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86 (Anime)

Eighty Six (Synonyms), 86―エイティシックス― (Japanese)

The Republic of San Magnolia.

For a long time, this country has been besieged by its neighbor, the Giadian Empire, which created a series of unmanned drones called the Legion. After years of painstaking research, the Republic finally developed autonomous drones of their own, turning the one-sided struggle into a war without casualties—or at least, that's what the government claims.

In truth, there is no such thing as a bloodless war. Beyond the fortified walls protecting the eighty-five Republic territories lies the "nonexistent" Eighty-Sixth Sector. The young men and women of this forsaken land are branded the Eighty-Six and, stripped of their humanity, pilot the "unmanned" weapons into battle...

Shinn directs the actions of a detachment of young Eighty-Sixers while on the battlefield. Lena is a "handler" who commands the detachment from the remote rear with the help of special communication.

The farewell story of the severe and sad struggle of these two begins!

Spring 2021 Military Based on a Novel Clever Protagonist Soldier/s War/s

Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season

Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season (Anime)

進撃の巨人 The Final Season (Japanese), Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 (Synonyms)

Final Season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Mysterious Power/s Military Revenge Blood and Gore Hidden Power/s Strong Female Lead

Kaijuu Jieitai: Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management

Kaijuu Jieitai: Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management (Manga)

Kaiju vs. JSDF (Synonyms), Kaijuu Jieitai (Synonyms), Kaijuu vs. Jieitai (Synonyms), Monster Self-Defense Force (Synonyms), Self-Defence Force Against Strange Beasts (Synonyms), TFPDM (Synonyms), 怪獣自衛隊 (Synonyms)

A classic Kaijū manga by the author of and Follow JSDF officers Yamato Yoshikazu and Sakimori Konoe as they face off against monsters of unknown origin that infest the troubled, disputed waters of the East Asian sea and have humans as a preferential prey!

Kaijuu Military Monster/s Ship/s Strong Female Lead Survival


Kalyx (Manga)

カリュクス (Synonyms), 花之少女 (Synonyms)

Age Gap Apocalyptic Future Child Soldier/s Cold Male Lead Dark Ambience Death Female Fighter/s Japan Limited Lifespan Military

Kampfgruppe Zbv

Kampfgruppe Zbv (Manga)

カンプグルッペZbv (Synonyms)

In the German army during their battle with the Soviets, there was a combat unit (the Kampfgruppe ZVB) that fulfilled their duty and their obligations over and over again.

Germany Military World War II

Kankan Asahi

Kankan Asahi (Manga)

Kankan Asahi: Hakudaku-iro ni somaru seifuku (Synonyms), Men's Warship Asahi: When the Uniform Becomes Grey (Synonyms), 漢艦あさひ~白濁色に染まる制服~ (Synonyms)

Crewman Nagato and Consulting Engineer Daiki are onboard the Special Purpose Submarine Asahi for an investigation. Daiki is the son of the Asahi's captain, but they're not actually related by blood. Nagato happens to witness the secret activities that take place in the Captain's cabin every night. Not only that, the Weapons Officer also comes to the Captain's cabin---. What really is the daily life of these men on the tide!? And what is the Captain's surprising tendency!? It's the beginning of a full-scale Yaoi fleet.

Military Navy

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - #0927

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! dj - #0927 (Doujinshi)

N/A (Synonyms)

Pairing: Mukuro x Tsuna x Hibari

Airplane/s Injury/ies Island/s Isolated Location Military Plane Crash Rape Soldier/s Strong Male Lead War/s

Kedamono ni Hizamazuku wa Yoru no Shimobe

Kedamono ni Hizamazuku wa Yoru no Shimobe (Manga)

ケダモノに跪くは夜の下僕 (Synonyms)


Beastman/men Boss-Subordinate Relationship European Ambiance Guard/s Military

Kenkouki - Hi no Kuni Daiteikokugun Kurenai Ikki Tousentai

Kenkouki - Hi no Kuni Daiteikokugun Kurenai Ikki Tousentai (Manga)

Kenkouki - Hinokuni Dai Teikoku-gun Kurenai Ikki Tousen-tai (Synonyms), Kenkouki - Hinokuni Daiteikokugun Kurenai Ikkitousentai (Synonyms), Shimmering Sword Princess - Sun Country Great Imperial Army Crimson Great Warrior Squad (Synonyms), Принцесса Сверкающего Меча (Synonyms), 剣光妃 -日ノ国大帝國軍くれない一騎当千隊- (Synonyms)

Annoying Female Lead Big Breasts Clumsy Protagonist Cross-dressing Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Military Naive Female Lead Partial Nudity Young Female Lead

Kenrou Densetsu

Kenrou Densetsu (Manga)

Dog-Wolf Legend: Kerberos Panzer Cop (Synonyms), Hellhounds: Panzer Cops (Synonyms), Kerberos Panzer Cop (Synonyms), 犬狼伝説 (Synonyms)

20th Century Adapted to Anime Adapted to Movie Alternate History Antihero / Antiheroine Dark Ambience Military Police Politics Terrorist/s

Kenrou Densetsu Akai Ashikon

Kenrou Densetsu Akai Ashikon (Manga)

Dog-Wolf Legend: The Red Footsteps (Synonyms), Kerberos Saga Rainy Dogs (Synonyms), 犬狼伝説 紅い足痕 (Synonyms)

The elite sniper Eito Kurosaki aka "Afghan Hound" is sent after the exiled Kerberos Koichi Todome who led the Kerberos Uprising. The once brothers in arms are now deadly enemies.

20th Century Alternate History Civil Disorder Dark Ambience Dystopia Japan Military Nihilism Police Officer/s Violence

Keroro Gunsou

Keroro Gunsou (Manga)

Keroro (Synonyms), Keroro Gunsō (Synonyms), Keroro軍曹 (Synonyms), Quân Đoàn Ếch Xanh (Synonyms), Sergeant Frog (Synonyms), Sergeant Keroro (Synonyms), Sersan Keroro (Synonyms), Sgt. Frog (Synonyms), ケロロ軍曹 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Alien/s Butler/s Freeloader/s Frog/s Military Ninja/s Rich Family Split Personality Tsundere

Kibun wa Mou Sensou

Kibun wa Mou Sensou (Manga)

気分はもう戦争 (Synonyms)

Note: Won the 13th Seiun Award for Best Comic (1982).

Award-Winning Work Military War/s

Kichi no Oshigoto

Kichi no Oshigoto (Manga)

The Mission of the Base (Synonyms), Working at the Base (Synonyms), 基地のお仕事 (Synonyms)

From : Kitami is an officer who likes uncomplicated physicality. Sex with no strings attached. And he has his pick of partners on the Naval base. But Sergeant Eda is determined to change his mind about being in a real relationship.

Masculine Uke Military

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin (Manga)

Mechanized Infantries 8 Fukujin (Synonyms), Mechanized Infantry Eight Gods of Fortune (Synonyms), MI-8 Fukujin (Synonyms), 機動旅団八福神 (Synonyms)

Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin is set in the near future where Japan has been subjugated by China and now fights against its former ally America under the Chinese banner. Fukujin, literally “luck god,” are advanced armor suits that are impervious to most conventional weapons. The story follows new recruits in the army of Japan, in a war-torn future. An eccentric girl, a pacifistic guy, and the Fukujin figure in a story about war, violence, and militaristic subservience.

Alternative Future Bespectacled Protagonist Character Growth Military Pacifist Politics Smart Male Lead Soldier/s Special Squad/s Strong Female Lead

Kidou Sensehi Gundam - The Blue Destiny

Kidou Sensehi Gundam - The Blue Destiny (Manga)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Blue Destiny (TAICHI You) (Synonyms), 機動戦士ガンダム外伝 ザ・ブルー・ディスティニー (Synonyms)


Alternate History Based on a Video Game Future Military Pilot/s Piloted Robots Robot/s Soldier/s Space Battle War/s

Kidou Sensei Gundam - Kokui no Kariudo

Kidou Sensei Gundam - Kokui no Kariudo (Manga)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Hunter of Black Clothes (Synonyms), 機動戦士ガンダム 黒衣の狩人 (Synonyms)

Wolfgang is part of a feared elite Zeon Hunter unit tasked with hunting for and eliminating any Federation forces foolish enough to stumble into their hunting grounds in Earth's orbit. Things were going as usual until Wolfgang's fiancee happens to enter the military and is transferred to his unit. To top this off, he clashes with treacherous Federation pilot Brandon and sets in motion events that eventually will lead to tragedy! How will Wolfgang redeem himself now?

Amputee/s Eyepatch Flashbacks Gundam Military Older Male Younger Female Pilot/s Piloted Robots Robot/s Romantic Subplot

Kidou Senshi Gundam

Kidou Senshi Gundam (Manga)

Mobile Suit Gundam (Synonyms), 機動戦士ガンダム (Synonyms)

This is the original manga adaptation of Mobile Suit Gundam, released during the time the TV series was on the air. Not to be confused with the 1994 adaptation Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 by Kazuhisa Kondo.

Alternate History Based on an Anime Based on an Award-Winning Creation ESP Future Masked Character/s Military Piloted Robots Post-War Robot/s

Kidou Senshi Gundam - After Jabro

Kidou Senshi Gundam - After Jabro (Manga)

Gundam - After Jabro (Synonyms), Mobile Suit Gundam - After Jabro (Synonyms), 機動戦士ガンダム アフター ジャブロー (Synonyms)


Alternate History Dark Skin Gundam Military Pilot/s Piloted Robots Robot/s Strong Male Lead Tribe/s Violence

Kidou Senshi Gundam - Gyakushuu no Char

Kidou Senshi Gundam - Gyakushuu no Char (Manga)

Mobile Suit Gundam - Char's Counterattack (Synonyms), 機動戦士ガンダム 逆襲のシャア (Synonyms)

U.C. 0093 - Char Aznable, the infamous "Red Comet" of the One Year War, has come out of hiding to lead the Neo-Zeon Army and wage war against the Earth Federation. Only his greatest rival, Gundam pilot Amuro Ray, can stop him from dropping the Axis asteroid on Earth and causing a major global catastrophe.

Alternate History Based on a Novel Civil Disorder Coup d'etat Death Death of Loved One/s Future Military Pilot/s War/s