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Heaven!! (Manga)

ヘブン!! (Synonyms), 天堂 (Synonyms)

From Tokyopop:Rinne is a girl who can see and exorcise ghosts (usually with a paper fan). When the school punk saves her from getting hit by a truck, but ends up in a coma himself, she, and his disembodied spirit must defend his prone body from being possessed by this, that, and the other local spirits. Unfortunately, she fails in her task, and an ancient playboy takes over the punk’s body, leaving him to inhabit a pink stuffed monkey. Hilarity ensues.

Body Swap/s Delinquent/s Exorcism God/s Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Monkey/s Playboy/s Spirit Power Yankee/s

Heroine Kamo Shiranai.

Heroine Kamo Shiranai. (Manga)

Heroine Kamo Shirenai. (Synonyms), Heroine Kamoshirenai. (Synonyms), ヒロインかもしれない。 (Synonyms)


Based on a Novel Boss-Subordinate Relationship Coworker Relationships Coworker/s Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Office Lady Tsundere Female Lead

Higashi no Kurume to Tonari no Meguru

Higashi no Kurume to Tonari no Meguru (Manga)

東のくるめと隣のめぐる (Synonyms)

Airhead/s Cat/s Classmate/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship Girl Next Door Kind Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Neighbor/s Popular Female Lead

Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi.

Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi. (Manga)

A Princess and A Knight and Me Just Watching Them (Synonyms), Aku, Puteri & Kesateria (Synonyms), Hime to Knight to, Tonari to Watashi (Synonyms), Seito Kaishitsu Kare ga Doku o Haku Riyuu Megane no Uso (Synonyms), Seito Kaishitsu Kare ga Doku wo Haku Riyuu Megane no Uso (Synonyms), สะดุดหัวใจคุณชายมาดเข้ม (Synonyms), 姫とナイトと、となりの私。 (Synonyms)

A collection of stories:1-3. The one I'm falling in love with isn't my knight but I can't seem to forget about him... Just what should I do with these feelings of mine?4. Her close friend Hiiragi has suddenly forgotten her! Will she be able to get his memories back?5. Under hypnosis, the megane student council president confesses his love to me?! But wait! Is it only under hypnosis, it is really true?

Blushing Collection of Stories Crybaby Female Lead Dead Parent/s Emotionally Weak Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hypnotism/Hypnosis Love Confession/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Popular Female Lead

Himegimi wa Kishi Danchou

Himegimi wa Kishi Danchou (Manga)

公主是騎士團長 (Synonyms), 姫君は騎士団長 (Synonyms)

Christina is the leader of the Royal Guard, trained to protect the crown prince. But when the prince is due to be married, he asked Christina to pretend to be his fiancee? To serve the kingdom, the strongest knight will have to become a princess.

Childhood Friend/s Fake Relationship Knight/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Pretend Lovers Prince/s

Himitsu no Juliet

Himitsu no Juliet (Manga)

Juliet's Secret (Synonyms), ひみつのジュリエット (Synonyms), 秘密的朱丽叶 (Synonyms)

Female Lead Falls in Love First Househusband Mafia Male Lead Falls in Love First Police Officer/s Strong Female Lead

Hard Boiled Kanojo

Hard Boiled Kanojo (Manga)

Hard Boiled Girl (Synonyms), Hard Boiled ★ Kanojo (Synonyms), Hard-Boiled Kanojo (Synonyms), ハードボイルド★彼女 (Synonyms)


Childhood Friend/s Comic Artist/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Older Female Younger Male Pretend Lovers

Obake ga Kirai na Yankee wa, Horaa ga Suki na Mesukousei wo...

Obake ga Kirai na Yankee wa, Horaa ga Suki na Mesukousei wo... (Manga)

Ghost-Hating Rebel & Horror-Loving Girl (Synonyms), お化けが嫌いなヤンキーは、ホラーが好きな女子高生を… (Synonyms)

"Won't you please... create a manga with me?" The girl I fell in love with at first sight loves horror manga!? How will the love story of these opposite two unfold...?

Attempted Suicide Bullied Female Lead Comic Artist/s Delinquent/s Glasses-Wearing Female Lead High School Student/s Love at First Sight Male Lead Falls in Love First Yankee Male Lead Yankee/s

Onnanoko wa Yoyuu!

Onnanoko wa Yoyuu! (Manga)

Girls Need To Be Self-Composed (Synonyms), Mata Ashita (See You Tomorrow) (Synonyms), Onna no ko (Synonyms), Onnanoko wa Yoyu (Synonyms), Otokonoko mo Yoyu (Boys Also Need To Be Self-Composed) (Synonyms), 女の子は余裕 (Synonyms), 女子难缠 (Synonyms), 女子難纏 (Synonyms)

From :Tomomi is secretly in love with her classmate Sawada. But her love couldn't be fulfilled as Sawada is in love with another girl. Meanwhile, Ojika, the head of the broadcast club, is trying to win Tomomi's heart with his handsome voice. Finally Tomomi's gloom is driven away. She starts to see the hidden beauty of the things around her which she has never noticed before.

Calm Protagonist Club/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Quirky Characters Sister/s Unrequited Love

Otona ni Nuts

Otona ni Nuts (Manga)

Growing Up Nuts (Synonyms), Instant Teen - Just Add Nuts (Synonyms), Nuts to Make You Grow (Synonyms), Pika-aikuinen (Synonyms), Zaubernüsse für Natsumi (Synonyms), おとなにナッツ (Synonyms), 豆蔻丫头 (Synonyms)

Age Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Elementary School Male Lead Falls in Love First Model/s Out of Print in English Scientific Transformation/s Student/s

Sayonara Terminal

Sayonara Terminal (Manga)

Goodbye Terminal (Synonyms), Sayonara Taaminaru (Synonyms), さよならターミナル (Synonyms)

17-year-old Marimo lives a boring and listless life in a provincial town from which she can’t wait to escape. One day, a new attendant at the train station catches her attention and from then on he never seems to be far away from her thoughts. And then she finds herself slowly changing, little by little…

Age gap Male Lead Falls in Love First Older Male Younger Female Time Skip Train Conductor/s

Step Siblings

Step Siblings (Manga)

Gikyoudai (YAMADA Nokoshi) (Synonyms), 偽兄妹 (Synonyms)

"A classmate suddenly became my 'older brother'...?"High-school student Shinozaki Aya can't help but take care of others. The only one to relieve her burden is her classmate and close friend Haruki. But what will happen when they learn about their parents' remarriage to one another? Will they really be able to become siblings?

Forbidden Love Independent Female Lead Kind Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Reliable Protagonist Selfless Protagonist Stepbrother/s Stepsibling Love Stepsiblings Stepsister/s

Sukinako ga Ie no Kagi wo Wasureta

Sukinako ga Ie no Kagi wo Wasureta (Manga)

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses - Pixiv Side Stories (Synonyms)

Side stories and Illustrations of Sukinako ga Megane wo Wasureta from the authors Pixiv

Benchmates Classmate/s Clumsy Female Lead Crush/es Cute Female Lead Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Helpful Protagonist Innocent Love Male Lead Falls in Love First

Yeonaega Jier Swiwosseoyo

Yeonaega Jier Swiwosseoyo (Manhwa)

Dating 101 (Synonyms), Dating Was the Easiest! (Synonyms), God of Love. (Synonyms), Tiger Love (Synonyms), 恋愛が一番簡単でした (Synonyms), 연애가 제일 쉬웠어요 (Synonyms)

Back at her hometown for the first time in 9 years, this high school girl has no time to reminisce when it turns out the tiger from her childhood is still very determined to marry her. That said, there is a plan: she will transform this tiger into the most irresistible Casanova, and the tiger will surely go on to only seduce women "much better than someone like her."

Animal Characteristics Carefree Male Lead Cat Boy/s Jealousy Male Lead Falls in Love First Older Male Younger Female Reunion/s Tiger/s Tsundere Female Lead Web Comic

Fushigi no Maria-kun

Fushigi no Maria-kun (Manga)

Fushigi no Maria Kun (Synonyms), Manshinsoui no Futari (Synonyms), The Wounds that Cover Us (Synonyms), Wondrous Maria-Kun (Synonyms), ปิ๊งรักนายแวมไพร์สุดเลิฟ (Synonyms), 不思議のマリア君 (Synonyms)

Abe Maria, an ordinary high-school boy and Nanami Tokuko's childhood friend, is the world's last pureblood vampire!! For 10 years, Tokuko has been encouraging him to become a part of human society, and since then, Maria has come to love humans. As such, Tokuko happily watches over Maria. This couple's story is the world's most gentle vampire comedy.*Includes an extra story called (The Wounds that Cover Us) in vol. 1 detailing a high-school romance between a boy who is suffering mentally and an extremely clumsy girl.

Breaking the Fourth Wall Childhood Friend/s Cool Male Lead Human-Nonhuman Relationship Kidnapping/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Pureblood Strong Female Lead Tomboy/s Vampire/s

Futagami Double

Futagami Double (Manga)

Twin God Double (Synonyms), Two God Double (Synonyms), フタガミ*ダブル (Synonyms)

Futagami Sousuke, 14 years old, is a normal student, wishing to live a normal life. But everything changes the day he sees a doppelganger of himself in his house.Since then, the girl he has a crush on, Amane, will introduce him to another side of his world he had no idea about, and it won't be anymore the dear peaceful days for Futagami.

Dead Family Member/s Doppelganger/s Female Fighter/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Monster/s Romantic Subplot Special Ability/ies Spirit Power Strong Female Lead Strong-Willed Male Lead

Futari de Kuraseba

Futari de Kuraseba (Manga)

Dishonest Woman (Synonyms), 二人で暮らせば (Synonyms)

Kimberley just lost her father. And on top of having no family left, she is still hurting from her recent breakup with her fiancé. The only thing left for her is Brancourt, the house she grew up in, but she has to get married in five months if she wants to inherit the house. Why did her father put such an absurd condition in his will? One night, Kimberley meets unknown actor Slade, and desperate to save the house, she tries to make an arrangement with him in exchange for money. But little does she know who Slade really is…

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Dead Parent/s Harlequin In Love with Ex Inheritance Male Lead Falls in Love First Marriage of Convenience Misunderstanding/s Older Male Younger Female

Futari no Himitsu.

Futari no Himitsu. (Manga)

Our Secret - What Makes Two of Us (Synonyms), The Secret of Us (Synonyms), ふたりのヒミツ。 (Synonyms), 两个人的秘密 (Synonyms), 兩人的秘密 (Synonyms)

Saijou Kiki is a model and child star and with the release of her new commercial her popularity skyrockets. At school, she harbors feelings for Takumi-kun... but somehow ends up kissing his friend Teppei?! And what's more, they've switched bodies due to some sort of old legend?!

Body Swap/s Childhood Friend/s Crybaby Protagonist Ex-Girlfriend Male Lead Falls in Love First Modeling Popular Female Lead Student/s Unrequited Love Urban Legends

Futei de Furachi na Ani desu ga.

Futei de Furachi na Ani desu ga. (Manga)

Futei de Furachi na Ani desu ga (Synonyms), Meine wunderbaren Brüder (German) (Synonyms), My Handsome Brothers (Synonyms), إخوتي الوسميون (Synonyms), รักวุ่นวายกับพี่ชายน่าเลิฟ (Thai) (Synonyms), 不貞で不埒な兄ですが。 (Synonyms), 我的野蛮哥哥 (Synonyms), 我的野蠻哥哥 S (Synonyms), 野蛮哥哥无节操 (Synonyms)

Three brothers, a contract and a sister. They protect her to an extreme extent, but what is the real reason they protect her so much?From & :Her lovers are her brothers?!

Brother Complex Handsome Male Lead Male Lead Falls in Love First Overprotective Sibling/s Overshadowed by Siblings Protective Brother Sister Complex Stepsibling Love

Futon to Kotatsu

Futon to Kotatsu (Manga)

My Quilt and My Coffee Table -I Can't Believe They Saw the First Time I Played with Myself...- (Synonyms), ふとんとこたつ (Synonyms), ふとんとこたつ~愛用の寝具が擬人化したら、恩返しに愛されまくる逆ハーレムが待っていました~ (Synonyms)

Anthropomorphism Devoted Love Interest/s Male Lead Falls in Love First Multiple Love Interests Multiple Sexual Partners Polyamory Polyandry Stalking Threesome Tsukumogami