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Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season

Shingeki no Kyojin The Final Season (Anime)

進撃の巨人 The Final Season (Japanese), Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 (Synonyms)

Final Season of Shingeki no Kyojin.

Mysterious Power/s Military Revenge Blood and Gore Hidden Power/s Strong Female Lead


Kasumi (OEL)

かすみ (杉本ヒロフミ) (Synonyms)

Incomplete Due to Discontinued Invisibility Mysterious Power/s Out of Print in English Rushed Ending / Axed Student Council Super Powers Transfer Student/s


Hikari (Manga)

Light (Synonyms), 光 (Synonyms)

Three students are living fairly normal lives when, one day, they are overcome with intense stomach pain and a star symbol appears like a tattoo on their skin. With the symbol came supernatural powers, as well as enemies coming to kill them.As more and more people develop similar supernatural powers, the story starts to turn into a Battle Royalesque bloody playground, only with an entire city as the setting and many innocents caught in the crossfire.Among other themes, the story asks the question, "When is it alright to kill?" and delves deep into the darkness of the human psyche.

High School Student/s Kill or Be Killed Situation Moral Dilemma Mysterious Power/s Super Powers Violence

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi

Tenpou Ibun Ayakashi Ayashi (Manga)

Ayakashi Ayashi (Synonyms), Ghost Slayer Ayashi (Synonyms), Strange Tale of the Tenpou Era: Ghost Slayers Ayashi (Synonyms), 天保異聞 妖奇士 (Synonyms)

In Edo era Japan the land is under attack from demons called Youi, and a secret group of ghost slayers known as the Ayashi roam the land, seeking to destroy the creatures wherever they appear. Ryuuda Yukiatsu, a vagrant samurai, might be the next ayashi, but will a secret from his past keep him from facing his destiny?

Bureaucracy Dancing Demon Hunter/s Demon/s Edo Period Kotodama Mysterious Power/s Mystical Weapon/s Ronin Samurai Samurai

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara

Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara (Manga)

Flag Story [French] (Synonyms), If Her Flag Breaks (Synonyms), If her flag is broken (Synonyms), Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara (Synonyms), 如果她的旗帜被折断了 (Synonyms), 彼女がフラグをおられたら (Synonyms)

Standing at the crossroads of life; the important choices - “Flags”. Hatate Souta, a young man who can see these flags, transferred to “Hatagaya Academy”, a prestigious school in the metropolitan area. Not only does he meet beautiful girls in his busy school life, he even goes as far as living with them under the same roof! Surrounded by these flags, this enviable romantic comedy begins!

Adapted to Anime Based on a Novel Childhood Trauma Clever Protagonist Mysterious Power/s Parallel Dimension Special Ability/ies Transfer Student/s Trap Tsundere Female Lead

Bareunosia Jeotaegui Ttareun Jukji Anneunda

Bareunosia Jeotaegui Ttareun Jukji Anneunda (Manhwa)

The Everliving Daughter of Valnocia Manor (Synonyms), 바르노시아 저택의 딸은 죽지 않는다 (Synonyms)

Dark Ambience Female Protagonist Full Color Mercenary/ies Mysterious Power/s Web Comic Webtoon

Eyed Soul

Eyed Soul (Manga)

Aido Souru (Synonyms), アイド ソウル (Synonyms), アイド・ソウル (Synonyms), 瞳中之魂 (Synonyms)

During an investigation, private detective Amaki comes across Kou, a man with a mysterious aura about him; a man with strangely sharp perception and eyes that shine like a beast’s. Since his meeting with this man, for some reason wild creatures that are not supposed to inhabit the city keep appearing around Amaki. Who is this Kou?

Animal Transformation Appearance Different from Actual Age Deer/s Detective/s Fox/es Mysterious Power/s Runaway/s Shaman/s Tiger/s Wolf/Wolves

Izayoi no Hitomi

Izayoi no Hitomi (Manga)

Eyes on the Sixteenth Night of a Lunar Month (Synonyms), 十六夜の瞳 (Synonyms)

Kusuda Naoki is a high school student who's lived quite normally for 16 years. But recently, disturbing visions of unbelievable creatures have begun to plague his peaceful - if slightly lonely - life. Izayoi Takuma is a mysterious transfer student who implies that he knows of Naoki's "true past" and insists that they both possess great power which can only be properly unleashed if they work together. Naoki is confused, remembers nothing, and asks only to be able to return to his ordinary lifestyle.

Clueless Protagonist Demon/s Fate Ghost/s Ghoul/s Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Hidden Past Hidden Power/s Mysterious Male Lead Mysterious Power/s

Noroi no Shoutaijou

Noroi no Shoutaijou (Manga)

1/2 no Akuma (Synonyms), 1/2の悪魔 (Synonyms), Cinderella no Yataka (Synonyms), Hana no Kiseki (Synonyms), Hoshinaki Yoru ni (Synonyms), Ishi no Candy (Synonyms), Koufuku Kari (Synonyms), Koufukugari (Synonyms), Matenrou no Shita de (Synonyms), Meikyuu no Shoujo (Synonyms), Menou no Noroi (Synonyms), Shirayuki Jigokuhen (Synonyms), Tanjoubi ni Korosareru (Synonyms), シンデレラの館 (Synonyms), 呪いの招待状 (Synonyms), 幸福狩り (Synonyms), 摩天楼の下で (Synonyms), 星なき夜に (Synonyms), 瑪瑙の呪い (Synonyms), 白雪地獄変 (Synonyms), 石のキャンディー (Synonyms), 華の軌跡 (Synonyms), 誕生日に殺される (Synonyms)

If you have an opponent who hates you to kill, visit the sorcerer Kai for a curse.But just be aware the price is 10 years from your lifespan... In the series:1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11)

Curse/s Doll/s Episodic Familiar/s Female Demographic with Male Lead Grudge/s Long-Haired Male Character/s Mysterious Male Lead Mysterious Power/s Mysterious Store/Products/Services

One Missed Call

One Missed Call (Manga)

Chakushin Ari (Synonyms), 着信アリ (Synonyms)

It's an epidemic of accidental death! Multiple college students receive odd voicemails from themselves, messages from the future, and all they contain are the screams of their own deaths. A few days later, at the date and time of the message's posting, they die in mysterious accidents, and oddly enough, each have a candy in their mouths.Note: Dark Horse published One Missed Call and One Missed Call 2 as a single volume.

Abusive Sibling/s Based on a Novel Cell Phone/s Childhood Trauma Imminent Death Inconclusive Ending Mysterious Death Mysterious Elements Mysterious Power/s Searching for Answers

Campus Flower Guard

Campus Flower Guard (Manhua)

Campus Flower Guards (Synonyms), School Flower Master (Synonyms), 校园护花高手 (Synonyms)

School flowers and sisters, beautiful and powerful sisters, pure beauty teachers, all cherish their embraces ... Ordinary high school students, by chance, get a magic pen, and life has changed since then The variety is colorful.

Arrogant Character/s Full Color Hard-Working Male Lead Hard-Working Protagonist Male Protagonist Mysterious Elements Mysterious Power/s Skill Growth Strict Parent/s Student/s

Kekkai Sensen

Kekkai Sensen (Manga)

Blood Blockade Battlefront (Synonyms), 血界戦線 (Synonyms)

Adapted to Anime Alchemy Arms Dealer Blood as a Theme Blood as a Weapon Invasion/s Mysterious Power/s Special Ability/ies Vampire/s Werewolf/ves


Bait (Manhwa)

Shi Er (Synonyms), The Bait (Synonyms), 食饵 (Synonyms)

In the old town there is a century-old restaurant called Food on the Bait. It looks quite ordinary, but if you go inside, it opens a big fantastic world. An unknown living creature lives in it. The restaurant owners lure guests there and turn them into food, so that after they present this unknown monster. Once a Buddhist girl came into this restaurant ...

Chinese Ambient Dark Fantasy Full Color Human Livestock Imprisonment Kidnapping/s Long-Haired Male Character/s Monster/s Mysterious Power/s Transported to Another World

Amber (Yuno)

Amber (Yuno) (Manhwa)

Màu Hổ Phách (Synonyms), 앰버 (Synonyms)

Amber is hired by a beautiful noblewoman to write down the stories that she dictates. The stories are mysterious, sad, and hopeful. A slice of life Scheherezade.

Adventurer/s Betrayal Magic Mysterious Power/s OCD Priest/s Thief/ves Web Comic Zombie/s

Ankoku Shinwa

Ankoku Shinwa (Manga)

Myth of Darkness (Synonyms), The Dark Myth (Synonyms), 暗黒神話 (Synonyms)

A story of old myths, an ancient destiny, godly powers... And the young man who's expected to choose whether to be a saint or a devil while seemingly powerless against the forces that push him towards darkness.

Buddhism Chosen One Clan/s Destiny Folklore God/s Historical References Mysterious Power/s Religion Young Male Lead

Aoki Fuchi no Hako

Aoki Fuchi no Hako (Manga)

Blue Ark of Destiny (Synonyms), Синяя Коробка Судьбы (Synonyms), 青キ縁ノ箱 (Synonyms)

From generation to generation, the Oike family has handed down the vocation of exorcising a cursed box. This bizarre fantasy weaves humans and phantoms into a story revolving around Miyo Oike, a descendant of the Oike family.

Exorcist/s High School Student/s Human-Nonhuman Relationship Mysterious Power/s Non-Human Main Character Strong Male Lead

Enen no Shouboutai

Enen no Shouboutai (Anime)

Fire Force (English), 炎炎ノ消防隊 (Japanese), Fire Brigade of Flames (Synonyms)

Spontaneous Human Combustion: a chaotic phenomenon that has plagued humanity for years, randomly transforming ordinary people into flaming, violent creatures known as Infernals. While Infernals make up the first-generation accounts of Human Combustion, the second and third generations became known as pyrokinetics—people gifted with the ability to manipulate and control their flames while remaining human.

Exorcism Transformation/s Young Male Lead Firefighter/s Fire Demon/s Monster/s Sudden Death/s Romantic Subplot Strong Male Lead Mysterious Power/s Teamwork