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Kaikan Loop

Kaikan Loop (Manga)

快感ループ (Synonyms)


21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Collection of Stories Japan Nudity Sex Addict/s

Kaikan Trip Rin

Kaikan Trip Rin (Manga)

快感トリップ凛 (Synonyms)


Borderline H Maid/s Nudity

Kaitou Bloomer

Kaitou Bloomer (Manga)

Pleasure Thief Bloomer (Synonyms), 快盗ブルマー (Synonyms)


Big Breasts Borderline H Nudity


Kajou (Manga)

Hana Nawa (Synonyms), かじょう (Synonyms), 花縄 (Synonyms), 花绳 (Synonyms)


Blood and Gore Japan Murder/s Muscular Male Lead Nudity Realistic Art Style Realistic Fighting Serious/Studious Character/s Strong Male Lead Sumo


Kakushibeya (Manga)

Hidden Room (Synonyms), 隠し部屋 (Synonyms)

21st Century Borderline H Dormitory/ies Group Intercourse Japan Magic Nudity Public Sex University Voyeurism

Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra (Manga)

Kamasutra (Synonyms), Камасутра (Synonyms), カーマスート (Synonyms)

A tale of a young hero on a magical journey.

Attempted Murder Big Breasts Borderline H Drug/s Fellatio India Nudity Prostitute/s Rape Terrorist/s

Kami no Techigai de Shindara Zumi de Isekai ni Hourikomare Mashita

Kami no Techigai de Shindara Zumi de Isekai ni Hourikomare Mashita (Manga)

If he died by the god's mistake, he was thrown into another world with a cheat gun (Synonyms), Kami no Techigai de Shindara Chii Togan Zumi de Isekai ni Hourikomare Mashita (Synonyms), 神の手違いで死んだらチートガン積みで異世界に放り込まれました (Synonyms)

Tomoya Sadoshima died after a serious accident after returning to a convenience store. Then, after regaining consciousness in a pure white world, a woman of divine beauty emerged, she introduces herself as "The Goddess of Creation." The goddess of creation prepared a remedy for her suffering, she offers him to reincarnate a different world than his own. But it was a world in a war situation with the demon king. Begins; a story of Tomoya and his adventure to defeat the demon king and get the harem he so desiresOfficial web publication:

Attempted Rape Based on a Web Novel Borderline H Cat Girl/s Harem-Seeking Male Lead Little/No Plot Nudity Orc/s Transported to Another World Weak Plot Continuity

Kami-sama no Enmusubi

Kami-sama no Enmusubi (Manga)

เทพ รัก มรณะ (Thai) (Synonyms), 和神明结怨 (Synonyms), 神さまの怨結び (Synonyms)

The price of the curse is to mingle with the person you want to erase! And......! The person's "grudge" is connected and "edge" is cut. God gives people such a curse, his name is Snake (Kuchinawa).The price of the curse that she connects is too heavy for the girls.The story of melancholy's sensuality, spinning the love and sorrow of the girls.

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Cheating/Infidelity High School Japan LGBT Scenes Lust Nudity Psychopath/s

Kami-sama no Koibito

Kami-sama no Koibito (Manga)

Kamisama no Koibito (Synonyms), 神さまの恋人 (Synonyms), 神大人的恋人 (Synonyms)

From Mangadex:It's 2029 and virtual reality has taken the center stage in work and in play. Jin Tarou toils away at a convenience store attached to a university hospital, supplementing his income while he tries to get his virtual reality server up and running. His sole consolation is a young resident, Hiiragi Maika, who comes in and orders the same lunch and drink every day. But when he was doing a routine maintenance check on his server, he finds Maika logged in and playing, and working as a waitress?

Big Breasts Glasses-Wearing Male Lead Nudity Sexual Innuendo Virtual Game World

Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou

Kaminaki Sekai no Kamisama Katsudou (Manga)

God's Activity in a World Without Gods (Synonyms), Las Acciones de Un Dios en Un Mundo Sin Dioses (Synonyms), 神無き世界のカミサマ活動 (Synonyms)

Yukito's parents are the leaders of a cult. After he gets sacrificed, he gets reincarnated into another world where religion doesn't exist and porn books are akin to a child's doodles. He finds that it's also a world where your life and death is decided by the country. While obstructing his friend's execution, both of them lose their lives. Just at that moment, the god of his religion comes to their world and revives them. Of course she is also a naked loli.

God/s Isekai Nudity Reincarnated in Another World Transported to Another World

Kamui Gaiden - Saikai

Kamui Gaiden - Saikai (Manga)

カムイ外伝~再会~ (Synonyms)


17th Century Chambara Clan/s Edo Period Japan Murder/s Nudity Realistic Art Style Ronin Samurai Violence

Kana + 1

Kana + 1 (Manga)

Kana 1 (Synonyms), Kana Plus One (Synonyms), Kana+1 - Kana Plus One (Synonyms), 華名+1 -カナプラスワン- (Synonyms)

1-4. Kana+15. Hanamuko Shugyouchuu!?6. Jitsuroku Shirouto Aya 20-sai7. Yukiyama nite.8. Sora wo Miagete

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Collection of Stories Futanari Gang Rape Japan Multiple Personalities Nudity Rape

Kanako Mandala

Kanako Mandala (Manga)

Tanaka Kanako Tanpenshuu - KANAKO MANDALA (Synonyms), たなかかなこ短編集 KANAKO MANDALA (Synonyms)

A collection of short stories by the author.

Animal Characteristics Collection of Stories Curse/s European Ambiance France Medieval Setting Nudity Searching for Someone Special Ability/ies War/s

Kangei! Miboujin Yokochou

Kangei! Miboujin Yokochou (Manga)

歓迎!未亡人横丁 (Synonyms)


Nudity 21st Century Anal Intercourse Big Breasts Borderline H Japan Maid/s Sex Addict/s Widow / Widower

Kanojo ga Bikini Armor ni Kigaetara

Kanojo ga Bikini Armor ni Kigaetara (Manga)

If She Changes Into Bikini Armor (Synonyms), 彼女がビキニアーマーにきがえたら (Synonyms)

"There's a secret about my wife!?" A story about what a wife does while her husband is away.

21st Century A Change in Art Style Able To Travel Between World/s Big Breasts Borderline H Episodic Japan Married Couple Nudity Sketchy Art Style

Kanojo Gacha

Kanojo Gacha (Manga)

Gacha Girls (Synonyms), 女朋友扭蛋 (Synonyms), 彼女ガチャ (Synonyms), 여친 뽑기 (Synonyms)

In one room of a mansion there stands a large gacha. Inside the gacha are a large number of capsules that contain real women. "One spin will cost 50,000 yen. The woman that will come out will already be holding affection for you. However, what kind of relationship it will be is up to you to determine."

21st Century Big Breasts Borderline H Cheating Boyfriend Cheating/Infidelity Episodic Game Elements Japan Nudity Rape

Kanojo no Carrera

Kanojo no Carrera (Manga)

Her Carrera (Synonyms), My Favorite Carrera EV (Synonyms), My Favourite Carrera (Synonyms), 彼女のカレラ (Synonyms), 我愛波子 (Synonyms)

A manga about general car appreciation, or "Car Life" as it is known to auto enthusiasts.The main character's father passes away. On the will states that each of the three siblings receives a portion of the father's wealth. The main character receives a Porsche Carrera. She doesn't know what a Porsche Carrera looks like, didn't know the car company Porsche, can't drive a manual and had absolutely no interest in cars, at the time. You can follow along and find out what some car enthusiast do.

Big Breasts Car/s Driving Educational Episodic Male Demographic with Female Lead Nudity

Kanojo no Sekai

Kanojo no Sekai (Manga)

Her World (Synonyms), 彼女の世界 (Synonyms)

A girl finds out her quiet classmate's secret and decides to blackmail her.

21st Century Ambiguous Relationship Blackmail Character Who Bullies the One They Love First-Time Intercourse Japan Lust Male Demographic with Female Lead Nudity Unrequited Love

Kantan Kiss

Kantan Kiss (Manga)

カンタンキス (Synonyms)

The manga revolves around a boy who meets an older woman over the internet. As he gets closer to her, he wants to meet her in person, to touch her, and to do naughty things to her.(Source: ANN)

Big Breasts Bisexual Character/s Borderline H Cunnilingus Drug/s LGBT Scenes Masturbation Nudity Orgasm Control Virtual Reality

Karami Zakari: Boku no Honto to Kimi no Uso

Karami Zakari: Boku no Honto to Kimi no Uso (Manga)

Entanglement: My Truth and your Lies (Synonyms), My Truth and your Lies (Synonyms), カラミざかり ボクのほんとと君の嘘 (Synonyms)

One day, four school friends, cross the line as they are interested to find out more about sex. Once you spark that flame though it is hard to go back and the bodies and minds of these four people begin to be intricately entwined. This is an adaptation of the "Karami Zakari" best-selling adult manga with over 1 million downloads which is reborn as a Seinen manga!

21st Century Borderline H Japan Netorare Nudity Partner Swap/s