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Takuhai Cupid

Takuhai Cupid (Manga)

Delivery Cupid (Synonyms), Forever with You (Synonyms), Ooki na Yozora no Shita de (Synonyms), Under the Big Night Sky (Synonyms), 宅配 CUPID (Synonyms), 宅配 キューピッド (Synonyms)

Delivery Cupid is a collection of six short stories. The title story is a romantic comedy about Tsubasa Amano, who is half-human and half-cupid. In order to become a full cupid, he must successfully unite a couple. However, the target is an evil man named Norimasa who shows no love for anyone. When Tsubasa accidentally ends up as Norimasa's match, the trouble begins. Are Tsubasa and Norimasa attracted because of cupid magic, or is it true love?

Age Gap Angel/s Love at First Sight Matchmaker/s Rape Rapist Protagonist Rebirth Restaurant Shinigami Waiter/s


Ema (Manga)

Emma (HANABUSA Youko) (Synonyms), エマ (HANABUSA Youko) (Synonyms)


19th Century Based on a Novel Based on a Western work England Matchmaker/s Regency Rich Female Lead Troublemaker/s

Konkatsu no Tatsujin

Konkatsu no Tatsujin (Manga)

Expert of Kon-Katsu (Synonyms), Kon-katsu no Tatsujin (Synonyms), 婚活の達人 (Synonyms)



Ai no Tame ni

Ai no Tame ni (Manga)

Chocolate Contest (Synonyms), Everything for the Sake of Love (Synonyms), For the Sake of Love (Synonyms), If Someone Like Me Could Do That (Synonyms), If Someone Like Me Will Do (Synonyms), Во имя Любви! (Synonyms), كل شيء لأجل الحب (Synonyms), 一切为了爱 (Synonyms), 一切為了愛 (Synonyms), 愛のために (Synonyms)

1) Akira is a kind girl who loves to be with her friends. Because of her high success rate in matchmaking, her friends have given her the title of "Queen of Introductions" (Matchmaking Queen)! But for some reason, Aki-chan can't seem to get a boyfriend for herself...2) 3)

All-Boys School All-Girls School Chocolate/s Collection of Stories Handsome Male Lead Love Confession/s Matchmaker/s Popular Female Lead Strong Female Lead Valentine's Day

Aoume no Hana

Aoume no Hana (Manga)

青梅の花 (Synonyms)


Anal Intercourse Aphrodisiac Fellatio Festival Friends Become Lovers Furry Matchmaker/s Part-Time Job Tea Shop