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Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki

Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko Senki (Manga)

ふしぎ遊戯 白虎仙記 (Synonyms), 不思議遊戲 白虎仙記 (Synonyms)

From Nyan-Nyan Rampage:"The final arc of the story begins...When Takao Osugi receives the mysterious "Universe of the Four Gods" book from his mentor, Einosuke Okuda, he does everything to keep it away from his young daughter, Suzuno. But when disaster strikes Tokyo, can he still protect her from her fate?Shortly after the tragic finale of Genbu Kaiden, young Suzuno Osugi's tale as the Priestess of Byakko beings to unfold!"

Based on a Classic Fantasy World Love Triangle/s Multiple Worlds Mythology Parallel Universe Time Travel

Futaba-kun Change

Futaba-kun Change (Manga)

Chàng Trai Biến Hình (Synonyms), ふたば君チェンジ (Synonyms), 变身男孩 (Synonyms)

From Wikipedia:Shimeru Futaba is a normal high schooler living a normal life, active in his school's wrestling club and slowly getting closer to his awkward love interest, Misaki. This fails to last, as he discovers his family's hereditary genetic defect that becomes active at adolescence. Although it will eventually become controllable, excitement and stress now make Futaba switch sex. Hilarity ensues.

Alien/s Family Female to Male First Love Idol/s Love Triangle/s Male to Female Secret Ability Transformation/s Wrestling

Futago no Koibito

Futago no Koibito (Manga)

Futago (Gemini) no Koibito (Synonyms), Gemini no Koibito (Synonyms), 双子の恋人 (Synonyms)


Love Triangle/s Twin/s

Futago, Futagokoro.

Futago, Futagokoro. (Manga)

Split between Twins. (Synonyms), ふたご、ふたごころ。 (Synonyms), 雙子戀心 (Synonyms), 쌍둥이, 두 마음. (Synonyms)

It's the ultimate romantic comedy of a non-riajuu boy and two polar opposite sisters!Haruta is going out with a shy beauty, Mafuyu. While he's distressed over being unable to even hold hands, he was able to enjoy youth with his girlfriend for the first time in his life. However, having encountered Mafuyu's devilish twin sister who's the extreme opposite of her, his happy days are coming to an end!?

Cheating/Infidelity Gyaru High School Student/s Japan Love Triangle/s Rushed Ending / Axed Sister/s Study Abroad Twin/s Two-Timing

Futakaku Kankei

Futakaku Kankei (Manga)

Bicornuate Relationship (Synonyms), 双角カンケイ。 (Synonyms), 双角关系 (Synonyms), 쌍각관계 (Synonyms)

From :Twin sisters Airi and Himari have always been very close, and worn identical hairstyles, clothing and accessories. But after they enter high school, Himari starts to drift away from her sister. When cornered by Airi, she explains that she has "a promise with senpai to fulfill," no matter what.

Blushing Bookstore Coworker/s Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Misunderstanding/s Twin/s

Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu

Futari de Koi wo suru Riyuu (Manga)

FutaKoi (Synonyms), Futari de Koi o suru Riyuu (Synonyms), الأسباب لوقوع الناس في الحب (Synonyms), ふたりで恋をする理由 (Synonyms), 两个人相恋的理由 (Synonyms)

From Kogarashi Scans:In her first year of high school, Urara Andou fell in love at first sight with the kind stranger who saved her on the train. Too flustered to ask for his name or contact information, she swears to take action the next time she falls in love. But it turns out he's a senpai at her school!? Reunited, Urara believes it must be fate. But before she can take action, his childhood friend Misono-kun tells her "I won't hand Aiji-kun over to you." What will she do?

Childhood Friend/s Classmate/s Female Lead Falls in Love First Kind Female Lead Love at First Sight Love Triangle/s Mature Male Lead Polite Female Lead School Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Futari no Kareshi - 18-sai no Eisuke to 28-sai no Eisuke

Futari no Kareshi - 18-sai no Eisuke to 28-sai no Eisuke (Manga)

Futari no Kareshi 18sai no Eisuke to 28sai no Eisuke (Synonyms), My Two Boyfriends -18-year-old Eisuke and 28-year-old Eisuke- (Synonyms), My Two Boyfriends: 18-year-old Eisuke and 28-year-old Eisuke (Synonyms), 我的两个他 (Synonyms), 2人の彼氏~18歳の瑛介と28歳の瑛介 (Synonyms)

Cohabitation Full Color Live-in Lover Love Triangle/s Time Slip

Futarigurashi no Amai Wana

Futarigurashi no Amai Wana (Manga)

Futari Kurashi no Amaiwana (Synonyms), ふたり暮らしの甘い罠 (Synonyms)


Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Live-in Lover Love Triangle/s Office Lady Office Life Office Love Office Worker/s Popular Male Lead Secret Relationship

Futarime no Ouji-sama

Futarime no Ouji-sama (Manga)

ふたりめの王子様 (Synonyms)


Company President Cousin/s Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Love Triangle/s Non-BL with Two Male Leads Office Lady Office Love Prodigy

Fuuki no Okite

Fuuki no Okite (Manga)

The Rules of Public Morals (Synonyms), 風紀のオキテ (Synonyms), 風紀的法則 (Synonyms), 风纪独裁者 (Synonyms), 风纪的法则 (Synonyms)

From Kawaii Corner:On the first day of high school, because of a conditioned response, Kunie Hokuto injured Yachigusa Shissa, the disciplinary committee chairman feared by students throughout the school. He listens to Shissa's remarks and agrees to be appointed to stay with him as his servant, in compensation for the injury. In addition, without knowing why, he is designated as a first-year representative to the disciplinary committee, but the disciplinary committee vice chairman, Shissa's younger brother, Zento, declares, "I do not approve"...!?

All-Boys School Disciplinary Committee Eyepatch Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Love Triangle/s Private School Rivalry Strong Uke Younger Brother

Gekisen! Futago Anabatoru

Gekisen! Futago Anabatoru (Manga)

Fight! Twin Battle: A Fight Between Life and Death (Synonyms), 激戦!双子アナバトル~セイシを懸けたガチンコ勝負~ (Synonyms)

Twin brothers, Taichi and Yosuke, are both in love with Tajima, a senior student at their lab. Taichi thinks that Yosuke is his lover. One day their study on germs creates an accident! They switch bodies! At first they panic, but then Taichi decides to have sex with Tajima. Right when things are getting good, something strange happens...!! It's a story of losing your "back virginity" by test tube, and erotic threesomes... It's an ultimate must-read erotic story!

Body Swap/s Brother/s Love Triangle/s Threesome Twin/s

Gokujou no Koibito

Gokujou no Koibito (Manga)

Der beste Liebhaber (German) (Synonyms), First Rate Lover (Synonyms), The Best Lover (MINASE Masara) (Synonyms), Лучший любовник (Russian) (Synonyms), 极上恋人 (Synonyms), 極上の恋人 (Synonyms), 極上戀人 (Synonyms)

Masahiro is a manager at a modeling agency and himself a former model. His newest charge is 16-year old Yoshimi. Yoshimi has looks and charisma to burn, but he’s also an over-privileged, egoistic, bratty teenager. When Yoshimi finds out that Masahiro is gay, he commands his manager to give him extra-curricular instruction in sex between men. But if Yoshimi wants Masahiro to be exclusively his, then he’ll have to surpass top model Akito, his rival in business and in love.

Age Gap Blackmail Hidden Past Jealousy Love Triangle/s Manager Modeling Older Uke Younger Seme Rape Rape Victim/s

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi

Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi (Manga)

First Love Honey (Synonyms), First Love Like a Sweet Honey (Synonyms), Inséparables (French) (Synonyms), รักแรกหวานปานน้ำผึ้ง (Synonyms), ハチミツにはつこい (Synonyms), 蜂蜜初恋 (Synonyms), 蜂蜜初戀 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Novel Childhood Friend/s Damsel in Distress Dense Female Lead Friends Become Lovers Love Triangle/s Neighbor/s Panda/s Past Plays a Big Role Short Female Lead

Hana ni Kedamono

Hana ni Kedamono (Manga)

Flower and The Beast (Synonyms), La Rosa y la Bestia (Spanish) (Synonyms), La Rose et le Démon (French) (Synonyms), زهرة وَ الوحش (Synonyms), หวานใจนายวายร้าย (Synonyms), 花にけだもの (Synonyms), 花予野兽 (Synonyms), 護花野獸 (Synonyms)

From :That was the first time I fell in love. The first time I met "Leopard-kun", time stopped and I could not breathe. My heartbeat became louder and I could not take my eyes off of him. Although Leopard-kun told me "he wants to be with me", he is a guy who has kissed many girls. This love has many difficulties... it's tender yet painful, but even so I can't stop my feelings for him. I'm sorry...I fell in love with a "beast". This is my first love.

Adapted to JDrama Bear/s Dumb Female Lead Emotionally Weak Female Lead Love Triangle/s Playboy/s Popular Male Lead Possessive Lover/s Stuffed Animal Transfer Student/s

Hana no Bijohime

Hana no Bijohime (Manga)

The Beautiful Prince of Flower (Synonyms), The Beautiful Princess of Flowers (Synonyms), The Flowers' Lady of Beauty (Synonyms), 花の美女姫 (Synonyms)

From the Animeraider:They’re handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed twin boys, and they both have been friends with the most beautiful girl in the French Quarter since childhood. Alas, only one can actually win her heart…

Banchou Beautiful Female Lead Childhood Friend/s Europe France Long-Haired Male Lead Love Triangle/s Music Nobility Twin/s

Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku

Hana wa Sakura yori mo Hana no Gotoku (Manga)

Flowers Are More Like Blossoms than Sakura (Synonyms), Hakubis Blütentanz (German) (Synonyms), Kesuma Melewati Sakura (Synonyms), Цветы, подобные цветкам сакуры (Synonyms), 樱之未若花之华 (Synonyms), 花は桜よりも華のごとく (Synonyms)

From :At a time when the world was still at peace, to the east of the capital, a beautiful dancer of Noh named Hakubi appeared. She was keeping a terrible secret that she couldn't tell anybody...

Based on a Novel Cross-dressing Curse/s Dancing Female Disguised as Male In Love with Family Member Love Triangle/s

Hanayashiki no Juunintachi

Hanayashiki no Juunintachi (Manga)

Flower Mansion's Residents (Synonyms), Hanayashiki no Juunin-tachi (Synonyms), Hanayashiki no Jyunin-tachi (Synonyms), Постояльцы цветочного особняка (Synonyms), 聖花女子宿舍青春物語 (Synonyms), 花やしきの住人たち (Synonyms)

21st Century All-Girls School Dormitory/ies Friendship Hidden Past Japan Love Triangle/s Rushed Ending / Axed Self-Harm Unresolved Romance

Hatsukoi no Katachi wa Sankaku

Hatsukoi no Katachi wa Sankaku (Manga)

First Love Triangle (Synonyms), The Shape of First Love is a Triangle (Synonyms), The Triangle of First Love (Synonyms), 初恋のカタチは△ (Synonyms), 初恋的形状是三角 (Synonyms)

Minato confesses his love to his childhood friend Tsukasa but is rejected. Unable to give up he asks his friend Tooru, the most popular guy in school, for advice, but what he gets is another love confession: Tooru is in love with him. And thus a love triangle is born.

Bisexual Love Triangle Cheerful Male Lead Childhood Friend/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Love Triangle/s Unrequited Love

Hatsukoi, Futatabi.

Hatsukoi, Futatabi. (Manga)

First love, again. (Synonyms), はつ恋、ふたたび。 (Synonyms), 再次初恋 (Synonyms)

Cat/s Childhood Friend/s Childhood Love Childhood Promise Glasses-Wearing Male Lead High School High School Student/s Love Triangle/s Personality Change/s Transfer Student/s


Hatsukokuhaku. (Manga)

First Confession (Synonyms), Hatsu Kokuhaku (Synonyms), Hatsu Kokuhaku. (Synonyms), Hatsukokuhaku (Synonyms), Kokuhaku (SAKANO Anri) (Synonyms), 初告白。 坂野杏梨女装少年アンソロジー作品集 (Synonyms), 初告白。坂野杏梨女裝少年作品集 (Synonyms)

Arai is a member of the home economics club at his high school, and he gets roped into cross-dressing by the club president so he can talk to and ultimately confess to his first love, Ono.Originally included in .

Cross-dressing Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Male Disguised as Female Trap Unrequited Love