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Futari de Kuraseba

Futari de Kuraseba (Manga)

Dishonest Woman (Synonyms), 二人で暮らせば (Synonyms)

Kimberley just lost her father. And on top of having no family left, she is still hurting from her recent breakup with her fiancé. The only thing left for her is Brancourt, the house she grew up in, but she has to get married in five months if she wants to inherit the house. Why did her father put such an absurd condition in his will? One night, Kimberley meets unknown actor Slade, and desperate to save the house, she tries to make an arrangement with him in exchange for money. But little does she know who Slade really is…

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Dead Parent/s Harlequin In Love with Ex Inheritance Male Lead Falls in Love First Marriage of Convenience Misunderstanding/s Older Male Younger Female

Futari no Kare to..., Dekiai 3P Office

Futari no Kare to..., Dekiai 3P Office (Manga)

Futari no Kare to Dekiai 3P Office (Synonyms), ふたりのと…、溺愛3Pオフィス (Synonyms)


Inheritance Office Lady Office Worker/s

Futatsu No Kao Wo Motsu Koibito

Futatsu No Kao Wo Motsu Koibito (Manga)

The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (Synonyms), The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride The Ramirez Brides II (Synonyms), 二つの顔を持つ恋人 (Synonyms), 二つの顔を持つ恋人 ラミレス家の花嫁 II (Synonyms)

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Ex-Couple Back Together Ex-Lover Illegitimate Child/ren Inheritance Lie/s Lovers Reunited Marriage Proposal Reunion/s

Honban Ari! Joshi Senyou Fuuzokuten

Honban Ari! Joshi Senyou Fuuzokuten (Manga)

Full Service! a Brothel for Women (Synonyms), 本番アリ!女子専用風俗店 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Assertive Male Lead Brothel/s Dead Family Member/s Inheritance Innocent Female Lead Multiple Sexual Partners Orphan/s Prostitution Reverse Harem

Kanraku Alpha ~Enigma~ 4 verse

Kanraku Alpha ~Enigma~ 4 verse (Manga)

Falling Alpha-Enigma: The Fourth Verse (Synonyms), Kanraku Alpha Enigma (Synonyms), Kanraku Arufa Eniguma: Dai 4 no Bāsu (Synonyms), 陥落アルファ ―エニグマ:第4のバース― (Synonyms)

"I can't believe that I, an Alpha, am being embraced!"Kuga Tsukasa is the heir to a great company. One day, at a party, he meets a man who appears to be the heir to the Amou empire. Tsukasa intends to use this man for his own gain, but without realizing it he is already underneath him in his bed!

Corporate Espionage Family Business Family Drama Hidden Motive Hidden Past Inheritance Omegaverse Orphanage Rape Special Ability/ies

Boushiya Ellipsis

Boushiya Ellipsis (Manga)

Boushiya Eripushisu (Synonyms), Ellipse du Chapelier (Synonyms), Ellipse du Chopelier (Synonyms), Hat Shop Ellipsis (Synonyms), ร้านหมวกเนรมิตฝัน (Synonyms), 帽子屋エリプシス (Synonyms), 帽子屋的许愿魔法 (Synonyms), 모자가게일립스 (Synonyms)

From :Whatever Ozu Hayato was expecting when he went to his late grandfather's house for the reading of the last will and testament, it wasn't for his grandfather's old hat to fall on his head and allow him to see the ghost of a long-dead girl. Nor was it to inherit an entire office building, complete with a members-only hat shop. And who exactly is that man responsible for carrying out the terms of the will, and how does he know about the hat? And what's it all have to do with Hayato, anyway?

Dead Family Member/s Ghost/s Inheritance Male Lead with Body Piercing/s Non-BL with Two Male Leads

Egekai ni Torawarete

Egekai ni Torawarete (Manga)

The Kanellis Scandal (Synonyms), エーゲ海にとらわれて (Synonyms)

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Dead Family Member/s Harlequin Inheritance Playboy/s

Eien o Sagashite

Eien o Sagashite (Manga)

Eien wo Sagashite (Synonyms), Honor's Promise (Synonyms), 永遠をさがして (Synonyms), 永遠を探して (Synonyms)

America Attempted Murder Based on a Novel Emotionally Strong Female Lead Family Drama Harlequin Inheritance Kidnapping/s Kind Male Lead Lost Child/ren

Eien wa Okirai?

Eien wa Okirai? (Manga)

Marriage by Necessity (Synonyms), 永遠はお嫌い? (Synonyms)

In his will Megan’s father had stipulated that she must marry within two years and have a child or forfeit ownership of the ranch. So now she must find a husband, and quick! She works up her courage to meet her childhood friend Nathan Bravo. Though they grew up together, he left town to work as a veterinarian in the city long ago. Now, twelve years later, Megan is determined to ask him to marry her!

Abandoned Child Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Childhood Friend/s Dead Parent/s First Love Harlequin Inheritance Last Will Parental Abandonment

Mister Millionaire

Mister Millionaire (Manga)

Anata no Kioku (Synonyms), Expecting the Boss's Baby (Synonyms), Kekkon nante Shitakunai (Synonyms), Kekkon no Kokoroe (Synonyms), Millionaire Husband (Synonyms), あなたの記憶 (Synonyms), 結婚なんてしたくない (Synonyms), 結婚の心得 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Based on a Novel Child Custody Inheritance Office Worker/s One-Night Stand Past Plays a Big Role Rich Lover/s Strong Female Lead Wedding

Uruwashiki Lesson

Uruwashiki Lesson (Manga)

The Disobedient Virgin (Synonyms), The Ramirez Brides III (Synonyms), 麗しきレッスン (Synonyms)

Catarina was raised in a school for young ladies, and isn't at all used to men. So when she finds herself in the arms of her handsome new guardian, Jake Ramirez, he makes her thin body tremble. Today, the day of her twenty-first birthday, she should have become free. However, according to her old guardian's will, she must stay with Jake and marry another man within two months! On the one hand, Catarina is intimidated by Jake's strength, but on the other, she's beginning to find him very interesting...

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Harlequin Heir/Heiress Illegitimate Child/ren Inheritance Rich Male Lead Virgin/s

Jounetsu wa Arashi no Atode

Jounetsu wa Arashi no Atode (Manga)

Caribbean Desire (Synonyms), 情熱は嵐のあとで (Synonyms)

Before she passed away, Emma's mother told her that she has a wealthy grandfather. Emma gets close to him without revealing her identity, but she meets Conrad, a man mentored by her grandfather. Emma is immediately turned off by Conrad's arrogant and dangerous appeal. However, when her grandfather takes a turn for the worse, he comes up with an unlikely idea....

Based on a Novel Bickering Love Dead Family Member/s Engaged Couple Granddaughter/s Harlequin Inheritance Love Interests Who Don't Get Along Rich Male Lead Sharp-tongued Female Lead

Nijuu Mensou no Musume

Nijuu Mensou no Musume (Manga)

20 Mensou no Musume (Synonyms), Chiko, Heiress of the Phantom Thief (Synonyms), Hatachi Mensou no Musume (Synonyms), Nijū-Mensō no Musume (Synonyms), The Daughter of Twenty Faces (Synonyms), 二十面相の娘 (Synonyms), 二十面相娘 (Synonyms)

Chiko has been leading a lonely life because of her parents death. Together with the Phantom Thief Nijū-Mensō (20-Faces), she sets out on a journey into the real world. She gradually changes as she encounters new friends and places. But strange events start happening around the "Legacy of the 20-Faces". So Chiko has to move forward, regardless of how checkered her life will become.

Adapted to Anime Detective/s Guardian Relationship Heir/Heiress Inheritance Loneliness Orphan/s Smart Female Lead Strong Female Lead Thief/ves

Rental Magica

Rental Magica (Manga)

Công ty ma pháp (Synonyms), RENTAL MAGICA บริษัทจัดหาเวทย์ (Thai) (Synonyms), Rentaru Magika (Synonyms), レンタルマギカ (Synonyms), 魔法人力派遣公司 (Synonyms)

From the back cover via :"My inheritance is a company that rents out magic users...what!?"The extremely scared Iba Itsuki receives his inheritance left to him by his missing father: the Magic User Rental Company Astral. The magic users are rented out to customers to solve problems as requested. How will Itsuki deal with the fate of being president when he's never studied mage-craft!?

Based on a Novel Eyepatch Ghost/s Inheritance Mage/s Magic Onmyouji Priestess/es Shinto Witch/es

Uruwashi no Eikoku Series

Uruwashi no Eikoku Series (Manga)

Beautiful England 1: Waiting for the Moon to Rise (Synonyms), Beautiful England 2: China Bird Guide (Synonyms), Beautiful England 3: Resident of the Castle in the Sky (Synonyms), Beautiful England 4: The Flowers Melancholy (Synonyms), Beautiful England 5: The Wind Opened the Door (Synonyms), Beautiful England Series (Synonyms), China Bird (Synonyms), China Bird Guide (Synonyms), China no Tori (Synonyms), Chuugoku no Tori (Synonyms), Hanabana no Yuuutsu (Synonyms), Kuuchuuroukaku no Juunin (Synonyms), Resident of the Castle in the Sky (Synonyms), The Flowers Melancholy (Synonyms), The Wind Opened the Door (Synonyms), Tobira wo Akeru Kaze (Synonyms), Tsukinode wo Matte (Synonyms), Uruwashi no Eikoku Shiriizu (Synonyms), Waiting for the Moon to Rise (Synonyms), うるわしの英国シリーズ (Synonyms), 中国の鳥 (Synonyms), 扉をあける風 (Synonyms), 月の出をまって (Synonyms), 空中楼閣の住人 (Synonyms), 花々のゆううつ (Synonyms), 雙子玫瑰的憂鬱 (Synonyms)

Cat/s England Episodic Female Demographic with Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Inheritance Mysterious Elements Nobility Odd Situation/s Victorian Era

Usotsuki na Cinderella

Usotsuki na Cinderella (Manga)

The Cinderella Inheritance (Synonyms), 嘘つきなシンデレラ (Synonyms)

THE CINDERELLA INHERITANCEWhen the wealthy Alfred Wingate dies, his personal assistant, Cynthia, is utterly confused. He has left her his mansion in his will! Cynthia thought she was in love with Alfred's grandson Graham. But when she finds out he is cheating, she breaks off the engagement. But the terms of the will won't allow her to refuse the inheritance, and she's stuck with the mansion. On top of all this, Graham's brother, Rick, treats her with contempt, believing she tricked his wealthy grandfather!

Based on a Novel Brother/s Doctor/s Engaged Couple Family Harlequin Inheritance Misunderstood Protagonist Orphan/s Past Plays a Big Role

Countess and the Blade

Countess and the Blade (Manhwa)

Cheerful Countess Sisters (Synonyms), The Lovely Sisters (Synonyms), 伯爵姐妹的白皮书 (Synonyms), 明朗姉妹白書 (Synonyms), 명랑자매백서 (Synonyms)

Abusive Parent/s Calm Female Lead Child Born From Infidelity Count/Countess Cunning Female Lead European Ambiance Female Knight/s Full Color Inheritance Long-Lost Sibling/s

Love Limit Exceeded

Love Limit Exceeded (Manhwa)

The Butterfly Inside (Synonyms), 연애 한도 초과 (Synonyms)

Daham became a building owner due to his father’s death. One day, a mysterious woman comes to claim a co-inheritance and begins a troublesome cohabitation between the two. The romance of the real timid boss building owner and mysterious woman is about to exceed the limit!

Affair/s Big Breasts Blushing Cheating/Infidelity Housemates Inheritance Timid Character/s Timid Protagonist

Ruby Doll

Ruby Doll (Manhwa)

Búp bê hồng ngọc (Synonyms), Cuộc chiến gia sản (Synonyms), 紅寶石少女 (Synonyms), 루비돌 (Synonyms)

From :The president of the huge family company DI-group is going to select his heir from among his four grandsons, that's why Ru Jin, Ru Ha, Ru Min and Ru Sung gathered together!! Of course, everyone has his own reasons to become the next president... So the survival game of this coveted seat in the executive suite is going to START!!

Beautiful Female Lead Bishounen Competition/s Cross-dressing Heir/Heiress Inheritance Live-in Lover Popular Female Lead Rich Family Romance Ending with Second Lead

Shounen Harem

Shounen Harem (Manga)

Boy's Harem (Synonyms), 少年ハーレム (Synonyms), 情人保镖 (Synonyms)

From Sugar-Oasis:Suzu, the result of a love affair that happened a long time ago between the master of a rich family and her mother, who worked there as a maid, is to receive a large inheritance from the Hakuhouen family after her father's death. However, this family is nothing but greedy people who will go to any extent to get a hold of this fortune. To protect herself, she must set up a plan, which is to announce she'll hand over all the rights over the money she has to her husband, which she will choose within the family...

Inheritance Love Triangle/s Reverse Harem Rich Female Lead