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Monotone Blue

Monotone Blue (Manga)

Escalate (Synonyms), エスカレート (Synonyms), モノトーン・ブルー (Synonyms)

"We first touched each other so lightly and tenderly. You and me, we just look a little different, that's all."

Animal Leading Character/s Anthropomorphism Cat/s Lizard/s Male Author


ANIMORED!! (Manga)

Animored (Synonyms), アニマード (Synonyms)

In a world where once you turn 14, a crystal emerges for your body, and from that crystal a beast blade is born.Beast blades are your lifetime partner and there are many different types of them which can be used to accomplish all sorts of tasks.The story follows Soluto, a student at Nenokoku middleschool and his beast blade El Cid.

Animals Lizard/s Overprotective Friend/s Sentient Weapon Transformation/s Weapon/s