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Osaerarenai! (Manga)

don't suppress it! (Synonyms), First Emotion Territory (Synonyms), Hatsujou Territory (Synonyms), I Can't Stop It (Synonyms), Kimi wo Kaorasete (Synonyms), Let You Be Fragrant (Synonyms), おさえられないっ! (Synonyms), 无法控制 (Synonyms)

From :Haruka is a owner of a dog; however, the dog is no ordinary dog. He is the wildest boy in her high school. What exactly is their relationship...?Includes extra one-shot (): "I like Hisato-san a lot. Being held in his arms this way, I'm really happy... Eh? A woman's perfume? There is a 'flowery scent' from Hisato-san's body... Why?"

Animal Characteristics Cross-dressing Friends Become Lovers Jealous Friend Love Confession/s Love Triangle/s Master-Pet Relationship Playboy/s Possessive Lover/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Eto Royale

Eto Royale (Manga)

Eto Royal (Synonyms), 干支ロワイヤル (Synonyms), 干支大乱斗 (Synonyms)

One day, an ordinary high school girl by the name of Ichika Kotobuki saves a dog on the verge of death on the side of the road. However, all of the sudden, the dog transforms into a human. As a consequence, Ichika gets dragged into an event that runs once in a thousand years known as "Eto Battle"!

Animal Sidekick Animal Transformation High School Student/s Magical Transformation/s Master-Pet Relationship Otaku Reverse Harem Zodiac

Koutei no Okiniiri

Koutei no Okiniiri (Manga)

The Emperor's Pet (Synonyms), 皇帝のお気に入り (Synonyms), 讓皇帝中意的人 (Synonyms)


Emperor/s Female Demographic with Male Author Master-Pet Relationship

Shite Wagamama H

Shite Wagamama H (Manga)

1) Mistress Princess (Shiiku Hime) by MINAMI Kanan. (Synonyms), 2) Egoism of Passion (Jyuu Yoku Egoism) by YUUHI Ryuu. (Synonyms), 3) Don't Tell Me You Love Me or Something (Aisanai Nante Iwasenai) by IBUKI Kaede. (Synonyms), 4) One Night Lover by HOSHINO Masami. (Synonyms), 5) Breedable Material (Hatsujou Materiaru) by ATSUTA Kotobuki. (Synonyms), 6) Passion!! (Renai'tsu!!) by TODA Megumi. (Synonyms), 7) I Want to be Disheveled in a White Gown (Hakui Ni Midaretai) by AYUKAWA Mio. (Synonyms), 8) Vampire Pie♥ (Bampaia Pai♥) by TORIYAMA Miki. (Synonyms), Desire to Tackle a Boyfriend (Synonyms), Egoism of Passion (Synonyms), Jyuu Yoku Egoism (Synonyms), Shite Wagamama (Synonyms), して わがままH (Synonyms)

Childhood Friend/s Cold Male Lead Collection of Stories Insecurity Master-Pet Relationship Playboy/Playgirl Becomes Monogamous

Suteki na Kigawa ga Nakuttemo

Suteki na Kigawa ga Nakuttemo (Manga)

Even Without Beautiful Fur (Synonyms), Suteki na Kegawa ga Nakute mo (Synonyms), ステキな毛皮がなくっても (Synonyms), 专属猫咪契约情人 (Synonyms)

Animal Characteristics Cat/s Debt-Motivated Prostitution Master-Pet Relationship Older Seme Younger Uke Poor Male Lead Poor Protagonist Prostitution Rich Seme Sex Toy/s

Neko to Jii-chan

Neko to Jii-chan (Manga)

Cat and Grandpa (Synonyms), Le Vieil Homme et Son Chat (Synonyms), ねことじいちゃん (Synonyms), ねことじいちゃん 番外編 (Synonyms)

The story follows the everyday lives of Daikichi, an elderly man, and his pet cat, Tama. Daikichi has lived his entire life in a small island town, and although young people have begun moving there and the landscape and scenery have begun to change, the one thing that remains constant is Daikichi.

Adapted to Live Action Adult Protagonist Award-Nominated Work Bespectacled Protagonist Cat/s Master-Pet Relationship Old Man Older Male Lead Web Comic

Sakura Buntsuu

Sakura Buntsuu (Manga)

Gardenia (Synonyms), Snowflakes Fluttering Down Through the Clear Sky (Synonyms), The Cherry Tree Correspondence (Synonyms), The Cosmos Garden (Synonyms), Together with Master (Synonyms), Wishing on a Star (Synonyms), さくら文通 (Synonyms)

Animal Characteristics Childhood Promise Collection of Stories Dead Friend/s Knight/s Letter/s Master-Pet Relationship Secret Admirer Star Admirer/s Taisho Era

I’m a Pet

I’m a Pet (Manga)

Boku wa Pet (Synonyms), Boku wa Petto (Synonyms), ぼくはペット (Synonyms)

Living like a housewife but just a kohai. Will this "pet's" love be recognized?

Bickering Love Bishounen Host/Hostess Househusband Live-in Lover Master-Pet Relationship NEET Persistent Uke Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Straight Seme

Kainushi Juujin to Pet Joshikousei

Kainushi Juujin to Pet Joshikousei (Manga)

Kainushi Juujin to Petto Joshikousei (Synonyms), The Beast and His Pet High School Girl (Synonyms), 飼い主獣人とペット女子高生 (Synonyms), 饲主兽人和宠物女子高中生 (Synonyms), 주인 수인과 애완동물 여고생 (Synonyms)

On the way home from school, Kashiwagi Aki is kidnapped and finds herself in a world populated entirely by beastmen. She ends up in a pet store where the overzealous and impulsive wolfman Zinovy becomes infatuated with her and buys her on sight. Thus begins their strange and chaotic, albeit incredibly cute life.

Adapted to Drama CD Animal Characteristics Dog Boy/s Furry Human Pet/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Isekai Language Barrier Master-Pet Relationship Role Reversal

Kurohyou to 16-sai

Kurohyou to 16-sai (Manga)

Black Panther & Sixteen (Synonyms), Black Panther and Sweet 16 (Synonyms), Чёрная пантера и шестнадцатилетка (Synonyms), 黑豹与16岁 (Synonyms), 黑豹與16歲 (Synonyms), 黒豹と16歳 (Synonyms)

Taiga, a teenage girl with a complex about her aggressive nature, has just moved to Tokyo when she runs across a boy passed out from starvation. She lends him a drink, but he ends up stealing a kiss! Then, on her first day at her new school, that boy, Anri Iseya, comes up to her and declares himself to be her pet?! This dangerous mission between a black beast and a strong-willed 16-year-old begins now!

Cohabitation Complicated Family Love Triangle/s Master-Pet Relationship Mischievous Male Lead Overly Affectionate Male Lead Pushy Male Lead Rich Character/s Rich Male Lead Sadist/s

My Lovely Cat, Matilda

My Lovely Cat, Matilda (Manga)

Boku no Matilda (Synonyms), 僕のマチルダ (Synonyms)

The humorous daily interactions between Matilda the cat and her doting owner Shibata.

Adult Protagonist Cat/s Doting Family Member/s Master-Pet Relationship Office Worker/s

Sekai de Ichiban Tadashii Kyuuketsuki no Kaikata

Sekai de Ichiban Tadashii Kyuuketsuki no Kaikata (Manga)

The Best Method to Vampire Breeding (Synonyms), The Bestest Method of Vampire Breeding (Synonyms), The Most Correct Method in the World to Raise a Vampire (Synonyms), The World's No.1 Method of Domesticating Vampires (Synonyms), 世界で一番正しい吸血鬼の飼い方 (Synonyms), 饲养吸血鬼的最正确方法 (Synonyms)

Brother Complex Butler/s Cohabitation Contract/s Loyal Servant Master-Pet Relationship Rushed Ending / Axed Siblings Vampire/s Zombie/s

Soredemo Yappari Kimi ga Suki

Soredemo Yappari Kimi ga Suki (Manga)

But I Love You For All That (Synonyms), それでもやっぱりキミが好き (Synonyms)

1) Young couple Hirota Naoki and Yoshizawa Hiderou have a dog-and-owner relationship, with Hirota always taking care of the clumsy Yoshizawa. But when Hirota gets sick at school and tells Yoshizawa not to follow him home, is there anything "the dog" can do to be helpful to his "owner"?2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)

Age Gap Bullying Caught in the Act Collection of Stories Domination/Subordination Dumb Male Lead Female Author High School Master-Pet Relationship Masturbation

Amaiyo Maiyo

Amaiyo Maiyo (Manga)

Every Sweet Night (Synonyms), His Training Failure (Synonyms), I Want To Drive You Crazy (Synonyms), Каждую сладкую ночь (Synonyms), 捉摸你的心 (Synonyms), 甘いよ毎夜 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Appearance Different from Personality Bondage Collection of Stories Masochist/s Master-Pet Relationship Reversible Couple Sadist/s Seme and Uke Switch Student-Teacher Relationship

Anata no Shimobe

Anata no Shimobe (Manga)

Your Manservant (Synonyms), Твой раб (Synonyms), あなたのしもべ (Synonyms), 我是伺候你的猫仆 (Synonyms), 我是伺候你的貓僕 (Synonyms)

MAL: Naohira wants a cat of his own...

Abandoned Child Age Gap Cat/s Dependency Divorced Parent/s Insecurity Master-Pet Relationship Nudist Older Seme Younger Uke Possessive Lover/s

Ame ga Yamu Koro ni

Ame ga Yamu Koro ni (Manga)

Quando a chuva para (Synonyms), When the Rain Stops (Synonyms), Yağmur ne zaman durursa (Synonyms), Когда перестает лить дождь (Synonyms), عندما يتوقف المطر (Synonyms), 雨がやむ頃に (Synonyms)

On a rainy day when Noa forgot to bring her umbrella, the ill-tempered & rude Takagi-senpai helped her out. Since then, Noa has been following Takagi Ren like his pet dog...

Master-Pet Relationship Rain Sadist/s Weak Female Lead

Anata no Inu ni Naritai

Anata no Inu ni Naritai (Manga)

I Want to Become Your Dog (Synonyms), 我要成为你的爱犬 (Synonyms), 貴方の犬になりたい (Synonyms)


Master-Pet Relationship

Ao no Exorcist dj - Neko Man!

Ao no Exorcist dj - Neko Man! (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Yukio x Rin

Animal Characteristics Brother/s Cat Boy/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Half-Human Incest Master-Pet Relationship Twin/s Twincest Urination

Atashi wa Pet

Atashi wa Pet (Manga)

I Am a Pet (Synonyms), あたしはペット。 (Synonyms), 就是爱宠你 (Synonyms)

The genius but slightly dirty-minded Akira transforms sixteen-year-old Nobara into a girl with cat ears. She wants to return to her former state, but when Akira says to her, "You can only go back if you have sex with me!"?

Animal Characteristics Cat Girl/s Genius/es Master-Pet Relationship