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Heaven's Love

Heaven's Love (Manga)

Heaven'sLove (Synonyms), Неземная любовь (Synonyms), ヘブンズ・ラブ (Synonyms)

Child Abuse Childhood Friend/s Childhood Trauma Jealousy Modeling Music Music Band/s Orphan/s Overprotective Sibling/s Possessive Lover/s


HELP! (MURAKAMI Maki) (Manga)

3 YEARS AGO (Synonyms), BE THERE (Synonyms), LOVE AND SHAPE (Synonyms), Not Fakin' It (Synonyms)

This was a prelude to Maki Murakami's Gravitation, but is not considered to be a part of the series. Many of the characters look similar to her Gravitation cast.This comic is the original story by Murakami, which was later rewritten somewhat into the series Gravitation.Rather than starring Shuichi and Yuki, the stories star Sakuma Ryuichi--lead singer of the band Nettle Grasper--and Uesugi Tatsuha as a novelist in a romance fairly similar to the one in Gravitation.

Music Band/s Novelist



HimaRock (Synonyms), HimaRokku (Synonyms), Sunflower★RockYou!! (Synonyms), ヒマロック (Synonyms), ヒマワリ★ロックユー!! (Synonyms)

Yazawa Himawari, a normal student, dives into the world of ROCK!A collaboration of Vocaloid Producer and Artist, "HIMAWARI★ROCK YOU!!", a web manga, gain good reviews.-from MIRΔISONIC's youtube channel-

21st Century Based on a Song High School Student/s Japan Music Music Band/s Secret Identity Short Male Lead Shy Male Lead Singer/s

Hello, Melancholic!

Hello, Melancholic! (Manga)

ハロー、メランコリック! (Synonyms), 你好,忧郁少女! (Synonyms)

Asano Minato is a tall but stooping first-year high school student. Though she's an awesome trombone player, she does everything she can to fade into the background. Despite her best efforts, however, Minato catches the attention of her bubbly and charismatic upperclasswoman Hibiki, who wants Minato to join the band she's forming at school and won't take no for an answer! Will Minato be able to let go of the past and play in a band again? Can polar opposites harmonize through music? Slow jam your way into this dulcet yuri series!

Awkward Female Lead Awkward Protagonist Drummer Gyaru High School Student/s Multiple Couples Music Music Band/s Social Anxiety Tall Female Lead

The Genjrings

The Genjrings (Indonesian)

N/A (Synonyms)

Deden's surprise appearance with his guitar on the art stage made Domi, Malik, etc, who are members of the nasyid group Pesantrend, stifled. Especially in the appearance that made him suddenly popular, Deden invited Ben, one of the Pesantrend personnel. The quarrel between Deden and Pesantrend was inevitable. Follow the exciting story of the birth of the phenomenal band The Genjrings

Boarding School Music Music Band/s Prejudice Rock Music

Josei Danshi

Josei Danshi (Manga)

Girly Boy (Synonyms), Jyosei Danshi (Synonyms), 女声男子 (Synonyms), 女声男生 (Synonyms)

Three girls want to make a girls-only band, but they need a singer. This one cute voice turns out to be from a boy! What will happen when this boy gets involved with them?

Androgynous Male Lead Attempted Rape Cross-dressing Friendship Misandry Music Music Band/s Talented Male Lead Trap Weak Male Lead

Kimi to Hyaku kai me no Koi

Kimi to Hyaku kai me no Koi (Manga)

Falling Love with You a Hundred Times (Synonyms), Kimi to 100-kai Me no Koi (Synonyms), Влюбляясь в тебя сотни раз (Synonyms), 君と100回目の恋 (Synonyms), 和你的第100次恋爱 (Synonyms)

To change her fate,With him who tried to devote his life "many times"She decided her fate for his future.

Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Childhood Friend/s Friends Become Lovers Friendship Music Music Band/s Musical Instrument/s Time Manipulation University Student/s

Love > Rush

Love > Rush (Manga)

Fall in Happy (Synonyms), Honey Edge (Synonyms), Love Rush (Synonyms), Love>Rush (Synonyms), ラブ>ラッシュ (Synonyms)

2. Fall in HappyKanoto, an exclusive writer for Disaster Jewel (D.J.) which is headed by Yokuna and Kagari but writing is not his only job...4-5. Karte7. Honey EdgeBusinessman Kiminari runs into his former classmate Masataka, but Masataka is no longer the serious student Kiminari remembers. Especially when he kidnaps Kiminari and drugs him!

Attempted Rape Bondage Drug/s Group Intercourse Kidnapping/s Music Band/s Rape Sadomasochism

Sayonara Nippon

Sayonara Nippon (Manga)

Sayonara Japan (Synonyms), Farewell Japan (Synonyms), さよならにっぽん (Synonyms)

The experiences of two Japanese people who move to the US; one a judo teacher, the other a guitarist.

America Jazz Judo Karate Lifestyle Change Money Problems Murder/s Music Music Band/s Music Business

The End of Youth

The End of Youth (Manga)

End of Youth (Synonyms), The end of youth ~あいの、うた (Synonyms), The end of youth: Ai no, Uta (Synonyms), 庸人自扰的我们 (Synonyms), 恨情歌 (Synonyms)

From :There're many reasons 28 year old performer Tagashira Shinichi wants to die but mostly he just stopped caring about life. Then he bumps into Yuu, a former classmate and friend. When Yuu pushes Shinichi to see his little brother again things get more complicated. Can Shinichi find something to live for?

Dependency Depression Bartender/s Betrayal Friends Grow Distant Loneliness Music Band/s Obsessive Love Poet Wish/es

Age Called Blue

Age Called Blue (Manga)

Age Cold Blue (Synonyms), Eiji Called Blue (Synonyms), Eiji Cold Blue (Synonyms), Eiji Koorudo Buruu (Synonyms), Eiji Kōrudo Burū (Synonyms), La Llamada Edad Azul (Synonyms), Возраст, названный голубым (Synonyms), エイジ・コールド・ブルー (Synonyms), 理代子和高校生 (Synonyms), 에이지 콜드 블루 (Synonyms)

Ambiguous Feelings Angst Art Artist/s Astronaut/s Loneliness Love-Hate Relationship Music Music Band/s Unexpressed Feeling/s

Eight (KUSUNOKI Michiharu)

Eight (KUSUNOKI Michiharu) (Manga)

エイト (楠みちはる) (Synonyms)


Bespectacled Protagonist Music Music Band/s Non-BL with Two Male Leads

Ero x Roma

Ero x Roma (Manga)

Ero Roma (Synonyms), Erotic & Romantic (Synonyms), Erotic x Romantic (Synonyms), EroticxRomantic (Synonyms), EroxRoma (Synonyms), エロ×ロマ (Synonyms)

Mochida Michiru has begun to live alone in an apartment like she wished. While making courtesy calls for the New Year calls around the building, she seems to recognize the man living next door to her! He’s in some sort of really popular idol group. A "SWITCH" member! It is Fujiya Masato! From that day on, love begins for Michiru who has bad prospects ahead! There’s plenty of forbidden love between a performer and the ordinary Michiru in this drawn title along with a collection of pleasant love stories with innocent and sometimes perverted girls!!

Borderline H Fangirl/s Height Difference Idol/s Music Band/s Neighbor/s Possessive Lover/s Reunion/s Secret Relationship Workplace Romance


Exit (Manga)

EXIT~エグジット~ (Synonyms)

VANCA is a band created by vocal Takuya and unusually tall guitarist Ooshikouchi. Anyone who comes near the band becomes involved in their affairs! VANCA knows no limits, and continues to grow, taking the world by storm.

Music Band/s Tall Male Lead

Netemo Sametemo

Netemo Sametemo (Manga)

Even When I'm Asleep, Even When I'm Awake (Synonyms), 寝ても醒めても (こいでみえこ) (Synonyms), 愛你不打烊 (Synonyms)

From :The most popular idol duo singers, Yuu and Jin of the CROSS, are lovers. Then, how in the world would Yuu have love trouble with his co-star actor, Kenzaki!? Finally fed up, a very frustrated Jin confronted Kenzaki and found out… What?

Acting Actor/s Amnesia Idol/s Jealousy Music Band/s Wish/es


Listeners (Anime)

LISTENERS (Japanese)

In a post-apocalyptic future that has been torn apart by shadowy creatures known as the Earless, humanity's heroes are the Players, who pilot mecha known as Equipment to battle their inhuman enemies while earning fame and fortune to boot. Echo is a young tech-head who dreams of working amongst the Players and their Equipment, going so far as to build a makeshift mecha of his own, but he has long since resigned himself to life in the destitute scrap-heaps that cover so much of the world, now. That is, until he discovers an amnesiac named μ (or “Mu”) who has a mechanical port in her back that is the telltale sign of a Player. The pair become fast friends, and they vow to use their skills to fight for the world and defeat The Earless.

Post-Apocalyptic Robot/s Musical Music Music Band/s Musical Instrument/s

Kura x Raba

Kura x Raba (Manga)

Classic Lover (Synonyms), Classic x Lover (Synonyms), ClassxLover (Synonyms), Kura Raba (Synonyms), KuraxRaba (Synonyms), クラ×ラバ (Synonyms)


Composer Music Band/s

Nousatsu Rock Shounen

Nousatsu Rock Shounen (Manga)

Charming Rock Boy (Synonyms), Nosatsu Rock Shounen (Synonyms), Nousatsu Rock Star (Synonyms), Stereo Pop Rock N Roll (Synonyms), 悩殺ロック少年 (Synonyms), 我的摇滚男友 (Synonyms)

Fujisaki Maki once had a peaceful life, but one day, she decides to help Nobitani, who was being bullied, and now everyone's bullying her! Because Nobitani feels guilty, he gives Maki tickets to a famous local band called 'East Robo'. Maki decides to go and during the concert, the leader singer plays a ballad and is looking at Maki?!

Alter Ego Bullying Celebrity/ies Disguise/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Music Music Band/s Secret Identity Showbiz Singer/s

Oyayubihime Infinity

Oyayubihime Infinity (Manga)

Công Chúa Ngón Cái (Synonyms), La Marque du Destin (Synonyms), オヤユビヒメ∞(インフィニティ) (Synonyms), 拇指公主 (Synonyms)

Androgynous Male Lead Birth Mark/s Butterfly/ies Character Growth Deliberate Loner Idol/s Music Band/s Past Plays a Big Role Rabbit/s Reincarnation

Sasayaku You ni Koi o Utau

Sasayaku You ni Koi o Utau (Manga)

Cicha piosenka o miłości (Polish) (Synonyms), I love you like whispering (Synonyms), Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau (Synonyms), Whisper Me a Love Song (Synonyms), Whispering Love Song (Synonyms), Whispering You a Love Song (Synonyms), ささやくように恋を唄う (Synonyms)

Bubbly, energetic first-year high school student Himari falls head over heels for her senpai Yori after hearing her band perform on the first day of school. Himari tells Yori she just loves her, and, to Himari's surprise, Yori says she loves Himari back! But when Himari realizes that she and her senpai are feeling two different kinds of love, she begins to ask herself what "love" really means...

Misunderstanding/s Music Band/s One Sided Love School School Club/s School Girl/s Singing Unrequited Love