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Erotic Toy Attack

Erotic Toy Attack (Manhwa)

[성인 BL 단편선] 에로틱 토이 어택 (Synonyms), Erotic Toy Attack [Adult BL Anthology] (Synonyms), 에로틱 토이 어택 (Synonyms)

The intense and thrilling attack of the five works!The unboxing of the erotic gifts with <Mr.Blue’s Erotic Toy Attack Anthology>!Official Webtoon: 00. 예고편Preview of the five works01. 미개발영역 (2 Chapters) by Nire02. 환불은 안 돼요! (2 Chapters) by Dasik 03. 피치, 핏치 테일 (2 Chapters) by Yuje04. 매지컬☆유즈리스 기프트 (3 Chapters) by Chaegoo 05. 마이 리틀 래빗 (3 Chapters) by Comello

Anthology Erotic Fantasy/ies Full Color Multiple Stories Sex Toy/s Webtoon

Mitsuki ni Ichido

Mitsuki ni Ichido (Manga)

Every Third Month (Synonyms), みつきにいちど (Synonyms), 三个月见面一次 (Synonyms)


Childhood Friend/s Death of Loved One/s Fortune Teller Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Love Triangle/s Multiple Stories Reunion/s Salaryman University Student/s Unrequited Love

Konna Nekomimi, Suki Desu ka?

Konna Nekomimi, Suki Desu ka? (Manga)

Cat Ears Like These, You Like? (Synonyms), Do You Like Cat Ears like These? (Synonyms), Konna Neko Mimi, Suki desu ka? (Synonyms), Konna Neko Mimi, Suki desuka? (Synonyms), Konna Nekomimi, Suki desuka? (Synonyms), こんなネコミミ、好きですか? (Synonyms), 这样的猫耳你喜欢吗? (Synonyms)

Animal Characteristics Cat Boy/s Childhood Friend/s Dormitory/ies Friends Become Lovers Glasses-Wearing Uke Magic Magic School Multiple Stories Punishment/s

Ureoji BL

Ureoji BL (Manga)

Come Over (Synonyms), Coming! (Synonyms), How to Catch a Star (Synonyms), Ureoji BL - Uke (Synonyms), Ureoji BL -Uke- (Synonyms), 熟れおじBL (Synonyms), 熟れおじBL -受- (Synonyms)

Age Gap Anthology Gay Protagonist Multiple Stories One-Night Stand

Arasa - Joshi no Yuuwaku meshi ~Konya mo Kimi wo Oishiku Itadakimasu

Arasa - Joshi no Yuuwaku meshi ~Konya mo Kimi wo Oishiku Itadakimasu (Manga)

アラサー女子の誘惑メシ 今夜もキミを美味しくいただきます (Synonyms)

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Anthology Collection of Stories Food Multiple Stories

Asakawa-kun to Kiss o Suru Nara

Asakawa-kun to Kiss o Suru Nara (Manga)

If I Kiss Him (Synonyms), If You Share A Kiss with Asakawa (Synonyms), 朝川くんとキスをするなら (Synonyms)

Established Couple First Kiss Multiple Stories Seke Twin/s