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Futari Ecchi for Ladies

Futari Ecchi for Ladies (Manga)

Futari Ecchi - Yura's Diary (Synonyms), Futari Ecchi - Yura-san Nisshi (Synonyms), Yura y Makoto Para Chicas (Spanish) (Synonyms), ふたりエッチ for Ladies (Synonyms), ふたりエッチ ゆらさん日誌 (Synonyms), ふたりエッチ フォア レディース (Synonyms)

Based on the hit manga by Katsu Aki, "Futari Ecchi for Ladies" takes the story to a new level.The newlywed story continues, but this time around, the perspective is from Yura, our FE heroine. This tale adds new twists and problems that women encounter.

Big Breasts Borderline H Japan Marriage Married Couple Mary Sue Newlyweds Nudity

Hot Enemies

Hot Enemies (Manhwa)

Fiery Enemies (Synonyms), The Hottest Enemy (Synonyms), セカンドラブは激しく (Synonyms), 火热冤家 (Synonyms), 火热的冤家 (Synonyms), 뜨거운 웬수 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Cohabitation Divorced Protagonist Fashion Designer Full Color Handsome Male Lead Lawyer/s Marriage Misunderstanding/s Parental Interference

Marriage as Friends

Marriage as Friends (Manga)

Friend Marriage (Synonyms), Tomodachi Kekkon (Synonyms), ともだち結婚 (Synonyms)

Adult Female Lead Cohabitation Marriage

Sita Wihayeo

Sita Wihayeo (Manhwa)

For the Sake of Sita (Synonyms), Все для тебя, богиня Сита! (Synonyms), 시타를 위하여 (Synonyms)

From :A medical student passionately falls in love with a fallen goddess during his volunteer abroad in Nepal, and he desperately tries to fight off destiny to save his love.

Death of Loved One/s Foreigner/s Full Color Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Goddess/es Marriage Poor Female Lead Reincarnation Strong Female Lead Web Comic

The Day We Become Husband and Wife

The Day We Become Husband and Wife (Manga)

Fuufu ni Naru Hi (Synonyms), 夫婦になる日 (Synonyms)

A short story of a bride-to-be's recollections of her family.

Bride/s Family Love Father and Daughter Father-Daughter Relationship Full Color Marriage Stepfather-Stepdaughter Relationship Web Comic Webtoon

Elhanburg no Tenshi

Elhanburg no Tenshi (Manga)

Elhamburg no Tenshi (Synonyms), Elhanburg's Angel (Synonyms), The Angel of Elhamburg (Synonyms), エルハンブルグの天使 (Synonyms), エルハンブルグノテンシ (Synonyms)

From :High King Madeth and his dear friend, the knight Lalvan…By all appearances, the ties that bind the two men are made of the sternest stuff, but in truth their friendship has always struck a most delicate balance. With the arrival of Lady Prima and then her newborn son, Perseus, the precarious harmony between Madeth and Lalvan crumbles. And years later, when the young Perseus, harboring questions about his birth, seeks out Lalvan, will the repercussions be much greater than a friendship lost?A lone angel, its eyes replete with sadness, watches the tragedy unfold…

Angel/s Castle Childhood Friend/s Dispute Over Succession European Ambiance Female Demographic with Male Lead King/s Marriage Royalty Seeing Things Other Humans Can't

Ero Meruhen - Ao Hige

Ero Meruhen - Ao Hige (Manga)

Erotic Fairy Tales: Bluebeard (Synonyms), えろ◆めるへん 青ひげ (Synonyms), えろ♥めるへん 青ひげ (Synonyms)

From :In this erotic re-telling of the traditional fairy tale, a young girl marries the despotic ruler of the province of water, who is known for his lengthy blue beard and who is rumoured to eat his wives. When he leaves her alone in his castle, she goes exploring and finds a magic door that leads to the province's capital city...

Based on a Fairytale Beautiful Female Lead Brother/s Key/s King/s Marriage Marriage of Convenience Poor to Rich Rumors Twin/s

Kanga na Spoon

Kanga na Spoon (Manga)

Elegant Spoon (Synonyms), Kanga ne Spoon (Synonyms), 閑雅なスプーン (Synonyms)

From :Borrowing Yoshiaki's words, 'pretentious hippy' describes Kasumi. Inseparable since their school days, Kasumi is an independent and super sexy freeloader that comes and goes from Yoshiaki's room... and his bed... Not only that, there's more to Kasumi than meets the eye...Ch. 7: Up Up Upside Down! (oneshot)

Beautician/s Bickering Love Businessman / Businesswoman Couple Growth Fashion Flashbacks Marriage Opposites Attract Possessive Lover/s Violent Uke

Kono Tabi wa

Kono Tabi wa (Manga)

Est Em Sakuhinshuu (Synonyms), My Journey (Synonyms), Моё путешествие (Synonyms), このたびは (Synonyms), 作品集このたびは (Synonyms)


Assertive Female Lead Collection of Stories Countryside Fast Romance Festival Marriage Professor/s Searching for a Wife/Husband Shinto Strong Female Lead

Omae no Subete wo Daki Tsukusu

Omae no Subete wo Daki Tsukusu (Manga)

Embrace You - Married on the First Day (Synonyms), I'll embrace all of you ~Zero days dating, then suddenly marriage?!~ (Synonyms), I’ll embrace all of you - Zero days dating, then suddenly marriage?! - (Synonyms), お前のすべてを抱き尽くす (Synonyms), お前のすべてを抱き尽くす~交際0日、いきなり結婚!?~ (Synonyms), 将你的一切全部拥入怀中 (Synonyms)

Adult Female Lead Adult Protagonist Boss-Subordinate Relationship Broken Engagement Career Woman Cohabitation Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Marriage Office Lady Office Love

Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai

Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai (Manga)

Elle ne rentre pas, celle de mon mari (French) (Synonyms), My Husband's Penis Can't Go In (Synonyms), 夫のちんぽが入らない (Synonyms), 老公进不来 (Synonyms)

The adaptation of the award winning novel. The story of a woman's relationship with school, society, men and women. It's about a woman that struggles with the curse that's 'normalcy', her struggle with impotence, cheating, and all that in between.

20th Century 21st Century Adult Protagonist Based on a Novel Cheating/Infidelity Flashbacks Glasses-Wearing Female Lead Male Demographic with Female Lead Marriage Time Progression

Saredo Itoshiki Otsuma-sama

Saredo Itoshiki Otsuma-sama (Manga)

Even So My Dear Wife (Synonyms), Saredo Itoshiki Otsumasama (Synonyms), されど愛しきお妻様 (Synonyms), されど愛しきお妻様「大人の発達障害」の妻と「脳が壊れた」僕の18年間 (Synonyms)

Abusive Mother Based on a Book Biography / Autobiography Couple Growth Educational Established Couple Flashbacks Illness Marriage Married Couple

Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon shimasu

Totsuzen desu ga, Ashita Kekkon shimasu (Manga)

Ani Oldu, Ama Yarın Evleniyoruz (Synonyms), Even Though It's Sudden, We're Getting Married Tomorrow (Synonyms), Everyone's Getting Married (Synonyms), Let's get married! (French) (Synonyms), We Got Married (Synonyms), 也许很突然、明天我要结婚了 (Synonyms), 明天我要结婚了 (Synonyms), 突然ですが、明日結婚します (Synonyms), 뜬금없지만, 내일 결혼합니다 (Synonyms)

Successful career woman Asuka Takanashi has an old-fashioned dream of getting married and becoming a housewife. After her long-term boyfriend breaks up with her to pursue his own career goals, she encounters popular newscaster Ryu Nanami. Asuka and Ryu get along well, but the last thing he wants is to ever get married. This levelheaded pair who want the opposite things in life should never get involved, except...

Handsome Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Independent Female Lead Independent Male Lead Marriage Mismatched Couple Office Worker/s Opposites Attract Popular Male Lead Reporter/s

Usotsuki Marriage

Usotsuki Marriage (Manga)

Deceitful Marriage (Synonyms), The Lying Marriage (Synonyms), うそつきマリアージュ (Synonyms), 打造一个婚礼 (Synonyms)

Career Woman Cohabitation Collection of Stories Coworker/s Dating Agency Flower Shop Marriage Rivalry Rivals Become Lovers Wedding

Divorce: This Is a Trivial Matter (Novel)

Divorce: This Is a Trivial Matter (Novel) (Novel)

离婚这件小事 (Novel) (Synonyms)

Yang Wei and Qi Xiao Yan had been married for a year and were unable to reach mutual understanding on many topics, except for one——divorce!They didn’t know that there was still one more thing they also reached a strong, mutual understanding on——Want to find your second spring?* In your dreams!In short: Mr. Qi and Mrs. Qi end up happily remarrying each other.*(idiom) try to fall in love again

21st Century Beautiful Female Lead Divorce Female Protagonist Handsome Male Lead Marriage Married Couple Modern Era Pregnancy Reconciled Couple

Inaka no Kekkon

Inaka no Kekkon (Manga)

Countryside Marriage (Synonyms), Raikan Cinta di Desa (Synonyms), 田舎の結婚 (Synonyms)


Collection of Stories Marriage

Iwai! Dekichatta Kekkon

Iwai! Dekichatta Kekkon (Manga)

Congrats! You Got Married! (Synonyms), 祝! できちゃった結婚 (Synonyms)



Kiss wa 0-ji wo Sugite kara

Kiss wa 0-ji wo Sugite kara (Manga)

Cô bé thế thân (Synonyms), Kiss after Midnight (Synonyms), Kiss me after 0 o'clock (Synonyms), Kiss wa 0 ji wo Sugitekara (Synonyms), キスは0時を過ぎてから (Synonyms), 午夜零点的KISS (Synonyms)

Dead Family Member/s Dead Parent/s Debt/s Live-in Lover Mansion Marriage Marriage Proposal Older Sister Rich Male Lead

Kojou no Wedding

Kojou no Wedding (Manga)

A Convenient Wedding (Synonyms), 古城のウエディング (Synonyms)

It was a grand white wedding that would make the society pages the world over -- handsome British aristocrat Jarvis Larne was marrying beautiful American oil heiress Meryl Winters. But behind the lavish ceremony, their vows were a sham.Marrying for convenience had been the only way Jarvis could save his estate -- and that had hurt his pride. But after the wedding came the wedding night -- which exceeded both their expectations! Was their society wedding set to become a marriage for real?[Taken from FictionDB]

Based on a Harlequin Romance Novel Based on a Novel Fake Relationship Harlequin Marriage Relationship of Convenience

Marrying a CEO

Marrying a CEO (Manhua)

CEO's Sudden Proposal (Synonyms), Cô Vợ Ấm Áp Của Hạ Thiếu (Synonyms), Flash Marriage - Deep Love (Synonyms), Flash Marriage-Sweet Wife (Synonyms), Hè Shǎo De Shǎn Hūn Nuǎn Qī (Synonyms), La Esposa Del Matrimonio De Shao (Synonyms), La Repentina Propuesta Del Ceo (Synonyms), Mr. He's Beautiful Wife (Synonyms), 彼と私の結婚事情 (Synonyms), 贺少的闪婚暖妻 (Synonyms), 나와 결혼해 줘 (Synonyms)

"To be my wife, three conditions that you must have." "What?" "Like my sweet words, like be taken care of and like to be spoiled."Official Animated Version: Official Subtitled Version: | |

Adapted to Donghua Based on a Novel Based on a Web Novel CEO Child/ren Doctor/s Full Color Marriage Rich Male Lead Webtoon