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Hijoushoku to Gochisou

Hijoushoku to Gochisou (Manga)

A Feast of Emergency Rations (Synonyms), Hijoushoku to Gochisou. (Synonyms), Hijōshoku to Gochisō. (Synonyms), 非常食とごちそう。 (Synonyms), 非常食とご馳走 (Synonyms), 非常食とご馳走。 (Synonyms)

A humanoid vulture takes in a little girl. Part of collectionNote: Also see

Animal Characteristics Atypical Art Style Female Demographic with Male Author Guardian Relationship Human-Nonhuman Relationship Male Author Monster/s Non-Human Main Character Young Female Lead

Monotone Blue

Monotone Blue (Manga)

Escalate (Synonyms), エスカレート (Synonyms), モノトーン・ブルー (Synonyms)

"We first touched each other so lightly and tenderly. You and me, we just look a little different, that's all."

Animal Leading Character/s Anthropomorphism Cat/s Lizard/s Male Author

Tiap Detik

Tiap Detik (Indonesian)

Every Second (Synonyms)


Male Author Male Protagonist

Jisatsu Circle

Jisatsu Circle (Manga)

Cercle du Suicide (Synonyms), Der Selbstmordclub (Synonyms), Jisatsu Sakuru (Synonyms), Suicide Circle (Synonyms), Suicide Club (Synonyms), نادي الإنتحار (Synonyms), 循环自杀 (Synonyms), 自殺サークル (Synonyms)

A story revolving around a certain high school afflicted by a "suicide epidemic." Despite being an adaptation of the Japanese movie the plot of the manga is significantly different.

Based on a Movie Cult Diary/ies Friends Grow Distant Friendship Male Author Prostitution Suicide/s Survival Time Capsule

Alice (Xiao Nai Zhong)

Alice (Xiao Nai Zhong) (Manhua)

Huan Jing Shaonu ALICE (Synonyms), Алиса и волшебное зеркало (Synonyms), Алиса и вторжение роботов (Synonyms), 幻鏡少女 (Synonyms)


Alice in Wonderland Based on a Fairytale Crossover Male Author Male Demographic with Female Lead Robot/s Strong Female Lead Talking Animals Teleportation Transformation/s

At Na-chan's

At Na-chan's (Manga)

У На-тяна (Synonyms)

A short oneshot about a girl name Natsuki who wonders if the world can be saved.

Father and Daughter Full Color Male Author Orphan/s