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Elemental (Manga)

エレメンタル (Synonyms)

From :Haru possesses the ability to see spirits and otherworldly beings. He's found a place where he's accepted, abilities and all, until a promise from the past comes back and threatens it all...

Bookstore Exorcism First-Person Narrative Mermaid/s Nightmare/s Part-Time Job Possession Promise/s Seeing Things Other Humans Can't Spirit/s


Emeng (Manhua)

噩梦 (Synonyms), 惡夢 (Synonyms)

Yu Meng used to have the power to control his dreams. Yet not only is his ability gradually disappearing, but he has also suddenly plunged into nightmares filled with monsters. Once, he seriously injured his mother when struggling during a nightmare. When he awoke, he had an existential crisis and tried to end his life. He planned to jump off a winding highway surrounding a hill, but instead dragged another girl, Li Jingjing, into the nightmare. They then started their adventure within the nightmare.

Chuunibyou Divorced Parent/s Dream World Freckles Monster/s Nightmare/s Past Plays a Big Role Strong Female Lead Tragic Past Tragic Protagonist

Ever Green (KASUKABE Akira)

Ever Green (KASUKABE Akira) (Manga)

Evergreen (KASUKABE Akira) (Synonyms), エバーグリーン (Synonyms), 青春恒久 (Synonyms)

Beautiful Female Lead Club/s Dead Family Member/s Heart Condition Inferiority Complex Nightmare/s Popular Female Lead Scar/s Senpai-Kouhai Relationship Swimsuit/s

Koukyuu no Arika

Koukyuu no Arika (Manga)

A Permanent Place (Synonyms), Endless Comfort (Synonyms), Koukyu no Arika (Synonyms), 恒久の在り処 (Synonyms)

Adultery Boss-Subordinate Relationship Cheating/Infidelity Child Abuse Childhood Trauma Dog/s Master-Servant Relationship Nightmare/s Sexual Abuse Stepfather/s

Mother (EDOGAWA Osamu)

Mother (EDOGAWA Osamu) (Manga)

Aijin to Boku (Synonyms), Ano Koro Taxi (Synonyms), Countdown (EDOGAWA Osamu) (Synonyms), Maou no Kubi (Synonyms), Mazaa (Synonyms), まおうの首 (Synonyms), アイジンとぼく (Synonyms), アノコロタクシー (Synonyms), カウントダウン (江戸川治) (Synonyms), マザー (江戸川治) (Synonyms)

A collection of short stories:1. 2. A one-shot about a demon girl, who has the power to devour nightmares, trying to make the guy who has them sleep better.3. 4. 5. 6.

Artificial Intelligence Collection of Stories Freckles Important Non-Romantic Relationship/s Japan Male Demographic with Female Lead Mother and Daughter Nightmare/s Non-Human Main Character Young Female Lead

Kami no Hidarite, Akuma no Migite

Kami no Hidarite, Akuma no Migite (Manga)

God's Left Hand, Devil's Right Hand (Synonyms), Kami no Hidari-te Akuma no Migi-te (Synonyms), Left Hand of God, Right Hand of the Devil (Synonyms), Shadow Dead (Synonyms), The Black Picture-Book (Synonyms), The Disappeared Rubber (Synonyms), The Eroded Scissors (Synonyms), The Tongue of the Spider Queen (Synonyms), 神の左手、悪魔の右手 (Synonyms)

The six books contains five horror stories related to a primary school kid named Sou. Sou has an ability to foresee supernatural events in his dreams and even to make changes that will eventually happen in reality. The five stories are the Eroded Scissors, the Disappeared Rubber, the Tongue of the Spider Queen, the Black Picture-book, and Shadow Dead. All of the scary stories are linked by his unique experience.

Adapted to Live Action Adapted to Movie Blood and Gore Collection of Inter-Linked Stories Episodic ESP Nightmare/s Possession Serial Killer/s

Antique Bakery dj - Aoi Tori

Antique Bakery dj - Aoi Tori (Doujinshi)

Antique Bakery dj - Blue Bird (Synonyms), 青い鳥 (よしながふみ) (Synonyms)

Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Jealousy Nightmare/s Secret Relationship