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MM! (Novel)

MM! (Novel) (Novel)

Emu Emu! (Novel) (Synonyms), MM Group (Novel) (Synonyms), えむえむっ! (Novel) (Synonyms)

Incomplete Due to Author/Artist Death

Hi no Tori

Hi no Tori (Manga)

Chim lửa (Synonyms), Phoenix (Synonyms), 火の鳥 (Synonyms), 불새 (Synonyms)

Alien/s Ancestor/s Animal Characteristics Antihero / Antiheroine Astronaut/s Bandit/s Bird/s Civil Disorder Incomplete Due to Author/Artist Death Wolf/Wolves

Kachuu Hana

Kachuu Hana (Manga)

Central China Blossom (Synonyms), Hana China (Synonyms), Hanako of the Chinatown (Synonyms), Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy (Synonyms), 華中華 (Synonyms)

Hanako Nakamura, apprentice chef who worked at the famous restaurant in Yokohama's Chinatown, Manten restaurant, aspires to be number one chef in her village. One day he meets the ghost of a concubine, concubine of Emperor Xuanzong's favorite, who taught her to make delicious fried rice. How is the taste of the fried rice that was created by a concubine who knew her tastes and girl that are always full of spirit?

Cooking Ghost/s Incomplete Due to Author/Artist Death Mythology Rushed Ending / Axed

Amane Atatameru

Amane Atatameru (Manga)

Amane will Warm (Synonyms), あまねあたためる (Synonyms), 温周的日常物语 (Synonyms)

From :Nukumori Amane is a cheerful high school girl who lives her life with innocent enthusiasm. In the process, she often inadvertently changes and enriches the lives of the boys around her. In turning a man away from suicide, showing a student council president he doesn't need to be so strict, and many more situations, Amane's sweet, and bubbly girl power makes a difference.

Incomplete Due to Author/Artist Death Male Demographic with Female Lead School Girl/s Suicide/s