye, has a secret objective. Erin, knowing nothing of Sam's motives, receives a letter containing an astonishing message—due to a mix-up at the fertility clinic, her baby's father isn't who she thought, and he will soon be fighting for custody! And Erin has no idea that the father is Sam!

Baby/ies Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Car Accident Child Custody Harlequin Hotel/Inn Secret/s Single Mother Widow / Widower

Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha (Manga)

Hana-saku Iroha (Synonyms), The Fundamentals of Blooming (Synonyms), 花咲くいろは (Synonyms), 花开伊吕波 (Synonyms), 花開物語 (Synonyms), 꽃이 피는 첫걸음 (Synonyms)

Matsumae Ohana was a fairly ordinary high school girl who is suddenly sent to live with her grandmother when her mother and mother’s boyfriend decide they want to be alone for a while. This catches her completely off guard, but she goes to the Onsen her grandmother own only to discover that she’s expected to work there as well. At first she rejects the idea, but then decides to turn herself into that perfect Onsen hostess.But it’s not quite going exactly as planned…

Absent Parent/s Based on an Anime Host/Hostess Hot Spring/s Hotel/Inn

How to Use Men

How to Use Men (Manhwa)

[페니스나비다] 남사친 사용법 (Synonyms), Feliz Navidad: How to Use Men (Synonyms), Penis Navidad: How to Use Men (Synonyms), 남사친 사용법 (Synonyms)

Breakup/s Dominant Female Lead Fake Couple Becomes Genuine Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hotel/Inn Stoic Male Lead Vacation Virgin/s

Itsutsuboshi Prince

Itsutsuboshi Prince (Manga)

Five Star Prince (Synonyms), 五ツ星プリンス (Synonyms)


21st Century Classmate/s Female Protagonist High School Student/s Hotel/Inn Japan

Konohana Kitan

Konohana Kitan (Manga)

Fox Spirit Tales (Synonyms), Kono Hana Kitan (Synonyms), このはな綺譚 (Synonyms), 此花绮谭 (Synonyms)

KONOHANA KITAN is the heartwarming story of a new apprentice named Yuzu, and the other fox girls who work at a hot spring hotel called Konohatei. The staff at Konohatei live by one belief: no matter who one may truly be, no matter what, anyone who is a guest is a god. Of course, that includes you. Let the hospitality of Yuzu and the Konohatei heal your tired soul.

Adapted to Anime Animal Characteristics Fox Girl/s GL Subtext Hot Spring/s Hotel/Inn

Toiki ni Furete

Toiki ni Furete (Manga)

Fragments of Happiness (Synonyms), 吐息にふれて (Synonyms), 无法喘息的爱 (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories Hotel/Inn Love at First Sight Men in Suits Office Worker/s Older Uke Younger Seme One-Night Stand Student-Teacher Relationship Tragic Past Waiter/s

Egoistic Blue (TENNOUJI Mio)

Egoistic Blue (TENNOUJI Mio) (Manga)

エゴイスティック・ブルー (天王寺ミオ) (Synonyms), 傲慢的蓝眼睛情人 (Synonyms)

As a concierge at a high-class hotel, Chiaki is used to accommodating his guests’ every desire. But when he learns that Harry Christophoros, a Greek millionaire, has requested his personal services, Chiaki is puzzled. How did he manage to attract the attention of a foreigner he’s never even met? When he finally greets the handsome, mysterious visitor, neither man can deny the chemistry between them. Is Chiaki prepared to provide the ultimate in hospitality?

Arranged Marriage Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hotel/Inn Manager

Elite no Risei mo Genkai da

Elite no Risei mo Genkai da (Manga)

エリートの理性も限界だ (Synonyms), エリートの理性も限界だ 東京編 (Synonyms)

Volume 1 : Elite no Risei mo Genkai da Volume 2 : Elite no Risei mo Genkai da Tokyo-hen


Eojjeomyeon Bombyem Muldeulda

Eojjeomyeon Bombyem Muldeulda (Manhwa)

Incidentally Dyed by Spring's Love (Synonyms), Maybe it's Colored in Spring Love (Synonyms), 어쩌면 봄愛 물들다 (Synonyms)

Based on a Web Novel Convenience Store/s Hotel/Inn Musical Instrument/s Part-Time Job Pianist/s Piano University Student/s Webtoon

Iinazuke Ryokan

Iinazuke Ryokan (Manga)

El Spa del Amor (Synonyms), Fiance Hotel (Synonyms), Fiancé Inn (Synonyms), Secret Housemate (Synonyms), กว่าจะรู้ว่ารักเธอ (Synonyms), 許嫁旅館 (Synonyms), 许嫁旅馆 (Synonyms)

Arranged Marriage Cohabitation Collection of Stories Female Lead Falls in Love First Hotel/Inn Live-in Lover Male Lead Falls in Love First Misunderstanding/s Older Female Younger Male Secret Identity

Koi no Iro

Koi no Iro (Manga)

The Color of Love (Synonyms), The Colour of Love (Synonyms), コイノイロ (Synonyms), 戀愛色彩 (Synonyms)

Nao is a high-school student with a secret he carefully hides from everybody: He's fallen in love with his close friend, Hira. One day, Hira tells Nao that he looks different lately. Now Nao is terrified that Hira might have noticed his feelings! Or could it be that he's just over-reacting and his friend hasn't noticed anything at all?

Collection of Stories Coworker/s Drunken Intercourse Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hotel/Inn Love Confession/s Rape Victim/s Roommates Straight Uke

Koiiro Ryokan

Koiiro Ryokan (Manga)

Cinta Rumah Inap (Synonyms), แต้มรักฝากใจไว้ที่เรียวคัง (Thai) (Synonyms), 恋色旅館 (Synonyms)

FROM Marimo Cafè & UTBCT: His parents run away in the night, and so Tsugumi finds himself having to do the parasite in the Ryokan, a traditional hotel, where there is also I-chan, a close friend when she was little. In Ryokan, though, there are 3 brothers who shine out beauty. Who among them will be I-chan? Two of them will make fun of her, but Tsugumi be able to understand who ...!?

Hotel Business Hotel/Inn

Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou

Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou (Manga)

A Crow with a Glistening Trinket in Her Jet-Black Feathers (Synonyms), Lip-Service Woman and the Impregnable Maiden (Synonyms), One Who Depicts Love (Synonyms), ライカ、パブロフ、ポチハチ公 (Synonyms)

Clingy Friend Collection of Stories Hotel/Inn Love Confession/s Ojou-sama-like Female Character Persistent Female Lead Post-Secondary School Post-Secondary Student/s Rumors Student/s

Nakasete! Doctor

Nakasete! Doctor (Manga)

Cry Me! Doctor (Synonyms), Sweet Room (Synonyms), 別哭了!醫生 (Synonyms), 泣かせて!ドクター (Synonyms)

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Collection of Stories Doctor/s Drunken Intercourse Hotel/Inn Manipulative Lover President Single Parent Split Personality Writer/s

Tabetemo Ii yo, Choushokukei Danshi!

Tabetemo Ii yo, Choushokukei Danshi! (Manga)

Come and Eat Me, Breakfast Boy! (Synonyms), Tabetemo Iiyo Choushokukei Danshi (Synonyms), 食べてもいいよ、朝食系男子! (Synonyms)

My friend decided to run off and leave me with her debt. I'd been working three jobs and living at an internet cafe... I was so exhausted, I almost collapsed... but this super hot chef saved me just before I did! With an exasperated look on his face, he cooked me some food, all the while insisting that I was being scammed by my friend. One thing led to another, and I ended up being invited for a night at a five-star hotel with him!! Is this the night I lose my virginity...?

Chef/s Debt-Motivated Protagonist Episodic Hotel/Inn Manager Naive Female Lead

Teikoku Hotel: 120-nen no Saikou

Teikoku Hotel: 120-nen no Saikou (Manga)

Comic Teikoku Hotel (Synonyms), Comic Teikoku Hotel: 120-nen no Saikou (Synonyms), コミック 帝国ホテル 120年の最高 (Synonyms), 帝国ホテル 120年の最高 (Synonyms)



Caged Slave (Novel)

Caged Slave (Novel) (Novel)

Misshitsu no Toriko (Synonyms), Prisoner of the Hidden Room (Synonyms), 密室の虜 (Synonyms)

Tsukasa met an unknown man in a hotel lobby, and ended up spending a maddening night of pleasure with him. He accepts to meet him again in the same room the following week, despite the fact he doesn't even know his name. Their secret encounters go on that way, and now he finds himself falling in love and is worried that it may not last.

Hotel/Inn Illegitimate Child/ren Jealousy Love at First Sight Misunderstanding/s Office Love Possessive Lover/s Secret Identity Secretary Sex Friends Become Lovers