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The Story of the Navajo People

The Story of the Navajo People (Manga)

Diné Bahaneʼ (Synonyms), The Man of the Sun and the Woman of the Earth (Synonyms)

Koike Keiichi's take on the Story of the Navajo People.This short story was published in 野生哲学 アメリカ・インディアンに学ぶ (管啓次郎. May 2011. ISBN 9784062881074)

Native American


Conveni-N (Manga)

Convini-N (Synonyms), Konbinin (Synonyms), コンビニん (Synonyms), 糟糕便利店 (Synonyms)

The story revolves around a convenience store Paraiso. The store was once very successful and attracted quite a crowd because of its unique employees, but suddenly, various weird mishaps started happening one after another in the store, making it lose its popularity and making the customers believe it's cursed. A fresh college graduate, Ichinotani Hikaru, going to a job interview, somehow ends up getting forced into a job in this store. What kind of fate awaits him now?

Borderline H Clone/s Convenience Store/s Forced Transformation Haunted Location Insect/s Male to Female Native American Random Plot Robotization

America Nante Daikirai!

America Nante Daikirai! (Manga)

America Nante Dai-kirai! (Synonyms), Do You Like America? (Synonyms), アメリカなんて大きらい! (Synonyms)


21st Century America Cameraman/s Native American Photography Racism Reflections on Current Society Searching for Someone Terrorist Attack

Ashita wa Shinu no ni Ii Hi Da

Ashita wa Shinu no ni Ii Hi Da (Manga)

Ashita wa Shinu noni Ii Hi Da (Synonyms), Asu wa Shinu no ni Ii Hi da (Synonyms), Tomorrow is a Good Day for Dying (Synonyms), 明日は死ぬのにいい日だ (Synonyms)

A Native American youth who arrived at the beach in a post town near Edo on a stormy night. With the help of the local bandit Rikiomaru, he becomes a friend ...!?

Bandit/s Edo Period Female Demographic with Male Lead Friendship Language Barrier Native American Strong Characters