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The Poisonous Flower

The Poisonous Flower (Manga)

Doku no Hana (Synonyms), 毒の華 (Synonyms)

[From ShoujoMagic]:"The beautiful and most mysterious poison 'flower' tempting every part of me..." Michiru loved him from the bottom of her heart... because she loved him... and longed for him... but now Misaki is slowly losing hold of Michiru...!?

Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fangirl/s Idol/s Jealousy Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Singer/s Wish/es

Cinderella no Kaidan (ICHIJO Yukari)

Cinderella no Kaidan (ICHIJO Yukari) (Manga)

シンデレラの階段 (一条ゆかり) (Synonyms)


Blackmail Idol/s Showbiz

Chika Idol, Shokuba no Otoko no Bare Mashite

Chika Idol, Shokuba no Otoko no Bare Mashite (Manga)

Chika Idol, Shokuba no Otoko ni Baremashite (Synonyms), Kirikiri Mai (Synonyms), Kirikirimai (Synonyms), きりきりまい (Synonyms), 地下アイドル、職場の男にバレまして (Synonyms)


Business Entertainment Industry Idol/s

Idol Clubs

Idol Clubs (Manhwa)

Chạm mặt thần tượng (Synonyms), 아이돌 클럽 (Synonyms)

From :A Prince Charming suddenly appears in front of a country girl on a remote island. "I love you, I want to be happy with you like this forever." Setting a foot on a strange city to find her Prince Charming, she finds out that he is actually the Entertainment Industry's top star, Gang-Woo Choi. Even after seeing her, he pretends as if he doesn't know her...!!! "Gang-Woo Choi! You dare play around with me? I'll never forgive you!"

Amnesia Clueless Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Idiot Protagonist Idol/s Island/s

Kawaisugiru Danshi ga Ouchi de Matteimasu

Kawaisugiru Danshi ga Ouchi de Matteimasu (Manga)

The Cutest Boy Is Waiting for Me at Home (Synonyms), かわいすぎる男子がお家で待っています (Synonyms)

Reo is a smart OL at work but an unkempt otaku at home. So she offered her friend Haru to come live with her rent-free if he'll cook, clean, and keep Reo away from bad relationships. It'll be great to have a good friend like Haru greet her with a cute smile and a warm meal when she comes home!

Androgynous Male Lead Capable Female Lead Cohabitation Cute Male Lead Fan/s Fashionable Male Lead Idol/s Messy Character/s Office Worker/s Theater

Milk Crown

Milk Crown (Manga)

Cô nàng quản gia (Synonyms), Mahkota Putera (Synonyms), ミルク クラウン (Synonyms)

Cheerful Female Lead Dormitory/ies Female Lead Falls in Love First Forbidden Love Housekeeper Idol/s Love Polygon Maid/s Part-Time Job Straightforward Male Lead

Ore no Choukyouta Doutei-chan

Ore no Choukyouta Doutei-chan (Manga)

Ore no Choukyouta (Shitsuketa) Doutei-chan (Synonyms), Ore no Shitsuketa Doutei-chan (Synonyms), The Cherry Boy I Trained (Synonyms), The Cherry Boy Whom I Trained (Synonyms), オレのシツケた童貞ちゃん (Synonyms), オレの調教(シツケ)た童貞ちゃん (Synonyms), 내가 조교한 체리보이 (Synonyms)

"Don't shake your hips until I say "good", okay?" I'm a virgin who's being trained... every day. Katou, who once was a Bishounen (beautiful boy) Idol has grown to be a man now. He spends his university life hiding from the world, but he was spoken to by his former partner, Aki.

Appearance Changes Arrogant Male Lead Blackmail Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Idol/s Jealousy Secret Identity University Student/s Virgin/s

Otonari no Nikushokujuu

Otonari no Nikushokujuu (Manga)

The Carnivorous Neighbor (Synonyms), おとなりの肉食獣 (Synonyms), 隔壁的肉食兽 (Synonyms)

Attempted Rape Childhood Friend/s Friends Become Lovers Idol/s Modeling Neighbor/s Older Uke Younger Seme Otaku Rescue Seme Falling in Love First

Oyayubihime Infinity

Oyayubihime Infinity (Manga)

Công Chúa Ngón Cái (Synonyms), La Marque du Destin (Synonyms), オヤユビヒメ∞(インフィニティ) (Synonyms), 拇指公主 (Synonyms)

Androgynous Male Lead Birth Mark/s Butterfly/ies Character Growth Deliberate Loner Idol/s Music Band/s Past Plays a Big Role Rabbit/s Reincarnation


qtμt (Manga)

Cutie Mutie (Synonyms), qtut (Synonyms), キューティーミューティー (Synonyms)

Hana was enjoying her peaceful days at school until she received a mysterious letter which said: "Do not say a word."...She doesn't know what to do, thus she begs for help of her friends to find out who is the sender and what is that she forgot she should be not saying..? But the truth is more terrifying than she expected.

Abuse of Power Abusive Sibling/s Child Abuse Dark Ambience Dead Friend/s Experiment/s Fetish/es GL Subtext Idol/s Sexual Abuse

Renai Crown

Renai Crown (Manga)

Crown of Love (Synonyms), Ren'ai Crown (Synonyms), Renai: Crown (Synonyms), 恋愛 CROWN (Synonyms), 恋愛―CROWN― (Synonyms)

From Shojo Beat:Sixteen-year-old Hisayoshi "Kumi" Tajima wasn't looking for love. But after he accidentally bumps into teen idol Rima Fujio, he can't stop thinking about her. Living worlds apart, he'll never have a chance to meet her again. Until Rima's former agent Ikeshiba gives him the perfect opportunity - by turning Hisayoshi into an idol himself! Too bad Rima only sees him as competition for Ikeshiba's attention...

Female Demographic with Male Lead High School Idol/s Love at First Sight Manager Out of Print in English Possessive Lover/s Showbiz Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Romantic Relationship System

Romantic Relationship System (Manhua)

Chasing Love System (Synonyms), Sistem Percintaan Prince Charming, Hệ Thống Yêu Đương Nam Thần, Hệ Thống Yêu Đương Với Nam Thần, (Synonyms), 男神恋爱系统 (Synonyms)

Popular beautiful hostess Lin Tang has seized a chance to bind a romantic relation system to survive after an unexpected accident and time-travels to a strange world. Let's see what love tactics will she use to make all the handsome guys appointed by the system fall in love for her and go back to the top of her life.

Beautiful Female Lead Bishounen Full Color Game Elements Idol/s Isekai Reincarnation Reverse Harem Smart Female Lead Webtoon

Secret Playlist

Secret Playlist (Manhwa)

Choedae, Gieo (Synonyms), Play, Flee (Synonyms), Play, PL (Synonyms), Play, Playlist (Synonyms), Play, Pli (Synonyms), Playlist secreta (Synonyms), 恋爱播放曲 (Synonyms), 플레이, 플리 (Synonyms)

Hanju is your ordinary university student… except for the fact that she’s also the up-and-coming Metube cover artist, PLII. When popular boy group member Levi takes notice of PLII and requests to collaborate, Hanju will do anything to hide her secret identity. But as the two grow closer working on a class project, Hanju’s cover begins to unravel. Will Levi discover her secret?Official Translation:

21st Century Famous Character/s Famous Male Lead Full Color Guitar Hidden Identity Idol/s Musician Post-Secondary Student/s Singer/s

Starlight Scandal

Starlight Scandal (Manhwa)

Cosmic Stars (Synonyms), S Scandal (Synonyms), The Universe's Star (Synonyms), 宇宙でただ一つ輝く星 (Synonyms), 宇宙的星星 (Synonyms), 우주의 별 (Synonyms)

Actor/s Full Color Idol/s Webtoon

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Shuffle!! Comic Anthology

The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Shuffle!! Comic Anthology (Manga)

Beautiful Rhythm (Synonyms), Cinderella Egg (Synonyms), Cinderwriter (Synonyms), Idol Hajimemashita (Synonyms), Idol wa Hajimemashita (Synonyms), Kanzaki Ranko no Nichijou (Synonyms), Let's Go Geidol (Synonyms), Piyo de Rera (Synonyms), Piyoderera (Synonyms), Rin-chan Lesson! (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Shuffle!! - Cinderella Egg (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Shuffle!! - Cinderwriter (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Shuffle!! - Idol wa Hajimemashita (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Shuffle!! - Piyoderera (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Shuffle!! - Rin-chan Lesson! (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Shuffle!! - Uraraka Rhythm (Synonyms), THE iDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS SHUFFLE!! コミックアンソロジー (Synonyms), Uraraka Rhythm (Synonyms), うららかリズム (Synonyms), ぴよでれら (Synonyms), アイドルはじめました (Synonyms), アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ Shuffle!! (Synonyms), アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ シャッフル!! (Synonyms), シンデレラ☆エッグ (Synonyms), シンデレライター (Synonyms), レッツゴー芸ドル (Synonyms), 凛ちゃんLesson! (Synonyms), 神崎蘭子の日常 (Synonyms)

Based on a Video Game Collection of Stories Idol/s

They Are a Couple

They Are a Couple (Manhua)

A Couple of Handsome Men (Synonyms), Nan Shen Shi Yi Dui (Synonyms), Пара красавчиков (Synonyms), 男神是一对 (Synonyms), 하늘 같은 남친 (Synonyms)

When Luo Yunjuan was little, he was the stand-in for his sister in a commercial where he had to crossdress and be kissed by the child star, Aoyue. Now, Yunjuan aims to have a profession that will earn him a lot of money so that he can pay for his sister’s medical expenses.One day, he’s approached by a man saying he has a way for Yunjuan to get rich fast and gives him his card. The man is actually a director for a talent agency, the same one Aoyue works for. The two have their paths cross once again, and now what will happen to them and their careers...?

Childhood Love Entertainment Industry Idol/s Music Band/s Roommates Slow Romance Tsundere Male Lead Unexpected Feelings Web Comic Webtoon

To aru Idol no Accelerator-sama

To aru Idol no Accelerator-sama (Manga)

A Certain Idol Accelerator (Synonyms), To aru Guuzou no Ippou Tsuukou-sama (Synonyms), Toaru Guuzou no Ippou Tsuukou-sama (Synonyms), Toaru Idol no Accelerator-sama (Synonyms), Некий идол - Акселератор (Synonyms), とある偶像の一方通行さま (Synonyms), 어떤 우상의 일방통행님 (Synonyms)

A project to develop new superpowers is underway in Academy City. That project will turn Accelerator into a --?!

Disability Aid Idol/s Manager Short Chapter/s

Zombieland Saga

Zombieland Saga (Anime)

Zombie Land Saga (English), ゾンビランドサガ (Japanese)

Sakura Minamoto dreams of becoming an idol. Unfortunately, reality hits her like a truck, and she dies in a sudden traffic accident. Ten years later, she wakes up in Saga Prefecture, only to find herself a zombie with no memory of her past.

Shy Female Lead Idol/s Zombie/s Tomboyish Female Lead Delinquent/s Music Music Business Parody Mysterious Male Lead Young Female Lead Sudden Death/s

Comming Up!

Comming Up! (Manhwa)

COMING UP! (Synonyms), 커밍업! (Synonyms)

Idols, stars, celebrities - Everyone races for the stage. But what will it really take to reach the center? Coming up! Idols in the making.

Full Color Idol/s Music Band/s Web Comic Webtoon

Counterattack: Diva System

Counterattack: Diva System (Manhua)

Counter-attack of the Queen (Synonyms), 逆袭天后系统 (Synonyms)

Chu You has always been responsible and hard-working in order to fulfill her goal of becoming a famous movie director, but unexpectedly, she was betrayed by a scum man and woman! Not only was she falsely accused, she was also robbed of her hard-earned savings! In despair, she committed suicide with hatred, but after her rebirth, she's contracted with the Diva system?! Once a scumbag, always a scumbag! Now, what you made me experience before, I'll give it back to you in double!

Celebrity/ies Game Elements Idol/s System Administrator Time Rewind