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The Poisonous Flower

The Poisonous Flower (Manga)

Doku no Hana (Synonyms), 毒の華 (Synonyms)

[From ShoujoMagic]:"The beautiful and most mysterious poison 'flower' tempting every part of me..." Michiru loved him from the bottom of her heart... because she loved him... and longed for him... but now Misaki is slowly losing hold of Michiru...!?

Emotionally Weak Female Lead Fangirl/s Idol/s Jealousy Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Sex Friends Become Lovers Singer/s Wish/es

Umibe no Onnanoko

Umibe no Onnanoko (Manga)

A Girl by the Sea (Synonyms), A Girl on the Shore (Synonyms), Dziewczyna znad morza (Polish) (Synonyms), La fille de la plage (French) (Synonyms), Mädchen am Strand (German) (Synonyms), Девушка у моря (Russian) (Synonyms), فتاة على الشاطئ (Arabic) (Synonyms), うみべの女の子 (Synonyms), 错位的青春 (Synonyms)

From :Koume Sato and Kosuke Isobe are two teenagers living in a sleepy seaside town. After getting used and dumped by her crush, the emotionally damaged Koume decides to start a sexual relationship with Kosuke, without any emotions involved. However, they both soon discover that sex with no strings attached does lead to unexpected complications, not just for themselves but also the people surrounding them.

Bathroom Intercourse Borderline H Countryside Dead Family Member/s Depression Jealousy Loneliness Middle School Realistic Art Style Unrequited Love

Hitomi de Watashi wo Tsukamaete

Hitomi de Watashi wo Tsukamaete (Manga)

Catch Me With Your View (Synonyms), 瞳で私をつかまえて (Synonyms)

1 Volume, 5 short stories:1) To try to find out if her boyfriend loves her, Nanao rejects love-making.2) 3) 4) 5)

Collection of Stories Dishonest Protagonist Idiot Couple Insecure Character Insecurity Jealousy Misunderstanding/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Hoshigari na Kimi to Futsutsuka na Boku

Hoshigari na Kimi to Futsutsuka na Boku (Manga)

Bonds of Blood (Synonyms), Confession (Naono Bohra) (Synonyms), Covetous You & Insensible Me (Synonyms), Covetous You and Insensible Me (Synonyms), Covetous You, Insensible Me (Synonyms), Gyou An ni Mayou (Synonyms), Hito wa Naze Hataraka nakerebanaranai no ka (Synonyms), Hito wa Naze Hatarakanakereba Naranainoka (Synonyms), Kokuhaku (Naono Bohra) (Synonyms), Lost in the Darkness Before Dawn (Synonyms), Service (Naono Bohra) (Synonyms), Shi ni Zokonai no Yoru (Synonyms), Sleepless Night (Synonyms), The night he escaped death (Synonyms), 你知道我愛你 (Synonyms), 欲しがりな君と不束な僕 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Collection of Stories Edo Period Foreigner/s Jealousy Misunderstanding/s Older Uke Younger Seme Possessive Lover/s Samurai Scar/s

Jikkyou!! Izumi-kun no Koi Moyou

Jikkyou!! Izumi-kun no Koi Moyou (Manga)

Commentary! Mr. Izumi's love pattern (Synonyms), Commentary! Mr.Izumi's love pattern (Synonyms), 实况!!泉同学的恋爱征兆 (Synonyms), 実況!! 泉くんの恋模様 (Synonyms)

Izumi is a boy who has problems communicating with others and subsequently, he has not held a conversation with anyone for years. Shinohara is a gal-style girl who sits in the front of him, and he admires the way she can quickly write on her smartphone. Then one day, he speaks to her while casually helping her stretch her hand and she responds by saying he has a nice voice and should start interacting with people again. But he might need the help of both Shinohara and her friends if he is ever going to learn how to properly socialize with other people.

Crush/es Gyaru High School Student/s Jealousy Love Triangle/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Rushed Ending / Axed Shy Male Lead Unrequited Love Unresolved Romance

Kakko Warukute Kakkoii Kimi

Kakko Warukute Kakkoii Kimi (Manga)

Cool/Uncool (Synonyms), Kakkowarukute Kakkoii Kimi (Synonyms), The Uncool and Cool You (Synonyms), カッコ悪くてカッコイイ君 (Synonyms), 給我一點愛 (Synonyms)

From :Ever since they were little, Yukihisa and Takashi have always been together. However, Takashi recently started acting strange towards Yukihisa by refusing to come near of Yukihisa, baffling him. Takashi offers no explaination for his actions, causing Yukihisa to be filled with doubts about their friendship. What can Takashi be hiding from Yukihisa that's causing him to keep 1 meter away from him?

Bishounen Childhood Friend/s Couple Growth Friends Become Lovers Insecurity Jealousy Misunderstanding/s Post-Secondary School Soccer Tall Uke

Karasu ni Diamond

Karasu ni Diamond (Manga)

Cherry Blossom Fall (Synonyms), Flora (Ootsuki Miu) (Synonyms), カラスにダイヤモンド (Synonyms), 乌鸦钻石 (Synonyms)

Countryside Detective/s Flashbacks Florist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Jealousy Opposites Attract Student-Student Relationship Tattoo/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Kuruoshii Hodo ni Anata o

Kuruoshii Hodo ni Anata o (Manga)

Crazy for You (Honnosioli) (Synonyms), 狂おしい程に貴方を (Synonyms)

The daily lives of an extraordinarily jealous (yandere) girl, Hiyori Koharu, and her boyfriend, Minoru Fujito

4-koma/Yonkoma Blackmail Calm Male Lead Childhood Friend/s Dense When It Comes To Love Jealousy Sincere Male Lead Student-Student Relationship Unrequited Love Yandere Female Lead

Me wo Tojite Oide yo

Me wo Tojite Oide yo (Manga)

Come With Your Eyes Closed (Synonyms), 目を閉じておいでよ (Synonyms)

From Fantasyshrine:High school student, Kaiya Mito is currently going out with Sakaki Yuma, a young enterpriser. Out of frustration, Mito daringly threatens to cheat on the seemly nonchalant Yuma! What's more shocking is that Yuma seems unaffected by the threat and encourages Mito to do it. So during their vacation in Hawaii, a furious Mito decides to carry out his threat. However, even when he's in someone else's arms, all he can think of is Yuma. But what's the reason behind Yuma's stoic attitude? An adventurous love story.

Age Gap Cheating/Infidelity Handsome Male Lead Hot Spring/s Jealousy Older Seme Younger Uke President Skiing Uke Turned Seme Vacation

Ore no Choukyouta Doutei-chan

Ore no Choukyouta Doutei-chan (Manga)

Ore no Choukyouta (Shitsuketa) Doutei-chan (Synonyms), Ore no Shitsuketa Doutei-chan (Synonyms), The Cherry Boy I Trained (Synonyms), The Cherry Boy Whom I Trained (Synonyms), オレのシツケた童貞ちゃん (Synonyms), オレの調教(シツケ)た童貞ちゃん (Synonyms), 내가 조교한 체리보이 (Synonyms)

"Don't shake your hips until I say "good", okay?" I'm a virgin who's being trained... every day. Katou, who once was a Bishounen (beautiful boy) Idol has grown to be a man now. He spends his university life hiding from the world, but he was spoken to by his former partner, Aki.

Appearance Changes Arrogant Male Lead Blackmail Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Glasses-Wearing Seme Idol/s Jealousy Secret Identity University Student/s Virgin/s

Ore no Mono ni Nareba Ii

Ore no Mono ni Nareba Ii (Manga)

Complex Love (Synonyms), I'm Going to Eat You Up (Synonyms), 俺のものになればいい (Synonyms), 讓你成為我的專屬物 (Synonyms)

1. The sweet love between a genius chocolatier and a trouble-making kouhai.2. Tomoki enters the school's Boy's Beauty Pageant to find out his rival is the "Perfect Prince" Shiratori who says to him, "If I win the pageant, please go out with me!"3. 4. 5.

Chocolatier/s Clumsy Protagonist Collection of Stories Contest/s Jealousy Love Confession/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s School Idol Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Ruriiro no Yume

Ruriiro no Yume (Manga)

A Lapis-Lazuli Blue Dream (Synonyms), Honey & Mustard (Synonyms), Honey & Mustard: That Night (Synonyms), Lapis Lazuli Dream (Synonyms), Nostalgia (MORISHIMA Akiko) (Synonyms), On a Night When the Moon Is Full (Synonyms), Princess of the Stars (Synonyms), Season of the 20-Year-Old Virgin ~Virgin Season~ (Synonyms), The Conditions of Paradise: Azure Dreams (Synonyms), 瑠璃色の夢 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Collection of Stories Comic Artist/s Cultural Festival Fujoshi Jealousy Kimono Office Worker/s Widow / Widower Workplace Romance

Shiawase no Kanzume

Shiawase no Kanzume (Manga)

A Can of Happiness (Synonyms), Shiawase no Kandume (Synonyms), Shiawase no Kandzume (Synonyms), 幸せのかんづめ (Synonyms)

Collection of Stories God/s Inferiority Complex Jealousy Mismatched Couple Misunderstanding/s Older Female Younger Male Tomboy/s Tsundere Weight Loss


Taste (Manhwa)

Chwihyang (Synonyms), مذاق (Synonyms), 취향 (Synonyms)

Two sister-in-laws have a chat about the man they love while the husband is away on business.

Brother Complex Business Trip Female Author Glasses-Wearing Female Lead High School Student/s In Love with Family Member In-Law/s Jealousy Secret/s Sister-in-Law


Tojikometai! (Manga)

Chain My Heart! (German) (Synonyms), I Became A Captive To Your Charm! (English) (Synonyms), とじこめたいっ! (Synonyms)

[From Fujoshi Bitches]Ryou is crushing on his pretty boy senpai, Kanta, and on a whim, he locks Kanta up at his place. When he comes to his senses, Ryou begs for forgiveness by prostrating on the ground. But, for some reason, Kanta stays on and bums around every day. What’s worse, Kanta starts treating Ryou like his gofer…?! The love of a lovable doofus and a sarcastic pretty boy when the situation gets reversed!

Bickering Love Collection of Stories Confinement Friends Become Lovers In Love With One's Best Friend Insecurity Jealousy Love at First Sight Office Love Office Worker/s

Tokei Jikake no Stranger

Tokei Jikake no Stranger (Manga)

Clockwork Alien (Synonyms), Time Tunnel (Synonyms), Tokei Jikake no Etoranze (Synonyms), 時空寄情 (Synonyms), 時計じかけのエトランゼ (Synonyms)

Aki and Mikoto Tachihara are cousins and they attend the same middle school. Aki is a bad student and relies a lot on Mikoto, while harbouring a secret crush for him. One day, after a mysterious dream, she finds an unknown girl in her bedroom: her name is Nao, and seems to come... from 25 years ago?!

Cheerful Female Lead Cousin/s Crush/es Dream/s Incest Insecure Character Jealousy Kind Male Lead Middle School Student/s Mother and Daughter

Toumei Shounen

Toumei Shounen (Manga)

Clear Young Man (Synonyms), Faultless Youth (Synonyms), Invisible Boy (Synonyms), The Invisible Youth (Synonyms), The Youth Who Can Be Penetrated by Light (Synonyms), Transparency Youth (Synonyms), 透明少年 (Synonyms)

Abandonment All-Boys School Bishounen Boarding School Difficult Childhood Estranged Family Friendship Jealousy Prestigious School Student Council

Tsumetai Taiyou

Tsumetai Taiyou (Manga)

Cold Sun (Synonyms), Wintertime Love (Synonyms), 冷たい太陽 (Synonyms)

Tomo Fuji is a university student who has fallen for the school's playboy, Takanari, who goes out with woman after woman without caring for their feelings. Knowing this, Tomo confesses his love and the two spend a few days at his place, but where will this go? Will Takanari dump him like he does everyone else, or, will there be something more...?

Birthday Bondage Changed by Love Character Who Bullies the One They Love Christmas Jealousy Naive Male Lead Playboy/s Possessive Lover/s Post-Secondary School


Tsurebito (Manga)

Companion (Synonyms), ツレビト (Synonyms)

Tsurebito is about the people who escort you from purgatory into the world of the dead. After you die you must go through your personal gate into the world of the dead, and escorts are the ones who lead you there.

Accidental Death Afterlife Death Ghost/s Jealousy Medium Prostitution Rape Reincarnation School Girl/s

Yume no Kodomo

Yume no Kodomo (Manga)

Child of Dreams (Synonyms), 夢の子供 (Synonyms), 愛作夢的小孩 (Synonyms)

Youji Takashima is a high schooler with a major 'sister complex' towards his older sister, Senko, 26, whom he's living with... One day, she introduces him to one of her old friends from college: Ren Akishima. Their first meeting doesn't go as expected, Youji doesn't like Ren and starts to think that he wants to marry his sister. Later, Senko reveals that she's leaving for NY to get some advancement in her job and that she intends to leave Youji with Ren.

Ex-Lover Glasses-Wearing Seme Jealousy Live-in Lover Novelist Reversible Couple Seke Sister Complex Slow Romance Writer/s