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Kaijuu no Shiiku Iin

Kaijuu no Shiiku Iin (Manga)

Dresseuses de monstres (French) (Synonyms), Monster Raising Committee Members (Synonyms), Monster Tamer Girls (Synonyms), 怪兽饲养委员 (Synonyms), 怪獣の飼育委員 (Synonyms)

Two girls start attending a new school and find themselves responsible for the care and feeding of monsters.

Japan Japanese Ambient Japanese Culture Japanese Folklore Japanese Society Kaijuu Monster Tamer Monster/s New School School Girl/s


Kamunabi (Manga)

神南火 ~忌部神奈・女の神話シリーズ~ (Synonyms)

A series of short stories detailing the exploits of Dr Imibe Kana, a researcher on Japanese mythology and religion, as she travels around the country becoming involved in various occurrences centred around ancient traditions and folklore.

Folklore Goddess/es Historical References Japan Japanese Folklore Japanese Society Legend/s Mythology Realistic Art Style Shinto

Kimi to Taberu to, ~Hokkaido Tokimeki Gohan~

Kimi to Taberu to, ~Hokkaido Tokimeki Gohan~ (Manga)

And Eat With You, ~ Hokkaido Heartthrob Rice ~ (Synonyms), When I'm Eating With You, ~ Hokkaido Crushable Meals ~ (Synonyms), きみと食べると、~北海道ときめきごはん~ (Synonyms)


Crush/es Food Hokkaido Japan Japanese Ambient Japanese Culture Japanese Society

Toumei Ningen no Tsukurikata

Toumei Ningen no Tsukurikata (Manga)

How to Create a Person Who Can't Be Seen (Synonyms), How to Make an Invisible Man (Synonyms), Recipe for Invisibility (Synonyms), The Invisible Man's Creation Method (Synonyms), Ways to Make an Invisible Person (Synonyms), 透明人間の作り方 (Synonyms)

Invisibility Japanese Society Protagonist Bored with Life School Girl/s Yandere Female Lead


Oishinbo (Manga)

The Gourmet (Synonyms), おいしんぼ (Synonyms), 美味しんぼ (Synonyms), 美味大挑戰 (Synonyms)

Around the offices of Tozai News, Shiro Yamaoka has a reputation for being over-blunt, under-ambitious, and generally an all-around slacker. So why has he been given the important job of coming up with the "Ultimate Menu" to celebrate the newspaper's 100th anniversary? Because he possesses qualities his other colleagues don't: an exquisitely discerning palate, an encyclopedic knowledge of food and drink, and a masterful touch in the kitchen.This series received the 1987 Shogakukan Manga Award for seinen/general manga.

Adapted to Anime Adapted to Game Award-Winning Work Cooking Educational Food How-To Guide Japanese Society

Oishinbo a la Card

Oishinbo a la Card (Manga)

Oishinbo à la Carte (Synonyms), Oishinbo A Ra Karuto (Synonyms), The Gourmet Guy: a la Carte (Synonyms), The Gourmet: à la Carte (Synonyms), 美味しんぼア・ラ・カルト (Synonyms)

Collected and re-edited chapters from , arranged by themes.

Cooking Educational Food How-To Guide Japanese Society


Oninagi (Manga)

Ghost Legend (Synonyms), Legend of Ghost (Synonyms), オニナギ (Synonyms), 鬼薙傳奇 (Synonyms)

From :Average schoolgirl Nanami is excited about only one thing — getting closer to her crush during the new school year. Little does she know that there’s an ancient power running through her veins, which is why she’s being pursued by Tomotaka Onigoroshi, a swordswoman who will stop at nothing to rid the world of Nanami’s presence! But while their initial confrontation is as hunter and quarry, will Tomotaka’s allegiances shift when Nanami steps up to defend her against an unexpected opponent?

Ancestor/s Demon Hunter/s Demon/s Government Agency Hidden Past Hidden Power/s Hunted Protagonist Inhuman Power Japanese Folklore Japanese Society

Barairo no Yakusoku

Barairo no Yakusoku (Manga)

Gül Renkli Söz (Synonyms), La promessa della rosa (Synonyms), The Rose-colored Promise (Synonyms), Обещание цвета роз (Synonyms), สัญญาสีกุหลาบ (Synonyms), 蔷薇色的约定 (Synonyms), 薔薇色の約束 (Synonyms), 薔薇色ノ約束 (Synonyms), 薔薇色的約定 (Synonyms), 장미빛의 약속 (Synonyms)

Iroha, the daughter of a good family, has just lost her father and was grieving in her garden when an arrogant but handsome man dressed in a military uniform trespasses and changes her life forever...The latest manga from Kaho Miyasaka set in a Taisho era-esque world.

Marriage Dead Family Member/s Japanese Society Marriage Proposal Mysterious Male Lead Nobility Scar/s Secret Admirer Stepmother/s Taisho Era

Futsuu no Asa no Hanashi

Futsuu no Asa no Hanashi (Manga)

Another Normal Morning (Synonyms), ふつうの朝 の話 (Synonyms)


Adult Couple Homophobia Japan Japanese Society Social Commentary

Ganso Edomae Sushiya Yohee

Ganso Edomae Sushiya Yohee (Manga)

Ganso-Edomae Sushiya Yohee (Synonyms), The Founder of Tokyo-style Sushi Store Yohee (Synonyms), 元祖江户前 寿司达人与兵卫 (Synonyms), 元祖江戸前 寿し屋與兵衛 (Synonyms)


Chef/s Fish/es Food Japanese Society Restaurant Sushi Tokyo

Hanadoki Road: Yae to Jirou

Hanadoki Road: Yae to Jirou (Manga)

Flowering-Season Road, Special Edition: Yae to Jiro (Synonyms), Hanadoki Road - Tokubetsu Henshuu: Yae to Jiro (Synonyms), Hanadoki Road: Yae to Jiro (Synonyms), ハナドキロード 八重と次郎 (Synonyms)


Atypical Art Style Japanese Society Travel


HaruHana (Manga)

Flower of Spring (Synonyms), Haru Hana (Synonyms), ハルハナ (Synonyms), 春情花开 (Synonyms)

From Storm in Heaven:Yamada Hana's just moved to Tokyo, and her perfect debut falls disastrously flat. Not only do things at school start off badly, but her demon sister's sold her off to work for Haru, who seems to spend way too much time touching girls. If that wasn't enough, Haru's gorgeous, and Hana has a strange condition where she breaks out in hives whenever cute guys touch her!

Female Author Haphephobia Japanese Society New Job Tokyo Transfer Student/s

Iigakari Neesan

Iigakari Neesan (Manga)

False Accusation Sister (Synonyms), いいがかり姉さん (Synonyms)

The story is mainly told from a young boy's point of view, who's older sister spends all day falsely accusing anyone and everyone of anything and everything. When she finally finds a job at a department store, she doesn't only accuse customers but also feels falsely accused by them...

Blunt Character/s Embarrassing Situation/s Japanese Society Lie/s New Job Odd Situation/s Paranoid Character Pop Culture References Quirky Characters Younger Brother

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan

Kikanshita Yuusha no Gojitsudan (Manga)

The Day After the Hero Who Returned (Synonyms), The Days After the Hero's Return (Synonyms), The Fate of the Returned Hero (Synonyms), 回归勇者后日谈 (Synonyms), 帰還した勇者の後日譚 (コミカル) (Synonyms)

Hero/es Isekai Japan Japanese Culture Japanese Society Magic Magical Powers Male Protagonist Modern City World Travel

Oboro Tanteichou

Oboro Tanteichou (Manga)

Dim Detective Book (Synonyms), Faint Investigator Record (Synonyms), Hazy Book of Sleuthing (Synonyms), Oboro Tanteicho (Synonyms), おぼろ探偵帖 (Synonyms)

Time is the Meiji era--Tokyo is a city where gas lights are lit and the night darkness is much brighter. However, youkai still existed in the streets. What is the strangeness that Tanuki Houshi and his disciple Ohyaku, and the forerunner of the thing, Yasuzaku, has to face?

Detective/s Historical Setting Japanese Folklore Japanese Society Meiji Era Odd Situation/s Tokyo Uncommon Services/Store Youkai

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth

Suteki Tantei Labyrinth (Manga)

Fantastic Detective Labyrinth (Synonyms), Fantastic Sleuth Labyrinth (Synonyms), Labyrinth (WAKAYAMA Seiji) (Synonyms), Steki Tantei Labyrinth (Synonyms), Suteki Tantei Rabirinsu (Synonyms), Wonderful Detective Labyrinth (Synonyms), 无敌侦探贵公子 (Synonyms), 素敵探偵ラビリンス (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Butler/s Crime/s Detective/s Dog/s Family Secret Hidden Past Hidden Power/s Investigation Japanese Society

Akio Morita

Akio Morita (Manga)

Edu-manga: Akio Morita (Synonyms), 盛田昭夫 (Synonyms)

This new line of Edu-Manga* features Astro Boy, one of Japan's most popular icons among children who journeys alongside the reader. He provides for kids not only a history lesson but also a richer understanding of the life lessons these historical figures share with us.Akio Morita, the co-founder and former chairman of the Sony corporation. Morita is responsible for egging on the amazing growth of the Japanese electronics industry over the last 50 years.*Note: Edu-Manga is a term coined in Japan which means Educational Manga.

Based on a Classic Biography / Autobiography Business Management Businessman / Businesswoman Determined Protagonist Edutainment Historical Persons Iconic Character Japanese Society Real Life Facts

Chiaki Mukai

Chiaki Mukai (Manga)

Edu-manga: Chiaki Mukai (Synonyms), 向井千秋 (Synonyms), 向井千秋 日本人初の女性宇宙飛行士 (Synonyms)

America Astronaut/s Based on a Classic Biography / Autobiography Determined Protagonist Edutainment Historical Persons Iconic Character Japanese Society Outer Space

Edomae no Shun Tokubetsuhen - Sushikon

Edomae no Shun Tokubetsuhen - Sushikon (Manga)

Sushi Soul (Synonyms), Sushikon Tokubetsuhen (Synonyms), The Spirit of Sushi (Synonyms), 寿司魂 (Synonyms)


Chef/s Food Japanese Society Restaurant Sushi

Edomae no Shun

Edomae no Shun (Manga)

Edo-style's Seasonal Dishes (Synonyms), Tokyo-style Food in Season (Synonyms), 江戸前の旬 (Synonyms)


Chef/s Fish/es Food Japanese Society Sushi Tokyo