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Affair (Manga)

Affair [アフェア] (Synonyms), Erotic Affair (Synonyms), Love Machine (KANO Shiuko) (Synonyms), My Dear Mad Dog (Synonyms), One Lucky Guy (Synonyms), Любовные узы (Synonyms), アフェア (Synonyms), 再愛妳一次! (Synonyms), 再爱妳一次! (Synonyms), 어페어 (Synonyms)

1) The reunion of Yoshiyuki, who still nurses a grudge, and Okabe his senior in the baseball club of high school. 2) A pair of half siblings attempt to navigate the Yakuza world and their complicated relationship. 3) Two co-workers play a game of honour, luck and Mahjong. 4) A university student decides to get his driver's license and a fellow student offers to be his instructor. 5) A humorous and erotic extra of chapter 1.

Baseball Childhood Love Collection of Stories Incest Luck Mafia Mahjong Reversible Couple Seke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship

Minna Daisuki Marutarou

Minna Daisuki Marutarou (Manga)

Everyone Loves Marutarou (Synonyms), みんなだいすきまるたろう (Synonyms)

A touching story following the life of a boy with a round penis.

Luck Odd Situation/s

Living for Tomorrow

Living for Tomorrow (Manga)

Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da (Synonyms), Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru Noda (Synonyms), Vivre pour demain (French) (Synonyms), We're heading for the future (Synonyms), 僕たちは明日に向かって生きるのだ (Synonyms), 我們明天生存的目標 (Synonyms)

One day a crowd of boys rushed to Tasuku's school, claiming that he is the "Luck Goddess' Son", also asking Tasuku to get into bed with them, bringing everyone good fortune. Tasuku's very angry about it, but if he used this power he might make his best friend Oono, the lottery lover, become his. In order to test his powers, Tasuku actually begins to lure Oono...!

Character Who Bullies the One They Love Childhood Friend/s Dead Family Member/s Friends Become Lovers Hunted Protagonist Karate Love Confession/s Luck Special Ability/ies Unrequited Love Becomes Requited

Sentou Jousai Masurawo

Sentou Jousai Masurawo (Manga)

Battlefield:Masurao (Synonyms), Sentou Jousai Masurao (Synonyms), Sentou Jousei Masurawo (Synonyms), Sentouchousai Masurao (Synonyms), 戦闘城塞マスラヲ (Synonyms)

From Village Idiot:Hideo Kawamura has a really terrifying look, but soft heart. While contemplating suicide, he stumbled upon this computer that contained the virus, "Wiruko", who convinced him to join the "Seimahei", a fighting tournament that has the world as its prize. However, Hideo happens to not have any fighting skills whatsoever, so he has to get through on his wits (and luck) alone.

Appearance Different from Personality Based on a Novel Competition/s Expressionless Protagonist Hikikomori Luck Team Tournament/s Vampire/s Virus

Attouteki Gacha Un de Isekai o Nariagaru!

Attouteki Gacha Un de Isekai o Nariagaru! (Manga)

Attouteki Gacha Un de Isekai wo Nariagaru! (Synonyms), Bangun di dunia yang berbeda dengan keberuntungan gacha yang luar biasa! (Synonyms), I Rose Suddenly in the Alternate World by Overwhelming Gacha With Luck! (Synonyms), 圧倒的ガチャ運で異世界を成り上がる! (Synonyms), 用无敌的扭蛋运在异世界成名 (Synonyms)

Jinta, who has never returned in a traffic accident, meets the goddess, Rifua, in heaven.Jinta was supposed to reach Heaven under the guidance of Rifua,Reincarnated in a different world from a strange thing.Immediately after reincarnating, the abnormal status of Jinta was discovered.Originally the maximum value of luck should be "99", but the value of Jinta is "999999"...!?

Adventurer/s Cheat Skill/s Game Elements God-Human Relationship God/s Goddess/es Legend/s Legendary Artifacts Legendary Sword Luck