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Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita

Fuuzokugurui Desu ga Toshishita Danshi ni Kokuraremashita (Manga)

I'm a Sex Service Addict, But Got Confessed To by a Younger Guy (Synonyms), 風俗狂いですが年下男子に告られました (Synonyms)

Bondage Coworker Relationships Fetish/es Masochist/s Older Uke Younger Seme Sadomasochism Seme-like Uke Sex Addict/s Student-Student Relationship Student/s

Henai Café

Henai Café (Manga)

Freaks' Cafe (Synonyms), Freaks' Café (Synonyms), Henai Cafe (Synonyms), 偏愛カフェ (Synonyms)

Everyone has a secret and are anxious about it. For example, if it's a sexual preference that is difficult for others to understand. This is a naked confession by sexual perverts visiting the cafe "statice".

Bartender/s Cafe Creepy Male Lead Dark Ambience Fetish/es Handsome Male Lead Masochist/s Masochistic Male Lead Mentally Unstable Character/s Murder/s

Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii

Kitanai Kimi ga Ichiban Kawaii (Manga)

I Love Your Cruddy (Synonyms), I Love Your Cruddy... (Synonyms), The Filthy You Is the Cutest (Synonyms), You Are the Most Cutest (Synonyms), きたない君がいちばんかわいい (Synonyms)

Airi Sezaki and Hinako Hanamura. In the class, they are in a different group and caste with no interaction, but they have a secret that cannot be said to the others. The girls' secret is that of love, selfishness and fetishes....(Source: MangaDex)

Ambiguous Relationship Bullied Female Lead Bullying Dominant Female Lead Fetish/es Humiliation Masochist/s Masochistic Female Lead Psychopath/s Sadistic Female Lead

Love & Sex

Love & Sex (Manga)

1. Midara na Senritsu Hiwai na Yubisaki (Lewd Melody Obscene Fingers) by SHINJO Mayu (Synonyms), 2. Hyoutenka no Maria by MINAMI Kanan (Synonyms), 3. Abunai Houkenshitsu (Dangerous Health Room) by AYUKAWA Mio (Synonyms), 4. S no Junjou M no Yuuwaku by KOUSAKA Yuuka (Synonyms), 5. Kare no Taion Kanojo no Toiki (His Body Temperature Her Long Sigh) by ASAMI Miyabi (Synonyms), 6. Kakusei Full Moon (Full Moon Awakening) by YUUHI Ryuu (Synonyms), 7. Tomodachi Ijou x H Miman (More than Friends, Not Up to Sex) by USAMI Tae (Synonyms), Dangerous Health Room (Synonyms), Full Moon Awakening (Synonyms), His Body Temperature, Her Long Sigh (Synonyms), Hyoutenka no Maria (Synonyms), More than Friends, Not Up to Sex (Synonyms), S no Junjou M no Yuuwaku (Synonyms), Любовь и Секс (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Collection of Stories Masochist/s Music Piano Possessive Lover/s Rape Stepsibling Love Twin/s Young Female Lead

Yoru wa Tomodachi

Yoru wa Tomodachi (Manga)

Friends at Night (Synonyms), 夜はともだち (Synonyms)

Masumi is dating Tobita who under innocent face hides a burning desire for being abused. Catering to his needs Masumi gradually gets pulled more and more into the twisted relationship, fascinated by the feeling of sadistic satisfaction from dominating Masumi.

Awkward Protagonist BDSM Bondage Lack of Communication Loner Protagonist Masochist/s Pain Punishment/s Role Play Torture

Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan

Bara no Hitomi wa Bakudan (Manga)

The Eyes of the Rose are Bombs (Synonyms), Глаза розы - бомбы (Synonyms), 电眼王子 (Synonyms), 薔薇の瞳は爆弾 (Synonyms), 電眼王子 (Synonyms), 장미의 눈동자는 폭탄 (Synonyms)

Angst Collection of Stories Dead Lover/s Death of Loved One/s Journalism Masochist/s Middle Eastern Photography Student-Teacher Relationship Unrequited Love

Erotic M

Erotic M (Manga)

Erotikku M (Synonyms), エロティックM (Synonyms)

Hasebe has finally found his ideal sadist, Nagamori. While Nagamori insisted he wasn't an S, he was drawn by Hasebe's sexiness and seduction. Giving in bit by bit and due to his jealousy of Hasebe's ex-lover, Yumio, Nagamori's sadistic instinct had finally awakened.

Blue-Collar Workers Celebrity/ies Love at First Sight Masochist/s Masturbation Neighbor/s Older Uke Younger Seme Producer/s Rich Protagonist Sadist/s

Ibarahime to S no Juushatachi - M-shiki Princess Bangaihen

Ibarahime to S no Juushatachi - M-shiki Princess Bangaihen (Manga)

Briar Rose and the Sadist's Attendants ~ M-Style Princess' Other Tales ~ (Synonyms), Extra Volume ~ (Synonyms), Ibara hime to S no Juushatachi - M shiki Princess Bangai-hen (Synonyms), Ibarahime to S no Juushatachi - M shiki Princess Bangai-hen (Synonyms), Sleeping Beauty and the Sadist's Servants ~ M-Shiki Princess Additional Compilation ~ (Synonyms), The Thorn Princess' and the Sadist's Followers ~ The Masochistic Princess (Synonyms), イバラ姫とSの従者たち~M式プリンセス番外編~ (Synonyms)


Based on a Fairytale Butler/s Elaborate Art Style Masochist/s Master-Servant Relationship Sadist/s

M no Yoromeki

M no Yoromeki (Manga)

Emu no Yoromeki (Synonyms), Las Infidelidades de M (Synonyms), Mのよろめき (Synonyms), 麻辣M情人 (Synonyms)

Narumi, the most popular teacher in a high school, teaches chemistry. All girl students are attracted to him, with an aura of prince. But there is a girl whom he has a lot of trouble in dealing with. This is a collection of youthful love stories.

Collection of Stories Foreigner/s Handsome Male Lead Masochist/s Narcissism Student-Teacher Relationship


MM! (Manga)

Emu Emu! (Synonyms), MM一族 (Synonyms), えむえむっ! (Synonyms)

Because of a certain incident, Sado Tarou learns that there is a problem with his body. He derives pleasure from girls doing "this" and "that" to him. To cure his body, and so that he can confess to his love "Shihori Hime", he approaches the Voluntary Club- a school group that tries to fulfill students' wishes. He goes only to find Isurugi Mio, a girl with the gross misunderstanding of being a god, and Yuuno Arashiko, the most hated existence for Tarou since she is the cause of his problem...

Adapted to Anime Based on a Novel Brother Complex Club/s Cross-dressing First Love Love at First Sight Masochist/s Phobia/s Son Complex

Keishi Sokan Asami

Keishi Sokan Asami (Manga)

Keishi Soukan Asami (Synonyms), The Chief of the Metropolitan Police (Synonyms), 警視総監アサミ (Synonyms), 警視總監麻美 (Synonyms)

Asami is a beautiful cop in the Investigative Precint 1! Her dream is to solve a big case! But because of Asami hating Lieutenant Shimoyama's interference Asami's chances are thwarted time and time again. One day, an all-points bulletin stating a discovery of a floating corpse!? Shimoyama claims it's a suicide but Asami does not rule out foul play and starts investigating with her partner, Harada. A front line police story depicting the adventures of a female cop.

Big Breasts Borderline H Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Masochist/s Nudity Panchira Police Rape Sadist/s

Kiken na Asobi

Kiken na Asobi (Manga)

Cherry Boy (Synonyms), 危険な弄び (Synonyms)

Age Gap Bullying Chat Rooms Collection of Stories Humiliation Masochist/s Rape Sadist/s Sadomasochism Student-Teacher Relationship

Kusari ni Kiss

Kusari ni Kiss (Manga)

Chain of Kisses (Synonyms), 亲吻爱的枷锁 (Synonyms), 鎖にキス (Synonyms)

The give & take relationship. Hellsing (Dhampir) gives his body to Tayuu, while Tayuu gives Hellsing his body fluid. When Tayuu and Hellsing meet, all they do is argue, and have very kinky sex..."I want to touch" "I want to dominate"... Tayuu doesn't understand the reason why he wants more. And Hellsing can't have a "beloved person" because of what he is....

Dhampir/s Dragon/s Dubious Consent Fellatio Masochist/s Rape Sadist/s Student/s Traumatic Past Vampire Hunter/s

M to N no Shouzou

M to N no Shouzou (Manga)

Chân Dung M & N (Synonyms), MとNの肖像 (Synonyms), Portrait of M & N (Synonyms), 非凡佳偶 (Synonyms)

Mitsuru is beautiful, graceful and admired by many people, but she has a weird problem--a single, violent movement against her can get her begging sweetly for more! Her nickname M, also stands for masochistic.Natsuhiko, is a guy who found out Mitsuru's secret on their first day of senior high school. Even so, he has an equally bad problem--the mere glimpse of his reflection can send him into a flying fit about how beautiful he is! He is nicknamed as N for narcissistic.They both hope to minimize their chances of being exposed because of their weird behaviors.

Beautiful Female Lead Bespectacled Protagonist Changed by Love Character Growth Handsome Male Lead Masochist/s Narcissism Narcissistic Male Lead Out of Print in English Quirky Characters

Rakuen no Ori

Rakuen no Ori (Manga)

Ate Naki Tegami (Synonyms), Cage in Paradise (Synonyms), Unknown Letters (Synonyms), 乐园牢笼 (Synonyms), 楽園の檻 (Synonyms)

Glasses-Wearing Seme Kidnapping/s Long-Haired Male Lead Mafia Masochist/s Master-Slave Relationship Possessive Seme Sadist/s Street Fighting Submission

The Only "R" in the World

The Only "R" in the World (Manga)

Chỉ là cấp R ở thế giới này (Synonyms), Sekai ni Hitotsu dake no R (Synonyms), 世界に一つだけのR (Synonyms), 世界唯一的R等英雄 (Synonyms)

A warrior ruled by chaos and darkness and killed his family in another world. One day, crazy about madness and revenge, he knows about the existence of Kelg's bar. There, the reborn (?) are searching for friends to subdue the Demon King day and night.Urus immediately goes to the bar to be chosen as a rebirth, but he is imprinted with the mysterious word “R” and is recognized as a weak by an unknown summoning ceremony (Gacha) and touch the darkness of the world!!!What is R, is it an unknown summoning ceremony, and what is the darkness of the world!?

Beast Girl/s Demon Girl/s Demon/s Elf/ves Episodic Guild/s Hero/es Mage/s Masochist/s Nudity


Seifukusha (Manga)

Conqueror (Synonyms), Gaze (Synonyms), 征服者 (Synonyms)

1. MasterA master/slave relationship between a politician and his secretary/bodyguard. Chapter 7 of is a short one-short featuring the characters here. 3. GazeEvery day, a young man will take the train and be assaulted by his chief. But there's a conductor who watches him...

BDSM Bodyguard/s Bondage Businessman / Businesswoman Groping Masochist/s Sadist/s Sadomasochism Secretary Sex Toy/s

Bleach dj - Tattoo

Bleach dj - Tattoo (Doujinshi)

紅刺青 (Synonyms), 青刺紅 (Synonyms)

Pairing: Shuuhei x Renji, Random Tattoo Artist x Renji

Group Intercourse Masochist/s Nympho Uke Past Plays a Big Role Rape Tattoo Artist/s Tattoo/s

Soredemo Chikyuu wa Mawatteru

Soredemo Chikyuu wa Mawatteru (Manga)

Bumi Masih Berputar (Indonesian) (Synonyms), Even so the world turns (Synonyms), それでも地球は回ってる (Synonyms)

Masochist/s Mother Complex Narcissism Reverse Harem

Amaiyo Maiyo

Amaiyo Maiyo (Manga)

Every Sweet Night (Synonyms), His Training Failure (Synonyms), I Want To Drive You Crazy (Synonyms), Каждую сладкую ночь (Synonyms), 捉摸你的心 (Synonyms), 甘いよ毎夜 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Appearance Different from Personality Bondage Collection of Stories Masochist/s Master-Pet Relationship Reversible Couple Sadist/s Seme and Uke Switch Student-Teacher Relationship