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Heaven's Door (KOIKE Keiichi)

Heaven's Door (KOIKE Keiichi) (Manga)

Landed (Synonyms), ヘヴンズドア (Synonyms)

A compilation of short stories by Keiichi Koike.1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. An astronaut sent on a space mission promises his wife and child that he will come back to them.

Amazon Android/s Collection of Stories Dream/s Drug/s Experiment/s Hallucination/s Mind Break Non-Stereotypical Psychedelic Art Style

Himitsu no Chaiharo

Himitsu no Chaiharo (Manga)

The Secret Child Hello Work (Synonyms), The Secret Child HelloWork (Synonyms), 秘密のチャイハロ (Synonyms)

Aikawa Ai is being bullied at school just because she's poor. One day, she's chosen to work at HelloWork "Child Hello". The job there can earn big money, but it is frightening. To protect her sickly mother and get rid of the fierce harassment from her relatives, Ai decides to earn money at "Child Hello".

Bullying Elementary-School Student/s Emotional Manipulation Emotionally Strong Female Lead Female Demographic with Male Author Mind Break Money Problems Poor Female Lead Strong Female Lead Young Female Lead

Taiyou no Ijiwaru

Taiyou no Ijiwaru (Manga)

A Strange Gene (Synonyms), Damned Sun (Synonyms), Fuyumi Soryo short Stories - 1 - Taiyo no Ijiwaru (Synonyms), Hırçın Güneş (Synonyms), Strange Trait (Synonyms), Taiyou no Ichiwaru (Synonyms), The Rainbow Fish (Synonyms), เมื่อตะวันสาดแสง (Synonyms), 太陽のイヂワル (Synonyms), 太陽のイヂワル 惣領冬実傑作短編集 (Synonyms)

Artist/s Biography / Autobiography Collection of Stories Existential Hallucination/s Mafia Mental Illness Mind Break Post-Secondary School Writer/s

K no Souretsu

K no Souretsu (Manga)

A Funeral Procession of K (Synonyms), Funeral Procession of K (Synonyms), Kの葬列 (Synonyms), The Funeral Procession of K (Synonyms)

Funeral bells are ringing the day Mikaya moves into a new apartment. Once he arrives, he learns a startling fact; his flat was previously occupied by the dead man, K. Strangely enough, no one ever found K's body...yet all the people who lived in the same apartment complex as him are absolutely convinced of his death. Where is the body, and could it be one of his eccentric neighbours who was responsible for K's death and subsequent disappearance?

Accent Colors Apartment Life Brother Complex Dark Ambience Gothic Style Mind Break Missing Person Murder/s Neighbor/s Odd Situation/s

Ensemble Stars! dj - Tsukasa wa PENIS no SLAVE desu

Ensemble Stars! dj - Tsukasa wa PENIS no SLAVE desu (Doujinshi)

Ensemble Stars! dj - Tsukasa Is a SLAVE to PENIS (Synonyms), あんさんぶるスターズ! dj - つかさはPENISのSLAVEです☆ (Synonyms)


Anal Intercourse Double / Multiple Penetration Drug/s Fellatio Group Intercourse Kidnapping/s Mind Break Older Seme Younger Uke Oral Intercourse Rape

The End

The End (Manga)

Dead End (MANABE Shohei) (Synonyms), ジ・エンド (Synonyms)

Amnesia Dark Ambience Mind Break Sketchy Art Style Special Ability/ies Special Squad/s Super Hero/es Super Powers Teamwork Violence

Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kiss wa Ariuru? Jikken

Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kiss wa Ariuru? Jikken (Manga)

Collision accidentelle sur le chemin de l'école peut-elle donner lieu à un baiser ? (Synonyms), The 'Can an Accidental Collision on the Way to School Result in a Kiss' Experiment (Synonyms), Toukou Tochuu no Deaigashira no Guuzen Kisu wa Ariuru? Jikken (Synonyms), Uno scontro accidentale per andare a scuola può portare a un bacio? (Italian) (Synonyms), 登校途中の出会い頭の偶然キスはありうるか?実験 (Synonyms)

A series of short stories in Kago Shintaro's bizarre but innovative style.

Black Humor Blood and Gore Collection of Stories Comedic Violence Death Mind Break Non-Stereotypical Nudity Odd Situation/s Psychopath/s

Anamorphosis no Meijuu

Anamorphosis no Meijuu (Manga)

Anamorphosis (Synonyms), The Dark Beast Animorphosis (Synonyms), Анаморфоз (Synonyms), アナモルフォシスの冥獣 (Synonyms), 失真的冥兽 (Synonyms), 失真的冥獸 (Synonyms)

A sort of horror-mystery, Anamorphosis revolves around a group of people invited to a contest wherein they have to stay in a supposedly haunted set for 48 hours after an evil murderous spirit is summoned to produce a recreation of the murder scene.Over half of the book features this story and the rest is a collection of bizarre shorts designed to make you go ( ゚д゚)!?

Black Humor Cannibalism Collection of Stories Detective/s Ghost/s Mind Break Monster/s Survival Game TV Show/s Unpredictable Outcome

Alien 9

Alien 9 (Manga)

Alien Nine (Synonyms), ALIEN9 (Synonyms), Eirian 9 (Synonyms), Инопланетяне в школе № 9 (Synonyms), Чужой 9 (Synonyms), エイリアン9 (Synonyms), 异形特攻学园 (Synonyms), 校园外星人 (Synonyms), 校園外星人 (Synonyms), 異形特攻學園 (Synonyms), 에이리언 9 (Synonyms)

From CPM:In the future, alien invasion is a daily occurrence and everyone must be prepared. Elementary School #9 has assigned three students to fight off the extra-terrestrial threat.

Adapted to Anime Alien/s Angst Biopunk Body Horror Crybaby Protagonist Earth Invasion Female Fighter/s Mind Break Partially Adapted to Anime

Ashi no Aji

Ashi no Aji (Manga)

The Taste Of Legs (Synonyms), あしのあじ (Synonyms)


Fetish/es Mind Break Netorare Netori Rape School Girl/s

Astral Project -  Tsuki no Hikari

Astral Project - Tsuki no Hikari (Manga)

Astral Project (Synonyms), Astral Project - sob a luz da lua (Synonyms), Astral Project Moonlight (Synonyms), Astral Project 月の光 (Synonyms), Astral Project 월광 (Synonyms), Astral Project: Moonlight (Synonyms), Astral Project: Tsuki no Hikari (Synonyms), Астральный проект "Лунный Свет" (Synonyms)

Conspiracy/ies Dead Family Member/s Mind Break Music Out-of-Body Experience Reflections on Human Existence Searching for Answers