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Hatsukoi Rhapsody

Hatsukoi Rhapsody (Manga)

First Love Rhapsody (Synonyms), 初恋ラプソディ (Synonyms)

"People always say that your first love is the most special..." A sweet story of lost and found.

First Love Library Middle School Misunderstanding/s Regret

Natsu no Kakera

Natsu no Kakera (Manga)

Aki-Iro Kimi-Iro (Synonyms), Fragments of Summer (Synonyms), Serpihan Musim Panas (Synonyms), 夏のかけら (Synonyms), 夏恋回忆 (Synonyms), 여름의 조각 (Synonyms)

Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Collection of Stories Countryside Dream World Father and Daughter Hospital Library Summer Terminal Illness Winter

Tatakau Shisho to Koisuru Bakudan

Tatakau Shisho to Koisuru Bakudan (Manga)

Armed Librarians: Book of Bantorra (Synonyms), Fighting Librarians (Synonyms), Tatakau Shisho (Synonyms), 戦う司書と恋する爆弾 (Synonyms), 戰鬥司書與戀愛爆彈 (Synonyms)

Based on a Novel Book/s Dead Love Interest Librarian/s Library Special Ability/ies Strong Leader Strong-Willed Female Lead Terrorist Attack Terrorist/s

Unchanging Days

Unchanging Days (Manga)

Fuhen no Hibi (Synonyms), ふへんの日々 (Synonyms)

A glimpse into the lives of Keiko (a 26 year old Junior College Librarian) and Yukiki (a 26 year old drifter) that have been best friend since they were little. Life takes some unexpected turns but I'm always with you Yukiki.

21st Century Bespectacled Protagonist Best Friends Childhood Friend/s Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Japan Library Mutual Unrequited Love Secret Crush

Kagami No Mukou No Saihate Toshokan: Kou No Yuusha To Itsuwari No Maou

Kagami No Mukou No Saihate Toshokan: Kou No Yuusha To Itsuwari No Maou (Manga)

Kagami no Mukou no Saihate Toshokan (Synonyms), The Farthest Library in the Mirror (Synonyms), 鏡のむこうの最果て図書館 (Synonyms), 鏡のむこうの最果て図書館 光の勇者と偽りの魔王 (Synonyms)

Amnesia Based on a Light Novel Based on a Novel Demon Lord/King European Ambiance Hero/es Library Maid/s Mirrors Witch/es

El Shaddai Gaiden - Exodus

El Shaddai Gaiden - Exodus (Manga)

El Shaddai 外伝 エクソダス (Synonyms), El Shaddai: Another Story "Exodus" (Synonyms)

A prequel to the 2011 video game El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Enoch, freshly summoned from Earth by God to serve as a clerk in Heaven, is thrust into a world where not everything is what it seems. A conspiracy is brewing in Heaven, and the only one on his side is an angel by the name of Lucifel...

Angel/s Based on a Video Game Biblical References Fallen Angel/s Godly Powers Hidden Potential Intentional Anachronism Librarian/s Library Middle Eastern

Inu mo Kuwanai

Inu mo Kuwanai (Manga)

Despicable (Synonyms), Even a Dog Won't Eat It (Synonyms), 犬も喰わない (Synonyms), 狗都懒得理 (Synonyms)

From :Utsugi is an investigator working for a detective agency. When he's asked to track the wife of a college professor, Yamashiro, he discovers that she's cheating on him with another professor from the same university named Okuzono Shuji. But this isn't the first time it's happened. Okuzono has stolen away the women Yamashiro loves countless times before. These intellectuals are embroiled in a twisted and convoluted relationship, and now this young investigator finds himself thrown into the mix.

Age Gap All-Boys School Detective/s In Love with Family Member's Spouse Library Love Triangle/s Manipulation Oyaji Romance Secret Crush Theft

Eye Level

Eye Level (Manga)

Ai level (Synonyms), あいレベル (Synonyms), 恋爱水平 (Synonyms)

Appearance Different from Actual Age Collection of Stories Library Short Female Lead Tall Male Lead Unrequited Love

Kuon no Mori

Kuon no Mori (Manga)

Eternal Forest (Synonyms), くおんの森 (Synonyms)

Shiorigahama, a town where only bibliophiles live. High schooler Uozumi Yuushi moves with his parents to Shiorigahama, to his late grandfather's house. Yuushi inherited his grandfather's bookworm status, and has a special skill in that once he reads a book, he never forgets its contents. After changing schools, Yuushi finds his way to the Shiorigahama library and there swallows a letter-eating fish (the silverfish). Then a mysterious girl appears right in front of him and...

Book/s Bookworm/s Countryside Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Guardian Spirit High School Student/s Library Mysterious Female Lead Photographic Memory Rural Town/Village with Mysterious Past

Toshokan no Yokai

Toshokan no Yokai (Manga)

The Demon in the Library (Synonyms), Toshokan no Youkai (Synonyms), 図書館の妖怪 (Synonyms)

Hashimoto, the librarian, has a little kamaitachi on his shoulder that’s been causing havoc in his life. Now, he has to reign his emotions in before the power he inherited from the demon hurts someone he has affections for!

Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Injury/ies Innocent Love Librarian/s Library Shy Protagonist Strong Male Lead Track and Field Youkai

Kanojo x Kanojo

Kanojo x Kanojo (Manga)

Kanjo x Kanojo (Kano Kano) (Synonyms), Kano x Kano (Synonyms), The Crybaby Prince (Synonyms), The Princess of the Library (Synonyms), 彼女×彼女 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:1. (The Princess of the Library)6. (The Crybaby Prince)

All-Girls School Ambiguous Feelings Ambiguous Relationship Appearance Different from Personality Collection of Stories Ghost/s High School High School Student/s Library Princely Female Lead


Mahotan (Manga)

Czarośledztwo: Książkoholiczka na tropie magicznych uciekinierów, czyli historia Sekretnej Biblioteki (Polish) (Synonyms), MagiBookLook: A Printed-Word Addict's Magical Books Search; Alternatively, The Otherside Library Incident (Synonyms), MagiTomeHunt: A Bibliomaniac's Hunt for Magick Tomes, or The Affair of the Reverse-Side Library (Synonyms), Maho-tan (Synonyms), Maho-tan - Katsuji Chuudoku-sha no Mahon Tansaku, Arui wa Ura Toshokan no Koto (Synonyms), Mahotan ~ Katsuji chūdokusha no ma hon tansaku, aruiha ura toshokan no koto ~ (Synonyms), MahoTan: The Typeface Fanatic's Search for Magic Books, or The Matter of the Back Library (Synonyms), マホタン (Synonyms), マホタン ~活字中毒者の魔本探索、あるいは裏図書館のこと~ (Synonyms)


Alice in Wonderland Bookworm/s European Folklore Folklore Glasses-Wearing Female Lead High School Student/s Librarian/s Library Magic Book/s Older Male Younger Female

Ouji-sama ni Narenai (KAMON Saeko)

Ouji-sama ni Narenai (KAMON Saeko) (Manga)

Can't Become the Perfect Prince (Synonyms), 王子様になれない (Synonyms)

From :Everybody's yearning for this very beautiful and popular person named Honda. But behind the title of “The School Prince”, he has a secret. And the only one who knows his secret is no other but Satonaka, the Library Helper!

Arrogant Male Lead Based on a Fairytale Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Library Obedient Uke Two-Faced Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Toshokan no Kishidan

Toshokan no Kishidan (Manga)

A Library's Knighthood Brigade (Synonyms), Chivalric Order of the Library (Synonyms), Javelin Rain (Synonyms), Knights of the Library (Synonyms), Order of Chivalry of the Library (Synonyms), 図書館の騎士団 (Synonyms)

Swentwight: a small city with the only library in the world. From agriculture, architecture, geography to history and literature, the city, where all the knowledge of mankind has been accumulated and monopolized, has been constantly aimed at for the sake of the surrounding powers' ambitions. And within, conspiracy haunts the Library City. The story of the endless battle between Knight Commander Ignats and senior librarian Ardelheit, who protect the tremendous amount of books treasured and honored, begins.

Conspiracy/ies Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s European Ambiance Goddess/es Knight/s Librarian/s Library Power Struggle Strategic Minds

Kataomoi no Mukougawa

Kataomoi no Mukougawa (Manga)

Ano Kado o Magareba (Synonyms), Bitou na Koi (Synonyms), Bitouna Koi (Synonyms), Cinta Sehala Dihujung Sana (Synonyms), Kataomoi no Mukou Gawa (Synonyms), Kimi to Natsu no Aizu (Synonyms), Tenshi ga Kuretamono (YOSHINAGA Yuu) (Synonyms), ปลายทางรักที่เฝ้ามอง (Synonyms), 单恋的彼端 (Synonyms), 單戀的彼端 (Synonyms), 片想いの向こう側 (Synonyms)

Baseball Christmas Classmate/s Collection of Stories Convenience Store/s Library Manager Older Female Younger Male Summer Tomboy/s

Alissa and the Magic Diary

Alissa and the Magic Diary (Manhwa)

알리사와 마법일기 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Age Progression Based on a Novel Diary/ies European Ambiance Full Color Kingdom/s Librarian/s Library Magic

Akaneko no Akuma

Akaneko no Akuma (Manga)

Aka Neko no Akuma (Synonyms), Evil Spirit of a Red Cat (Synonyms), Red Cat Demon (Synonyms), Red Cat Fiend (Synonyms), The Red Cat's Demon (Synonyms), あかねこの悪魔 (Synonyms)

Book/s Cat/s Classmate/s Demon/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead High School Student/s Library Possession Transported to a Fiction World

Aoiro Toshokan

Aoiro Toshokan (Manga)

Aku, Dia Dan Pustaka Biru (Synonyms), Seishoku Toshokan (Synonyms), The Blue Library (Synonyms), ห้องสมุดสีคราม ~กับความรักของฉันและเธอ~ (Synonyms), 青色図書館 (Synonyms), 青色图书馆 (Synonyms), 青色圖書館 (Synonyms)

Desperate to get her hands on a gown she saw on her way home from school, Hina jumps into "Aoiro Toshokan" for a part-time work. There, she ends up working under the Library Director who is also an author known as Shimokomoriya. Thus begins Hina's days with the handful Sensei. Also included is a one-shot titled "2-nen H-gumi Gakkou no Susume".

Age Gap Bespectacled Protagonist Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School Student/s Japan Library Part-Time Job Writer/s


Around (Manga)

アラウンド (Synonyms), 环绕 (Synonyms), 環繞 (Synonyms), 어라운드 (Synonyms)

An ensemble cast BL manga telling several stories about how high-school boys found love developing between themselves and unexpected partners, in surprising circumstances.

Librarian/s Library School Boy/s Student Council Student/s

Ayaka-chan tte... Mimi Yowai nya na? Ijiwaru Kareshi to Toshokan Ecchi

Ayaka-chan tte... Mimi Yowai nya na? Ijiwaru Kareshi to Toshokan Ecchi (Manga)

Your Ears Are Sensitive, Ayaka (Synonyms), 彩加ちゃんって…耳、弱いんやな?~いじわる彼氏と図書館えっち (Synonyms), 아야카는 귀가 약하구나? (Synonyms)

"I want to make you come inside," the librarian whispered into my ear as he scolded me and teased me in the library. I'm desperately trying to hold my voice back, but I'm already gonna come...!

Age Gap Ambiguous Relationship Cohabitation Librarian/s Library Older Male Younger Female Sensitive Female Lead Teasing Male Lead