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Heaven Eleven

Heaven Eleven (Manga)

HEAVEN Irebun (Synonyms), HEAVENイレブン (Synonyms), ชมรมฟุตบอลบ้าบ๊องบวม (Synonyms), ชมรมฟุตบอลบ้าบ๊องบวม Heaven Eleven (Synonyms)

On the island of Hazukito, there is a superstition that forbids people from playing soccer. Two high schoolers, Saigo and Okubo, decide to form a soccer team in their school, to challenge this superstition. Now all they need is to find nine other players who aren't afraid of the curse.

Curse/s High School Student/s Island/s Isolated Location Soccer/Football Superstition

Cosmos Rakuenki

Cosmos Rakuenki (Manga)

コスモス楽園記 (Synonyms)

Robas Island, an isolated island in the South Pacific Ocean. Kosuke Fujita, a Japanese, landed alone on an uninhabited island that no one could approach due to nuclear tests and plant cell tests in the 1950s in order to make a scoop. What Kosuke saw there was a town of cats who walked on two legs and spoke Japanese! Hiroshi Masumura's masterpiece, which develops his own fantastic world, is here!

Atypical Premise Island/s Isolated Location Mutation/s Non-Humans Reporter/s Starting a New Life Talking Animals

Androgynous (ASHIHARA Akira)

Androgynous (ASHIHARA Akira) (Manga)

アンドロジナス (Synonyms)

"Two anachronistic tales of forbidden, heretical love, set deep in the jungle..."A long time ago, the first androgynous priest Ester transformed his body to give love to the lonely forest god. Now, the present day androgynous priest Aura is confused by his longing for the outside world & attraction to the foreign botanist, Jack, who discovers the secret shrine.

Androgynous Character/s Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Eloping Couple Feminine Uke God/s Hermaphrodite Isolated Location Priest/s Scientist/s Short Uke